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15 Best Magic Items For Bards 5E In DnD [Boost Your Performance]

15 Best Magic Items For Bards 5E
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/02/2024
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As a bard in Dungeons & Dragons 5E, you understand the important role you play in your party. You are the one whose words can manipulate minds and inspire hearts, and your weapons are more than just your lyrics and lutes.

In fact, much of your ability to influence the course of an encounter or whole campaign often depends on the equipment you wield. So, having the best magic items at your disposal is crucial for any bard wanting to perform at their highest level.

Curating an ideal collection of these items can be a daunting task, even for seasoned bards. We’ve compiled a list of the 15 best magic items for bards 5e that’ll turn any tune-strumming character into a master of charm and devastation.

Read on to find out what tools can grace your bardic repertoire.

What do bards use for magic?

Bards in Dungeons and Dragons 5E are quite unique with their magic. They rely on a mystical energy called Bardic Inspiration, which often takes the form of music, poetry, or even a rousing speech.

What do bards use for magic?

They channel their creative talents into magical effects that can sway the course of battle or profoundly influence others. This versatile approach to magic lets them fulfill various roles in a party, from damage dealer to supporter.

Bards have a broad range of spells at their disposal. They can choose from any spell list, making them incredibly flexible casters. But what’s especially appealing for most players is the bard’s use of magical items. These artifacts can significantly enhance the power and range of a bard’s abilities.

Usually, bards will wield musical instruments as their primary spellcasting focus. These instruments can be anything from lutes to lyres to flutes and more.

Some specific magical items offer various benefits, like casting certain spells without consuming spell slots or granting bonuses to saving throws against some types of effects.

Though: It’s not just about using these items. It’s about using them creatively in ways that complement your bard’s skills and playing style.

Best Magic Items For Bards 5E

As a bard, your magical prowess isn’t limited to the casting of spells or performances. The right choice of magical items can elevate your abilities, magnifying your influence both in and out of combat.

Best Magic Items For Bards 5E

So, let’s dive into some of the best magical items you, as a bard, might want to look out for.

Cloak of the Manta Ray

The Cloak of the Manta Ray is nothing short of a godsend to any bard who needs to travel through water quickly or stealthily. When worn, it allows you an impressive swimming speed equivalent to your normal land movement speed.

Cloak of the Manta Ray

On top of that, you’re able to breathe underwater as if it was natural air. Now imagine combining this with your already remarkable charisma skills – persuading merfolk or Krakens? Child’s play.

Despite its oceanic affiliations, though, fear not; even in the driest desert or coldest tundra, wearing this cloak won’t make you feel any more or less comfortable than a standard travel cloak.

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Instrument of the Bards

Famed across multiple planes for their magical properties, an Instrument of the Bards should be on every purchasable list for discerning bards.

They are beautifully crafted musical instruments that bring extra potency to every spell you weave through them. Depending on the type chosen, ranging from Fochlucan Bandore to Doss lute, these instruments give access to a variety of spells, including fly, invisibility, and levitate, among others.

An Instrument of the Bards not only amplifies your spellcasting abilities but could also save you in tight spots by casting certain spells innate in them.

Hat of Disguise

Every bard versed in subterfuge would do well with a Hat of Disguise snug on their head. This wondrous item grants you the ability to cast ‘Disguise Self’ at will without requiring any components.

This means you can alter your physical appearance on a whim. Now, consider how this would play out with your bardic expertise in deception and performance.

You could seamlessly become anyone, blending or standing out as needed, and all the while, no one would suspect that the change is just magical chicanery skilfully executed by a superior bard.

Pipes of Haunting

If you’re looking for an item to enhance crowd control during an adventure or combat scenario, look no further than the Pipes of Haunting.

Pipes of Haunting

When played, these enchanted pipes can create a spectral sound so eerie that creatures within a 30-foot radius must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be frightened by the spectral apparition for 1 minute.

Consider piping a haunting melody as your party sneaks past wide-eyed and terrified guards. It’s perfect for creating diversions or controlling adversaries without shedding blood – certainly music to any clever bard’s ears.

Lyre of Building

As a bard, you are no stranger to the power of music and sound. However, the Lyre of Building takes it a step further, using music to build or demolish structures.

When played by an individual who knows how to play the Lyre, after thirty minutes, the instrument begins to vibrate small quantities of loose materials into whatever form the player desires.

In just half an hour, walls and small structures could be crafted from nothing! The possibilities for creative thinking here are boundless.

Need a bridge over a chasm? Or maybe a shelter in harsh weather? With the Lyre of Building at your hip pocket, you’re not just playing beautiful melodies; you’re creating miracles.

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Mantle of Spell Resistance

If there’s one thing that can put your spellcasting career on hold quicker than someone saying “I wish,” it’s failing at magical battle.

Fortunately for us bards, there exists an item that can make Mr. Wizard think twice before he spells in our direction: The Mantle of Spell Resistance.

This stylish drape gives you an advantage on saving throws against all spells and other magical effects thrown your way (cue gasps from the wizard audience). It helps you maintain concentration when under fire from magic assailants.

Boots of Elvenkind

Being a bard often means being light on your feet, whether that means dashing in for a quick spell cast or sneaking past some troublesome guards.

Boots of Elvenkind

No item aids with this physical deftness better than the Boots of Elvenkind. These boots confer upon their wearer unmatched grace reminiscent of agile elven folk who – put – don’t do heavy steps.

Even on solid stone floors or dry leaves, these boots make your steps nearly silent! It’s a perfect fit for any bard looking to weave around enemies or sneak up on allies.

Glamoured Studded Leather

Trust the bards to have a magical item that is as much about fashion as it is about protection. Meet the Glamoured Studded Leather armor, your solution for switching from battle to banquet mode with a keyword and an action.

This finely made armor, bathed in illusion magic, can look like any outfit the wearer desires, all while providing solid protection equivalent to studded leather, no less.

Picture this: charming an entire castle while appearing in royal attire and yet ready for any sudden foils or fights that might crop up – That’s bard life with Glamoured Studded Leather.

Ring of Mind Shielding

The spellcasting prowess of a bard often attracts those who would seek to control or influence your mind for their own devious purposes.

That’s where the Ring of Mind Shielding comes into play. This ring holds an innate power that cloaks your thoughts and blocks attempts at divination.

Not only does it shield your thoughts from telepathy, but it also conceals you from spells like detect thoughts and the divination school altogether.

It affords you an uncompromised mental fortitude, freeing you to weave intricate plots with no fear of snooping eyes – or, in this case – minds.

Amulet of Health

Constant spell-casting, adventuring, and the general wear-and-tear that bards often encounter on their adventures can really take a toll on your health bar.

Amulet of Health

The Amulet of Health is here to save your day – literally. This amulet sets your Constitution score to 19 when worn, regardless of its previous value. This means even those squishier among us now have a chance to survive a well-placed critical hit.

The added advantage is that this works in synergy with certain bardic abilities, allowing you to maintain top performance in both combat and crowd control.

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Bracers of Archery

Bards aren’t exactly famous for their martial prowess, but what if I told you could wield a powerful ranged weapon with precision? Welcome to the game-changing Bracers of Archery.

These magical bracers grant proficiency with longbows and short bows while wearing them. Additionally, they’re enchanted to add a solid +2 bonus to damage rolls made with such weapons.

Just because fancy words are your go-to doesn’t mean an arrow isn’t handy in sticky situations. The sheer surprise on adversaries’ faces as you puncture their defenses from afar is well worth considering these bracers.

Cape of the Mountebank

A quick getaway without raising suspicion is something every bard yearns for in a tight situation. The Cape of the Mountebank provides just that with a dash of smoke and brimstone.

Once per day, this cape gives you the ability to cast a dimension door, allowing an immediate 500-foot teleportation. It’s quite literally your ticket out of any unpleasant surprise, breaking line-of-sight and robbing potential assailants of their initiative.

An astute bard knows when to fight, when to perform, and with this cape, when exactly to make their tactical exit.

Circlet of Persuasion

For any suave Bard who knows the power of good conversation, the Circlet of Persuasion is a must-have. This simple but stylish silver band lends weight to your personality, literally.

Circlet of Persuasion

It rewards you with a +5 bonus on all Charisma checks: persuasion, bluff, diplomacy, you name it. In the dangerous world of D&D, being able to talk yourself out of tricky situations can be just as effective as flexing your magical muscles.

Imagine convincing a group of orcs into sparing your party or charming an obstinate gatekeeper with ease. With the Circlet of Persuasion around your forehead, you’ll truly be nothing short of persuasive.

Mariner’s Armor

Whether you’re aboard a ship sailing across vast oceans or wading through a swamp-infested jungle, Mariner’s Armor can potentially be your lifesaver.

This magical armor grants you a swimming speed equal to your walking speed, thereby enabling easy exploration and escapade in aquatic scenarios without requiring additional spells or abilities.

Its best feature may arguably be its automatic ability to float. Get knocked out during combat? You won’t sink into a watery grave wearing this armor.

It will keep you floating on the surface as your party prepares for that vital healing spell! Combining defense with utility in such an elemental way makes the Mariner’s Armor one of those pieces that the bard truly finds valuable.

Harp of Charming

With their innate affinity for musical instruments and charm spells, Bards wielding the Harp of Charming would indeed make their cases compellingly irresistible. Yes, any bard can charm, but with this harp at their fingertips?

You’ll likely be unstoppable. Apart from making sweet music melodious enough to soften even the most hardened hearts, strumming its strings with skillful intentness cast ‘animal friendship,’ ‘charm person,’ or ‘hypnotic pattern.’

Now, sweet-talking a ferocious beast into becoming your momentary ally or charming unfriendly host now becomes not just possible but quite probable.

With the Harp of Charming in your hands, every note you play could sway hearts and bend wills to your tune.

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FAQs About Best Magic Items For Bards 5E

What is a good magic item for a beginner Bard in D&D 5E?

For beginners, the Hat of Disguise is a fantastic choice. Its ability to alter your physical appearance on command offers ample opportunities for fun and strategy.

How does a Bard use Mariner’s Armor effectively in D&D 5E?

This armor grants equal swim speed to walk speed and prevents drowning by keeping you floating, making it perfect for underwater exploration or battles.

Could I wield two Instruments of the Bards at the same time in D&D 5E?

No, you can only wield one Instrument of the Bards at a time, as it requires attunement.

Does my Bard require any special proficiency to play the Pipes of Haunting?

No special skills are required. Any Bard can use the Pipes of Haunting to their advantage over their enemies.

Can I use the Circlet of Persuasion to increase my spellcasting Bards abilities in D&D 5E?

Yes, The Circlet enhances all Charisma checks, leading to more successful spellcasting when charisma plays a part.


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