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Locathah 5E Creatures [Explore The Depths With Sea Dwellers]

locathah 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/14/2024
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If you’re seeking to incorporate an intriguing marine race into your Dungeons and Dragons narrative, Locathah 5e may be an excellent choice for you.

Belonging to the deep blue world of D&D, locathahs are an amphibious race known for their distinct attributes and rich cultural depth that can add unique layers of interest and interaction to your gameplay.

In the realm of fantasy role-playing games, diverse characters offer a splendor of color to every unfolding storyline.

Incorporating the Locathah 5e into your campaign opens up a fresh space filled with underwater ventures and added complexities; definitely, something to consider if you’re craving for more aquatic exploits on your D&D charters.

Imagining the underwater setting isn’t just appealing but also challenges your skills as a player, raising the stakes in more ways than one.

Attribute of Locathah

The locathahs are marine battle-hardened champions recognized for their exceptional endurance. A deep-dwelling species, they bear unique features shaped by an underwater lifestyle.

Attribute of Locathah 5e

Let’s look into the definitive strengths, qualities, and abilities of Locathah 5e which set them apart in the thrilling world of Dungeons & Dragons.

Ability Score Increase+2 Dexterity, +1 Wisdom
AgeMature around age 10, can live up to 80 years
AlignmentTend toward neutrality, often good or neutral
Speed30 feet
Swimming Speed30 feet
AmphibiousCan breathe both air and water
Natural ArmorAC 12
Limited Weapon TrainingProficiency with spears, tridents, and nets
Hunter’s LoreProficiency in the Survival skill
Lethal StrikeExtra 1d6 damage with a melee attack once per short or long rest
LanguagesCommon and Aquan

What is Locathah 5e?

Locathah 5e refers to a unique, resilient, and proud fish-folk species in the expansive Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) universe.

What is Locathah 5e

They are native to the underwater realms of this fantasy world, inhabiting every ocean and sea materialized into existence by D&D’s creative developers.

With their unique aesthetic comprised of fins, scales, and rugged amphibious features, they resemble the fusion of a humanoid with attributes of a deep-sea fish.

Bearing properties purposefully designed for aquatic life, locathahs can comfortably survive both in and out of water.

Besides their physical facet, these aquatic beings showcase distinct cultural characteristics too.

Locathah society values companionship above all else; every member works towards community welfare fostering a deeply engraved sense of unity.

Their resilience isn’t just physical – it protrudes into their character too; with each locathah 5e boasting a deep sense of integrity and courage.

This resilience paired with their natural-born leadership qualities makes locathahs warriors at heart ready to fiercely protect their clan when necessary.

In the gameplay, assuming the role of locathah adds layers of intricacy tied closely to their marine backdrop.

Each challenge faced in the depths will hone your problem-solving skills ensuring you come out as a better player from every adventure under the sea.

Bringing life to this character in your campaign brings about an entirely new spectrum to explore one filled with undersea adventures and obstacles that are both exciting and challenging.

It’s no wonder that many adventurers find themselves drawn to the heartening tale of locathah 5e.

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Locathah Classes

Exploring the various classes locathahs can adopt in D&D is an adventure in itself. In the context of character creation and development, your character’s class determines skills, abilities, and progression.

Locathah Classes

This segment will provide details about five potential roles a locathah character can venture into Artificer, Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, and Druid.


As an artificer, a locathah could master the functioning of magical artifacts from their deep marine surroundings.

Defined by their use of tools and focus on creativity alongside magic expertise, artificers typically use their tools to channel arcane power.

A locathah artificer might find fascinating uses for underwater materials to craft novel items or engineer impressive defenses for their community.


Consider a locathah barbarian who channels their innate toughness into raw fury using primal instincts and superior strength.

They resort to hand-to-hand combat thriving on resistance rather than finesse.

The depths of the ocean are filled with numerous dangers that might require a confrontational approach here’s where a robust locathah barbarian would excel.


If your narrative lens steers toward the charming and charismatic side of the underwater world, consider transforming your locathah into a bard.

Fabled for their ability to cast spells through music and storytelling; bards draw upon shared histories and parables to inspire allies or demoralize enemies.

Imagine a locathah bard invoking tales from ancient sea-lore to sway the tide of an encounter.


A locathah cleric would hold a revered place within aquatic communities thanks to their divine powers drawn from beings beyond mortal comprehension.

Adopting this class allows them not only healing capabilities but also access to potent spells by their chosen divine domain wisdom being at its heart.

Have your cleric bring peace to turbulent waters or call upon divine intervention in the face of adversity.


Drawn to the inherent spirit in all nature, a locathah druid could yield exciting possibilities in your campaign.

Given their natal undersea domain, the ebb and flow of tides, and a connection with marine life could be focus elements of their magical prowess.

From controlling water currents to shapeshifting into beings that dwell amidst kelp groves or sunken ruins can spur dynamic twists to your narrative, enhancing the mystic appeal.

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The locathah is a race known for its resilience, making the fighter class an ideal choice for this marine race.

Renowned for their martial prowess, fighters come equipped with a knowledge of weapons and warfare that can turn the tide in any dangerous situation.

Picture your locathah brandishing tridents or nets, using their knowledge of underwater combat to lead campaigns against threatening sea monsters or protect their kin from harm.


As monks are recognized for their discipline, a locathah monk could be an interesting character to add to your campaign.

Channeling the power of their body and mind towards self-perfection and control, they can possess unique strengths like the ability to concentrate and enhance physical abilities.

Draw upon the tranquil deep-sea environment by making your locathah achieve inner peace amongst the aquatic biodiversity.


Becoming paladin means dedicating oneself to order, righteousness, and pious purpose.

A locathah paladin might uphold sacred codes or guard holy sea sites while fighting adversaries using a combination of martial skills and divine magic.

By incorporating this class into your campaign, you allow your paladin to aspire beyond mere survival in the deep seas.


If you’re interested in incorporating exploration into your narrative while exploiting all things unique to an underwater setting, consider a locathah ranger into your gameplay mix.

Being one with nature atop mastering combat skills characterizes rangers; as such, a locathah ranger might specialize in navigating oceanic landscapes or tracking down different underwater species while unveiling undiscovered pockets of the marine world to the rest of its team members.


A rogue locathah maneuvers effectively around the hazards of the underwater world with agility and guile.

Leveraging stealth, sharp senses, and a knack for evasion, a rogue locathah could prove indispensable as a scout or infiltrator in your gameplay.

Their proficiency in various skills can make them versatile characters whose contributions stand out in key moments of action or diplomacy.


Imagine your locathah character as a sorcerer, harnessing inherent magic from innate mystical energy, perhaps linked to an ancient aquatic entity or elemental manifestation.

Determined by their bloodline, the theme of their magical abilities offers compelling possibilities tidal influences, stormy tempests or the freezing chill of the deep sea could be foundations for their varying spells.

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Fascinatingly, if your locathah is inclined towards making contracts with otherworldly entities to gain magical prowess, they might choose to become a warlock.

Your warlock character’s patron entity can offer exciting plot development points influencing loyalties, values, and mission objectives.

Daunting sea beasts from forgotten marine legends can serve as divine patrons yielding dramatic arcs within your storyline.


A wizard path taken by a locathah focuses on structured and scholarly magic use learned and inscribed in spellbooks rather than innately powered like sorcerers.

Wizards rely on their intelligence and wit, opening up arrays of possibilities for spell-casting focused primarily on knowledge-based domains.

The intriguing underwater environment can lend itself well to shaping unique spell lists for these mage scholars.

Consider tide-controlling spells or algae-related enchantments that bring a new flavor to your game.

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FAQs About locathah 5e

What is a locathah in Dungeons & Dragons?

A locathah is an aquatic species from Dungeons & Dragons universe known for their resilience and endurance. They inhabit various depths of water bodies and often build their societies in underwater caves.

Is playing as a locathah character difficult due to the aquatic environment?

While it does add an extra layer of complexity, it doesn’t necessarily make it difficult to play as a locathah it merely encourages more innovative gameplay with unique challenges and dimensions to explore.

Can locathah characters breathe on land?

Yes, according to the official D&D guide, locathahs can breathe both water and air freely which allows them versatility in adventuring both land and underwater territories.

What classes are suitable for a locathah character in D&D 5e?

Locathahs can adopt any class; however, their natural toughness and survival instinct make them suitable for roles like Barbarian or Fighter. With good planning, they can flourish just as well in magic-oriented classes like Wizard or Sorcerer.

Is there any significant lore related to the Locathah race in D&D?

Yes, Locathahs have fascinating lore associated with them that includes stories about surviving drastic cataclysms underwater, fighting off sea monsters, etc., enriching the depth of their characterization within the D&D universe.


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