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Stone Giant 5E Monster [Live Among The Mountain Kings]

Stone Giant 5e Monster
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/12/2024
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In the vivid and enchanting world of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), the stone giant 5e is a fascinating entity that has captured the imagination of countless players.

This fantastic creature, embedded deeply in D&D lore, has gained admiration for its unique abilities and intriguing characterization.

Some might envision giants as brutish, unrefined fantasy tropes. D&D has intricately woven a different narrative where stone giants are a race distinctive for their uncanny connection to stone and rocks.

The stone giant 5e embodies this bond, notable not just for its physical traits but also for its cultural aspects within D&D’s expansive universe.

Attributes of Stone Giant

A Stone Giant in the world of Dungeons & Dragons stands out due to its unique attributes. These magnanimous creatures are deeply tied to the very elements, possessing distinct features that separate them from other entities in this mystical universe.

Attributes of Stone Giant 5e
NameStone Giant
Armor Class17 (natural armor)
Hit Points126 (11d12 + 55)
Speed40 ft.
Strength (STR)23 (+6)
Dexterity (DEX)15 (+2)
Constitution (CON)20 (+5)
Intelligence (INT)10 (+0)
Wisdom (WIS)12 (+1)
Charisma (CHA)9 (-1)
Saving ThrowsDEX +5, CON +8, WIS +4
SkillsAthletics +12, Perception +4
SensesDarkvision 60 ft., Passive Perception 14
Challenge Rating (CR)7 (2,900 XP)
Proficiency Bonus+3

What is Stone Giant In 5e?

The Stone Giant 5e, a species classified as a gigantic neutral entity, is an integral part of the riveting D&D Universe.

What is Stone Giant 5e

With their towering size and neutrality in behavior, they bring an element of unpredictability and challenge to the gameplay.

These giants, as their names suggest, are intrinsically linked to the Earth. They carry the visage of stony beings hailing from extensive mountainous terrains or underground caves.

Contrary to what one might perceive from their robust exterior, stone giants are known for their calm, reclusive nature.

Despite their gentle demeanor, when provoked or when defending their territory these peaceful creatures can pose a formidable threat due to their sheer strength and unique capabilities.

Through them, D&D adds another exciting layer of complexity to its gameplay that players must learn to navigate.

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The traits of a stone giant in your gameplay can give you valuable insights into outsmarting your rivals and overcoming challenges.

Traits 12

Stone Camouflage

Stone giants possess a particular trait known as stone camouflage. With this attribute in play during the game, these entities gain the ability to blend seamlessly into rocky terrain.

This chameleon-like ability makes them almost invisible amongst rocks and stones.

This camouflage gives them an upper hand while attacking or defending against foes unprepared for such surprise ambushes or invisible defenses.

Therefore while dealing with a stone giant opponent during gameplay it is imperative to be cautious about these surprise elements lurking around any corner or boulder.

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Comprehending the action mechanics of Stone Giant 5e ensures immersive and tactful D&D gameplay.


It allows you to unleash your giant’s full potential, making your inbound encounters more thrilling and engaging than before.


When the tide of battle turns, a stone giant unveils its primary action aspect its mighty multi-attack.

With two ferocious great club assaults, it exhibits its brute strength against its foes. This extended attack sequence boosts the damage capability of the Stone Giant significantly.

It’s worth noting how these sequences place you strategically on the gameplay map because when you master these double swings, you pave a smoother way toward victory.


The Stone Giant can also use a Greatclub attack which is primarily melee in nature.

If raw power is what you respect in a giant, then this attribute shouldn’t disappoint; with a hit bonus of +9 and an impressive reach of 15ft., it swings down heavily on its adversaries.

To top off the benefits is an incredible number on ‘hit’: A strikingly high average damage of 19 (3d8 + 6) bludgeoning points, ensuring that each stroke leaves a significant impact.


Astonishingly versatile as they are, these stone giants have other tricks up their sleeves too: namely throwing rocks with deadly accuracy and destructive power.

With an adeptness primarily seen amongst skilled archers or spear-throwers, your stone giant can hurl large rocks obtaining a +9 to hit against targets that are even at range 60/240 ft.

What makes it more awe-inspiring is the immense amount of damage An unbelievably high average on ‘Hit’ i.e., 28 (4d10+6).

This range ability widens your field play considerably by enabling engagement with enemies from afar.

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In the action-packed encounters of Dungeons & Dragons, the stone giant’s reactions play a significant role in setting it apart from other beings.


The giants’ reaction abilities emerge not only from their inherent physical strength but also from their close bond with earthen elements.

One such key reaction ability is Rock Catching, which offers fascinating tactical advantages in battle.

Rock Catching

A stone giant’s affinity with rocks transcends beyond mere manipulation; they interact with these solid entities as if second nature to them.

The Rock Catching feature allows a Stone Giant to catch any rock or similar projectile that is thrown at them.

Considering their towering height and giant reach, these creatures could even pluck massive boulders hurled at them straight out of the air.

They can catch any Medium or smaller object thrown at them, provided they can see it. This ability not only makes them formidable defenders against such attacks but also shows how intuitive and fast these giants are, despite their size.

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FAQs About Stone Giant 5e

What is the alignment of a stone giant 5e in D&D?

The stone giant 5e in D&D is typically considered neutral. This means they do not lean towards good or evil, lawful or chaotic behaviors.

What are the capabilities of a stone giant in combat?

Stone giants possess immense strength, making their Greatclub and Rock attacks formidable. Their unique reaction ability, Rock Catching, gives them a defensive edge.

What type of terrain do stone giants inhabit?

Stone giants are typically found in mountainous terrains; they find comfort within rocky settings that align with their earthy affinity.

How tall is a typical stone giant 5e?

Stone giants are truly enormous creatures. They tower around eighteen feet tall and weigh about 9,000 pounds.

Do stone giants possess any special vision abilities?

Yes, they have Darkvision for up to sixty feet. This ability allows them to see even in total darkness as if it were a dimly lit area.


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