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Magic Missile 5E 2024 [How Does The Magic Missile Work In 5E?]

Magic Missile 5E
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 10/11/2023
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Have you ever found yourself at the gaming table, fingers itching to cast a spell that always hits its mark? If so, let’s talk about the “Magic Missile 5E”.

It’s no mystery why this spell is a favorite choice among Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts; it’s all about its unerring accuracy and consistent damage output.

But beyond the game statistics, there’s something irresistibly satisfying when you’re in a tough spot, and you can rely on your magic missile to come through for you.

You know, there’s more to this iconic spell than meets the eye. If you’ve only been using it as a last-ditch attacking option or as your entry into combat, then buckle up!

We’re going to delve deeper into the mechanics of Magic Missile 5E, its uses in varied scenarios, and how you can optimize it for the best performance. Now, isn’t that something every wizard or sorcerer worth their salt would be interested in?

Magic Missile 5E Attributes


Is Magic Missile 5E Good?

Magic Missile 5E is indeed a good spell in Dungeons & Dragons. It is renowned for guaranteeing damage on the enemy target as it never misses.

Is Magic Missile 5E Good?

The spell fires three darts that each do 1d4+1 force damage, and you can target a single enemy or spread the shots out. At higher levels, additional darts increase the potential amount of damage.

Being a level 1 spell with consistent damage output and flexibility in targeting, Magic Missile proves more than useful for any wizard or sorcerer character.

How can you use the Magic Missile spell in D&D 5E?

Magic Missile is a versatile and reliable spell in your arsenal that plays several roles depending on the scenario.

How can you use the Magic Missile spell in D&D 5E?

You can use it to break an enemy’s concentration, it’s an excellent tool for Evocation Wizards, you can spread the damage or you can use it to ensure enemies fail their death saves. Let’s delve deeper into these uses:

Breaking a caster’s concentration

Ever had a pesky enemy who wouldn’t stop casting annoying spells? Magic Missile can be your answer! Every dart that hits a caster forces them to make a concentration check, disrupting their casting process. An extremely effective way to disable enemy casters!

Evocation Wizard’s best friend

If you’ve taken the Evocation path as a wizard, rejoice! Your sculpt spell ability allows you to create pockets of safety within the effects of your damaging spells. This means even if your teammates are within the range of Magic Missile, they’ll remain unscathed while enemies bear the brunt.

Spread the damage

Don’t focus so much on a single foe – occasionally, you may face multiple weaker enemies. This is where Magic Missile shines! You have absolute control over how many darts hit which enemy. This means you can distribute damage across different foes and even take out several in one hit.

Blasting through death saves

Magic Missile is a powerful tool when dealing with dying enemies trying to stabilize. Each missile hitting an unconscious creature counts as an automatic failed death saving throw – clearing up any lingering foes quickly and efficiently.

These are but some of the tactics at your disposal when using Magic Missile 5E – creativity in using this reliable spell helps ensure victory at every turn.

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The main rules of Magic Missile 5E in the D&D game

Getting a grip on Magic Missile 5E? Great! Now, let’s dig deeper and discuss the main rules of this spell in the Dungeons & Dragons game.

Understanding these rules will not only enhance your gaming experience but also give you the upper hand during combat. Ready to gain some high-level wizardry insights? Let’s get started!

You only roll the 1d4.

The beauty of Magic Missile lies in its simplicity. The spell simplifies things by letting you roll just one 1d4 for all darts, regardless of their number or target.

The result, plus one, is the damage each dart deals. So, if you roll a 4, every dart will deal 5 points of damage. This mechanism saves time while ensuring your targets feel the power of every dart.

Magic Missile is not an attack.

Despite dealing damage to enemies, technically speaking, Magic Missile is not considered an attack within the game rules. This means it doesn’t require an attack roll to hit and bypass resistances or vulnerabilities related to attacks. Also, features that trigger on a hit don’t work with Magic Missile because it automatically hits its target.

A concentrating caster has to roll for each missile that hits them.

When a Magic Missile hits a concentrating caster, they are required to make a separate concentration check for each missile hitting them.

This rule amplifies your chances of interrupting enemy casters who are causing trouble with their spells – another reason why this spell is such a gem!

The Shield spell automatically negates all Magic Missile damage.

Be aware -there’s one specific spell called ‘Shield’, which entirely negates any damage done by your Magic Missiles, making them effectively useless against anyone possessing this particular defense barrier. So before firing those precious darts at magical foes, do make sure they don’t have Shield up their sleeve!

Damage modifiers affect each Magic Missile bolt.

This is a slightly tricky aspect of Magic Missile that’s easy to overlook. Any damage modifiers apply individually to each dart. So, if you have a feature, spell, or some other ability that enhances damage, remember it applies to each missile. This means your total Magic Missile damage could significantly ramp up when buffs are in play.

You can’t target objects with Magic Missile.

Magic Missile is great for targeting enemies, but you should be aware that the rules of D&D 5E specify that you cannot use this spell on objects.

So, suppose you’re planning an escape by blasting through a wall or blowing up an enemy artifact. In that case, unfortunately, Magic Missile won’t be your go-to spell here- just another quirk that adds depth to the strategic use of these magical darts!

Who Can I Target With Magic Missile 5e?

In Dungeons & Dragons 5E, Magic Missile allows you to target individual creatures within range.

Who Can I Target With Magic Missile 5e?

When casting Magic Missile, three glowing darts of magical force are produced that automatically hit a target you choose, dealing 1d4+1 force damage per dart.

The spell’s level determines the number of darts produced: for every level above 1st, the spell fires an additional dart. This means at its highest castable level (level 9), you could produce eleven darts and thus potentially hit a maximum of eleven different targets in one spell cast, provided they all fall within the spell’s range.

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FAQs about Magic Missile 5E

What is the range of the Magic Missile 5E spell?

The Magic Missile 5E spell has a range of 120 feet, providing great distance for wizards to cast.

Can Magic Missile be blocked or dodged in D&D 5E?

No, Magic Missile cannot be dodged as it always hits its target, but the Shield spell can negate it.

Are there any classes, other than Wizards and Sorcerers, that can cast Magic Missile in D&D 5E?

Yes, Arcane Trickster Rogues and Eldritch Knight Fighters can also cast this spell if they choose it as one of their limited wizard spells.

How does the damage increase with each dart in the Magic Missile 5E spell?

Each dart, including additional ones at higher levels, does 1d4+1 force damage to its target.

Can Magic Missile target entities behind the cover in D&D 5E?

Yes, because Magic Missiles always hit their mark regardless of physical barriers or partial cover.


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