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Kobolds 5E Race [Succeed With Teamwork And Traps In DnD]

Kobolds 5E Race Explained
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 11/05/2023
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Kobolds hold a unique spot in the diverse Realm of the 5E race. Often overlooked, they’re a small but mighty race you’ll grow to appreciate for their unique charisma and perseverance.

Isn’t it time to peel back the curtain and get to know this fascinating creature inside out?

In the maze of fantasy races, the Kobolds 5E race stands out, attempting to etch their glory with grit even though they’re small in stature.

They prove that size doesn’t always matter and that minor characteristics can often lead to major strength gains. Let’s shed some light on these notable beings and why they deserve your attention in your next gaming adventure.

What is the Kobolds 5E Race?

Kobolds are a race of creatures often found within the mystical corners of the Dungeons and Dragons universe. These pint-sized warriors stand at the 3 to 4 feet mark, maturing by the age of six and leading brief lives no longer than for about a century.

What is the Kobolds 5E Race?

Don’t let their diminutive size fool you! Underneath their scaly, reptilian exterior lies a steadfast spirit and unyielding resilience. Their unique society is incredibly structured, usually under the leadership of a draconic deity or draconic master whom they serve with absolute loyalty.

Well, these crafty little creatures are naturally adept at mining and building traps, turning them into your formidable allies in an underground adventure.

Kobold Racial Abilities and Traits

One of the distinct characteristics setting Kobolds apart from other races in the 5E universe is their unique racial abilities and traits.

Kobold Racial Abilities and Traits

These inherent features allow them to navigate the virtual world with a charm that’s quintessentially their own. From small size to humanoid creature type and the unusual ability score increase, complexity adds depth to Kobolds’ character design.

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Ability Score Increase

In Dungeons and Dragons 5E, each race has its unique mix of Ability Score Increases. This system enables you to improve specific abilities for your character – a vital facet that could dictate your success or downfall in the game.

Kobolds get a significant boost in their Dexterity score, with an increase of +2. This surge heightens their agility, reflexes, and precision – making them effortlessly glide through dire situations that require quick wit and faster reactions.

Besides Dexterity, they have another notch up with a +1 increment in any other ability of your choosing based on your gameplay style or your character’s role within the campaign narrative.

With a maximum score limit of 20 for both these ability points, it provides room for customization, ensuring that no two Kobold characters are exactly alike!

Creature Type

Creature types encapsulate broad categories into which all beings within the game fit- defining certain shared characteristics among them.

The creature type for Kobolds is ‘Humanoid,’ which opens up an extensive realm of possibilities on how you can interact with magical items, spells, class abilities, or feats specifically targeted towards humanoids.

As part of the humanoid category, Kobolds are bipedal creatures capable of complex interactions within their social structure and other races.

This classification enables them to create alliances or enemies based on logical reasoning just like humans – spawning interesting plotlines within story arcs.

Offensive or defensive benefits targeting humanoids would apply directly against or in favor of Kobolds – creating gameplay interaction with a contextual flavor unique to humanoid characters.


The fact that Kobolds are of small size shouldn’t undermine their potential in any way. This characteristic brings along an array of advantages to your gameplay.

Being small, they easily blend into the environment – an ability that proves beneficial in stealth missions or instances requiring discretion.

This skill helps them sneak up on enemies unnoticed or swiftly slip away from dodgy situations, lending a hands-on advantage when it comes to ambushes or surprise attacks, turning tables even against bigger and mightier opponents.

Their compact size also makes navigating through crowded spaces or tightly packed terrain smoother. Areas seeming dauntingly restricted to larger-sized races can spurt out as potential escape routes or hideouts for Kobolds, influencing a strategic edge within the game setting.

The challenge with being small is that they have a slightly lower carrying capacity. Still, Kobold’s sedimentary lifestyle and choice of light weaponry functionally mitigates this drawback to a negligible impact on the gameplay experience.


Kobolds are known to move swiftly despite their small stature, with a base walking speed of 30 feet. This agility serves them well, whether it comes to escaping danger or closing in on an adversary. Their surprising speed can often be a game-changer in critical situations, turning the tide of battle when least expected.


One of the most remarkable abilities Kobolds possess is darkvision. They can see up to 60 feet even in pitch-black conditions, allowing them to operate effectively regardless of their surroundings.

The world they see isn’t color-filled but a panorama of varying shades of gray. It’s not unlike seeing the world in “night-vision,” as you may have come across in certain modern tactical games or wildlife documentaries.

Draconic Cry

Possessing an intriguing ability known as ‘Draconic Cry,’ Kobolds show signs that they share lineage with mighty dragons. In gameplay, this ability gives them an advantage over their enemies, especially when used tactically in dire situations. Use wisely since this treasure isn’t limitless and needs due time to recharge.

Kobold Legacy

Coursing through every Kobold’s veins is a heritage seasoned by time and hardships, the Kobold Legacy. As part of this legacy, each member of the Kobold race can select from one special trait that further defines them:

  • Craftiness: This offers skill proficiency, reflecting their cunning nature and knack for creating complex devices.
  • Defiance: Injects them with resistance against fear-inducing conditions, fortifying their courageous hearts even when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds.
  • Draconic Sorcery: Allows a taste of magic by granting access to one staple spell-casting tool – the sorcerer cantrip.

Each choice presents unique opportunities in different situations; it is up to you to capitalize on these traits.

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Language forms the bridge of communication and understanding in any civilized society. Kobolds are bilingual and capable of communicating both in Common, a language typically understood by all races, as well as an additional language chosen by DM (Dungeon Master).

This dual-lingual nature extends their reach within the campaign, allowing them to build alliances or gather intelligence effectively.

Kobolds are small but fierce survivors gifted with unique abilities that complement their hearty resilience.

Whether it’s their remarkable agility, the ability to see even in the blackest night, a resonant Draconic Cry for dire situations, a heritage comprising special traits, or command over multiple languages – Kobolds are formidable characters on any D&D stage.

These nuances further enhance the game’s immersive experience if you have an adventurous heart and never judge a book (or, in this case, an aggressive reptilian creature) by its cover.

Kobold 5E Subraces

Among the Dungeons and Dragons universe’s fascinating aspects is the element of subraces. The Kobolds, too, with all their resourcefulness and cunning, have different subraces with distinct characteristics that will have a considerable effect on your gameplay.


One of the most magnetic features possessed by the Kobolds is their Darkvision. This nocturnal adaptability allows them to see in complete darkness within a 60 60-foot radius, seeing shades of gray instead of color.

It means that the oppressive surroundings of caves and deep forests are not an obstacle for them! This is an invaluable asset in retreats or surprise attacks in low-light situations.

Draconic Cry

Originating from their Draconic ancestry, Kobolds are bestowed with a feature known as Draconic Cry. This unique ability lets them express themselves through a series of disturbing screams and yelps.

The intimidating nature of this cry provides clear advantages during battles, frightening foes into submission or causing enough distraction to allow strategic maneuvers.

Kobold Legacy

The various traits that shape the character of the Kobolds fall under their legacy heading – these traits include Craftiness, Defiance, and Draconic Sorcery.


As part of their legacy, Craftiness works in favor of Kobolds, considering it stems from their innate survival instincts. Well-versed in designing intricate traps and covert ambush mechanisms.

Which allows them both to protect their colonies from larger predators and also spring surprise attacks on unsuspecting enemies when cornered.


Another remarkable trait in their arsenal is Defiance – this racial trait reflects the resolute courage underpinning every Kobold’s spirit despite their underlying fear tendencies.

Their defiance results in resistance to being frightened even when odds are stacked against them, enriching the emotional dimension of your character’s undertakings.

Draconic Sorcery

Perhaps the most awe-inspiring of Kobold’s traits is their Diligent Sorcery. Owing to their Draconic bloodline, Kobolds are bestowed with innate arcane abilities.

This gives them a significant advantage in battle situations, capable of producing magical effects that could turn the tide in a confrontation.

The choices you make when selecting your character’s traits greatly influence your encounters and adventures in the Dungeons and Dragons universe. So choose wisely.

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Which 5E Classes Work With Kobolds?

The world of Dungeons & Dragons is wide, filled with countless classes a character can pursue. But are you wondering which classes might best suit a Kobold?

Which 5E Classes Work With Kobolds?

Let’s delve deeper into four such classes that complement the unique characteristics of the Kobolds. These include Rogue, Ranger, Artificer, and Sorcerer.


What better way for these small creatures to rely on their natural craftiness and agility than becoming rogue operatives? Kobolds make excellent rogues due to their innate knack for stealth and being generally underestimated by opponents.

They fit perfectly within the shadows, sneaking past enemies or delivering unexpected yet lethal attacks with unmatched precision.

Their talent lends itself well to the rogue’s usage of finesse weapons, making them potentially deadly opponents on any battlefield.


A Kobold’s natural aptitude lies in mining and building traps, which make them surprisingly adept Rangers. They possess an uncanny ability to navigate underground environments, owing to their darkvision ability that allows for movements in pitch darkness as if it were dim light.

This incredible skill set offers advantageous synergistic traits such as Natural Explorer and Primeval Awareness that enhance their tracking abilities further. A Kobold Ranger can leverage these abilities for the party’s benefit while exploring unknown territories.


Weaved with craftsmanship woven into their lineage, Artificers align beautifully with Kobolds’ endemic skill set. Artificers believe in turning objects into magical items by infusing arcane magic, an ability that squares well with the exceptional trap-making skills of a Kobold.

Whether it’s building intricate mechanisms or complex traps, they exhibit unrivaled talent as creators imbued with magic, the true embodiment of an Artificer’s expertise!


While it may not seem an obvious choice at first glance, but don’t be too hasty in overlooking the potential of a Kobold Sorcerer. Kobolds are notably linked with dragons, worship them as gods, and serve them with absolute loyalty.

This connection to draconic lineage makes way for innate arcane powers, allowing them to develop their mythical abilities in the path of Sorcery.

Added to the mix is their Draconic Resilience, granting them extra hit points and tougher defenses, an edge any magic caster would appreciate.


The lineage of Kobolds springs from dragons, one of the fiercest creatures in existence. When this resilience is honed through discipline, Kobolds make formidable Fighters.

Known for their toughness and resourcefulness, Fighters are experts with weapons and armor, a path that complements Kobold’s nimble agility.

Their ability to tap into second winds and gain extra boosts for health recovery provides a significant advantage in the throes of battle.


While their small stature might seem unlikely for a Monk class, it’s essential not to underestimate a Kobold. As Monks, their naturally high dexterity attributes can be fully utilized, making them quick and efficient combatants on the battlefield. Their keen alertness reinforces the Monk’s Evasion ability during combat scenarios – swiftly avoiding enemy attacks or traps with finesse to emerge victorious.


Kobolds are staunchly loyal creatures with deep-rooted faiths—a characteristic trait that aligns perfectly with Paladins, who are revered as protectors of oaths and upholders of justice.

As Paladins, Kobolds can utilize their unwavering loyalty in executing divine smites against adversaries or standing as protective shields for comrades in distress, truly manifesting themselves as shining beacon lights amidst the darkness.

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Despite appearing insignificant compared to other races, Kobolds carry an intellectual spark within them that makes them surprisingly adept Wizards.

With roots tracing back to the wisdom of ancient dragons they regard so dearly, they swiftly learn to grasp complex, arcane knowledge.

This attribute makes them valuable allies who strategize on battle dynamics based on gained wisdom and intelligence—a trait sought after by every adventuring party!


The interaction between nature and magic is at its prime in Druids, and this is where a Kobold excels! Their close-knit relationship with earth (given their mining prowess) helps them resonate better with Druidic ways.

While they might not be the first choice for this class, once they embrace the avatar of Nature’s guardians, these Kobolds make potent allies, channeling elemental powers with prowess and guiding parties safely in wild terrains.


Though it might seem an unlikely path at first, Kobolds can also blossom into fantastic Clerics. Their robust faith in the Draconic deities and their habit of staying orderly mirrors a cleric’s religious devotion and discipline.

Given their strong communal tendencies, a Kobold would reasonably resonate concepts of selflessness and healing often seen under the Divine Domain of a Cleric.

An increased wisdom attribute will help them channel divine power more efficiently, making them an invaluable asset at being both a combatant and group healer.


Being sheltered within the protective scales of a dragon does not dissuade Kobolds from tapping into their primal instincts, making them formidable Barbarians.

Despite their small build, they have this trait of getting pumped up for defense when faced with adversity or threat, a keystone attribute for any Barbarian.

Their natural agility is an edge in Dodge actions; thus, as Barbarians, Kobolds’ skittish demeanor can transform into rage-fueled strength on the battlefield.


It wouldn’t be far-fetched for your typical loyal-to-a-dragon Kobold to strike an arcane pact with another powerful entity to become a Warlock.

This presents an exciting narrative where a lowly creature seeks power by promising servitude, an echo of their usual Draconic fealty but with an eerie twist.

With spells like Hex that curse enemies or Eldritch Blast that clears hordes, Warlock magic could be the jolt needed for these resourceful beings to turn the tide in combat.


Who would expect a humble Kobold to walk the charming path of a Bard? Believe it or not, beneath their rough exterior beats a heart capable of transcendent tunes if trained right.

Inspired by their draconic patriarchs’ majestic demeanor, some adventurous kobolds might perfect their voice and pick up the lute, flourishing into unexpected Bards.

Their songs and stories not only lift their comrades’ spirits but are also a clever strategy to mesmerize foes in battle, an artistic spin to survival.

The bard’s versatile support role matches perfectly with the Kobold’s innate craftiness, making way for an unmatched game plan both on and off the battlefield.

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FAQs About Kobolds 5E race

What kind of society do Kobolds have in 5E Dungeons & Dragons?

Kobolds are a structured community that usually worships and serves a draconic deity or dragon master with unwavering loyalty.

Are Kobolds considered powerful creatures in 5E?

While they’re small-sized beings, their intelligence and natural trap-making skills make them formidable allies or opponents.

Can Kobolds become magical users in D&D 5E?

Yes, certain classes like the Sorcerer, Warlock, or Cleric suit Kobold’s natural traits and abilities, allowing them to wield magic effectively.

How does a Kobold’s size influence gameplay in D&D 5E?

Despite their small stature, Kobolds are quick and agile, with their size allowing them to evade notice or attack as classes like Rogue or Ranger.

What sets the Kobold race apart from other races in D&D 5E?

Besides their unique reptilian appearance and size, they have an innate connection to dragons and are known for their craftiness, mining skills, and trap-building talents.


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