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Oni 5E Monster [Face The Terrifying Ogre Mages Of Japanese Lore]

oni 5e Monster
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/11/2024
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Your journey into the captivating world of Dungeons and Dragons can take many twists and turns as each session unfolds.

One timeless classic in the myriad monster manual entries is a being with an otherworldly air of menace and mystique the oni 5e.

Hovering somewhere between ogre and demon, this figure is as multifaceted as it is fearsome.

Interestingly, understanding the ins and outs of this adversary can enhance your overall gaming experience, even if you’re not the Dungeon Master.

The unpredictability of an oni amplifies its intrigue – which draws from both Eastern mythology and Western fantasy lore.

With a blend of stealth, raw power, magic potential, and chilling lore tied into their persona, increasing your knowledge about onis will only enrich your next encounter with one in D&D’s fantastical terrain.

Attributes of oni 5e

As a formidable player in the Dungeons and Dragons universe, the oni 5e is known for its unique attributes.

Attributes of oni 5e

These characteristics ensure the oni has an arsenal of abilities at their disposal to challenge even the most seasoned adventurers.

Its traits range from invisibility and regenerative powers to magical weaponry and innate spellcasting capabilities.

D&D participants need to acquaint themselves with these attributes to fully grasp the depth and dynamism of this enigmatic creature and prepare effectively for any encounter with it in the game.

AlignmentLawful Evil
Armor Class16 (chain mail)
Hit Points110 (13d10 + 39)
Speed30 ft., fly 30 ft.
Strength (STR)19 (+4)
Dexterity (DEX)11 (+0)
Constitution (CON)16 (+3)
Intelligence (INT)14 (+2)
Wisdom (WIS)12 (+1)
Charisma (CHA)15 (+2)
Saving ThrowsDEX +3, CON +6, WIS +4, CHA +5
LanguagesCommon, Giant
Challenge Rating (CR)7 (2,900 XP)
Proficiency Bonus+3

what is oni 5e?

The oni 5e, at heart, is a riveting contra-distinction of an ogre and a magician. What sets it apart is its powerful capabilities such as invisibility, charm effects, flight abilities, and the power to summon globes of darkness.

what is oni 5e

Resembling giant humanoids, these nocturnal creatures strike fear into the hearts of their adversaries with their dreaded combination of strength and magic.

Imagine a hulking monstrosity with blue or green skin that stands erect at over nine feet tall, with horns piercing through its head and sharp canines bristling in a vicious grin that’s your oni for you.

But that’s not all; what truly adds intrigue to this mythical beast is its ability to change shape – it can transform itself into any humanoid figure it encounters.

Couple this with its adeptness in casting spells and we are talking about an adversary that commands respect.

One shouldn’t mistake the one 5e for mindless beasts; they are intelligent beings wielding their powers strategically at will to confound their opponents.

Unlike other brutes, they carry an animated charm that makes them highly manipulative.

This unique blend of physical might and magical prowess clocks them as one terrifying adversary you’d be hard-pressed to forget.

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Skills: An Insight into the oni 5e’s Proficiencies

A prominent feature of the oni 5e is its intriguing range of skills, granting it commendable versatility and dynamism in various situations.

Skills: An Insight into the oni 5e's Proficiencies

In the labyrinthine depths of Dungeons and Dragons, these abilities can make an ignorable opponent into a dreadful adversary.

Let’s delve into this aspect further to truly grasp what makes an oni such a formidable creature.

Arcana (+5)

Arcana is a proficiency that showcases the understanding and knowledge of magic in the D&D universe.

It goes without saying that for entities like the oni 5e that thrives on magic as much as brute force, this skill is crucial.

With Arcana as one of its skills, the oni showcases proficiency in spells, magic items, eldritch symbols, magical traditions, and even planar laws.

Its +5 bonus signifies superior knowledge about magical realms and equips it with an intellectual edge during encounters.

Deception (+8)

The deception skill provides adeptness at misleading opponents either through lying or conveying false information.

This skill fits perfectly well considering the shape-shifting ability of the oni 5e. An impressive +8 modifier showcases an extremely high level of proficiency in deceit, enabling it to create convincing illusions and distractions during combat or interactions.

This not only makes them cunning adversaries but also manipulative entities who can turn situations in their favor.

Perception (+4)

Perception is another significant skill picked up by the oni 5e from its seemingly endless bag of tricks.

This attribute reveals their keen senses; to see, hear, or otherwise detect approaching threats or treasures hidden from less perceptive beings.

With a solid +4 perception modifier, Onis are good at noticing things out of place or being watchful for signs of danger around them a trait important for survival.

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How a monster perceives its world is an integral part of the Dungeons and Dragons gaming universe.


These sensory capabilities become paramount when creating strategic plans to encounter or evade these beings.

For the oni 5e, two penultimate senses become relevant – Darkvision and Passive Perception. They are important weapons at its disposal, adding more depth to its profile.


This inherent capability allows the oni to see in darkness as if it is daylight up to a distance of 60 feet.

Darkvision presents a considerable advantage for the oni, especially when operating in low-light conditions or nocturnal environments; essentially anywhere where visibility would generally be compromised for other creatures.

This allows them not just to stumble upon their unsuspecting targets but stalk them with precision within this radius, giving them an edge during encounters and combat situations in dimly lit scenarios.

Passive Perception

On the other hand, Passive Perception stands at 14 for an oni 5e. This key sensory score primarily depicts how alert the creature is to subtle changes in its environment when it’s not actively looking for something.

In simpler terms, this score reflects how good the oni is at spotting or sensing things out of the corner of its eye without consciously trying.

It acts as a baseline measure of how aware this creature remains even when it’s not particularly engaged in surveying its surroundings an essential trait for any being that likes taking its opponents by surprise.


Unveiling the idiosyncratic traits of an oni 5e provides insight into its distinctive strengths and capabilities.


Identifying and comprehending these traits allows one to fathom the extent of powers with which the oni 5e is equipped. Are you ready to explore? Let’s find out more.

Innate Spellcasting

First off, let’s talk about their spellcasting ability, which is primarily rooted in their Charisma. With a spell save DC of thirteen, it’s clear that these monsters carry significant sway over the arcane arts.

The oni doesn’t need any material components for casting spells either; everything comes naturally to them, underscoring their frightful magical aptitude.

The list of spells that an oni can innately summon at will include the ability to blanket their surroundings with darkness or render themselves invisible – perfect tools for a surprise attack or hasty escape.

Once per day they can cast charm person (to beguile their unsuspecting targets), cone of cold (unleashing a blast of frozen air), gaseous form (taking the form of a mist to evade capture), and sleep (sending opponents to an enforced slumber).

The sheer diversity and adaptability in their spellcasting indeed make them formidable opponents.

Magic Weapons

The lethalness doesn’t end there; every weapon in an oni’s arsenal carries a touch of magic granting them an expanded range of possibilities during combat.

Their glaives gleam with enchanted edges, slicing through hide and armor with equal ease; such imbued armaments add another shade to the multi-faceted threat that an oni poses.

This uncanny blending of brute physicality and magical enhancements arguably makes the oni something more than just another monster it’s a seasoned warrior wielding mystic forces at its disposal.


Do not be fooled into complacency if you manage to land a blow on them. An oni 5e is known for its potent healing ability that allows it to regenerate significantly during battle, regaining ten hit points routinely.

This gives them unnerving life longevity in the face of what can seem like insurmountable odds often leaving adversaries chasing shadows as the oni bounces back relentlessly.

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Actions of Oni 5e

Actions play a pivotal role within the framework of any D&D session, coloring the essence of every encounter with variables that go into scripting each turn.

Actions of Oni 5e

For the oni, this set of actions defines its approach toward combat, reflecting an amalgamation of brute strength, razor-sharp claws, and spells.

Let’s delve further into each major action this unearthly adversary can take during an encounter.


One of the primary offensive maneuvers at an oni’s disposal is their multi-attack ability. This allows them to launch multiple attacks during their turn in combat.

In the case of an oni, it gets to make two separate attacks in one go – using either its might or magic, depending upon the situation and proximity to the enemy.

The versatility offered by this attribute makes it a formidable opponent that keeps adversaries guessing what’s next.


An oni is not just about magical distortions; when push comes to shove, they are quick to respond with strong physical blows as well.

One such action is their claw attack. When in their true form an imposing figure standing over nine feet tall an oni can reach out up to five feet immediately around them and strike with terrifying accuracy (+7 chance to hit).

Its giant claw rakes against enemies causing substantial slashing damage (8 per hit). However menacing it may be though, remember that this attack can only be used when they are in their true form.


If you thought that was all there is to an oni’s combat abilities then prepare for some surprise.

While brawling close distance with its adversaries, it isn’t always necessary for an oni 5e to get up close for a kill thanks largely to its weapon an ultra-ranged glaive that can reach opponents even 10 feet away.

With a +7 chance to hit similar to claw attacks, it racks up a whopping 15 damage on successful hits.

That’s nearly double the damage that its claw attack delivers. Yet, in its smaller forms, the glaive attack is likely to deal lesser damage, around 9 per hit.

Change Shape

No discussion about an oni’s abilities can ever be complete without its Change Shape action. It’s a transformative ability that allows an oni to take on the appearances of other humanoids.

A charm unlike any other in the arsenal of such mythical creatures; this can prove game-changing during encounters as it allows the oni to infiltrate and confuse enemy ranks or escape unwelcome situations.

As you navigate through these details about action choices for an Oni 5e, understand that each aspect contributes toward weaving an interactive battle narrative.

Being familiar with these would not only empower you to anticipate your adversary’s next move but also strategize your actions better during gameplay.

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FAQs About oni 5e

What are the primary features of an oni 5e in D&D?

The oni 5e is popular in Dungeons and Dragons for its intense power and magical abilities. Key features include its ability to fly, change shape, and become invisible, and its innate spellcasting talents.

Is the oni 5e considered a strong monster in the game?

Yes, the oni 5e is considered to be a strong opponent due to its blend of physical prowess and magic capabilities. They can deal heavy damage with both their claws and their glaive.

Can an oni 5e use spells more than once per day?

While some spells such as charm person, cone of cold, gaseous form or sleep can only be cast once per day by an Oni, others like darkness and invisibility can be performed at w

Is it true that weapons used by an oni have magical properties?

Yes, all weapons employed by an oni contain magical properties that increase power in combat situations.

Can the oni’s ability to change shape allow it to alter its size too?

The Change Shape trait allows the Onis to morph into other humanoids they’ve encountered. While it does allow them a significant degree of variation in appearance, there are limitations tied to maintaining similar mass.


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