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Hill Giant 5E Monsters [Duel with the Titans of the Lowlands]

Hill Giant 5e Monsters
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/17/2024
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Immerse yourself in the realm of fantasy warfare with the remarkable hill giant 5e. This creature is a formidable opponent you may encounter on your epic adventure in the D&D 5e the best-known and most widely played tabletop role-playing game.

We delve deep into understanding and devising strategies to reckon with these robust giants. Featuring an indomitable aura and physical prowess, hill giants pose a significant challenge on any battlefield.

Their sheer size and strength make them terrifying opponents while their ruthless nature and elemental affinity add to their imposing stature.

As we further explore what makes the Hill Giant 5e so captivating, you’ll gain substantial insight into this iconic figure’s defining characteristics, behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses.

Attributes of Hill Giant In 5e

Hill Giants 5e are the embodiment of raw power mainly known for their imposing physical stature.

Attributes of Hill Giant 5e

These colossal creatures possess exceptional strength and unparalleled stamina. Although they might lack in sophistication, their substantial health points and combat capacity compensate well, making them a notable contender in D&D 5e warfare.

Beyond brute force, understanding their other characteristics can be pivotal in devising effective strategies during encounters.

NameHill Giant
AlignmentChaotic Evil
Armor Class13 (natural armor)
Hit Points105 (10d12 + 40)
Speed40 ft.
Strength (STR)21 (+5)
Dexterity (DEX)8 (-1)
Constitution (CON)19 (+4)
Intelligence (INT)5 (-3)
Wisdom (WIS)9 (-1)
Charisma (CHA)6 (-2)
SkillsPerception +2
SensesPassive Perception 12
Challenge Rating5 (1,800 XP)
Proficiency Bonus+3

What is Hill Giant 5e?

The Hill Giant 5e is a fascinating character in the widely adored Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition game.

What is Hill Giant 5e

As their designation suggests, these creatures are colossal being approximately two to three times the size of an average human.

Classified as ‘Huge giants’ in the game, they personify chaotic evil, unabashedly following their unregulated impulses and wanton desires.

Dwelling dominantly in hills and mountain terrains, they adopt a primitive lifestyle that lends them a savage appeal.

Their simplistic thinking doesn’t make them any less formidable – quite the opposite, it enhances their unpredictability making them daunting adversaries on the battlefield.

Physically imposing with formidable strength and resilience, they’re not to be taken lightly. When challenged or threatened, hill giants respond with brute force often inciting chaos around them.

In essence, encountering a hill giant 5e in your venture means bracing for an intense combat session where strategy and valor play a pivotal role.

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Engaging with the hill giant 5e, your strategies are put to the ultimate test. Here, we break down the primary offensive maneuvers this formidable creature is capable of.

These actions are essential to plan effectively and avert potential disaster during any combat scenario.


The hill giant’s brutish nature is reflected in its combat style, favoring raw power and multiattacks. In a single round of combat, they are capable of making two separate great strikes.

This capability increases its damage output significantly and makes it a persistent threat to face.

It’s worth noting that the haste that comes with their attack pattern shouldn’t mislead you into underestimating them. Their repeated blows can wear down an opponent quickly if not appropriately approached.


Armed with a greatclub, these giants can dish out significant damage at close quarters.

They have an impressive +8 to hit against their targets within a 10-foot range, delivering 18 (3d8 + 5) bludgeoning damage on each successful strike.

This power serves as both an offensive strategy and defensive mechanism for the hill giants; they become fearsome opponents up close due to this attack mode.

As a player interacting with them, it’s crucial to account for this melee weapon strike when assessing your tactical approach in close combat situations.


Apart from their melee capabilities, the hill giants are famous for their rock-throwing skills. They possess an impressive ranged weapon attack record.

With +8 to hit within a range spanning from 60/240 ft., every successful hit earns them a whopping 21 (3d10 + 5) bludgeoning damage points.

Contrary to their size and grouped with other giants notorious for close-combat fights exclusively, Hill Giants show remarkable adaptability in long-range combat scenarios through this action.

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What are the uses of Hill Giant 5e?

Hill Giants in D&D 5e serve a multitude of roles and purposes within the game.

What are the uses of Hill Giant 5e

These monstrous entities help to engage the players in various ways, whether through direct combat encounters, challenging low-level party quests, or as a source of unique loot and treasure.

Hill Giants can even play substantial non-combat roles, working as potential allies or adversaries depending on the narrative context.

Combat encounters in 5e

In combat scenarios within the D&D 5e world, encountering a Hill Giant can quickly turn a routine skirmish into an epic battle.

Their brute force makes them formidable foes that can quickly unbalance inexperienced parties.

The capacity to wield heavy weapons and their ability to hurl rocks from afar provide some intriguing strategic possibilities for game masters running battles involving these colossi.

Challenges for low-level parties

Low-level parties who cross paths with Hill Giants face severe challenges that test their courage and strategy in battle.

Parties must learn to plan their actions efficiently to minimize threats while maximizing damage opportunities.

Facing such a daunting foe early on could be an effective means of leveling up for your D&D party as overcoming these massive opponents will yield substantial experience points.

Source of loot and treasure

Defeating a Hill Giant is no small feat, but those who succeed will likely find it highly rewarding.

The loot from these enormous creatures often consists of valuable items like hefty gold coins or giant-sized weaponry that carry considerable worth in most markets across the fantasy world.

Engaging with these behemoths may present an opportunity for adventurers to pursue fortune and glory.

Potential allies or adversaries in the game world

While you might view Hill Giants primarily as fearsome opponents, you should remember that they’re capable of more nuanced roles within the storylines in D&D 5e.

If worked into your story correctly, these towering creatures could show up as potential allies ready to lend their might to your cause.

The same giants could double as adversaries if the narrative calls for a threat that must be overcome or evaded with intelligence and strategy rather than brute force.

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FAQs About Hill Giant 5e

What is the basic health of a Hill Giant 5E?

The base hit point of a Hill Giant is 105. These hit points are calculated using rolls of 10d12 + 40.

What is the challenge rating for the Hill Giant in D&D 5e?

The Challenge rating or CR of a Hill Giant in D&D 5e is set at five, indicating it controls substantial abilities and can pose a severe challenge to players.

What kind of weapons do Hill Giants use in D&D?

The standard weapon repertoire of a Hill Giant usually includes great clubs for melee attacks and huge rocks for ranged attacks.

Do Hill Giants have any magical abilities or resistances?

Typically, Hill Giants are not attributed with any inherent magical abilities or resistances in D&D 5e.

Can you play as a Hill Giant in Dungeons and Dragons 5e?

In official gameplay rules for D&D 5e, players can’t play as monsters like the hill giant because monster races generally aren’t designed for balanced player character use.


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