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Greater Restoration 5E [Effects, Benefits, And Role In D&D]

Greater Restoration 5E
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 10/19/2023
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Navigating the world of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) can often feel like diving into a boundless sea with countless treasures to discover.

One such magical gem that often comes into play is the Greater Restoration 5E. This powerful healing spell is filled with an immutable allure that draws both novices and seasoned players alike.

As you journey further into the captivating realm of D&D, understanding how to use this spell effectively could mean life or death for your cherished characters.

But fear not! Unveiling its mysteries and harnessing its power need not be a daunting task. In this blog, we’re here to give you the low-down on everything you need to know about Greater Restoration 5E.

Greater Restoration 5E Attributes

PropertySide Section
Casting Time1 Action
ComponentsV, S, M *

What is Greater Restoration 5E?

Greater Restoration 5E is a powerful healing spell in the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

What is Greater Restoration 5E?

It can alleviate severe conditions, curses, and afflictions that might affect a player’s character.

The Greater Restoration spell can end effects such as reductions to a character’s ability scores or hit points and can reverse the effect of being charmed or petrified.

This level 5 spell from either Bard, Cleric, or Druid class is highly sought-after for its immense healing capabilities. This typically costs spellcasters high-value diamond dust in order to cast it successfully.

When Should You Cast Greater Restoration?

Greater Restoration 5E comes in handy in various situations, whether to remove a curse, cure exhaustion, or even bring a petrified character back into action.

When Should You Cast Greater Restoration?

Recognizing these situations makes all the difference between an effective use of your spell and wasting it prematurely.

When an Ally is Petrified

In the world of D&D, dealing with a petrified companion can grind your adventures to a near halt. Petrification turns characters into non-reactive stone statues, unable to participate in any activities. Luckily, with Greater Restoration 5E in your arsenal, turning your stony friend back to their vibrant self is achievable.

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Here are some specific instances where using this life-saving spell is appropriate:

  • When an ally’s maximum HP is dangerously low: Times may come when an ally finds themselves on the rough end of a battle, their vitality critically reduced. As their health wavers around danger levels, casting Greater Restoration can be essential to restoring their maximum hit points (HP), giving them a fighting chance.
  • When an ally has reached high levels of exhaustion, Exhaustion not only reduces the efficiency of your group member but could also cause dire consequences when left unchecked. If one of yours reaches significant levels of exhaustion—say five or six levels—that compromise survival, deploy your spell.
  • When facing a creature that can inflict more exhaustion levels, Certain adversaries have abilities that can exhaust characters rapidly if you meet such foes and notice signs of rapid weariness among teammates—a clear cry for Greater Restoration!
  • When outside of combat and assessing the situation calmly: Sometimes, during downtime between battles or adventure stages, you’ll notice wear and tear on allies they might not have noticed themselves due to the adrenaline rush. These make opportune times for restoring wellness before pressing into more demanding scenarios.
  • When multiple allies suffer from exhaustion but one is petrified: This is no walk in the park, but an immediate response is crucial. A petrified character takes precedence since they’re entirely unable to act, restoring them to normal before turning your attention to exhausted allies.
  • When you’re sure your party will benefit from the spell: Each spell use must count—this means casting Greater Restoration when its removal of a debilitating condition makes a dramatic difference, not at every minor opportunity.
  • When you don’t have more effective ways to handle the situation, Sometimes you may consider other alternatives—items, lower-level spells, etc. But when these options are exhausted or unavailable, pulling out Greater Restoration might be your best shot.

Is Greater Restoration 5E a good spell?

Yes, Greater Restoration 5E is considered a good spell in Dungeons and Dragons. It can negate nearly all forms of debilitating conditions a character may encounter in the game.

These include the removal of exhaustion and charm effects, restoring lost hit points or ability scores, and even reversing petrification.

Though it consumes resources to cast, such as diamond dust, the potent healing capabilities of the Greater Restoration spell often effectively justify its costs in gameplay.

How can you get the Greater Restoration 5E spell?

Let’s uncover the enigmatic layers of the Greater Restoration 5E spell.

How can you get the Greater Restoration 5E spell?

One key question that often puzzles D&D players is, “How do you get this curative powerhouse?” Cast your eyes on this informative guide as we delve deeper into the classes and subclasses that have access to this potent healing spell.

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Artificer, Bard, Cleric, and Druid

Artificers are gifted with spells through their technological genius, while Bards derive their abilities from an inherent magical talent focused on charm and creativity.

As for Clerics and Druids? Their divine connection provides them with religious power and natural magic, respectively. The Greater Restoration 5E spell is added to their repertoire when they reach level 9.

With it, these classes can heal their allies in dire situations -minimizing exhaustion or reviving vitality- thereby tipping the scales in favor during life-threatening encounters.

Ranger (Optional Class Feature)

The Ranger class is known for embodying a synergy of martial prowess and magical abilities derived from a special bond with nature.

From exploring unfamiliar wilds to tracking menacing beasts, Rangers demand versatile abilities — including effective healing spells like Greater Restoration 5E.

As an optional class feature available after level 17 in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, Rangers can add this powerful healing spell that can breathe new vigor into wounded allies or remove debilitating conditions.

Divine Soul (Sorcerer Subclass)

As though touched by a divine entity at birth, these Sorcerers hold an intrinsic connection to the holy planes. With this heavenly alignment at their command, they have a unique position – combining both divine and arcane magic.

Sorcerers who choose Divine Soul as their subclass gain access to cleric spells, including the Greater Restoration 5E spell at level 9. This provides them with nurturing magic rivaling those of Clerics themselves.

Clockwork Soul (Sorcerer Subclass)

Uniquely connected to cosmic constructs of order and precision, Sorcerers of the Clockwork Soul subclass find their potency in rigidity and symmetry.

When they reach level 9, they can manipulate the healing magic of the Greater Restoration 5E spell to unfurl balance amidst chaos, recover weakened comrades, or remove detrimental curses. The restoration spell perfectly aligns with their mission to uphold the sanctity of order.

Peace Domain (Cleric Subclass)

The Peace Domain is a fitting custodian of the Greater Restoration spell – embodying all its healing and restorative aspects profoundly. Clerics who choose this domain respond to their divine call by becoming beacons of peace and tranquility capable of casting potent spells like Greater Restoration 5E at level 9.

Aside from its curative qualities, their application of the spell could symbolize spiritual cleansing or transcendental rebirth to allies in need.

Celestial (Warlock Subclass)

Fueled by a pact made with powerful celestial beings in higher realms, Warlocks from the Celestial subclass can tap into divine power beyond mortal understanding as part of their deal.

These Warlocks gain access to an expanded list of spells, including Greater Restoration at level 9. With this boon granted by their celestial patrons, they can restore vitality and rejuvenate allies drawing closer to death’s door.

How to Roleplay the Greater Restoration

Greater Restoration is easily one of the most powerful spells able to reverse even the direst of ailments. As an adventure unfolds, it’s easy to see that this spell can be tailored and made unique for individual characters in such a meaningful way.

So, how do you make these moments memorable? Let’s delve into some scenarios about how different classes might roleplay their use of Greater Restoration.

Cleric’s Touch Frees the Petrified Paladin

Your paladin companion has been turned to stone by a devious gorgon in the heat of battle. You, as a cleric, rush forward with morale high and spirits aflame, with Greater Restoration on your lips. Your hands shimmer with divine energy as you place them on your petrified ally.

Describe how the hard stone surface softens under your touch, how warmth returns slowly like a sunrise breaking through a cold night. The spell doesn’t just free your comrade—it eradicates the unnatural petrification process from his body completely.

Bard’s Lute Dispels Rogue’s Exhaustion

Now, envision yourself as a Bard. You see your rogue friend slump over after narrowly escaping death’s clutches through sleek maneuvers and pinpoint strikes highlighted by unmatched finesse—one exertion too many has left her gasping for breath, legs wobbling dangerously every time she tries to stand steadily again.

But music is magic; it can soothe hearts and mend bodies. Let those notes ring out from your lute as if they’re physical things, weaving around her in a gentle breeze that carries away her weariness so effortlessly that it leaves her—leaves everyone—wondering if the exhaustion was ever there in the first place.

Druid Revives Fighter’s Vitality

Consider yourself as a Druid in this scenario –especially when surrounded by nature’s splendor, which amplifies your abilities multifold.

Your fighter friend has been reduced to a shell of himself after a grueling fight that has left him more dead than alive. Close your eyes and allow your senses to reach out to the life around you—the rustle of leaves, the whispering wind.

Channel the vital essence of the ever-enduring nature into your spell-casting. Let your hands hover over the broken body of your ally, drawing in streams of life force from the elements that surround you, infusing it back into him until his eyes are bright and quick again with strength and determination.

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FAQs about Greater Restoration 5E

Can Greater Restoration reverse death in D&D?

No, Greater Restoration cannot bring back the dead, but it can cure various debilitating conditions.

How many times can I cast Greater Restoration?

It depends on your characters’ number of 5th-level or higher spell slots that they possess.

Does Greater Restoration remove permanent effects like curses or magical aging?

This spell cannot remove a curse or magically induced old age, but it can remove reductions to ability scores and hit points.

How long does it take to cast the Greater Restoration spell?

According to the Player’s Handbook, it takes an action, which is roughly six seconds in the heat of battle.


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