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Necklace Of Prayer Beads 5E Magic Item [Channel Divine Blessings]

Necklace Of Prayer Beads 5e Magic Item
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Updated On: 01/09/2024
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In the vibrant world of magic and sorcery, there exist many enchanted items. These spellbinding accessories often hold the power to alter destiny, inspire courage, and deftly tilt the scales in favor of those who wield them.

The necklace of prayer beads 5e is one such entrancing artifact. Adorned with a string of tiny translucent orbs and silken threads, this necklace is far from ordinary adornment.

Seemingly simple yet undeniably powerful, the Necklace of Prayer Beads 5e serves as a valuable companion for those seeking mystical assistance on their quests.

Its charm lies within each bead that is imbued with a potent spell, waiting to be unleashed by its rightful bearer.

Attribute of a necklace of prayer beads

The necklace of prayer beads 5e – a potent tool in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Its magic lies within each bead, each carrying a particular spell of its own.

Attribute Of A Necklace Of Prayer Beads

This enchanted item possesses a unique attribute: it houses not one, but multiple spells, making it a versatile accessory in any scenario or challenge you might encounter on your journey.

NameNecklace of Prayer Beads
TypeWondrous Item
AttunementRequires attunement by a cleric, druid, or paladin
Number of Beads1d4+2
Regain ChargesYou regain expended charges daily at dawn
Bead DestructionIf a bead is removed from the necklace, it is destroyed
Multiple BeadsMultiple beads of the same type on the necklace

Discovering the Necklace of Prayer Beads 5e

The necklace of prayer beads 5e is a captivating accessory designed to assist and empower its bearer in the mystical universe of Dungeons and Dragons.

Discovering the Necklace of Prayer Beads 5e

This necklace is not your ordinary piece of finery. It does much more than just adorn your person; it equips you with an arsenal of spells ready to be cast when you need them most.

Imagine a necklace strung together using precious materials like aquamarine, black pearl, and topaz. On this string sit multiple magic beads.

Each jewel in this piece has been carefully selected, not for its mere physical allure but for its magical potency: each carries within it a dormant spell, awoken by the necklace’s rightful bearer at will.

By adorning this accessory around your neck, you gain possession of 1d4 + 2 magic bead spell slots. This translucency allows you to carry a variety of spells that could be vital on your journey in one single piece.

The enchantment rests within until the bearer wishes to avail of its magic, making it the perfect tool for those seeking support on their magical adventures.

By skillfully aligning physical beauty with mystical abilities, the necklace confers an arena for imagination and transforms conventional gaming experiences into extraordinary journeys.

It’s more than just visual appeal it’s an assurance that every twist and turn on your path through mythical lands becomes a tale worth recounting.

Endowed with such powerful properties, the necklace emerges as a symbol of triumph over adversity a token navigating users through uncharted realms sprinkled with peril and yet ripe for exploration.

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Bead Types and Effects

A look at the necklace of prayer beads 5e would reveal an array of luminescent pearls, each carrying a particular enchantment.

Bead Types and Effects

Each bead on the necklace represents a specific spell; their classifications are further elucidated below:

Bead of Blessing

This humble bead might seem minimal, but it holds within it a powerful enchantment – the Bless Spell.

The primary function of this spell is to bestow blessings upon you or your allies. It tops up one’s vitality and resistance in the face of challenges by adding an extra d4 whenever a creature makes an attack roll or saving throw.

You can activate this magic boon with just a mere one charge from your necklace, enhancing your chances for success.

Bead of Curing

In any quest, healing is pivotal to one’s survival and success. The bead of curing harbors the Cure Wounds Spell, which revives hit points equal to 1d8 plus your spellcasting ability modifier when activated with two charges from your treasured necklace.

It’s like having a pocket-sized healer by your side when things get tough, for those unexpected injuries that could occur during any magical adventure.

Bead of Smiting

Are you seeking to tip combat scenarios in your favor? The bead of smiting allows you to project radiant energy onto your weapon by casting the Branding Smite spell.

This mystical power causes extra radiant damage and reveals hidden enemies once struck via illumination glow. Three charges will command this bead’s power into reality during battle.

Bead of Karma

The enigmatic bead of karma possesses the Greater Restoration spell celestial magic that frees its wielder or ally from impediments such as exhaustion levels and charm effects while undoing instant reductions in ability scores or hit points regained maximums.

By using merely four charges from your necklace, you can invoke this potent influence capable of altering destiny itself.

Bead of Healing

Perhaps the most sought-after bead in the necklace, the bead of healing, casts the Cure Serious Wounds Spell.

This supernatural curative aids in swift healing by restoring 2d8+5 hit points with just two charges from your necklace. It ensures extended survival and quick recovery during challenging trials.

The bead of Wind Walking

For those moments when you need to ascend beyond earthly bonds, the bead of windwalking is your solution.

The Wind Walk spell, accessible by expending five charges, transforms you and your companions into a gaseous form, granting the ability to fly at a speed of 300 feet per round for up to 8 hours.

Consider this bead your secret weapon for fast travel across grand landscapes, escaping perilous situations, or infiltrating inaccessible fortresses.

Bead of Summons

Sometimes a situation may require more than just what’s within your capabilities.

The bead of summons provides the solution by summoning a Deva an angelic being known for its healing and protective capabilities.

With just six charges expended from your necklace, mighty celestial assistance is at hand to assist during distressing times.

Bead of Prayer

The bead of prayer miraculously infuses you with the power to cast a Prayer of Healing spell on your entire team in times when collective rejuvenation is urgently needed.

Use seven charges from the necklace and channel this cleansing energy that can restore up to 2d8 + spellcasting modifier hit points, giving your squad that vital boost to continue their journey.

Bead of Portent

Housing the mighty Planar Ally spell, the precious bead of portent carries high-level magic within its tiny form enabling you to call upon otherworldly help using eight necklace charges.

This magic sphere can call forth creatures from other planes who offer service and obedience in return for lavish rewards.

Bead of Summons (Archon)

The bead with an uber-powerful magic charm is the Archon-summoning orb capable of evoking an Archon by using ten chargesstically.

An Archon holds celestial power beyond human comprehension its presence brings domestic harmony and balance while forcing chaotic elements into subservience.

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Usage Limitations of the Necklace

Understanding the limitations associated with the use of this mystical necklace is just as crucial as understanding its powers.

Usage Limitations of the Necklace

Like any magnificent artifact, it doesn’t bestow the bearer with unlimited abilities. It is important to note that each bead can only be used once per day.

The bead’s spell dissipates with each day’s use and it requires a full day to replenish before casting again.

This restraint reminds us that though magical, it works within certain restrictions and teaches balance and mindful rationing of resources.

Should you find yourself in possession of this powerful necklace, you must be a strategic planner deciphering when to use which spell and remembering these spells will need the dawn of a new day to react.

This limitation ensures that power is well-distributed and not concentrated in a single entity for an unlimited period.

This necklace signifies an ideal balance between power and restriction providing its wielder with potent magical abilities, but at the same time necessitating thoughtful decision-making on exactly when and how to harness those incredible spells.

While using this necklace, one must respect the universe’s laws – everything comes with a corresponding price or limitation.

The restrictions imposed on this magical item serve as a reminder of this universal law.

Whether you’re facing an adversary in combat or manipulating the elements at your command for peaceful purposes.

Remember that power comes with responsibility a valuable lesson conveyed by the usage limitations of the necklace of prayer beads 5e.

It’s not just an accessory; it’s also a steady guide cloaked in supernatural enchantment.

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FAQs About necklace of prayer beads 5e

What is a necklace of prayer beads 5e?

In Dungeons and Dragons, a necklace of prayer beads 5e is a magic item, each bead on the necklace represents a unique spell. The user can invoke this spell when necessary.

How frequently can one use the spells in the necklace of prayer beads 5e?

Each bead in the magical string can be used just once per day and requires a full day’s rest to replenish its power.

What power does each bead hold?

Each bead holds a different power such as Cure Wounds, Bless, and Greater Restoration among others, providing its user variety in spell use.

Can anyone use the necklace of prayer beads 5e?

Remember that this item requires attunement by any spellcaster, which allows only the ones who have attuned to it to access its magical properties.

Is there any level restriction for using this necklace?

No, there isn’t any level restriction for using this magical accessory. However, smart usage and strategic planning matter more when utilizing its power.


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