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Sacred Flame 5E Spell [Harness The Power Of Divine Fire In DnD]

Sacred Flame 5E Spell
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 10/29/2023
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If you’re starting your journey into the world of Dungeons and Dragons, you’re likely knee-deep in character sheets and rulebooks, trying to wrap your head around spell modifiers and role-play.

Among the myriad choices you’ve got, let’s put a spotlight on one particular cantrip – Sacred Flame 5E. This divination spell, with its fascinating possibilities, is something that every cleric needs to have in their arsenal.

Sacred Flame isn’t just about hitting your enemies with radiant damage. It’s much more than that. It’s a tool with several strategic uses that can make all the difference between defeat and victory in D&D’s unpredictable battlegrounds.

Now listen up because we are about to break down every detail of this powerful cantrip for you.

Sacred Flame 5E Attributes

Casting Time1 Action
Range/Area60 ft
ComponentsV, S
Attack/SaveDEX Save

What Is Sacred Flame 5E?

In the realm of Dungeons and Dragons, Sacred Flame 5E is one of the unique spells that you can cast.

What Is Sacred Flame 5E?

Predominantly associated with the Cleric class, this radiant damage spell belongs to the Cantrip level, making it one of those beginner spells you get access to early in the game.

This spell is a gift from the divine energy, a tool for bringing judgment to your foes beyond their physical defenses. Magic users who are attuned to divine forces often have this spell in their repertoire.

It’s evocation of school origin distinguishes Sacred Flame, aligning it with spells that manipulate magical energy to produce desired effects.

It’s no surprise that for many players busy crafting their Cleric’s abilities or any spellcaster of divine origins, Sacred Flame is often a pivotal part of their strategy.

What Does Sacred Flame Do In 5E?

Sacred Flame is a spell that allows you to call down a spectral, radiant fire upon your adversaries. The flame descends, and the target must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or take 1d8 radiant damage.

As you progress through levels, the damage increases. What makes it quite valuable is that this spell ignores cover benefits; even if your enemy is hiding behind a wall or a shield, it doesn’t provide them any safety. The sacred flame will find them.

Packed with versatility and damage potential, Sacred Flame certainly stands out in your spell choices. But remember, its effectiveness can often depend on how well you make use of it strategically during gameplay.

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How Much Damage Does Sacred Flame 5E Do?

Sacred Flame inflicts radiant damage, which escalates with your character’s level. Initially, the spell causes 1d8 points of damage.

How Much Damage Does Sacred Flame 5E Do?

However, once your character hits the 5th level, the damage increases to 2d8. The trend continues with each level milestone 3d8 on the 11th level and finally reaches 4d8 by the time you hit level 17.

The intriguing part about this spell is that it doesn’t rely on an attack roll; instead, your target has to make a Dexterity saving throw. In case they fail at this save, they take full damage.

Is Sacred Flame 5E A Good Spell?

Yes, Sacred Flame 5e is undoubtedly a good spell to consider. It’s a damage-dealing cantrip, which means it doesn’t consume any spell slots.

As long as you have an action, you can cast this spell without worrying about depleting your resources. This makes it an ideal choice for longer battles or when your more potent spells run out.

The real charm of Sacred Flame lies in its unique targeting mechanic. Unlike many spells that require an attack roll, Sacred Flame calls for a Dexterity saving throw from your target.

This aspect affords you the advantage against heavily armored foes with lower Dexterity. Adding to its appeal, Sacred Flame ignores cover benefits.

So, if an enemy is behind partial or full coverage, you can still hit them unless they are fully obscured. Lastly, it deals radiant damage, a type of damage that very few creatures have resistance or immunity to.

All these things make Sacred Flame 5e not just a good spell but quite possibly one of the best cantrips available for clerics. With all that said, no single spell choice should define your character’s tactical decisions or role-play prospects.

When And Where Should I Cast Sacred Flame 5E?

Ideal for mid-range combat, you’ll find Sacred Flame most useful when you’re within 60 feet of your enemies.

When And Where Should I Cast Sacred Flame 5E?

Don’t hesitate to use this cantrip if your opponent is out in the open; it ignores cover, making it a brilliant choice against enemies taking refuge behind obstacles.

Strategically using Sacred Flame can also disrupt foes applying concentration spells, potentially saving your party from crippling crowd control or debilitating damage over time.

This spell shines in narrow corridors or high grounds where enemies are densely packed – maximizing the impact of its radiant damage.

Sacred Flame demands wisdom and discretion. A discerning cleric can turn this simple spell into a formidable weapon on the battlefield.

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How Can You Get Sacred Flame 5E Spell?

There are several ways to acquire the Sacred Flame 5E spell in Dungeons and Dragons, each of them related to diverse character classes or features. Let’s dive into these options.


Probably the most straightforward route, the cleric class starts with Sacred Flame as a cantrip option. This means if you’re kicking off your campaign as a cleric, you can select it straight away.

Divine Soul

This is a subclass for sorcerers where you get to choose one cleric spell at first level, and yes, you guessed it, one of those available is Sacred Flame.

Lunar Sorcery

Though it’s a homebrew path that exists outside of the canonical game books, if your Dungeon Master allows it, this sorcery indeed grants access to the radiant damage of our beloved flame.


Warlocks who select the Celestial patron at the first level gain access to a list of additional spells – including drumroll please, Sacred Flame.

Pact of the Tome

Another option for warlocks! Depending on the particular pact they take at level three – Pact of the Tome – they could choose Sacred Flame as one of their cantrips from any class’s spell list.

Blessed Warrior

This is a fighting-style option for paladins, which allows them to learn two cantrips from the cleric spell list. And again, here lurks our radiant friend – Sacred Flame!

Astral Elf

If your character is an Astral Elf (from Unearthed Arcana: Travelers of Multiverse sourcebook), they know one cantrip related to their starry heritage. You guessed it; Sacred Flame is an option there too!

Divinely Favored

Those who choose this feat will be granted two cleric spells (one must be a cantrip), which means they could potentially gain access to Sacred Flame.

Magic Initiate

This feat offers a nifty little shortcut by enabling your character to learn up to two cantrips from another class’s spell list. If you choose the cleric as your class, Sacred Flame becomes an option.

Strixhaven Initiate

The Strixhaven sourcebook brought an enchanting new way for characters of any class to learn additional spells, including our sacred one. If your character picks a Strixhaven Mage background, they can acquire Sacred Flame as part of their additional spells.

How To Roleplay The Sacred Flame 5E Spell

Role-playing in Dungeons and Dragons is all about bringing your character to life, and that applies to how your character casts spells, too, especially ones as intriguing as Sacred Flame. Here’s how you can do that:

Imagine you’re a Cleric – a conduit for the divine. Your deity bestows upon you its invincible power. When you call for Sacred Flame, visualize yourself raising your hand towards the heavens and asking for their assistance.

As you fervently chant the invocation (the ‘V’ component) and move your hands in specific, ritualized patterns (the ‘S’ component), feel that surge of divine energy coursing through you before it manifests as a flame-like radiance.

Depending on your deity’s nature, this radiant flame could take various hues. If your deity embodies justice or vengeance, it sparkles bright white; if it is kindness or love, then a soothing, warm color conceivably suits them better.

When directing this luminous flame towards an enemy – don’t forget: Radiant damage suggests a force of good – so make it about purification and penance rather than simple harm. You’re not just throwing harmful flames; you’re trying to cleanse them of their evil ways.

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FAQs About Sacred Flame 5E

What is the key differentiator of Sacred Flame 5E compared to other spells?

Sacred Flame 5E ignores the cover, making it unique as most spells can’t bypass this obstacle. The radiant damage inflicted on a successful hit helps you maintain an offensive edge in the game.

Can a character with low Dexterity save themselves from Sacred Flame?

It depends. Though the saving throw for this spell is based on Dexterity, even characters with low DEX can succeed in their saving throw, given that luck runs in their favor when they roll the dice.

Is there any area effect of casting Sacred Flame 5E?

No, it doesn’t have an area effect. Sacred Flame 5E is a single-target spell that allows you to hit one creature within range selectively.

How do components factor into casting Sacred Flame 5E?

The two necessary components for casting Sacred Flame are Verbal (V) and Somatic (S). This means that you must be able to speak and freely move your hands to cast the spell.

If my attack misses, does Sacred Flame consume my action for that turn?

Yes. Even if your attack with Sacred Flame 5E misses, it does consume your action for that turn. So, strategize wisely.


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