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Thunderwave 5E Spell [Unleash A Powerful Sonic Blast In DnD]

Thunderwave 5E Spell
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Updated On: 10/29/2023
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If you’ve ever marveled at the mighty power of thunderstorms, then Thunderwave 5E is something you will truly appreciate. It’s a magic spell in Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) that mimics the awe-inspiring force of nature, offering a unique blend of enchantment and brute strength for players to wield.

Now, many of you might be familiar with the spell; some may even have used it in their epic adventures, while others might be hearing about this for the first time. Either way, consider this your go-to guide about everything Thunderwave 5E.

Dungeons & Dragons has always been a game that sparks players’ imaginations with its boundless creativity and multilayered narrative potential.

The beauty of this game remains in its infinite possibilities and unprecedented inventiveness. Thunderwave 5E stands as an astonishing testament to this creative prowess, providing players with fresh avenues to explore in their fantastical quests.

Thunderwave 5E Attributes

Casting Time1 Action
Range/AreaSelf (15 ft)
ComponentsV, S
Attack/SaveCON Save

What Is Thunderwave 5E Spell?

Thunderwave is a captivating spell that you’ll likely come across while venturing into the world of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition.

What Is Thunderwave 5E Spell?

As a part of Evocation School, it’s known for dealing thunder damage while also having the ability to push creatures away.

Thunderwave is a spell of both controlled chaos and strategic positioning. It’s thrilling and impactful, making its use in battles truly memorable.

With an instantaneous casting time, this spell can turn the tide of battle in a heartbeat, literally blasting your enemies away with the force equivalent to that of a natural storm.

What Does Thunderwave Do In 5E?

Thunderwave is a powerful spell in D&D that allows your character to send out a wave of thunderous force.

What Does Thunderwave Do In 5E?

When you cast this spell, it creates a 15-foot cube originating from you. Each creature within that cube must make a Constitution save.

If they fail, they’re hit with 2d8 thunder damage and are pushed 10 feet away. Even if they succeed, they still take half the damage but aren’t pushed.

The thunderous boom is audible up to 300 feet. In terms of terrain interaction, objects not being worn or carried in the area are also thrust away.

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Is Thunderwave 5E A Good Spell?

Thunderwave 5E isn’t just good; it’s downright spectacular. First off, the spell itself offers you a unique blend of damage and control during combat.

It not only deals hefty damage to your opponents but also pushes them back. This impressive combo makes it a versatile choice for numerous situations.

Thunderwave is available to various classes, not just those heavily invested in magic, such as Druids, Bards, and Wizards. Plus, it also doesn’t require an attack roll, meaning no more worrying about missed chances.

With just a quick chanting of the words and a bodily gesture, you can send out this forceful wave of thunderous energy. When it comes to damage-dealing capacity, at the base level (spell level 1), Thunderwave can deal 2d8 thunder damage- which is pretty potent by standard measures.

But if you’re someone who likes to up the ante even further, you’re in luck! For every level above first that you use to cast it, the damage increases by an extra d8.

How Can You Get Thunderwave 5E Spell?

Getting the Thunderwave 5E spell isn’t impossible, but you’ll have to maneuver through some classes or feats. Here’s a breakdown of these avenues.

How Can You Get Thunderwave 5E Spell?

Bard, Druid, Sorcerer, Wizard

These are the primary classes where Thunderwave is available. You need to get your character to the second level for Sorcerers and Wizards, while Bards and Druids can get it at their first level. Notably, Bards would need to use one of their known spells for Thunderwave.

Arcane Trickster

As an arcane trickster, you get a chance to acquire the Thunderwave 5E spell once you reach the third level in Rogue. These rogues use their cunning and sneakiness paired with enchantments to overcome obstacles.

Eldritch Knight

In case you are leaning towards Fighters with a touch of magic in their arsenal, then becoming an Eldritch Knight is your luck charm here. When you reach the third level in Fighter class and opt for the Eldritch Knight archetype, count yourself lucky as Thunderwave is among the spells available to you.

Way of The Four Elements

For all those who enjoy playing a Monk Class but still wish to cast spells like wizards or sorcerers do, Way of Four Elements Monk is your playhouse. At levels equal to or higher than three in Monk class, Thunderwave becomes accessible for two Ki points.

Tempest Domain

If you’re going Cleric way, then Tempest Domain could be your waiting room for getting Thunderwave. As soon as clerics opt for this subclass at 1st level, they can wreak havoc by calling upon thunderstorms against their enemies.


Artificers specializing as Armorers have access to Thunderwave right from level one. It fits in perfectly with their strategy, using magic to bolster defense capabilities along with a bit of offense, too.


Artillerists, another subclass of Artificers, can also add Thunderwave to their spell list. It’s almost as if the spell is made for Artillerists, with its explosive power complementing their artillery inventions.


For Warlocks who resonate with Fathomless patron, the Thunderwave spells become available at their first level. It ties in quite well with the thematic integrity of this subclass, reinforcing aquatic and maritime elements.


The Genie patron also provides Warlocks with access to Thunderwave spells from level one. It adds a bit of charisma and charm that is inherently part of Genie Warlocks’ gameplay.

Aberrant Dragonmark

This Feat opens up access to a Sorcerer’s spell list where Thunderwave resides. You have this option in case your original class does not provide you with the spell.

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Divinely Favored

Characters who choose Divinely Favored as their feat get blessed to cast Thunderwave once before requiring a rest. This feat offers an array of spells related to divine deities, including Thunderwave, which is uncommon yet exciting!

Magic Initiate

If you take Magic Initiate for Bard, Sorcerer, or Wizard (all have access to Thunder Wave), it allows you to give any character prowess in casting this powerful spell.

Strixhaven Initiate

Those opting for this featatat should choose Lorehold College, as it combines history and magic, whose spell lists accommodate Thunderwave as your choice from level one.

Why Is Thunderwave 5E A Cube?

It might seem odd at first that Thunderwave 5E is depicted as a cube. But there’s a well-thought-out reason behind such a specific representation. In Dungeons & Dragons, it’s essential to visualize how spells affect the area around them.

The area-of-effect for this spell forms a 15-foot cube originating from you, the caster. Think of it as creating an energy field around you that expands outward from its point of origin in all directions to form a perfect cube.

This “cube” serves to clarify the spell’s range and indicates which opponents or areas would likely be affected by your potent Thunderwave. It’s an easy way for you and your party to envision the spell’s impact in the heat of an encounter.

How To Roleplay The Thunderwave 5E Spell?

When it comes to roleplaying the Thunderwave 5E in your game of Dungeons & Dragons, the main thing is to let your own story shine through.

Begin by describing your character’s spell-casting method. What does it look like when they start to cast Thunderwave? Maybe they strike their staff on the ground, or perhaps they throw their hands wide as if gathering energy from the air around them.

Next, you’ll want to depict the magic itself vividly. Here’s where your creativity can run wild. Imagine the thunderous boom echoing through the air, shaking every object and living being within its reach. Your character could probably feel this vibrating force pulsating from their very core.

Talk about the aftermath. The deafening silence that follows this auditory onslaught can be overwhelmingly shocking. Use descriptions that capture what it was like to witness such a moment of extreme power and its resulting devastation.

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FAQs About Thunderwave 5E

What exactly is Thunderwave 5E?

It’s a magical spell in the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) game, replicating the light and energy of a thunderstorm.

How can I use Thunderwave 5E in the game?

As a player, you can leverage this spell to channel powerful force, damaging your opponents and moving unsecured objects.

Is Thunderwave 5E a beneficial spell in D&D?

Yes, it acts as an effective weapon, allowing players to inflict damage and influence their environment.

Can anyone use Thunderwave 5E?

This depends on the game rules and your character’s abilities. Typically, wizards, sorcerers, druids, and bards can cast it.

Is the effect of Thunderwave 5E customizable?

No, its effect stays constant; however, its potency can be varied by opting for higher-level spell slots.


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