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Goliaths 5E Race [Power And Endurance As A Giant-Kin In DnD]

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  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 11/03/2023
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Welcome to the extraordinary world of Dungeons & Dragons – an immersive universe where there is always something new to uncover.

We’ll take a closer look at one of its more intriguing aspects, the Goliaths 5E race. Astonishingly impressive strength and a uniquely stoic outlook are just some attributes that mark this race apart from others within the game.

You’ll soon discover what makes these mountain dwellers so compelling: their sheer physicality, intricate societal structures, and imposing demeanor that commands respect.

This blog is your ticket to understanding how playing as a Goliath can significantly alter your experience by introducing novel dynamics into the gameplay.

Enjoy navigating through its unique subtleties and intricacies – you’re in for a wild mountain ride.

What is Goliaths 5E Race?

In the world of Dungeons & Dragons, Goliaths are a formidable race known for their astounding height, impressive muscular physiques, and fierce devotion to fairness.

What is Goliaths 5E Race?

They typically live in settlements high in the mountains. They are perfectly acclimated to extreme conditions thanks to their incredible endurance – this explains why they’re often referred to as ‘the rocks of D&D.’

Goliaths value competition above all, pushing themselves to their limits for the sake of improvement. Their culture encourages them to stand resolute in the face of adversity, making them renowned for their tenacity amongst other races.

Yet despite appearing intimidating, they possess a deeply ingrained sense of justice and balance. This makes them not only impactful characters within gameplay but fascinating individuals in terms of role-playing potential.

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Goliaths: Best Features

They are highlighting some attributes that make them a favorite choice for numerous players. These peculiar characteristics shape their gameplay, lending an unparalleled depth to your D&D adventures.

Ability Score Increase

In Dungeons & Dragons, every ability has a score which gauges the competency in that area. For Goliaths, their strength and constitution come naturally.

The Constitution score increases by 1 point and Strength by 2 points when you choose this race. These boosts manifest in gameplay as durability and physical prowess.

Whether it’s lifting heavy objects or surviving harsh conditions, Goliaths have an edge due to their enhanced Strength and Constitution scores.


Goliaths have lifespans comparable to humans. They mature at a similar rate, too – reaching adulthood around the age of 18. Despite living in tough terrain where survival is a constant struggle, they can live up to 80-100 years due in part to their robust constitutions.


The imposing stature of the Goliaths sets them apart instantly. Standing between 7 feet to 8 feet tall, these mountain-born behemoths are naturally larger than most other races in the game, making them immediately noticeable and quite intimidating.

They usually weigh between 280 and 340 pounds too – essentially all muscle owing to their rigorous lifestyles – further reinforcing the general perception of them.


The walking speed of characters plays an important role in determining whether they can outrun dangers or close in for hand-to-hand combat swiftly.

Despite their colossal size and muscular build, Goliaths are quite nimble on their feet, with a basic walking speed of about 30 feet per round.

To fully appreciate these details about the Goliath race in 5E D&D, one must understand that each feature uniquely impacts gameplay.

Increased Ability Scores allow them to withstand challenges better and perform heroic feats of strength. At the same time, their age and size make them both visually impressive and well-suited for the harsh environments they inhabit.

Natural Athlete

Long days scaling steep inclines and constantly pushing against their mountainous home’s merciless gravity have shaped Goliaths into natural athletes.

This inherent robust athleticism lends them superiority in strength-based tasks.

Whether it’s climbing sheer cliff faces or leaping across treacherous chasms, a Goliath character excels in physical challenges, setting them apart from the pack and enabling them to undertake daring feats with an impressive level of skill.

Stone’s Endurance

Living in harsh environments demands the ability to overcome and push through profound levels of discomfort or pain.

The Stone’s Endurance trait provides Goliaths the remarkable capability of resisting damage that would otherwise feel ordinary adventurers.

Think of this as a kind of mega-endurance mode. It shrugs off injuries that would spell doom for others!

Powerful Build

The Powerful Build trait harkens back to the Goliath’s mythic roots. They are literally half-giants. This genetic gift allows them to lift, carry, push, or drag weights much heftier than other species can handle.

It means that despite your towering height and hulking physique, you’re surprisingly light on your feet and flexible enough to navigate tight spaces while carrying considerable weight, a helpful advantage when dungeon delving.

Mountain Born

Being Mountain Born equips Goliaths to withstand altitudes that would leave most gasping for breath. The rarefied air at elevations upwards of 20,000 feet doesn’t faze them. They flourish where thinner air reigns.

They’re also naturally attuned to cold climates, an adaptive response from living at high altitudes, an advantage that further cements their lofty-dwelling uniqueness.


If your character is a Goliath, you attain fluency in two essential languages: Common (the lingua franca of most D&D campaigns) and Giant (the ancestral tongue spoken among Giants).

The ability to communicate in both languages is a clear advantage, allowing you to broker truces, negotiate deals, or understand threats across a wide range of situations.

This duality makes Goliath’s diplomats, as well as warriors, capable of navigating various racial landscapes with ease.

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What are the Goliath Names?

When entering the world of Goliaths, one’s name is tremendously important. It’s not just a label but rather a symbol of one’s achievements, personality traits, and status within the Goliath society.

What Are The Goliath Names

Their names fall into three categories: birth names, nicknames, and clan names.

Birth Names

At birth, every Goliath receives a name from their parents. It’s noteworthy that these names don’t carry any gender weight and can be utilized regardless of whether the Goliath is male or female.

  • Aukan
  • Eglath
  • Gae-Al
  • Gauthak
  • Ilikan
  • Keothi
  • Kuori
  • Lo-Kag
  • Manneo
  • Maveith
  • Nalla
  • Orilo
  • Paavu
  • Pethani
  • Thalai
  • Thotham
  • Uthal
  • Vaunea

Goliaths cherish these birth names as a reminder of their homeland and background.


Goliaths earn their nicknames as they grow and learn about their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

These aren’t awarded frivolously but are rather earned through substantive contributions or demonstrable actions that characterize an individual’s nature, something truly unique about their character or achievements.

  • Bearkiller
  • Dawncaller
  • Fearless
  • Flintfinder
  • Horncarver
  • Keeneye
  • Lonehunter
  • Longleaper
  • Rootsmasher
  • Skywatcher
  • Steadyhand
  • Threadtwister
  • Twice-Ophaned
  • Twistedlimb
  • Wordpainter

Note that these highlight certain feats or abilities they’ve displayed over time, making nicknames a matter of great personal pride within the community.

Clan Names

In a Goliath community, the clan name is an even bigger deal than individual names. Goliaths are loyal to their clans above all and take it as an honor to bear the name of their clan. Instead of family units, clan allegiances dictate social norms and govern loyalty.

  • Anakalathai
  • Elanithino
  • Gathakanathi
  • Kalagiano
  • Katho-Olavi
  • Kolae-Gileana
  • Ogolakanu
  • Thuliaga
  • Thunukalathi
  • Vaimei-Laga

These carefully crafted names are passed down through generations and carry with them a weighty history.

The intricate naming culture of Goliaths reveals much about their character: humble at birth, defined by deeds, and tied by loyalty to their clans.

It underpins their societal structure and contributes greatly to the player’s experience when they select this race in Dungeons & Dragons 5E.

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Subraces of Goliath in 5E

While Goliaths are renowned as a single mighty race in D&D, their community is divided into various subraces. All share the quintessential features synonymous with being a Goliath – height, strength, and endurance.

Subraces of Goliath in 5E

Each subrace brings its unique characteristics to the table, which can be reflected during gameplay.

  • Stone’s Endurance: Aptly titled, this is one of the finest examples of Goliaths’ resilience and grit. Stone’s Endurance represents their robust constitution, which enables them to shrug off injuries that would normally hinder others. They could even use their reaction to roll a D12 and add their Constitution modifier to reduce damage taken by them. This ability plays out significantly when encountering powerful adversaries.
  • Mountain Born: The Mountain-Born is a testament to the adaptability of Goliaths. Being natives to epic heights, which often reach over 20,000 feet above sea level, they have developed an unrivaled resistance to cold climates and altitude sickness. This characteristic naturally enhances their exploration capabilities in high altitudes or challenging environments.
  • Little Giant: A somewhat paradoxical term for a Goliath subrace, but it highlights natural diversity within this sturdy race. Little Giants may comparatively be shorter (still towering over other races) and leaner, but don’t discount them yet; they harbor immense potential strength that rivals or even surpasses their larger counterparts.

In addition to these primary subclasses, you will find numerous other variations as you delve deeper into the world of D&D Goliaths.

The beauty lies in matching your character’s personality with these traits, bestowing an added layer of authenticity and relatability to your gaming experience.

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Picking the Right Class for Your Goliath Character

Choosing a class for your Goliath offers myriad ways to realize their full potential in the game, allowing you to mold your personality to provide a unique flair to the character.

Here’s an exploration of which classes perfectly align with the Goliaths of D&D 5E and how they contribute to enhancing this mighty race’s innate attributes.


Being warriors famed for their discipline, Monks complement the Goliath’s natural stamina and strength. The robust physicality of Goliaths helps them adopt Monk’s martial arts skills, while their high Constitution aids in extra durability during combat.


Surprising as it may seem, Bards can potentially make interesting Goliaths. Their charisma-based magic combined with an entertaining approach to storytelling adds a flair of culture and charm rarely seen in this stoic race.


While agility might not be the first trait that comes to mind with hulking Goliaths, possessing Strength allows a Rogue-Goliath to display remarkable athletic prowess.


Add divine intervention into the mix, and your mountain-dwelling giant evolves into a mighty presence on both physical and spiritual combat fronts! As Clerics, Goliaths definitely become quite suitable frontline tanks.


Goliaths’ innate connection with harsh terrains makes them natural Rangers. Their powerful build serves them well in wilderness survival, placing them comfortably at home within inhospitable environments.


Inarguably, one of the most effortless fits would be becoming Barbarians. The raw power and rage-induced combat style align perfectly well with these towering giants’ lifestyles.


Despite druids being an unconventional choice for a goliath, their respect for nature could manifest as druidic magic resounding their spirituality.


As defenders of justice erected through divine oaths, Paladins align well with the deeply ingrained sense of fairness found within Goliaths, bringing an interesting interplay between their physique and faith.


An Artificer Goliath, while rare, isn’t unheard of. Their knack for magic intertwined with technology might draw some goliaths to manipulate magical items and craft their unique mountain-bound gadgets.


With an inherent knack for battle, Goliaths exude a brimming potential as Fighters, exemplifying their nature of facing adversities head-on.


While they might not be common or intuitive choices, there’s always room for versatility when we talk about D&D. Pairing Goliaths with one of these arcane classes can certainly lead to creating a compelling and unique character.

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FAQs About Goliaths 5E race

How much do Goliaths typically weigh?

On average, Goliaths tip the scales between 280 and 340 pounds.

What role do competitions play in Goliath society?

Competitions among Goliaths are highly valued as they push individuals to better themselves and contribute to collective survival.

What kind of terrain do Goliaths prefer?

Their rugged nature puts them at home in mountainous terrains, high altitudes, and virtually any harsh environment.

How do the social dynamics within a Goliath community work?

In a tribe, a council of elders governs on the basis of fairness and each member’s contribution to survival.

Are there any distinct marks or characteristics that distinguish one Goliath from another?

Yes, each Goliath is born with unique markings on their skin, which resemble the patterns of the stone found in their mountainous homes.


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