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Roc 5E Monster [Challenge The Majestic Giant Birds Of DnD]

Roc 5e monster
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/07/2024
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In the deep lore of Dungeons & Dragons, the Roc 5e monster holds a prominent role as a source of awe and terror.

This colossal avian is notable for its imposing stature and ferocity that keeps even the bravest adventurers on their toes.

With its majestic wings spread wide, soaring high in the sky, it paints an image both grand and foreboding in the minds of players.

Would you believe the Roc 5e monster finds its roots in actual mythology? This magnificent creature has been a recurring entity across various cultures and eras, intriguing storytellers for centuries.

It continues to draw interest from D&D enthusiasts who crave epic battles against creatures of legend.

So hold onto your armor as we step into the magnificent world that occupies these mighty beasts.

Attributes of Roc 5e

Defining the Roc 5e requires a mention of its daunting attributes. A symbol of extraordinary power and unparalleled size, this monster possesses unique abilities which set it apart in the realm of D&D. Delve deeper as we unravel these fascinating attributes.

Attributes of Roc 5e
Armor Class15 (natural armor)
Hit Points248 (16d20 + 80)
Speed20 ft., fly 120 ft.
STR28 (+9)
DEX10 (+0)
CON20 (+5)
INT3 (-4)
WIS10 (+0)
CHA9 (-1)
Saving ThrowsDex +4, Con +9, Wis +4, Cha +3
SkillsPerception +4
SensesPassive Perception 14
Challenge11 (7200 XP)

What is Roc 5e?

The Roc 5e, in the world of Dungeons & Dragons, is a monstrous bird that’s emblematic of imposing magnitude and terror.

What is Roc 5e

They are depicted as massive avians, stretching to the size of mountains. Unfathomable strength and flight capabilities allow these formidable beasts to make their lairs in high mountainous areas, away from other creatures.

Their expansive wings grant them dominion overseas and coasts, giving them an extensive hunting ground.

Rocs are natural predators known for their brutal hunting technique clutching whales, elephants, or dire animals in their powerful talons before ascending skyward and dropping their prey from great heights.

The plummeting creature meets its unfortunate end splattering against the ground.

This peculiar method illustrates not just the Roc’s raw power but also a cunning strategy to incapacitate larger opponents by using gravity as a weapon.

Rocs uniquely navigate survival within the D&D ecology by taking advantage of their aerial supremacy and intelligent hunting practices.

Throughout D&D literature, finding yourself caught in a Roc’s predatory glare means bracing for an epic contest where your mettle as an adventurer will be put to the test.

The existence of such creatures adds thrilling unpredictability to each gameplay session.

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Actions of the Roc 5e

In exploring the extraordinary abilities of the Roc 5e, the primary focus is its actions.

Actions of the Roc 5e

The monster’s formidable capabilities during combat stem from its clever multi attack strategy, and effective use of beaks and talons.

Let us delve into a discussion about these actions that make it one of the most awe-inspiring creatures in D&D.


The Roc 5e is endowed with a multi attack feature, launching two attacks in rapid succession: one using its beak and another with its talons.

This pattern allows the monster to deal substantial damage rapidly, making it a daunting adversary for any team needing to face it.

This feature signifies more than just strength; it also highlights cunning tactical acumen.

By alternating between its beak and talons, the creature maintains relentless pressure on enemies while ensuring each attack is as productive as possible.


The Roc’s beak is not just a means for sustenance but also serves as a weapon of impressive power during combat.

With an imposing +13 bonus to hit and an effective reach of 10 feet targeting only one victim at a time, this precise surgical strike lands severe piercing damage somewhat terrifying with 27 (4d8 +9) points on successful hits.

Utilizing their impressive range with precision accuracy, Rocs can take chunks out of their targets even amidst intense conflict scenarios.

Hence whenever a gargantuan bird is blotting out the sun on your D&D game day remember it might just be baring down to peck you.


We come to another significant part of any bird’s arsenal its talons. The ROC employs this resource in unison with others to deliver significant blows.

With another hefty bonus (+13) for striking precisely within a range of 5 feet, these giant claws sink deep into foes scoring successful hits and inflicting approximately 23 (4d6 +9) points of damage.

What’s different this time is how close the giant bird has to be to perform this attack, showing the Roc’s willingness to engage in close-quarters combat.

If a Roc possibly grabs its prey with its talons, it could also face a grueling flight followed by a catastrophic drop from staggering heights.

It shows how Rocs can cleverly use their physiological ensemble for efficiently strategizing in battles.

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Can I Tame a Roc or Use it as a Mount?

The thought of taming such an intimidating beast as the Roc 5e can undoubtedly invoke a sense of exhilaration.

Can I Tame a Roc or Use it as a Mount

To tame or ride Rocs requires not just courage, but also substantial efforts and astute strategy.

You must know that Giants have been known to tame and ride Rocs throughout the history of D&D. Giants can be your primary source of acquiring knowledge about the locations of these enormous avians.

Yet, tread carefully here because giants may not appreciate your attempts at Roc hunting. Indeed, they may very well view these attempts as threats to their authority over Rocs.

The route to taming a Roc is possible but not without hurdles. Your Dungeon Master’s (DM) approval stands vital here, which adds an unforeseeable twist to this quest.

Your DM plays a crucial role in shaping your path on this journey. Therefore it’s wise to keep them favorably disposed towards your character and wishes.

Having a high-level group by your side significantly increases your chances. With their support, you can face daunting challenges more effectively while attempting to tame these colossal creatures.

Remember that teamwork always enables greater accomplishments when it comes to tackling such formidable quests.

While searching for a fully matured Roc might seem like an appealing idea at first glance, an alternative approach can prove more rewarding in certain cases procuring a Roc egg or finding a young Roc instead of pursuing fully-grown ones.

This allows you the opportunity to raise and train it from its nascent stage gradually ingraining loyalty and forming stronger bonds.

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FAQs About roc 5e

What kind of creature is a Roc in D&D?

A Roc in D&D is an enormous and intimidating avian creature that is notably recognized for its sheer size and terrifying power. It’s known to dwell in high mountains and coastlines, preying on large creatures.

Is it possible to tame a Roc in D&D?

Though challenging, taming a Roc isn’t impossible in D&D. It largely depends on the approval of your Dungeon Master and requires strategic planning as well as a strong group.

Can a Roc be used as a mount?

Historically, giants have been seen to ride Rocs, suggesting that these vast avians can indeed function as mounts. However, this is subject to successful taming and DM approval.

How dangerous is a fight against a Roc 5e?

Given their massive size, strength, and formidable abilities, engaging in combat with a Roc 5e can be extremely dangerous without adequate preparation or powerful allies.

Where can one find Roc eggs or young Rocs?

Finding Roc eggs or young Rocs typically involves locating their habitats or employing the knowledge of giants who are known for their success in taming Rocs.


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