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Silvered Weapons 5E [Combat Supernatural Foes In D&D]

Silvered Weapons 5E
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 11/21/2023
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There’s nothing quite as bone-chilling as encountering a ghost or a werewolf in the midst of your Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

These supernatural creatures, immune to conventional weaponry, can leave you feeling helpless and scrambling for a solution. Well, don’t panic because this is where silvered weapons 5E come to the fore.

Your typical steel blade might serve you well against goblins and trolls, but with these otherworldly beings, the rules change completely.

Silvered weapons have been an integral part of folklore and mythology to combat such mystical entities. And just as in those ancient tales, in your D&D gameplay, too, brandishing a silver weapon can tip the scales in your favor during such encounters.

What are silvered weapons 5E?

In the world of Dungeons and Dragons 5E, a silvered weapon isn’t just the typical blade you swing at foes.

This weapon boasts an extraordinary advantage because they are laced with silver, making them extremely potent against creatures resistant to everyday nonmagical attacks.

But why silver, you ask? Well, folklore has it that supernatural beings – werewolves, for instance, crumble when exposed to silver.

In D&D 5E, this innate lore is skillfully adopted so that players facing monsters with unique immunities get a fighting chance.

A sword alone might be insufficient against such foes, but throw some silver into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a powerful tool capable of inflicting serious damage.

To paint a picture, imagine being in the heat of combat against a blood-thirsty werewolf. Your regular steel sword would barely scratch its thick hide, but pull out your trusty silvered weapon, and it’s a whole new ball game.

Yes, these special weapons serve as an equalizer against monsters that laugh in the face of ordinary blades. Now, you’re not just swinging blindly; instead, you’re dealing substantial hits that pack a punch.

Believe it or not, amping up your regular weapons by adding some silver is all it takes to turn the tables on those menacing beasts immune to mundane attacks.

Where Can You Get Silvered Weapons?

Your journey towards obtaining a silvered weapon begins at a blacksmith’s shop. Here, you can bring your ordinary steel weapon and negotiate for it to be coated in silver – this process will cost you 100 gold pieces (GP).

Where Can You Get Silvered Weapons?

It’s important to remember, though, that not just any blacksmith can do this. Only a skilled smith, one who knows his way around the intricate process of silvering weapons, will be able to get the job done.

So, when searching for blacksmiths, make sure you pick one with a credible reputation and skill. Alternatively, buying or finding already silvered items is also an option for acquiring these special weapons.

Successfully finding or purchasing these may largely depend on your Dungeon Master’s discretion; they might be located in the loot of a defeated enemy or available for purchase at an exceptionally stocked store in a large city.

It typically takes about two hours per pound of the weapon to complete the process. As such, it could take several days, depending on the size of your weapon.

Remember, investing your GP wisely in these weapons could save your life from pesky supernatural beings! So it’s well worth going through the process – even if it means waiting a few days.

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What are Silvered Weapons effective against?

Just like in mythical tales where silver bullets and stabs were used to take down supernatural beings, in Dungeons & Dragons, silvered weapons play a pivotal role when you’re up against particular types of creatures.

Against such foes, your typical weapons might become just as effective as a pillow fight! It’s the coating of silver over your weapons that can truly become your lifeline. Here are some of the entities that silvered weapons are especially effective against:

  • Wraiths: These are undead creatures, immune to non-magical attacks. However, a weapon tinted with silver can prove lethal to them.
  • Wights: Silvered weapons pose a significant threat to these self-willed undead creatures who typically control zombies or skeletons.
  • Lycanthropes: Werewolves and other were-beasts have a notorious reputation for their resilience. Regular weapons barely scratch them! But bring out your silver-touched sword or crossbow bolt, and lo behold, they’ll think twice before taking you on.
  • Devils: Infernal creatures descending from the nine hells? A daunting sight indeed. But even they stutter at the sight of silvered weaponry.

While these specifics highlight where silver weapons shine brightest (pun intended!), remember each battle presents unique dynamics based on your campaign progression and DM’s discretion.

Navigating these scenarios effectively is what makes D&D such an exhilarating adventure. Having the right weapon choices, like silver-touched ones, by your side always helps in creating memorable victories.

Time Taken to Silver Weapons in D&D

One of the common questions about silvered weapons 5E is – how long does it actually take to have them ready for battle?

Time Taken to Silver Weapons in D&D

The process takes about four days with a skilled smithy because it’s not just slapping silver onto your blade; we’re talking about a finely crafted weapon here.

Keep in mind the time also depends on the workload of the smithy and the complexity of your weapon itself. So, generously, you could expect your weaponry to be battle-ready anywhere between 2-7 days.

How much are Silvered Arrows worth in D&D?

In the world of Dungeons & Dragons, every piece of equipment you possess carries significant weight, especially when battling certain foes.

How much are Silvered Arrows worth in D&D?

When it comes to silvered arrows, the monetary value is pretty modest. Generally speaking, you can purchase a silvered arrow for just 1 gold piece (GP).

Although it might seem light on your purse initially, remember that the real value lies in its efficacy against those troublesome supernatural creatures who are immune to ordinary weapons.

Their worth extends well beyond their price tag. They supply you with that extra edge precisely when you need it the most.

So think of them as an investment into your campaigns; these really could be your very own ‘silver bullets.’

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How Much Damage Does a Silver Sword Do?

A silvered weapon, such as a sword, in itself, doesn’t alter the damage output. It’s more about its capability to harm creatures otherwise partially or wholly immune to regular weapons.

If you’re wielding a longsword that does 1d8 slashing damage, silvering it doesn’t change this. The true value lies in its newfound ability to breach defenses resistant to mundane metals.

Akaviri Sword11
Amren’s Family Sword7
Ancient Nord Sword8
Blades Sword11
Bolar’s Oathblade11
Ceremonial Sword8
Daedric Sword14
Dragonbone Sword15
Drainheart Sword11
Dwarven Sword10
Ebony Sword13
Elven Sword11
Falmer Sword10
Forsworn Sword10
Gauldur Blackblade11
Glass Sword12
Harkon’s Sword8
Herebane’s Courage11
Hjalti’s Sword8
Honed Ancient Nord Sword11
Honed Falmer Sword12
Imperial Sword8
Iron Sword7
Lunar Iron Sword7
Lunar Steel Sword8
Miraak’s Sword16
Nightingale Blade14
Nord Hero Sword11
Nordic Sword11
Orcish Sword9
Phantom Sword1
Queen Freydis’s Sword8
Red Eagle’s Bane11
Red Eagle’s Fury8
Silver Sword8
Skyforge Steel Sword11
Stalhrim Sword13
Steel Sword8
The Pale Blade11
Vilkas’s Sword11
Wooden Sword2

It’s your ace in hand when dealing with those supernatural foes that would scoff at your ordinary steel blade.

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FAQs about Silvered Weapons 5E

Can any weapon be silvered in D&D 5E?

Yes, you can silver any sword, axe, or arrow—essentially any weapon that deals piercing or slashing damage.

Do Silvered Weapons have a different weight than regular weapons?

No, the process of silvering does not alter the original weight of the weapon.

Are there creatures in D&D that are vulnerable to silvered weapons?

Yes, creatures like werewolves and certain types of undead take full damage from silvered weapons.

Does enchanting or magic alter Silvered Weapons’ effectiveness?

No, enchanting a weapon doesn’t detract from its silvered attributes—it might even synergize for quite an effective tool!

Are Silvered Weapons considered magical in D&D?

While they can affect creatures resistant to non-magical weapons, technically speaking, these weapons aren’t classified as ‘magical.’


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