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Hadozee 5E Race [Navigate DnD As An Agile Sea-Faring Ape]

Hadozee 5E Race
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 11/04/2023
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So, you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect character to expand your Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) gaming experience, right?

Perhaps it’s time you looked into the fascinating Hadozee 5E race.

This awe-inspiring race is known for its tenacity and keen intellect, setting it apart from your run-of-the-mill Elf or Dwarf.

Hadozee aren’t merely humanoid creatures in the backdrop of your storyline; they bring a distinct charm to the board with their unique personalities, attributes, and cultural nuances.

Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to stir up some new excitement or if you’re dipping your toes into the gripping world of D&D for the first time, getting to know more about this exceptional race could open up exciting new doors in your adventures.

What is the Hadozee 5E Race?

Hadozee, colloquially known as “Deck Apes,” is a remarkable race from the D&D universe. The label 5E refers to the fifth edition of the game, regarded by many enthusiasts as the most polished and immersive version yet.

What is the Hadozee 5E Race?

A Hadozee character offers a unique blend of traits that can be harnessed to navigate various scenarios within a game.

Resembling humanoid monkeys or apes, they have extended skin membranes connecting their arms and legs, which facilitates swift navigation in mid-air – an advantageous trait for any adventurer.

Originating from elements of sci-fi and pirate culture, they add excitement and variety to campaigns and are sure to pique your interest with their exotic characteristics and uncharted lore.

Understanding Hadozee Traits

Diving into the unique attributes of the Hadozee 5E race gives us a window into their innate capabilities.

Understanding Hadozee Traits

These traits are intrinsic to the Hadozee physiology and contribute significantly to their distinct identities in the D&D universe. Let’s take a look at some of these notable features that make them stand out from the crowd.

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Ability Score Increase

The flexibility of character development is one of D&D’s core attractions, and this is adequately reflected in the Hadozee ability score increase options.

As a player, you have the option to channel their diverse potential by augmenting their attributes based on your preferred gaming strategy.

With their significant ability score increase, you can enhance one ability score by two and supplement it with an additional increase of 1 on another ability.

You can holistically distribute this benefit by increasing three different scores by one each. This remarkable trait allows profound customization for planning out character development in alignment with your tactical approach.

Creature Type: Humanoid

Representing an exclusive blend of humans and monkeys, the Hadozee belongs to the humanoid creature type in the D&D 5E world.

Besides providing an innovative element to your storyline, this classification interacts seamlessly with spells or effects that are explicitly applicable to humanoids.

The intrigue lies within their close resemblance to humans in terms of structure and mental faculties but endowed with abilities far beyond human reach through their simian lineage.

Size: Medium or Small

When it comes down to size, the Hadozee race proves versatile once again. Your character can oscillate between being medium or small-sized, according to your choices during character creation, and this directly influences how they interact with their surroundings within various scenarios of gameplay.

Though smaller sizes may face certain drawbacks during physical encounters, they possess potentially undetected advantages like increased stealthiness and accessibility to confined spaces.

Speed: 30 feet

Speaking of agility, Hadozee exhibits a commendable locomotion speed. They come equipped with a nifty walking speed stat of 30 feet.

This enables them to effectively cover significant ground, diplomatically maneuver through various terrains, and play a crucial role in encounters requiring fleetness of foot.

Their swiftness extends to their special gliding technique, too, giving them an edge over terrestrial-bound characters in certain quests.

Dexterous Feet

Adding another fascinating aspect to the Hadozee palette of abilities are their impressively dexterous feet. They aren’t just for walking or running; these feet allow for remarkable interactions with their environment.

As a bonus action, within your turn, you can harness the adeptness of your character’s feet to perform certain tasks that would otherwise require hands.

These tasks can range from manipulating different objects and opening and closing doors or containers to details as minute as picking up a tiny object or setting one down, all without needing to use hands.

Picturing this in action during role-play provides a unique charm, adding an exciting element of surprise and skill to your game exploits.


The Hadozee are seasoned sky sailors with the ability to glide swiftly across substantial distances. Once they position themselves at least 10 feet above the ground, they can creatively utilize this racial trait for aerial mobility.

In specific circumstances requiring evasion or accelerated movement across areas, you can use your reaction action to extend their skin flaps, transforming into an impromptu glider.

Not many races have this striking trait; it inevitably creates dynamic gameplay instances by introducing airborne stratagems into the fray.

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Hadozee Resilience

The strength of character that a Hadozee brings is fortified by its inherent erithi resilience.

Being resilient means that they’re adapted not only physically but mentally too, helping them endure hardships while soldiering on with resolve and fortitude even amidst adverse conditions.

Use this trait as your means to weather unexpected storms within your campaigns – both literally and metaphorically!


Every D&D race has its linguistic specialties – and for the Hadozees, it is their familiarity with the Common language paired with the knowledge of one additional language.

They have the potential to speak, read, and write in Common as well as one other language that aligns with your campaign’s narrative and has the approval of your Dungeon Master (DM).

Considering these linguistic capabilities, you can explore engaging scenarios that could revolve around translation, diplomatic exchanges, deciphering clues, or simply communicating with different characters across various regions.

This knack for languages might hold the key to unraveling the mysteries in your adventure.

Which Classes Work Best with Hadozee 5E in D&D?

Are you wondering what class to pick for your Hadozee character? The choice of class can significantly shape your character’s capabilities and impact how they contribute to the overall campaign.

Which Classes Work Best with Hadozee 5E in D&D?

Hadozees are versatile and can fit into several different classes quite comfortably. Let’s dive in and explore some of the ideal matches.

  • Ranger: Given their knack for survival in various environments, be it on ships or forests, a role as a Ranger could suit a Hadozee perfectly. Rangers are natural explorers and fighters, making this an ideal match.
  • Artificer: If you’re keen on using magical wonders crafted from raw invention and creativity, an Artificer could be an exciting option.
  • Sorcerer: With their innate magical abilities bubbling just beneath the surface, a Sorcerer’s path might call out to several Hadozees.
  • Druid: Driven by nature’s divine essence, Druids grasp powers that connect them with the environment around them – perfectly aligning with the traits of Hadozee.
  • Rogue: Given their agile bodies and resourceful nature, choosing to be a cunning Rogue could be an interesting option for your Hadozee character.
  • Warlock: As Warlocks are seekers of knowledge that lies beyond the mortal realm, this could lend itself well to the adventurous spirit within each Hadozee.
  • Cleric/Paladin: For those who feel called by divine entities, considering a build as either a Cleric or Paladin can create rewarding gameplay.
  • Bard/Monk/Fighter/Barbarian/Wizard: Finally, thanks to their multipurpose adaptability, Bards, Monks, Fighters, Barbarians, or Wizards would also match well with this unique race, offering various opportunities for storytelling and combat.

Whichever class you choose for your Hadozee character will inevitably shape your journey. The best fit isn’t about the most powerful combo but, instead, what feels like the most enjoyable way to experience your campaign.

Hadozee Names

When it comes to creating a well-rounded character in Dungeons & Dragons, choosing a fitting name is as crucial as deciding on your preferred race or class attributes.

The right name can lament the essence and persona of your character, adding an extra layer of identity and intrigue. Considering this, let’s dive into the realm of Hadozee names.

Male Hadozee Names

Male Hadozee typically bears concise, robust names that align with their hardy nature and survival instincts.

A character’s name often reflects their lineage or personal stories, imbuing an added layer of depth to their narrative arc. Some common favorites among male Hadozees include:

  • Tuk: It signifies tenacity and courage, essential attributes for surviving in the tumultuous D&D universe.
  • Konn: Konn carries echoes of wisdom and foresight, aligning with the intuitive traits that give Hadozee the upper hand in strategic combat scenarios.
  • Koto: This powerful moniker symbolizes resilience and strength – essential characteristics for any adventurer braving the depths of the dungeon.

Female Hadozee Names

Simultaneously showcasing femininity and fervor, female Hadozee names intertwine gentle allure with relentless determination. As with male names, these often embody inherent traits or compelling backstories.

  • Esh: Esh denotes adaptability and versatility – vital qualities that give female Hadozees an edge in ever-evolving game dynamics.
  • Ani: Ani resonates with a sense of mystery and enchantment; it piques curiosity and keeps opponents second-guessing.
  • Bee: With its breezy yet commanding aura, Bee flows as smoothly as a Hadozee glides through air currents – making it aptly fitting for these agile beings.

Exploring different naming conventions could very well be a side quest of its own, and these options are just the tip of the iceberg.

As a player, you’re always welcome to create your characters’ names based on their unique experiences, attributes, and quirks. As long as it aligns with your character’s essence, the world, or rather, the dungeon, is your oyster.

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FAQs About Hadozee 5E race

What’s unique about the Hadozee 5E race in Dungeons & Dragons?

Hadozees are agile and sturdy humanoid creatures with extended skin membranes that allow them to glide, providing a unique maneuvering capability in-game scenarios.

How do Hadozees interact with other races in D&D 5E?

Their amiable nature allows them to get along with a majority of races, although they can be aggressive when it comes to protecting their band or combating enemies.

Can a Hadozee use weapons or cast spells?

Yes, despite their simian appearance, Hadozees can use weapons and even cast spells depending on their chosen class.

What languages can a Hadozee character speak?

Hadozees are proficient in Common, and one other language of your choice that you and your Dungeon Master agree is appropriate for the campaign.

Are the Hadozee characters customizable in D&D 5E?

Absolutely! The game allows you to customize attributes like ability scores, size, speed, and resilience based on your preference while staying within the game rules.


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