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Starting Gold In D&D 5E [Begin Your Adventure With A Bang]

Starting Gold In D&D 5E
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 11/11/2023
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Getting started with Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) 5th Edition can sometimes feel like you’re trying to navigate an ancient labyrinthine dungeon without a torch.

This journey is about to brighten up, especially when we tackle one of the most integral yet confusing elements, the starting gold.

You might often find yourself wondering: “How much starting gold do I get? How would that affect my game?” Worry not, as the concept of “starting gold in D&D 5e explained” is going to be lightly served on your platter today.

So, please make yourself comfortable and sharpen your pencils (or swords); we’re about to embark on an enlightening role-playing session.

While a lustrous pile of gold might appear tempting in a Dragon’s hoard, understanding its significance in your gameplay from the get-go can make all the difference between a victorious campaign and an early visit to the graveyard.

It’s time to unravel the secrets behind those shiny gold pieces glimmering in your treasure chest.

What is Starting Gold In D&D 5E?

In the action-packed realm of D&D 5E, alongside your character’s strength and intelligence, there’s another critical tool you wield – starting gold.

What is Starting Gold In D&D 5E?

To put it simply, starting gold refers to the initial wealth that your character possesses at the beginning of the game.

This shiny currency enables you to get your hands on various equipment such as weapons, torches, rope, armor, and maybe even a round of ale at your local tavern.

Now, you may be wondering, “How much starting gold do I kick off with?” Well, here’s where it gets interesting because determining how loaded your pockets are depends on two primary methods:

  • Class and Background: The Player’s Handbook has pre-determined values for each class’s starting gold. This is combined with some additional items provided by your chosen background.
  • Equipment Buying: You could opt to personally buy initial equipment by rolling d4 or d6 dice as suggested under ‘Wealth’ in the Player’s Handbook.

Neither way is inherently superior to the other; it’s simply about what suits your role-play style and character’s backstory.

The concept may seem a touch daunting at first glance but fear not. Once you grasp the basics of managing those golden coins, they can do wonders in shaping your epic adventures.

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Starting Gold by Class 5E

Each class in D&D 5e is graced with a different amount of starting gold, which is reflected in their background and lifestyle preceding their adventuring career.

A Barbarian is not going to start with the same wealth as a Noble or a Cleric.

Every class begins with predetermined equipment, but if you yearn for more control, opting for starting gold would be your best bet.

It provides flexibility in purchasing initial gear that fits your definitively unique character concept.

ClassStarting Gold
Barbarian2d4 x 10 gp
Bard5d4 x 10 gp
Cleric5d4 x 10 gp
Druid2d4 x 10 gp
Fighter5d4 x 10 gp
Monkd4 x 10 gp
Paladin5d4 x 10 gp
Ranger5d4 x 10 gp
Rogue4d4 x 10 gp
Sorcererd3 x 10 gp

It’s crucial to remember that starting gold doesn’t make or break your character’s potential. While an extra sword or spellbook could provide some benefit, it’s your strategic play and creativity that will steal the show.

Understanding Gold Value in D&D

Having gold burning a hole in your pouch might boost your confidence right from the start, yet understanding its actual value holds the key to smart expenditure.

Understanding Gold Value In DD

To put it into context, a common meal and mug of ale at an Inn would run you around three silver pieces.

A typical worker makes about one silver piece per day. Hence, having even a few gold pieces means you’re relatively well-off when compared to your average nonadventuring folk.

If you were aiming for luxury with silken pillows and gourmet food, expect to shell out about two gold pieces per day.

Spending your gold wisely can make all the difference in your campaign’s success.

Tips for Spending Your Starting Gold

Believe it or not, successful D&D adventures are not solely built on courage and brute strength; resource allocation plays a critical role.

Here are a few things you might want to consider spending your initial gold on:

  • Equipment: Armor, weapons, and useful adventuring gear can never go amiss.
  • Potions and Magic Items: A solid investment for any adventurer.
  • Traveling Expenses: Don’t forget to set some coins aside for rooms at the inn or a ride on a ship.
  • Charitable Acts: Not only does this reflect well on your character’s alignment, but it can also draw good karma (or favorable NPCs) towards you.

Diving into the magical realm of D&D 5e is an exhilarating experience. Those glistening piles of gold are just one shade of this vast, colorful journey.

It’s the thrilling encounters, dramatic showdowns with evil necromancers, and stirring camaraderie among fellow adventurers that will provide the most enriching rewards.

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Starting Gold by Background 5E

When you’re rolling out your character for D&D 5e, your background plays a key role in defining the amount of starting gold your character will possess.

Starting Gold By Background 5E

Sure enough, it is a pivotal point in your adventure and comes into play even before your first dice roll.

A savvy adventurer knows that each extra gold piece can mean the difference between picking up an essential item of survival gear or taking a significant hit during their first encounter.

Remember to select your background judiciously, as it could make or break the way you wield those shiny coins!

By now, you may be realizing that opportunities for gaining riches vary drastically among different backgrounds. So, how does one ascertain these starting rates?

An extensive table will indeed be beneficial here to furnish an exhaustive compilation of all backgrounds and their corresponding starting gold amounts.

BackgroundStarting Gold
Acolyte15 gp
Anthropologist (ToA)10 gp
Archaeologist (ToA)25 gp
Charlatan15 gp
City Watch / Investigator (SCAG)10 gp
Clan Crafter (SCAG)5 gp gem and 10 gp
Cloistered Scholar (SCAG)10 gp
Courtier (SCAG)5 gp
Criminal / Spy15 gp
Entertainer15 gp
Faction Agent (SCAG)15 gp
Far Traveler (SCAG)10 gp jewelry and 5 gp
Folk Hero10 gp
Gladiator15 gp
Guild Artisan/Merchant15 gp
Haunted One (COS)None
Hermit5 gp
Inheritor (SCAG)15 gp
Knight25 gp
Knight of the Order (SCAG)10 gp
Mercenary Veteran (SCAG)10 gp
Noble25 gp
Outlander10 gp
Pirate10 gp
Sage10 gp
Sailor10 gp
Soldier10 gp
Urban Bounty Hunter (SCAG)20 gp
Urchin10 gp
Uthgardt Tribe Member (SCAG)10 gp
Waterdhavian Noble (SCAG)20 gp

Starting Gold by Level 5E

Starting in D&D 5e, you won’t have much in your pocket. You’ll only have some basic gear and a small purse of gold to get going.

As your character level increases, so does your treasure horde. But the question remains: how much gold does one really start with at each level? That’s where we step in to clear the haze.

The starting gold amount varies depending on two factors: your character class and background. Both can impact how much wealth you begin the game with.

Suppose you opt to become a magic-dashing wizard or a stealthy rogue. In that case, the initial capital you begin with is dramatically different from that of an armor-clad warrior or a humble cleric.

Based on your character’s backstory or profession before opting for this adventurous life can also determine your initial wealth.

Character Level: 1st – 4th

  • Low Magic Campaign: Normal Starting Equipment & Gold
  • Standard Campaign: Normal Starting Gold & Equipment
  • High Magic Campaign: Normal Starting Equipment & Gold

Character Level: 5th – 10th

  • Low Magic Campaign: 500 gp plus 1d10 x 25 gp, normal starting equipment
  • Standard Campaign: 500 gp plus 1d10 x 25 gp, normal starting equipment
  • High Magic Campaign: 500 gp plus 1d10 x 25 gp, one uncommon magic item, normal starting equipment

Character Level: 11th-16th

  • Low Magic Campaign: 5,000 gp plus 1d10 x 250 gp, one uncommon magic item, normal starting equipment
  • Standard Campaign: 5,000 gp plus 1d10 x 250 gp, two uncommon magic items, normal starting equipment
  • High Magic Campaign: 5,000 gp plus 1d10 x 250 gp, three uncommon magic items, one rare item, normal starting equipment

Character Level: 17th+

  • Low Magic Campaign: 20,000 gp plus 1d10 x 250 gp, two uncommon magic items, normal starting equipment
  • Standard Campaign: 20,000 gp plus 1d10 x 250 gp, two uncommon magic items, one rare item, normal starting equipment
  • High Magic Campaign: 20,000 gp plus 1d10 x 250 gp, three uncommon magic items, two rare items, one very rare item, normal starting equipment

These character-level progression details provide a clear distinction between the three campaign types, allowing players to choose their preferred level of magic in the world of their adventure.

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FAQs About starting gold in D&D 5E

What’s the average starting gold in D&D 5e?

The average starting gold varies depending on your class, but it generally lies between 5 to 15 gold pieces.

Does my character’s background influence the amount of starting gold?

Yes, absolutely! Your chosen character’s background will grant a certain amount; this can range from 5 to 25 extra gold pieces.

Why do my class and background matter for the starting gold?

They are key factors in determining how well-equipped (and wealthy) your character is when first entering the game, thereby helping to flesh out their story and career roles.

Can I buy weapons with my starting gold?

You can Start gold can be used to buy equipment, supplies, and weapons before you embark on your journey.

Is there a limit to how much gear I can buy with my starting gold?

There’s no concrete ‘limit’ as such, but remember: your character can only carry so much! Your carrying capacity relies heavily on your strength score.


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