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Ring Of Telekinesis 5E Magic Item [Manipulate Objects With Mind]

Ring Of Telekinesis 5E Magic Item
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/28/2023
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As an aficionado of the fantastical realms of Dungeons and Dragons, there’s a high chance that you’ve come across or heard about the remarkable power of the Ring of Telekinesis 5e.

This magical item stands out in the D&D universe as it grants abilities that could be deemed god-like in the game world.

No matter if you’re a seasoned player aiming to boost your character’s prowess or a novice navigating your way through countless spells and magic items, understanding how this profound ring functions can propel your gameplay to soaring heights.

Allow me to shed light on this distinctive piece of equipment. Steeped in mighty power, the Ring of Telekinesis 5e inevitably holds an irresistible allure for every D&D player. Endowing its wearer with the ability to manipulate and control objects at will can truly be a game-changer.

Layered with complex enchantments, it is essential to have absolute clarity about its capabilities as well as guidelines to utilize it proficiently. Here’s your essential guide diving into its potent magic properties for insightful gameplay petticoat.

Understanding the Ring of Telekinesis 5E

Imagine having a ring that grants you the power to move objects without laying a finger on them – that’s what the Ring of Telekinesis in Dungeons and Dragons’ 5th Edition does.

Understanding The Ring Of Telekinesis 5E

When you wear this ring, you are bestowed the ability to conjure up and maneuver Telekinesis, a substantial spell within the game.

Before you start planning your master strokes, note that this power is not limitless. There are specific guidelines that govern its usage. You can cast this spell at will, but it’s limited in scope to objects not currently in use or worn by others.

It’s the perfect utility tool for strategizing during gameplay. From unlocking doors to causing distractions or assisting with difficult tasks, its uses are only capped by your imagination.

The Ring of Telekinesis can be your magic bullet for challenging situations, making it an invaluable asset for anyone navigating through the fantastical worlds woven in D&D 5E.

How Does the Ring of Telekinesis Work?

In the thriving, imagination-fueled universe of Dungeons and Dragons, having the right tools and magic items can spell victory or defeat for your character.

How Does the Ring of Telekinesis Work?

And here’s where the Ring of Telekinesis truly shines – it’s not just a simple accessory but a powerful tool that, when used properly, can tilt the scales significantly in your favor. So let’s delve into how it works.

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Can move objects within 60 feet

First off, this magical ring gives you an exceptional capability to control objects within a 60-foot radius. Picture this: A massive boulder blocks your path ahead?

With a single concentrated thought, you push it aside as if it merely weighed as much as a feather. All those gym sessions would seem trivial when faced with such commanding powers.

This is one enchantment that stretches your realm of influence way beyond the standard physical and into the extraordinary metaphysical.

Limited to objects not worn/carried by others

Now note this – there’s one crucial aspect about this telekinetic ring you have to bear in mind: you can only manipulate objects that aren’t worn or carried by other creatures.

In other words, you can’t just snatch away that flashy sword right off an enemy’s belt. Nor can you meddle with someone’s majestic, magical armor while they are still wearing it.

The beauty behind this limitation lies in maintaining a balance between characters, making gameplay fair and competitive.

Action required to move objects up to 30 feet

Another stipulation attached to using this Ring of Telekinesis pertains to its range limit. To explain further, while controlling an object within sight is undoubtedly sagacious power vested upon you, it’s important to remember that you may only move an object up to 30 feet on each of your turns.

So planning becomes crucial; strategic placement of key items or ‘future projectiles’ at advantageous positions could be highly beneficial in battle scenarios or exploration.

This simple ring not only offers fantastic abilities but inevitably invites you to think creatively, enhancing the overall D&D experience.

The spell lasts 10 minutes or until the end

Plenty can happen in ten minutes! The Ring of Telekinesis 5e enables you to reins over an object for this length of time.

Your purpose could be as simple as carrying a heavy chest while trudging out of an abandoned castle, or something far trickier like holding a lever that just won’t stay put.

Even if your concentration wavers or you decide on a different course mid-action, the spell continues its job until the allocated span ends, offering you both reliability and flexibility in using your magical prowess.

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Fine control for delicate actions

In the realm of D&D, brute force often plays a critical part. But let’s not discount how crucial precision and careful maneuvers can be. This is another area where the Ring of Telekinesis shines through – it offers fine control over delicate operations.

With careful thought, you can deftly pick up even a fragile piece of parchment filled with important information from under a sleeping dragon’s foot and nimbly glide it towards you.

Similar to Mage Hand but handles 1,000 lbs

A fun comparison for D&D old hands might be how similar the ring’s capacity is to Mage Hand – well-known in magic circles for its versatility but pumped up several notches.

The effect can move objects that weigh up to 1,000 pounds, multiplying your lifting power exponentially. Just consider how practical such power would be during explorations or daring rescues.

Requires free hand and verbal components

Although this mobile might seems almost unlimited in terms of potential physical power, these powers are still bound by certain conditions: namely a free hand and vocal instructions.

To harness its effects effectively, a user must use one hand to direct their intentions while voicing their command poetically in unison.

Magic is not just about willpower but also about intention – your command and gestures enhance the raw energy that thrums within this ring, transforming them into tangible outcomes.

What is the use of a Ring of Telekinesis for?

The Ring of Telekinesis really does hold a place of honor within the wonderful world of Dungeons & Dragons. But why, you may wonder?

What is the use of a Ring of Telekinesis for?

It’s the versatility and broad spectrum of application that truly sets this magic item apart. This ring isn’t just a cool trinket; it’s a tactical advantage, a tool for problem-solving, a weapon, and so much more.

  • Force open a locked door
  • Elevate a platform over a gap, carrying your team
  • Stabilize a tripwire
  • Break a simple lock
  • Lift and drop a heavy object onto enemies
  • Set a bear trap
  • Reload a crossbow with occupied hands
  • Excavate a deep pit trap camouflaged with Illusory Terrain
  • Haul heavy treasure from a dungeon
  • Construct moving cover from nearby debris
  • Sound an alarm with a bell
  • Adjust a clock’s hands
  • Redirect a river flow
  • Prevent a boat from plummeting over a waterfall
  • Deliver a bomb through a window on the upper floor
  • Deflect arrows (possibly a ballista bolt)
  • Retrieve a disarmed weapon or spellcasting focus
  • Operate a battering ram

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FAQs About Ring Of Telekinesis 5E

What is the rarity of the Ring of Telekinesis in D&D 5E?

The Ring of Telekinesis is classified as a ‘very rare’ magic item.

Do you need to attune to the Ring of Telekinesis?

Yes, the Ring of Telekinesis requires attunement before use.

Can I use the Ring of Telekinesis to move objects being carried or worn by another creature?

No, you can only target objects that aren’t currently being worn or carried by another entity.

What is the weight limit for objects moved with a Ring of Telekinesis?

You can move objects weighing up to 1,000 pounds using a Ring of Telekinesis.

How long does the telekinetic effect last when using the ring?

The telekinetic effect from the ring lasts as long as you maintain concentration, up to ten minutes.


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