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Scarecrow 5E Monster 2024 [How To Use A Scarecrow In DnD]

Scarecrow 5E Monster
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 10/21/2023
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When you’re gearing up for an unforgettable Dungeons & Dragons adventure, your choices of characters might be overwhelming. And in the extensive line-up of intriguing options, the “Scarecrow 5E” has always occupied a distinctive niche.

Serving as a classic monstrous presence, these magical guardians make for incredibly compelling characters forged from humble farmer’s tools.

How about adding an animated defender to your encounter? Have you ever considered taking on the challenges by embodying a straw-stuffed sentinel?

The Scarecrow 5E is more than just a straw man – it’s an intimidating force of defense. However, managing and understanding this entity requires skill and expertise.

So, let’s get you familiarized with this unique creature that could potentially give your D&D gaming venture that shake of excitement it needs!

All About Scarecrow 5E

TypeMedium construct
AlignmentChaotic evil
Armor Class11
Hit Points36 (8d8)
Speed30 ft.
Strength (STR)11 (+0)
Dexterity (DEX)13 (+1)
Constitution (CON)11 (+0)
Intelligence (INT)10 (+0)
Wisdom (WIS)10 (+0)
Charisma (CHA)13 (+1)
Damage VulnerabilitiesFire
Damage ResistancesBludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical attacks
Damage ImmunitiesPoison
Condition ImmunitiesCharmed, exhaustion, frightened, paralyzed, poisoned, unconscious
SensesDarkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 10
LanguagesUnderstands the languages of its creator but can’t speak
Challenge1 (200 XP)
Special AbilityFalse Appearance
ActionsMultiattack, Claw, Terrifying Glare

What Are Scarecrows?

In the realm of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), Scarecrows aren’t just mundane figures found in fields, deterring birds.

What Are Scarecrows?

These entities are menacing constructs brought to life by dark magic, their very presence a thing of dread.

Most Scarecrows are fashioned from sticks, sackcloth, straw, or other commonplace materials. Their hollow, ragged appearance belies the potent and evil force that animates them.

Unlike the benign, inanimate scarecrows that farmers use, these animated Scarecrows are imbued with a singular purpose – to serve their creators and execute their dark intentions.

A Scarecrow’s eyes, often glowing with a sinister light, give away its supernatural nature. They possess an aura that instills fear in those who cross their path.

When engaged in combat, a Scarecrow’s gaze can paralyze with terror, rendering foes vulnerable to its attacks. Despite their seemingly fragile build, these creatures are resilient, relying on the dark enchantments that bind them to resist damage and overcome adversaries.

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Where Do Scarecrows Come From?

Scarecrows, as creatures of supernatural origin in D&D, owe their existence to dark practitioners of magic, including witches, hags, and other evil spellcasters.

These beings craft the Scarecrow from mundane materials, but it is the infusion of dark magic that gives life to the otherwise inanimate form.

Many witches and hags create Scarecrows to serve as guardians or enforcers. These constructs, once animated, become loyal servants bound to the will of their creators.

The rituals involved in creating a Scarecrow often require specific arcane components and perhaps even the capture of a tormented soul to act as the animating force.

This soul, trapped within the construct, becomes the source of the Scarecrow’s malevolence, driving its actions and feeding its dark purpose.

The reasons for creating a Scarecrow can vary widely among dark spellcasters. Some may craft them to guard forbidden locations or treasured artifacts.

Others might use them to exact revenge on enemies or intimidate local populations. Regardless of the motive, the birth of a Scarecrow is always a dark event, marking the fusion of the material and the supernatural through wicked intent.

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How to use a scarecrow in DnD 5E?

In D&D 5E, a Scarecrow can be an intriguing adversary, especially when utilized in a setting that amplifies its horror potential. Rural settings, with isolated farmhouses and expansive cornfields, are an ideal backdrop.

How to use a scarecrow in DnD 5E?

Imagine a group of lower-level PCs arriving at a village and hearing tales of missing persons, only to find these menacing constructs lurking in the fields.

For added tension, the Scarecrow can remain motionless during the day, appearing like any other harmless figure, and only come to life under the shroud of night.

The horror-esque nature of Scarecrows makes them apt for campaigns aiming to create suspense and dread. Their paralyzing gaze, combined with the rustling of the crops and the dim moonlight, can set an eerie ambiance.

For lower-level PCs, even a single Scarecrow can be a formidable foe. However, for higher-level PCs, Scarecrows can be used in greater numbers or in conjunction with other dark creatures to ramp up the challenge.

History of Scarecrow

The concept of scarecrows, in a general sense, dates back thousands of years. Different cultures employed various effigies to ward off birds from crops. The evolution of the scarecrow from a benign, lifeless object to a conscious, malevolent entity in fantasy is a testament to humanity’s ability to find horror in the mundane.

Scarecrows have been a part of the monster roster for several editions. Over the years, they have been featured in various modules and campaigns, often representing the work of dark magic or embodying the twisted desires of their creators.

Their integration into D&D is a nod to the gothic horror elements that many fantasy settings draw inspiration from.

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Lore of Scarecrow

In the rich tapestry of D&D lore, Scarecrows are more than mere animated constructs.

Lore of Scarecrow

They symbolize the perversion of nature, where the mundane is imbued with malevolence through forbidden rituals.

The souls trapped within Scarecrows are those of criminals, wrongdoers, or unfortunate souls who met a tragic end. These souls, bound and tormented, drive the Scarecrow’s actions, making them unpredictable and ruthless.

Different realms and settings within the D&D multiverse might have varying tales regarding Scarecrows. Some might believe them to be the result of ancient curses, while others see them as the handiwork of reclusive witches seeking solitude.

Tales of entire villages disappearing overnight, only to be replaced by fields full of Scarecrows, serve as grim reminders of their potency.

The lore surrounding these creatures serves not only as a background but also as a warning of the dangers of meddling with forces beyond mortal understanding.

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FAQs about Scarecrow 5E

What type of creature is a Scarecrow in D&D 5E?

A Scarecrow in D&D 5E is a construct animated by dark magic.

Do Scarecrows have any resistance or immunities?

Yes, they are immune to nonmagical attacks that aren’t made with silvered weapons and possess several condition immunities.

What challenge rating (CR) is a Scarecrow?

A Scarecrow typically has a CR of 1, making it a moderate challenge for low-level parties.

Do Scarecrows have any unique abilities in combat?

Scarecrows can terrify opponents with their Terrifying Glare, potentially paralyzing them with fear.

Can Scarecrows be controlled or commanded by the one who created them?

Yes, they are typically bound to serve their creator’s will, following their commands faithfully.


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