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Revivify 5E Spell Explained [Return The Dead To Life In DnD]

Revivify 5E Spell Explained
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 10/30/2023
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Are you seeking to inject a fresh dose of vitality into your next epic Dungeons and Dragons adventure? Well, your quest may lead you right to the heart of the “Revivify 5E” spell.

Sure, this life-giving spell is known and adored by many D&D fanatics, but how well do you actually know it? It’s a potent game-changer, offering incredible opportunities within the vast, adventurous world of D&D, and today, we’ll venture deep into its essence.

A pivotal part of any adventurer’s arsenal, Revivify 5E is like the healing potion that defies all odds. It just doesn’t repair the damage.

It tears through the veil between life and death itself. But even with such near-deific power at your disposal, its mastery isn’t exactly bursting with simplicity.

Intense battles and tight schedules can make survival a down-to-the-wire affair, but with knowledge comes power, and that’s exactly what we aim to give you today. Let’s march together into the intriguing depths of Revivify 5E.

Revivify 5E Spell Attributes

Casting Time1 Action
ComponentsV, S, M *

What is Exactly Revivify 5E in a D&D game?

Revivify 5E is one of those sparkling gems in the crown of Dungeons and Dragons that you definitely need to get well-acquainted with.

What is Exactly Revivify 5E in a D&D game?

Imagine it as a magical tool that can bring your fallen comrades back to life. It’s a third-level spell that, quite simply, defies death as long as the creature hasn’t been dead for more than a minute.

Remember that it doesn’t restore lost body parts or cure critical wounds; rather, it simply turns back time on death itself. If you are thinking about whether it cures diseases or neutralizes poisons, sadly, the answer is no.

So if your fellow adventurer died due to some disease or poison, they will still have it after being revived.

It’s like a last-minute save from the clutches of death – like pulling your buddy out of the biting cold waters when they almost drowned, except in this case, they did drown, but you pulled them back anyway.

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Why Should I Take Revivify?

Well, you may wonder, “Why bother lugging around this third-level spell when there are higher-level spells out there?” Here’s the thing: the absence of Revivify can make death a permanent state for your character or group member.

Trust me, in the chaotic throes of an adventurous D&D journey, death is often just lurking around the corner.

Considering that resurrection spells at higher levels often require extensive time and steep material costs, Revivify comes as a much-needed relief.

Being able to bring someone back in the heat of battle within a minute of their death is a boon in itself. What’s more, it only requires a diamond worth 300 gold pieces to cast–far more economical than other resurrection spells.

Revivify bridges that dangerous gap between healing spells and more powerful (and expensive) resurrection spells. It won’t replace either but instead fits snugly in between them, offering both affordability and efficiency at an opportune moment.

Who Can Cast Revivify 5E?

To harness the mystical essence of Revivify 5E, one requires a specific set of skills, intuition, and class qualifications.

Who Can Cast Revivify 5E

Yes, not everyone can bring the dead back to life in the magical realm of D&D. It’s time to understand exactly who has this god-like ability.


Being an Artificer offers a plethora of exciting opportunities; one such is the potential for creating and manipulating powerful magic items. Imagine an inventive engineer mixed with a mind-boggling magician; that’s what being an artificer is all about.

Once they reach the 14th level, they unlock the feature known as ‘Magic Item Savant’, enabling them to attune themselves with magical items regardless of class restrictions, hence allowing them to wield scrolls of Revivify.

As long as there’s a scroll handy and enough gold to cover casting costs, your Artificer can work miracles even if Revivify isn’t typically embedded in their spell list.

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Clerics are perhaps best suited for utilizing Revivify 5E due to their role as healers and protectors powered by divine intervention. When you think Cleric, imagine someone ready at any moment to cast spells that mend wounds or cure diseases.

This devoted combat medic can channel their deities’ magic from level 3 onwards and employ it not only for healing but also for restoring life itself through Revivify.

The faith-bearing Cleric is an excellent addition to your party if you anticipate needing additional chances at death’s door.


Donned in mighty armor and warriors at heart, believe it or not, your party’s proverbial knight in shining armor could also be its beacon against premature deaths if you play your cards right.

Steeped in sacred oaths, Paladins have access to spellcasting, albeit limited but doable. The mesmerizing thing here is that Paladins gain access to their Order’s entire spell list as long as they have slot levels for the prepared spell’s level.

From level 9 onward, Paladins can prepare to Revivify. Thus ensuring that even in the most dire of situations, their sworn vows of protection take on a whole new meaning.

Divine Soul Sorcerers

Opting to play as a Divine Soul Sorcerer in D&D offers a stunning blend of heavenly persuasion and raw arcane power.

They draw their magic from divine sources, and their alignment with celestial energies allows them to tap into certain divine spells typically reserved for Clerics – Revivify being one of those spells.

So, if creating an aura full of radiant or necrotic energy while also wielding control over life and death sounds appealing, consider this class for your next D&D campaign.

Celestial Warlocks

Celestial Warlocks forge pacts with cosmic entities from higher planes, beings of the realm where eternal celestials reside. That connection flows through their veins, bestowing them healing powers uncommon to typical Warlock build.

Owing to this pact, they have access to an expanded spell list of both Warlock and Cleric’s spells, so yes, they can indeed cast Revivify.

Even if Fey or Fiendish power presents an enticing allure, perhaps the power over life itself might sway you towards celestial kinship on your next adventure!

Who gets to cast Revivify 5E depends on the path you choose during character creation and level progression. Remember that while Revivify may be a potent tool against misfortune deaths, clever strategies, and well-rounded party dynamics are paramount keys to success in any D&D campaign.

When and Where Should I Cast Revivify?

As a rule of thumb, Revivify 5E is typically used during or after a fierce battle when you find one of your comrades lifeless. It’s essential to be aware its effectiveness is time-bound.

It only works if the creature has been dead for less than a minute. Thus, acting quickly can mean the difference between life and resurrection or permanent death for a character.

The location of the casting also matters. Even though it doesn’t require intricate rituals like some resurrection spells, it still comes with particular requirements:

You need to touch your fallen comrade and have an accessible diamond worth at least 300gp to cast it. No diamond, no spell. So ensure you have your magic pouch filled at all times!

One universal truth in D&D is that battles are unpredictable, chaotic affairs. One might think casting Revivify should wait until after the dust settles, but often, this isn’t feasible due to its tight time frame post-death, making split-second decision-making crucial.

To paint a picture, imagine fighting off a horde of goblins in a dank cave deep underground; your best friend succumbs, endangering not just their life but likely the outcome of your mission, too.

If you manage to dip into your spell bag within that precious minute post-death (even amidst this chaos), you may very well turn defeat into victory.

Is Revivify 5E A Good Spell?

In any seasoned D&D player’s book, Revivify 5E is more than just good – it borders on miraculous.

Is Revivify 5E A Good Spell

True enough that other spells like True Resurrection and Raise Dead can also bring characters back from death, but these are significantly more complex both in terms of resources needed and the casting process.

Unlike other restoration spells – that might demand days or even weeks to take effect, Revivify works instantly.

Think of it like the Emergency Room of the D&D world, wherein a quick response is equivalent to a successful rescue.

Its 3rd-level placement makes it accessible even at mid-levels, presenting itself as a lifesaver during the most intense battles. Other spells might heal or protect more efficiently, but none possess the raw life-igniting power of this particular sorcery.

An often overlooked aspect that actually adds tremendous worth to Revivify is its psychological impact. The mere presence of this spell in a cleric’s repertoire can instill an immense sense of confidence within team members, bolstering their will to fight until their last breath, knowing death may not be their final destination.

Revivify 5E is an unequivocally astounding spell that anchors itself as an invaluable asset for any D&D group. Armed with this knowledge and preparedness, you’re ready to harness it wisely.

You shall turn around countless desperate moments where mortality seems but a heartbeat away.

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FAQs about Revivify 5E

What does the Revivify 5E spell in D&D do?

Revivify 5E allows you to bring back a creature to life that has died within the last minute of spell casting.

Can Revivify be cast on any creature in D&D?

As long as the creature has not been dead for more than a minute and died for reasons other than old age, it can be revived with Revivify.

What is required to cast Revivify 5E?

In order to cast Revivify, you need to touch the creature and expend diamonds worth at least 300gp.

What are some limitations of the Revivify spell?

Though powerful, Revivify does not cure any diseases or poisons that may have caused death, so those conditions will still exist after being revived.

Are there any spells similar to Revivify in D&D?

Yes, there are similar spells like Raise Dead and Resurrection, but these are of higher levels and require longer casting times.


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