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Naga 5E Monsters [Encounter The Immortal Serpentine Beings]

Naga 5e Monsters
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/17/2024
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In the vast array of mythical creatures and terrifying monsters that make up the realm of D&D, naga 5e takes a special place.

These formidable serpent-like beings command attention with their unusual abilities and powerful presence, making them an intriguing subject for those captivated by the game’s fantastical world.

Each encounter with a naga is unforgettable due to its unique skills, conjuring either excitement or fear in the hearts of adventurers.

Throughout its different editions, has consistently brought the vast world of fantasy into your living room.

With its plethora of well-crafted creatures like the captivating Naga 5e, every session at your gaming table becomes an enchanting tale filled with danger, discovery, and sometimes even dread.

Such are encounters with these mesmerizing but deadly serpentine monsters a pivotal experience in a player’s journey through this expansive universe.

Attributes of Naga In 5e

Naga 5e, one of the more formidable beasts in the Dungeons & Dragons world, is best known for its captivating abilities.

Attributes of Naga 5e

These serpentine creatures possess diverse attributes such as being armed with fearsome spells, venomous bite, and a unique self-rejuvenation ability that brings them back to life after death.

The extraordinary abilities and nuanced nature of the naga are what make each encounter with these mythical creatures an unforgettable experience within any D&D campaign.

Armor Class18 (natural armor)
Hit Points127 (15d10+45)
Speed40 ft.
STR19 (+4)
DEX18 (+4)
CON16 (+3)
INT16 (+3)
WIS19 (+4)
CHA18 (+4)
Saving ThrowsDex +8, Con +7, Int +7, Wis +8, Cha +8
Damage ImmunitiesPoison
Condition ImmunitiesCharmed, poisoned
SensesDarkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 14
LanguagesCelestial, Common
Challenge10 (5900 XP)

What is Naga In 5e?

Naga, in the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons, are formidable monsters boasting an appearance reflective of both serpents and humanoids.

What is Naga 5e

They are characterized by the body of a colossal snake, accentuated by a humanoid torso adorned with arms and shoulders.

Remarkably unique, these creatures possess a beguiling level of intelligence and charm, ensuring they hold sway over their domains and pose a formidable challenge for adventurers daring enough to cross their paths.

Possessing the ability to cast both clerical and wizard spells, these captivating creatures reveal layered complexity beneath their terrifying exterior.

From guardian naga with their divine spells aimed at upholding order to spirit naga flaunting arcane spells in their quest for domination; every naga adds an enriching depth to your game narrative.

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Traits of Naga 5e

The naga 5e possesses a variety of traits that make it a challenge and unique encounter on any adventure.

Traits of Naga 5e

These defining characteristics shape the way you interact with them within the D&D world, adding depth to the gameplay and offering memorable experiences for anyone crossing paths with them.

Two such defining traits are their capacity for Rejuvenation and Spellcasting.


If you manage to defeat a naga, don’t be too quick to celebrate. Their rejuvenation trait allows them to return from the dead in just one to six days, regaining all their hit points in the process.

This means they don’t stay down for long! The only way you can prevent this self-resurrection is by using a wish spell one of the most potent and hard-to-come-by spells in D&D.

This unique ability adds another layer of complexity to encounters with these creatures characterizing them as foes that can haunt you not just once but again and again.


Another significant trait of nagas is their spellcasting capability. Most nagas can cast spells up to the 11th level, making them powerful adversaries or allies depending on your game’s context.

Their primary spellcasting ability is wisdom which implies that the spells cast by a naga are difficult to resist or counter.

With a spell save difficulty class (DC) of 16 and a +8 bonus on their spell attacks, squaring off against a spell-casting naga is undeniably nerve-wracking but equally thrilling.

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Actions of Naga 5e

Actions of Naga 5e

In the vast and intricate world of Dungeons and Dragons 5e, player characters often encounter a wide array of creatures with varied combat skills.

Among them, nagas stand out as uniquely challenging adversaries due to their particular maneuvers in battle.

Armed with weaponry both natural and magical, naga 5e has two main forms of attack: the potent, vicious bite and the ability to spit highly venom. Let’s delve into these actions a bit further.


One of the most formidable abilities that the naga possesses is its bite. With a +8 advantage on hit attempts, it can reach an adversary up to 10 feet away from themselves and target one creature at a time. This attack is hard-hitting too dealing 8 piercing damage (1d8 + 4).

But that’s not all. A struck target must also attempt a DC 15 Constitution saving throw following the naga’s bite.

If they fail this saving throw, they’re subjected to an additional 45 poison damage (10d8). Should they successfully save against this poison damage, the inflicted amount is reduced by half.

The cumulative effect of these attacks makes confronting a naga an experience even seasoned players consider cautiously.

Spit Poison

The Naga can also engage targets at range by spitting venomous projectiles. Similar to its bite action, it has a +8 advantage on hit attempts when using spit poison.

This ranged attack isn’t merely designed for short distances though it reaches foes standing between 15 and even up to 30 feet away.

Due to this remarkable range capability combined with potent venomous effects, nagas can easily control diverse battle scenarios effortlessly.

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Features of Naga 5e

Naga 5e monsters are revered and, simultaneously, feared for their exceptional abilities and attributes.

If you delve under the surface of their arcane mastery, you will notice intricacies that lend these creatures a fascinating blend of power and versatility.

Firstly, all variations of naga have access to the mystic forces mastered by wizards or clerics. This grants them a vast array of magical tools to wield in battle.

Guardian Naga can disrupt their foes’ actions with disruption spells such as Banishment or Fire Strike. Spirit Naga tends to lean towards more destructive spells like Lightning Bolt and Blight.

They may also opt for control spells like Hold Person or Dominate Person to manipulate the course of a conflict in their favor.

Secondly, nagas possess an effective physical attack method a venomous bite. A surprising detail about this attack is that it inflicts significant damage on average even when targets successfully defend against the poison element.

A unique attribute specific to nagas is their Rejuvenation feature. This allows a defeated naga to revive itself one week later, which creates intriguing possibilities for recurring villains within your campaign narrative.

Depending on your campaign’s story setting, nagas might choose to recruit allies or even explore opportunities to establish hidden lairs adding extra flavor to your adventures’ complexity and strategic depth.

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FAQs About Naga 5e

What is the appearance of a Naga 5e?

A naga resembles a gigantic serpent with a humanoid torso. Its unique, mythical design sets it apart in the D&D Universe.

Why are Nagas formidable adversaries in D&D?

Nagas possess powerful traits such as deadly venomous bites, high-level spellcasting capabilities, and a unique rejuvenation ability that allows them to return to life after death.

Do all nagas have the same abilities?

Though all nagas have access to wizard or cleric spells, specific abilities vary depending on their type. Guardian nagas can cast disruption spells, while Spirit nagas use more destructive spells.

What makes the naga’s bite particularly deadly?

Beyond its base damage, the naga’s bite has a poison effect that inflicts substantial additional damage even when a foe successfully defends against the venom.

Can you permanently defeat a naga?

A defeated naga will revive after one week due to its rejuvenation feature. Only by using certain methods such as the right spell can prevent this from happening.


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