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11 Best Starting Equipment 5E [Kit Out Your Character From The Off]

Best Starting Equipment 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/03/2024
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Navigating your way as an adventurer in the epic world of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) can be thrilling, especially when you’re armed with the best starting equipment 5e.

This essential gear can be pivotal to your character’s success in their quests or survival in ruthless combat scenarios.

Having a clear understanding and proactive plan for your initial equipment set gives you much needed leverage as the game begins, thus helping to shape your character’s progression.

Of course, while every adventurer comes well-packed with some fantastic items right from the get-go; selecting what’s best suited for your character requires sincere deliberation.

It all boils down to what type of hero you aim to forge and the journey you wish them to embark upon.

In this guide, we meticulously delve into each available option and provide insights on making those strategic selections that’ll transform your rookie character into a legend of the D&D realm.

How To Choose Your Items?

Choosing the right equipment at the start of your Dungeons and Dragons game is crucial. Here, we will guide you about how to make these choices and pave a victorious path for your adventurer.

How To Choose Your Items
  • Essential items for all characters: No matter what class or race they belong to, every adventurer should have certain base items. These include weapons tailored to their skills; an arcane focus, if they are spell-casting character; holy symbols to harness divine magic; as well as a container such as a components’ pouch for keeping spell ingredients.
  • Armor: Armor is vital for character classes that venture into the vanguard during battles. Refer to your Player’s Handbook detail page that outlines which type of armor is permissible based on your chosen class.
  • Clothing: Clothing sets the stage for how Non-Player Characters (NPCs) perceive and interact with yours. Choose something that aligns with your character’s persona.
  • Camping supplies: Extended adventures require proper provisions to keep you nourished and well-rested. Items like food rations, a waterskin for drinkable water, a tinderbox to light fires, and a bedroll are essentials every traveler should carry along.
  • Light source: You never know what lurks in D&D’s deep dungeons. Always bring torches, lanterns, or candles with you when you’re exploring those dark corners.
  • Storage: Last but not least comes storage options! A spacious backpack or saddlebags will be needed to lug around all these items conveniently.

Choosing wisely right at the start can make your journey in this enchanting game all the more exciting and rewarding.

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Best Starting Equipment 5e

Everyone can have a favorite piece of gear, but there’s no denying the pure, exhilarating satisfaction a perfectly chosen starting equipment can bring in D&D 5e.

Best Starting Equipment 5e

Right at the start of your journey, make sure not to skip out on these two absolutely critical pieces: a weapon of choice and plenty of ammunition.

A Weapon of Your Choice

Your choice of weapon in D&D is more often representative of your character’s prowess rather than just another stock item in your inventory.

It could be a longsword if you’re opting for a warrior-like persona; a bow, if agility and precision are more aligned with your style; or perhaps, even a staff because what better way to manifest the mystic force within you?

Picking up the right weapon signifies your first significant step as an adventurer which will largely influence future opportunities for progression.

So whether you’ll be staking enemies with precision strikes from afar or launching into melee encounters, this choice is pivotal.

A set of 20 Arrows or Bolts

If you happened to select an archer’s bow or crossbow as your prime armament, remember that proper ammo is non-negotiable.

Introduced in multiple variants like piercing arrows or bolts that are great for nailing targets with focused power, these minuscule weapons quickly become game changers when facing off opponents.

The beginning of the game will equip you with a solid count of 20 arrows or bolts, ensuring these remote attacks can continue unstopped as you navigate battles atched in range or stealth operations.

While magical spells may run out and swords might break, having backup ammo would never fail to keep you armed and operative!

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Leather Armor

Every adventurer requires protection when braving the dangerous quests of the D&D world, and leather armor serves as an excellent starting point.

It provides adequate defense against low-level threats while remaining impressively lightweight and easy to maneuver in. Leather armor also effortlessly contours to your body, allowing free movement.

It’s a bonus for those stealthy characters out there, considering that it doesn’t make much noise when you’re on the move.

Your armor is like your second skin in those risky adventures—it could mean the difference between success and sudden doom.

A Backpack

A trusty backpack is an adventurer’s best friend! Think about it—you would need a sturdy, spacious bag to carry all your essential items such as weapons, food rations, arcane focus, holy symbols, torches among others.

Also remember that D&D comprises lengthy quests requiring you to be away from civilization for extended periods of time.

Thus having everything you need stored conveniently on your back can ensure that you’re always prepared for every twist and turn in your adventure saga.

A Bedroll

Rest is just as critical as action when engaged in extended campaigns in D&D 5e—a bedroll gives you just that comfort during those nights under the stars.

Not only does it offer a relatively comfortable sleeping surface but also serves as protection from ground-dwelling critters or bugs.

Having a bedroll can offer vital bonuses during long rests to regain strength before charging headlong into another day of adventure.

A Mess Kit

When setting out on multi-day adventures with no sign of hostels or inns in sight, a mess kit becomes indispensable for an adventurer.

You would need this simple yet effective kit to prepare meals from hunted game or collected edible plants since nutritional balance is key even in the fantasy sphere.

It usually includes basic utensils like a cutlery set and plate keeps survival straightforward yet wholesome. An adventurer with a well-fed physique can better tackle the challenges that D&D 5e throws.

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A Tinderbox

A tinderbox is an item you might easily gloss over, but the truth is it’s pretty indispensable. In the world of D&D, it can be your savior when you’re stranded in a place with low light or unfriendly weather conditions.

It allows you to quickly start a fire, which comes in handy for heat, cooking food, or growing the radius of your campsite’s visibility.

Imagine being stuck in the middle of a forest under a darkened sky with no source of fire; pretty unnerving right? Well, with a tinderbox, that’s not an issue!

10 Torches

Speaking of lighting up your surroundings – who could forget and underestimate the significance of carrying torches? Equipped with ten torches, you’re prepared for those long nights in haunted forests or eerie dungeons.

Torches are pragmatic light sources that can burn for hours and save your skin in unlit scenarios. They can even potentially ward off nocturnal beasts who might stray too close to your party amidst the treacherous pathways.

Furthermore, they give your character a more three-dimensional appeal by prepping for practical necessities.

10 Days of Rations

Food is vital, and that’s no different even in metaphysical realms like D&D! A package of rations contains enough sustenance to keep adventurers nourished on prolonged quests.

Your ten-day ration allotment will include dry foods such as jerky and dried fruit that are easy to carry around and can last without needing preservation methods.

With this practical addition to your gear list, going admirably hungry on perilous quests will become one less worry on your overworked adventurer’s brain.

A Waterskin

It’s highly crucial not to overlook hydration during adventurous escapades! A waterskin solves this problem; it’s essentially a pouch made from animal skin designed to hold water during long travels.

It comes sealed tightly to prevent leakage and ensures safe consumption to keep you replenished and ready to face whatever comes your way.

It becomes even more critical when traversing deserts where natural water reserves are few in between.

50 Feet of Hempen Rope

If you think that a length of rope seems out of place in your adventuring gear, think again.

A 50 feet hempen rope can serve as your safety line in numerous tricky situations – be it climbing steep cliff faces, descending into dark pits or setting traps for sneaky monsters.

Its robust and durable structure allows adventurers to use it repeatedly without having its integrity compromised.

When you’re knee-deep in life-saving or life-threatening situations, this seemingly ordinary piece of equipment might turn up as the unsung hero.

FAQs About Starting Equipment 5e

What items are essential for every character in D&D?

The basic essentials for all characters include a weapon, an arcane focus or holy symbol based on your class, clothing, and food supplies.

Why do I need torches as starting equipment in the 5e edition?

Torches in D&D serve as reliable light sources necessary when exploring dark areas like dungeons or during night travel.

How does armor selection work in the 5e edition?

Armor selection depends on the character’s class. You’ll get guidelines on your class’s armor proficiency from the Player’s Handbook.

What is a tinderbox used for in D&D 5e?

A tinderbox allows your character to start fires necessary for warmth, light or cooking food during adventures.

Why do adventurers carry a waterskin in their starting equipment?

Since adventures often involve long journeys, a waterskin holds drinkable water to keep your character hydrated throughout.


In conclusion, selecting your starting equipment in D&D 5e is a critical part of shaping your character’s journey.

From choosing the right weapon and armor to ensuring necessary supplies like torches, tinder boxes, and food rations, every choice plays a role.

You’re not just gathering items; you’re preparing for countless adventures that lie ahead.

Consider your chosen class, and be ready for the unexpected because D&D is all about immersing yourself in a world of unpredictability and excitement!


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