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Gunslinger 5E Fighter Guide [Command The Battlefield With Firearms]

Gunslinger 5E Fighter Guide
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 11/03/2023
Est. Reading: 11 minutes

Are you drawn to the sound of guns blazing and the smell of gunpowder? Do you want your Dungeons and Dragons character to embody unrelenting grit, a steady shot, and quick draw skills?

Look no further than the Gunslinger 5E Fighter. With strong fighting skills that perfectly mesh with a mid-western gunslinging aesthetic, this class can make your D&D gaming experience explosive.

The Gunslinger 5E Fighter is not just an ordinary fighter class. It’s an archetype that breathes life into your fantasy gaming with its unique balance of power, strategy, and a twist of Western charm.

Stick around, folks, because you’re about to find out why this fighter archetype has managed to capture the hearts and imaginations of many D&D players across America.

What is Gunslinger 5E in D&D?

In Dungeons & Dragons, the Gunslinger 5E is not your average fighter archetype. Known for their skill and precision with firearms, these fighters flourish in the heat of battle.

What is Gunslinger 5E in D&D?

Their prowess isn’t just based on brute force but also their strategic use of a unique form of weapon – guns.

Gunslingers are artful tacticians; each bullet they fire narrates a tale of action and adventure.

Unlike traditional fighters who wield swords or axes, these soldiers often have modified firearms at their disposal, which they can use to inflict serious damage from a distance.

From arranging their attacks to maintaining and inventing new firearms technology, Gunslingers exist at the intersection of rugged martial capability and cutting-edge ranged weaponry.

Picture an adventurous swashbuckler from the future manifested in a fantasy world – that’s your Gunslinger 5E Fighter right there.

The challenge for players venturing into this class lies in managing their resources well. They need to think about ammunition usage and maintenance checks while also strategizing their next move. It’s like playing chess with gunpowder involved!

The real thrill, though, lies in the dynamic nature of this path that makes every encounter with your enemies exhilarating.

In this game, you’re more than just a marksman; you’re a cunning strategist with the heart of a warrior and all the firepower you could need.

So strap on your holster, check your ammo, and prepare for some high-caliber action because, as a Gunslinger 5E Fighter – you’re about to change what it means to be an adventurer altogether.

The Limits and Choices of Firearms and Gunslinging

Let’s delve into the fascinating world of firearms and gunslinging in D&D. In this game, your choices for weapons can shape your character immensely.

As a Gunslinger, understanding your weaponry equates to gaining an edge in your adventures. So, let’s scrutinize the factors shaping your firearm capabilities.

Decisions to Make

  • Confirm Gun Inclusion with Dungeon Master (DM) – The presence of guns in your campaign needs a green light from your DM. Foremost, ensure the acceptance of firearms in the game setup.
  • Choosing Firearms Setting – A vital decision impacting your gameplay is picking a firearm setting. It could be anything from Renaissance to Modern or Futuristic, depending on campaign rules.
  • Firearm Options – Your reference guide for what guns are available should be p. 268 in the Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG). Explore more to find one that suits you best.
  • Misfire Score – Pay attention to this! Any gun has a misfire score, which may negatively impact its functionality. A misfire can turn an almost certain hit into a sudden failure.

Effectual Factors

  • Fixing Misfires – When you experience misfires, reach out to Tinker’s Tools. Fixing it is not always easy; expect varying DCs (Difficulty Class).
  • Ammunition Costs – Ensure adequate ammunition stock as it costs 3 Gold Pieces (GP) for ten bullets.

Trade & Need

  • Proficiency Transfer – Typically, transferring proficiency from martial weapons to firearms is necessary for optimal performance.
  • Firing Requires Dexterity over Strength – Pointing and aiming rely more on skill than strength when it comes to firing guns.

Crafting Firearms

Brace yourself for crafting firearms! This endeavor requires not just knowledge but also specific tools and materials. Understanding the subtle intricacies of your firearms can truly enhance your experience as a gunslinging fighter.

It’s not just about pulling the trigger but knowing your weapon intimately and using it to the best of its abilities.

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Exploring the Best Gunslinging Classes

Are you keen on boosting your firefight prowess beyond the traditional Gunslinger archetype? Several classes can excel in the majestic art of gunslinging.

Exploring the Best Gunslinging Classes


Warlocks are inherently magical beings, drawing their power from a supernatural source. However, they aren’t confined to spellbooks and staves alone.

A Warlock can wield firearms efficiently with a blend of potent gunplay and arcane magic.

The ‘Pact of the Blade’ feature allows Warlocks to create a pact weapon in their empty hand.

It could be any weapon, including firearms, once your DM approves! So imagine enchanting bullets with eldritch energies or causing mayhem by infusing your shots with hellish rebuke.

With the right invocations chosen – like Improved Pact Weapon, Eldritch Smite, Lifedrinker – an indeed dreadful firearm-wielding Warlock isn’t just fiction.


The image that springs up when you hear ‘Barbarian’ is probably a muscled warrior brandishing a giant axe. But who said Barbarians can’t handle guns?

The Barbarian’s primal instinct mixed with fearsome rage makes for an interesting blend when combined with methodical gun combat.

True to their intense fury, firearms empower Barbarians to hit harder and farther away, making them more lethal on the battleground without sacrificing their frontline role.

While the idea of raging gunfire is exhilarating, guns are dexterity-based weapons. It would help balance out your stats and rage points cleverly to bring out the firepower within a Barbarian truly.

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The Druid class may seem an unlikely match for gunslinging, often envisaged as keepers of the wilderness, transforming into beasts and commanding natural forces.

A Druid Gunslinger might need a little storytelling tweaking. Perhaps the firearms were crafted with ancient woodland for grips or barrels forged from meteorite iron? These guns could indeed be harmonious with nature.

Mechanically speaking, a Circle of Spores Druid could utilize fungal spores to cause bullets to explode on impact, causing splash damage in addition to regular damage.


Rangers belong in the wild; hunting, tracking enemies, and surviving are all integral to their role. A ranger who adopts gunslinging practices allows for a dynamic change in the class.

Rangers with firearms can leverage their range, territorial advantage, and spell abilities to maximize their effectiveness in battle.

Imagine sending a long-range rifle shot while your animal companion distracts your enemies.

Or are you laying devastating traps armed with tiny pistol shots? The firearm’s control and versatility can take the Ranger’s combat potential to exciting new heights.


A wizard’s toolkit usually includes spells doing damage from afar or offering boundless utility options.

Imagine mixing arcane power with potent gunplay; it could be a lethal package! Think of spell-imbued bullets amplifying the charming or terrifying effects of your signature spells.

Try transmitting normal bullets into explosive rounds. A creative mind combined with wizardly magic could shape not just spells but also how each bullet impacts- literally and figuratively!


You might think guns are an odd mix for clerics- devoted religious followers often associated with healing allies. However, using firearms as a cleric (with DM’s approval, of course!) can bring about divine destruction.

Channeling divine energy through bullets could be effective for dealing damage or even delivering spell effects at long range. Imagine delivering healings via bullet casings? Work closely with your DM on how this plays out in specific game situations!


Monks are holistic warriors using discipline and versatile martial arts techniques. But who says Monk’s principles couldn’t apply to firearms?

Consider guns as projectile launchers rather than traditional weapons- if you do it right, even deflect missiles might work.

Imagine channeling Ki through bullets or enhancing ranged attacks using Flurry of Blows.

The unique synthesis between close-quarters mastery and ranged tactics could make the gunslinging Monk a force to reckon with.


Sorcerer plus gunslinger equals spell-slinging firefight! Being innately magical, Sorcerers can push the boundaries of normalcy with Wild Magic or manipulate bullets using Metamagic options.

With careful use of “Distant Spell” or “Empowered Spell,” you can reach new tactical heights. Similarly, employing “Twinned Spell” on ranged gun attacks can quickly turn tables on enemies.


As a Fighter, you have the flexibility to develop effective gunplay techniques courtesy of the class’s focus on versatile combative skills.

Fighters thrive using firearms; their multiple attacks make them perfect for dual-wielding pistols or cutting down foes with a hail of bullets from a scattergun.

Their ‘extra attack’ feature, when combined with guns, can provide incredible damage output. Also, seeing a Fighter use Action Surge with a firearm is pretty much like witnessing your Wild West scene.


For Rogues, the thrill lies in using stealth and cunning, which can be incredibly effective when coupled with firearms. Imagine sneaking up on your enemies undetected, only to strike lethally from the shadows.

The ability to sneak attack combined with ranged firearms allows Rogues to deal massive damage before slipping back into cover. Add in their nimble reflexes and evasion capabilities, and you’ve got yourself a nimble, gunslinging shadow.


Paladins lay down divinely inspired justice, usually through melee weapons, but who’s to say divine smiting can’t be delivered through led? A Paladin wielding firearms offers delightful role-playing potential.

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Divine Smites at range or perhaps transforming bullets into radiant projectiles could create intriguing gameplay outcomes.

It’s essential to maintain a balance between your spellcasting abilities and firearm skills to make this combination truly effective.


Bards are often pictured holding lutes or flutes, not guns. But creativity is their strong suit. Weaving gunplay into their performances or tales of legendary gunslingers into inspiring speeches adds another level of artistry.

Utilizing the gunfire in rhythm during your performance is certainly going to get you that standing ovation you always wanted.


The Artificer class is tailor-made for integrating machinery and magic, which makes them ideal for mastering gunslinging as well as building and improvising on gunpowder weapons.

They can magically tinker firearms, actuating modifications and enhancements on the fly. If you’re looking to create a versatile gunslinger who’s not only adept in shooting but also engineering firearms, then Artificer is your best bet.

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What Are the Main Skills of a Gunslinger’s Firearm?

Riding off into the sunset with your trusty steed and good old six-shooter may sound epic, but you need more than just daring and bravado to become a successful Gunslinger in the 5E Fighter realm.

What Are the Main Skills of a Gunslinger's Firearm?

Being a gunslinger means knowing your firearm like the back of your hand. After all, the firearm is not just any tool for a Gunslinger. It’s an extension of their self.

Coming up are some pivotal skills and abilities that you can unlock as a Gunslinging Fighter. Take note – understanding these will be crucial to strategizing your gameplay effectively.

Firearm Properties

First things first – understand different firearm properties. In this world of high-stakes battles, each detail matters – from damage points to ammunition loading techniques.

Your firearm is your weapon of choice, and knowing its properties will help maximize its potential in combat situations.

Various firearms offer unique benefits, rifles providing long-range advantage, pistols striking a balance between power and comfort, or scatterguns giving spray attack power, each has its appeal.

Factors such as how many rounds it can hold or how often it misfires should also be taken into account when choosing your weapon.

Awareness of these features should guide you as you navigate through serious battles and dangerous encounters.


As a proficient Gunsmith, you are not only capable of wielding firearms; you have expertise in crafting one, too. Your skills extend far beyond just shooting.

They lie in maintaining and repairing aspects of firearms and even creating new ones from scratch.

With effective use of resources like metal ingots or scraps available in-game, your character can potentially create his masterpiece or write his legacy with his crafted gun.

Please don’t neglect this skill during gameplay because it can very well mean the difference between defeat and victory.

Adept Marksman

Let’s take a closer look at one of the most exclusive skills meant for every Gunslinger – the Adept Marksman.

This trait enables you to perform unique and special shots other fighters can only dream of.

Utilizing Adept Marksman allows access to various combat enhancements that can immensely upgrade your battlefield tactics:

  • Trick Shots – Imagine bending bullets around corners or making them ricochet off walls and hit targets! As an Adept Marksman, you can make Trick Shots, which are unique abilities with varying effects that can turn the tide in your favor.
  • Grit – By utilizing your survival instinct and audacity, Grit empowers you to regain some points each time you score a critical hit or kill an adversary.
  • Saving Throws – Similarly, occasionally during gameplay, risking a saving throw might enable its benefactor to sustain specific effects for limited moments. It provides temporary boons that could potentially save your beloved character in precarious situations.
  • The Trick Shot Save DC – It’s a crucial measure of how difficult it is for enemy creatures to resist the tactics of your trick shots.

Hemorrhaging Critical

As a master of the Gunslinger path, you eventually acquire the Hemorrhaging Critical ability. This feature unlocks some significant advantages in critical combat situations.

Every gunslinger relishes moments when their bullet lands just right – causing an excessive amount of damage and watching the enemy reel back.

Hemorrhaging Critical adds an extra layer to this excitement as, with this ability, critical shots promise even more mayhem by causing severe bleeding wounds on your enemy. It’s like hitting a bullseye twice with one shot.

Vicious Intent

Next up is Vicious Intent – a skill that symbolizes the precision and cruelty of a true gunslinger. Your aim is no longer limited to hitting targets; it’s about striking fear now.

When you’ve honed your skills and have this trait, your attacks carry an additional intimidation factor, causing psychological impacts on your foes. Your bullets now don’t merely wound; they haunt your enemies even after they’ve left your gun’s barrel.

Lightning Reload

In the intense world of marked duels and high-stakes stand-offs, Lightning Reload is the skill that makes all the difference.

When exchanges are fast-paced and every moment counts, spend less time reloading and more time focusing on taking down enemies using this ability.

As a Gunslinger with lightning-fast reload speeds, you maintain constant pressure on opponents, ensuring they never get respite from your assault.

Rapid Repair

As a skilled Gunsmith who understands firearms’ inner workings as well as how to pull his trigger, learning Rapid Repair gives you the upper hand on maintaining tip-top battle readiness for all weapons in your arsenal.

With rapid repair, you can fix misfires in record-breaking time frames and ensure that there is minimal pause due to equipment malfunction during crucial moments in battle.


It’s all well and good to have high-impact firearms and tactical abilities. Still, they won’t matter if you can’t draw your firearm quickly enough in a combat situation.

Quickdraw lets you whip out your firearm faster than your enemies can react, providing the first-move advantage critical in many battles.

It’s the skill that allows you to strike first and strike hard, adding another impressive weapon to an already formidable arsenal.

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FAQs About Gunslinger 5E Fighter

How does the Gunsmithing skill add versatility to the Gunslinger 5E Fighter?

Gunsmithing allows a Gunslinger to not only use firearms but also craft, modify, and maintain their own, providing a significant strategic advantage.

What type of weapon should I choose as a Gunslinger 5E Fighter?

Your choice of weapon as a Gunslinger should align with your playing style, be it long-range attacks with rifles or a faster firing rate with pistols.

Are there any other classes that synergize well with the Gunslinger archetype?

Yes, many players find that combining elements of Warlock or Artificer with the Gunslinger class can unfurl intriguing combos and strategies.

Can a solo player succeed as a Gunslinger in D&D 5E?

Absolutely; while team cooperation can enhance your experience, the Gunslinger’s crowd-control abilities make it feasible for solo gameplay too.

How does Grit factor into a Gunslinger’s abilities in D&D 5E?

Grit is essential in empowering a Gunslingers’ unique firearm-based skills such as Trick Shots and enhancing their survival odds in critical situations.


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