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Mastermind Rogue 5E Subclass [Outsmart Your Opponents In DnD]

Mastermind Rogue 5E
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/21/2023
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Are you set out on an epic journey through the rich, immersive world of Dungeons and Dragons? If so, chances are high that you’ve heard of or perhaps even encountered the Mastermind Rogue 5E.

Known for their cunning strategies and unmatched versatility, playing as a Mastermind Rogue brings an entirely new level of depth and strategic prowess to your game.

This character archetype is revered not just for their assets in combat but also for their fantastic role-playing potential.

As we delve deeper into this brilliant character’s potential, you’ll realize the skills at your disposal enable you to expand beyond standard rogue tricks.

Playing a Mastermind Rogue 5E isn’t just about sneaking around dungeons; it’s about dominating in psychological warfare, too.

What is a Mastermind Rogue 5E?

The Mastermind Rogue 5E is a unique character subclass in the game Dungeons and Dragons, particularly aimed at a specific playstyle.

They are the invisible puppet masters behind the scenes, subtly pulling strings and controlling situations to work in their favor.

Renowned for their knack for deception and manipulation, these Rogues utilize wit and strategy instead of brute force to beat their enemies.

They take on the role of master strategists, using keen intellect over physical might. A Mastermind doesn’t prefer an upfront combat approach but rather preys on subtleties and underhand tactics to outsmart opponents.

Holders of impressive skill set that covers disguise, forgery, and mimicry abilities they add an intriguing layer to any adventuring group’s dynamics.

Playing a Mastermind Rogue presents a fascinating blend of cerebral gameplay with traditional rogue elements, perfect if you value shrewdness alongside stealth. It’s not merely about what you could do. It’s about what your enemies think you can do.

Benefits of Mastermind Rogue Build

The Mastermind Rogue build-in tabletop role-playing game is ideal for players who prefer a non-violent, supportive playstyle. It emphasizes cunning, strategy, and manipulation over direct combat.

Benefits Of Mastermind Rogue Build

This archetype turns the rogue into a master of social interaction, espionage, and tactics, making them invaluable in complex scenarios that require more than just brute force.

The Mastermind excels in gathering information, controlling the battlefield without engaging directly, and aiding allies in subtle yet impactful ways.

This build is perfect for players who enjoy outsmarting their opponents and influencing events from behind the scenes.

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Master of Intrigue

At 3rd level, a Mastermind Rogue gains the “Master of Intrigue” feature, which significantly enhances their ability to blend into various social environments and gather intelligence.

This feature grants proficiency in several key areas: disguise kits, forgery kits, and one gaming set of the player’s choice, allowing for a wide range of deceptive activities.

They can mimic the speech of another person or the sounds made by other creatures. The Mastermind also becomes proficient in two languages of their choice, further enhancing their ability to gather and relay information covertly.

These proficiencies make the Mastermind Rogue an expert in espionage, able to forge documents, impersonate individuals, and understand and communicate in multiple languages, making them an indispensable asset in any scenario that requires subtlety and deceit.

Master of Tactics

“Master of Tactics,” also acquired at 3rd level, empowers the Mastermind Rogue to use their cunning to aid their allies in combat.

This feature allows them to use the Help action as a bonus action, and they can do so from a distance of up to 30 feet rather than the usual 5 feet.

This remarkable tactical advantage means that the Mastermind can aid their allies in attacking or defending against enemies without putting themselves in harm’s way.

The ability to offer this support from a distance not only keeps the Mastermind safe but also allows them to maintain a better overview of the battlefield, directing their allies more effectively and altering the course of combat without ever drawing a sword.

Insightful Manipulator

Reaching the 9th level, the Mastermind Rogue unlocks the “Insightful Manipulator” feature. This ability allows them to gain valuable insights into an individual’s capabilities and characteristics.

By spending at least one minute observing or interacting with another creature outside combat, the Mastermind can learn information about their abilities compared to their own, such as relative intelligence, wisdom, or charisma scores, as well as class levels (if any).

This feature is particularly useful for planning and strategizing, as it gives the Mastermind crucial information about potential allies or adversaries, allowing them to tailor their approach to social or combat situations based on the strengths and weaknesses of those around them.


At the 13th level, the Mastermind Rogue gains the “Misdirection” feature, which allows them to use the presence of another creature to their tactical advantage.

When targeted by an attack while another creature is within 5 feet of them, the Mastermind can use their reaction to have the attack target that creature instead, provided the attacker can see and hit the new target.

This ability is a quintessential example of the Mastermind’s cunning, as they can manipulate the battlefield and turn enemies’ attacks against each other or shield themselves using others. It emphasizes the archetype’s focus on control and strategy over direct confrontation.

Soul of Deceit

At the 17th level, the “Soul of Deceit” feature makes the Mastermind Rogue virtually immune to mind-reading and allows them to present false thoughts.

This means they can’t be compelled to tell the truth by magic, and they can present false thoughts to those who attempt to read their mind.

This ability is the pinnacle of the Mastermind’s deceptive capabilities, ensuring that their true intentions and plans remain hidden from all forms of mental intrusion.

It makes them enigmatic figures, always one step ahead of their foes and even their allies in some cases.

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What are the Features of Mastermind?

The Mastermind Rogue archetype in tabletop RPGs is designed for players who enjoy a strategic and manipulative playstyle.

It offers a unique set of features at different levels, turning the rogue into a character who excels in intelligence, deception, and tactical support.

This build is less about direct combat and more about controlling the flow of the game through clever maneuvers and psychological warfare.

The Mastermind Rogue is a versatile and invaluable member of any adventuring party, capable of turning the tide of both combat and social encounters with their unique skill set.

Level – 3

At Level 3, Mastermind Rogues acquire two foundational features: “Master of Intrigue” and “Master of Tactics.” “Master of Intrigue” equips them with various proficiencies and the ability to mimic speech, enhancing their espionage capabilities.

This feature allows them to blend into different social environments and gather crucial information seamlessly.

“Master of Tactics” enables them to use the Help action as a bonus action and from a greater distance, allowing them to strategically aid their allies in combat without exposing themselves to danger.

These abilities combined set the stage for a rogue who is both a master of deception and a tactical genius on the battlefield.

Level – 9

By Level 9, the Mastermind Rogue gains the “Insightful Manipulator” feature. This ability deepens their strategic advantage by allowing them to assess and understand their opponents’ or allies’ capabilities.

It’s a powerful tool for gathering intelligence outside combat, enabling the Mastermind to make informed decisions and strategies based on the strengths and weaknesses of those around them.

This feature adds another layer to their role as strategists and planners, making them even more effective in both social and combat situations.

Level – 13

At Level 13, Mastermind Rogues unlocks the “Misdirection” feature. This ability allows them to use others as shields or redirect enemies’ attacks.

It’s a testament to their cunning and ability to manipulate the battlefield, protecting themselves while potentially turning enemies against one another.

This feature further emphasizes their role as tactical manipulators who can control the flow of combat without engaging directly.

Level – 17

At Level 17, the “Soul of Deceit” feature makes Mastermind Rogues nearly impervious to mind-reading and capable of projecting false thoughts.

This ultimate ability ensures their thoughts and plans remain theirs alone, safeguarding against magical intrusions and deceptions. It cements their position as master strategists and deceivers, always maintaining the upper hand in both mental and physical battles.

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Ideal Attributes for Mastermind Rogue

You’ve chosen to step into the shoes of the cunning and enigmatic Mastermind Rogue. Now what? To truly embody this character archetype, there are certain attributes you need to prioritize.

Ideal Attributes For Mastermind Rogue

These key qualities not only reinforce your role as a deception specialist but also keep you alive for longer. Let’s delve into these must-have attributes that make for a successful Mastermind Rogue.

Emphasize Dexterity for Sneak Attack

Foremost on your priority list should be talent, the lifeblood of any Rogue subclass. Your finesse with dexterous maneuvers aids in your Sneak Attacks, bolstering damage output significantly.

It’s worth investing heavily in Dexterity because it not only influences your attack rolls and Armor Class but also impacts essential skills like Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth – all core to the Roguish way of life.

With a high dexterity score, you’ll be dodging enemy attacks with ease while executing devastating sneak attacks that will leave your foes awe-struck.

High Charisma for Social Interaction

As a master manipulator and strategic genius, charisma is another attribute you shouldn’t overlook. Charisma encapsulates more than just a sparkling personality; it’s about persuasion, deceit, and diplomatically turning enemies into allies while evading conflict altogether sometimes.

With a high charisma score as a Mastermind Rogue 5E, you can smoothly navigate social scenarios via diplomacy or deceit (or both!), making it an indispensable attribute when dealing with NPCs or during intricate role-playing segments.

High charisma assists greatly in tasks involving Deception, Intimidation, Performance, and Persuasion – all essential elements of a true mastermind’s playbook.

Wisdom Important for Insight and Perception

A rogue isn’t just about bold bravado; wisdom plays an equally important role in the toolkit of a Mastermind Rogue 5E.

Critical to both Insight and Perception checks, a high Wisdom score allows you to see through others’ deception, spot hidden dangers, or detect other crucial environmental elements.

By investing in wisdom, your character can gain a deeper understanding of their surroundings and deduce motives more accurately.

Being wise and insightful enhances your chances of staying one step ahead of your adversaries – a true sign of a master strategist.

Consider Constitution for Survivability in Combat

While you’re focused on cultivating an almost perfect being that deceives with ease and strikes with finesse, let’s not forget the importance of survivability with a solid Constitution score.

Although Rogues aren’t typically frontline combatants, any seasoned adventurer knows too well that getting out unscathed is wishful thinking.

Your Constitution score directly impacts your Hit Points – the higher it is, the more damage you can withstand before falling unconscious or worse.

By valuing the constitution in your build, you give your Rogue the capability to survive unexpected threats or extended combat encounters. A Mastermind is no good to their team if they’re constantly on their knees.

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Best Race & Background For A Mastermind Rogue

In the world of Dungeons and Dragons, your rogue’s race and background can significantly influence their abilities, turning the tides in your favor during crucial moments.

Various races lend unique strengths to a Mastermind Rogue, enhancing their innate skills and complementing their role as a strategist. Let’s dive into the best options available and see how they sharpen your rogue’s potential.

Best race

Dungeons and Dragons are teeming with an array of races to choose from, which can be overwhelming. For your Mastermind Rogue, several options fit like a glove in bolstering this class’s charm.

Variant Human

A Variant Human is an excellent race for a Mastermind Rogue as they embody versatility, a key trait for any rogue. They get two free points to allocate to any ability score that they wish.

Boosting Dexterity or even Charisma early on can make you a leading figure on both the battlefield and in diplomacy. The bonus feat at the first level could put you on the least trodden ground sooner than expected, giving you early access to some high-level versatility.


If deception and psychological manipulation sound appealing, a Changeling might be just what you’re looking for.

Changelings have the unique Shapechange ability, which means they change their appearance at will, a trait that pairs well with the Mastermind Rogue’s emphasis on manipulation.

Be anyone on any given day, opening wide possibilities during role-playing scenarios or sneaking missions.


Perhaps one of the most fascinating choices, Yuan-Ti Pureblood offers a toolbox full of rogue-friendly skills, including Magic Resistance, which offers an advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects perfect for protection against magical attacks.

They also possess a Suggestion spell, allowing for potent social manipulation, which is an asset when trying to infiltrate strongholds or steer clear from battles entirely.


The background of your character seeps into every aspect of role-playing, offering numerous benefits that can help with your Mastermind Rogue’s subtle style of play.

Faction Agent

Having a Faction Agent background connects you to an organization in the world, presenting unique opportunities for intrigue and manipulation.

Their Safe Haven feature provides connections and safety within their organization’s outposts—particularly handy when needed to lie low or gather information on enemy territory.


Courtiers are experts in negotiation and manipulation, traits that align well with those of a Mastermind Rogue. Court Functionary provides insight into ‘behind the scenes’ workings, enlarging networks, and swinging social scenarios high for your advantage.

Making a decision here between a Variant Human or Changeling, choosing between Faction Agent or Courtier—can feel momentous.

Yet trust that no choice is wrong, with ample room for creativity and strategizing that makes playing as a Mastermind Rogue 5E so enticing.

Best 5e Feats for Mastermind Rogues

In the world of 5e tabletop role-playing games, choosing the right feats for a Mastermind Rogue can significantly enhance their effectiveness and align with their unique playstyle.

Best 5e Feats For Mastermind Rogues

While the Mastermind excels in manipulation, strategy, and deception, selecting feats that complement these strengths can make them even more formidable.

The best feats for a Mastermind Rogue should augment their ability to gather information, manipulate the battlefield, and communicate covertly.

These feats can provide additional tools for espionage, enhance their combat capabilities in a way that suits their cunning nature, or bolster their mental prowess. Here are some top feat choices that synergize well with the Mastermind Rogue’s skillset.

Ritual Caster

The “Ritual Caster” feat is an excellent choice for Mastermind Rogues, as it significantly expands their repertoire of utility and information-gathering tools.

By choosing this feat, a rogue can learn a number of ritual spells from a chosen spell list, such as Wizard or Cleric. This ability allows them to perform useful magical rituals without expending spell slots, offering flexibility and a wide range of new abilities.

Ritual spells can include magic for detecting magic, understanding languages, or even creating magical alarms, all of which are invaluable for a character focused on intelligence and espionage.

The ability to cast these spells as rituals means the rogue can prepare for various scenarios without the need for direct combat or immediate action, further enhancing their role as strategic planners and information gatherers.

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Fighting Adept

“Fighting Adept” is another great feat for Mastermind Rogues, especially for those who want to enhance their combat effectiveness without deviating from their strategic and cunning nature.

This feat allows the rogue to adopt a Fighting Style from a list typically available to warriors, such as Archery, Defense, or Dueling.

By selecting a style that complements their strengths and strategy, the Mastermind Rogue can become more versatile in combat.

Choosing Archery can improve their ranged attacks, making them more deadly from a distance. Selecting Defense can increase their survivability, allowing them to stay in the fray longer to manipulate the battlefield.

This feat provides a tactical edge, making the Mastermind more adaptable and dangerous in combat situations.

Shadow Touched

“Shadow Touched” is a feat that aligns perfectly with the shadowy, deceptive nature of the Mastermind Rogue. This feat grants them the ability to learn an additional spell related to darkness or deception, and they can cast it without expending a spell slot once per long rest.

They gain access to two cantrips from the same thematic vein. Spells such as “Invisibility” or “Silence” can be incredibly useful for a rogue who specializes in stealth and deception.

These spells allow the Mastermind to move undetected, gather information without being noticed, or create diversions and escape routes.

The Shadow Touched feat enhances the rogue’s natural affinity for the shadows, making them even more elusive and mysterious.


The “Telepathic” feat is a powerful tool for a Mastermind Rogue, further enhancing their ability to manipulate and control situations without direct confrontation.

This feat grants the ability to communicate telepathically with any creature they can see within a certain range, regardless of language barriers.

This form of communication is silent and undetectable, allowing the rogue to coordinate with allies, extract information, or mislead enemies without ever speaking a word.

The feat often includes the ability to cast a mind-related spell, like “Detect Thoughts,” which can be invaluable for a character whose strength lies in gathering information and understanding their opponents.

The Telepathic feat turns the Mastermind Rogue into a more effective manipulator and strategist, capable of influencing events with just their mind.

FAQs About Mastermind Rogue 5E

What makes a Mastermind Rogue 5E Unique?

A hallmark of the Mastermind Rogue is their emphasis on manipulation both in- and out-of-combat. This archetype combines stealth, deceit, and the ability to turn enemies against each other, making it stand apart.

Can a Mastermind Rogue 5E use magic?

While they’re not spellcasters by nature, savvy players often choose a race like the Yuan-Ti or adopt feats that allow for limited magical abilities, perfect for enhancing their uncanny knack for manipulation.

Are there any multiclass options for Mastermind Rogue 5E?

Yes, Multiclassing opens new strategies and versatility for your character. The Bard class can synergize well with the Mastermind’s socially inclined modus operandi, adding an array of enchantment spells to your arsenal.

How does a Mastermind Rogue 5E excel in combat situations?

The Mastermind excels by outsmarting opponents rather than out-slashing them in combat. For example, targeted application of their ‘Master of Tactics’ feature can tip the scales in favor of their allies, creating unique battle strategies.

What role does Charisma play with a Mastermind Rogue 5E?

Charisma is crucial for interpersonal skills like persuasion or deception, which are commonly used by Masterminds when dealing with NPCs, pulling off complex schemes, or simply avoiding fights through social maneuvering.


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