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Tiamat 5E Monster [Face The Goddess Of Chromatic Dragons In DnD]

Tiamat 5e Monster
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/07/2024
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In the mysterious realm of Dungeons and Dragons, there reside many creatures that inspire both awe and trepidation.

Among them, Tiamat 5e reigns supreme as the unforgiving Queen of Evil Dragons. Stitched together from the exceptional characteristics of chromatic dragons, she presents an unforgettable villain that most players tread lightly around.

Having five heads, each symbolizing a different chromatic dragon breed, Tiamat 5e is a testament to multi-faceted power.

Her menacing portrayal is rich with lore and enigma that can infuse your adventures with unparalleled thrill and danger.

This freaking draconic goddess doesn’t just intensify your game; she completely transforms it into an exhilarating battle of wits.

Attributes of Tiamat 5e

The attributes of Tiamat 5e are as remarkable as they are terrifying. Encompassing a myriad of grueling abilities and resistances, they make this draconic goddess an uncompromising adversary.

Attributes of Tiamat 5e

From damage immunities to innate spellcasting and multi-headedness, each attribute contributes to her unmatched power in the game’s universe.

AlignmentChaotic Evil
Armor Class25 (natural armor)
Hit Points615 (30d20 + 300)
Speed60 ft., fly 120 ft.
Strength (STR)30 (+10)
Dexterity (DEX)10 (+0)
Constitution (CON)30 (+10)
Intelligence (INT)26 (+8)
Wisdom (WIS)26 (+8)
Charisma (CHA)28 (+9)
Saving ThrowsStr +19, Dex +9, Wis +17
SkillsArcana +17, Perception +26, Religion +17
SensesDarkvision 240 ft., Truesight 120 ft., Passive Perception 36
LanguagesCommon, Draconic, Infernal
Challenge30 (155,000 XP)

What is Tiamat 5e?

In the diverse universe of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Tiamat 5e emerges as a force to be reckoned with.

What is Tiamat 5e?

Known as the Queen of Evil Dragons and The Dragon Queen, Tiamat 5e is a potent, five-headed draconic goddess.

She symbolizes the ultimate powers and ferocity of Chromatic Dragons, with each of her five heads presenting a different chromatic dragon variant.

Each head embodies a unique form – red for fire, green for poison, blue for lightning, black for acid, and white for cold.

With each head possessing its respective breath weapon and immunity, she presents an intimidating challenge to players in the gaming realm.

But her power isn’t just about her physical prowess; she also demonstrates formidable magical abilities.

From spellcasting to inflicting fear upon her enemies with her frightful presence, Tiamat epitomizes utter destruction and chaos in the game.

The legend of Tiamat isn’t confined to her character in Dungeons & Dragons alone. Her name has roots in Ancient Mesopotamian mythology where she was depicted as a sea goddess who gives birth to all gods.

In your Dungeons & Dragons adventures, you might seldom encounter her unless you’re brave enough to tread into high-level play or impetuous enough to invite doomsday upon your party.

But when you do get up close and personal with this mighty draconic goddess in your game of D&D 5e’s adventure landscapes like “Rise of Tiamat”, it’s a majestic spectacle you won’t soon forget.

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Damage Immunities

One of the most distinctive traits that propel Tiamat into an insurmountable adversary in the Dungeons & Dragons world is her Damage Immunities.

Damage Immunities

These immunities are cumulative resistances she has against certain types of attacks and damage, rendering her nearly invincible to specific elemental or physical assaults.


First on the list is Acid immunity. This reflects Tiamat’s black dragon lineage, known for thriving in swampy environments where acid acts as their breath weapon.

When subjected to acid-based attacks, it wouldn’t affect Tiamat in any form be it weakening her strength, reducing her hit points, or disrupting her powerful draconic aura.


Manifesting the power of white chromatic dragons that roam cold, frigid terrains and emit deadly icy blasts as their breath weapon, Tiamat boasts Cold Immunity.

This means that any frost or ice-based offensive moves cannot harm her. She stands undeterred even in freezing temperatures or chilling magical effects.


Representing the crimson-red dragons with fire as their principal element, Tiamat harbors Fire Immunity.

It ensures that she remains unaffected by any attack involving fire or heat – whether from a magical spell or a mundane source like a blazing flame or boiling lava.


As the embodiment of blue chromatic dragons specialized in electric-based abilities, Tiamat carries an immunity to Lightning damage too.

Any electrical or lightning strikes aimed at diminishing Tiamat’s vitality will result in nothing more than an exercise in futility as she remains unscathed by these high-voltage assaults.


Taking inspiration from green chromatic dragons’ toxic breath weapon and poisonous environment affinity, Poison immunity graces Tiamat’s resistance list too.

Whether toxins are introduced via ingestion or through open wounds from weapons laced with poison, Tiamat emerges unharmed, resonating with her supreme resilience.

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Beyond elemental damages, Tiamat also brushes off physical harm. She has immunity to Bludgeoning damage, which is typically caused by forceful impact or blunt trauma.

It means that attempting to hurt Tiamat with non-magical weapons, be it from fists or sledgehammers, is an effort doomed to fail.


Tiamat’s sturdy carapace and scales leave her impervious to Piercing damage as well.

This type of harm usually stems from sharp objects like arrows or daggers aimed at penetrating the target’s flesh. In Tiamat’s case, these attacks are merely episodes of vain endeavors.


Rounding off the list is Slashing immunity. In the world of D&D 5e, slashing damage comes from cutting or hacking strikes made by sharpened weaponry such as swords or axes.

Attacks of this nature will also fall flat against Tiamat’s formidable resistance.

Condition Immunities

An integral part of Tiamat 5e’s daunting persona is her resilience to certain conditions. This immunity not only makes her tougher to beat but also adds layers of complexity in dealing with this formidable adversary.

Condition Immunities

These condition immunities are a key aspect of her defense, allowing her to thwart many efforts by player characters to debilitate her in combat.


Visual impairments like the blinded condition are of no concern to Tiamat. She boasts immunity to this condition, making any strategy that relies on obscuring her sightless effective.

Each of Tiamat’s five heads operates independently, making it that much harder for adventurers to obfuscate her keen senses.

Any encounter with Tiamat 5e requires careful strategizing beyond blinding maneuvers.


Being immune to the charmed condition means that none can influence Tiamat’s mind or sway from her motives through enchantment or charm spells.

It underscores her autonomy as a deity and highlights the invulnerability of her will.

A deity in full control of her actions and decisions presents a starker challenge for adventurers, who must devise more convoluted plans rather than resorting to charming tactics.


The deafened condition doesn’t hold power over Tiamat either. Her legendary senses transcend regular hearing, averting any advantage an adventurer might seek by muting sounds or casting spells inducing deafness.

Remember while plotting against this draconic deity that mere sensory manipulations may likely fall flat with Tiamat 5e.


Easily one of the most fearsome entities in the Dungeons & Dragons realm, Tiamat is immune to becoming frightened.

Any attempts at intimidation or instilling fear within the Dragon Queen are destined for failure, as she can’t be unnerved into disadvantageous actions or made reticent about further attacks.

You may require a far more intimidating foe than your party to cause distress to Tiamat!


Being a draconic deity has its perks, and immunity from poison is among them.

Those planning to exploit her supposed biological weaknesses are in for disappointment as toxins simply do not affect Tiamat.

Using poison against her merely wastes valuable resources that would be better employed elsewhere in battle.


Any attempts at stunning the mighty Tiamat will ultimately prove futile. This broad immunity allows her to be perpetually alert, foiling any strategies designed to immobilize or disorient her, giving players much to contend with.

These condition immunities make for an incredibly resilient adversary in Tiamat 5e. They demand players dive deeper into strategic planning in battles and stretch their creativity in finding unconventional ways of facing this alpha monster.

These immunities are equally paramount as they provide insight into what won’t work against this formidable Dragon Queen and where your focus should solely lie when engaging with her.

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Tiamat 5e Traits

When you delve into the realm of Dungeons & Dragons, understanding a character’s traits is key to navigating the gameplay successfully.

Tiamat 5e Traits

The case isn’t different with Tiamat, the Chromatic Dragon Queen. Her seminal traits don’t just define her power; they breathe life into her character, pumping fear and excitement into your gaming adventure. Let’s tread further to get an insight into the notable traits of Tiamat 5e:


In an event where what seems impossible happens that is, Tiamat falls in battle she retreats to her secured lair in Nine Hells.

This ability called Discorporation connotes that upon death, she doesn’t perish but rather gets transferred back to Avernus, turning incapacitated until fully regenerated.

It’s as though she has a second lease on life each time she succumbs to defeat.

Innate Spellcasting

Adding another layer of intrigue and power to Tiamat’s character is her Innate Spellcasting trait.

It allows her to employ divine word spells three times per day up to DC 26 without requiring any material components. This ability makes her a formidable force even when distanced from combat.

Legendary Resistance

There’s more to this draconic queen than elemental breath attacks and terrifying attacks Tiamat has ‘Legendary Resistances’.

She can use this trait five times per day, meaning if she fails a saving throw, she can choose instead to succeed. This attribute can turn the tide of any battle in her favor.

Limited Magic Immunity

Tiamat’s immunity extends beyond physical attacks; she boasts Limited Magic Immunity as well and is immune to spells level six and lower.

It provides an advantage on saving throws against all other spells above level six that you attempt to cast on her. Such resistance makes battling Tiamat intriguingly complex.

Magic Weapons

Tiamat’s offensive strength isn’t merely the product of her immense physical prowess.

She imbues her attacks with magical energy, meaning her claw swipes, multi-attacks, and tail whip carry the force of Magic Weapons.

Every encounter with Tiamat becomes a calculated dance around her magical strikes.

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Multiple Heads

Tiamat’s archetype includes the distinguishing characteristic of multiple heads. This trait fits her very essence as she embodies different Chromatic Dragons.

The multiple heads afford her extra reactions, an advantage on saving throws against stunning effects, and the capacity to spend legendary actions even after performing multiple head-based actions in a single turn.


The monster Tiamat is harder to bring down than you’d think, thanks to her Regeneration trait. At the beginning of each of her turns, she regains 30 Hit Points (HP), making sustained damage essential to overcome this formidable beast.

Actions of Tiamat 5e

The infamous Tiamat 5e is not only renowned for her imposing presence and extraordinary features but also for her unmistakable set of actions that can turn the tide in a battle scenario within a Dungeons & Dragons game.

Actions of Tiamat 5e

These actions include her powerful multi attack, claw and tail techniques, and the awe-inspiring frightful presence.

Each of these introduces a new layer of strategic gameplay and intensifies the encounter against this formidable opponent.


The multitrack feature is one of the most significant attributes of Tiamat 5e. As her action, she can make three attacks; two with her deadly claws and one with her impactful tail.

This feature embodies the dragon’s ruthless nature; particularly adept at striking multiple targets or focusing all her wrath on a single adversary in quick succession.

The power unleashes immense damage, keeping opponents constantly on their toes.


Among Tiamat’s distinct arsenal is the claw attack – an efficient mode to launch damage onto an opponent.

With a +19 to hit, reach up to 15 feet, and focus on hitting one target at a time, it can inflict 24 (4d6 + 10) damage in one swoop.

The claw attack proves crucial for close-combat situations where dealing significant damage is paramount.


While the undesired end of a dragon’s wrath may often be its fiery breath or its razor-sharp claws, another formidable weapon in Tiamat’s arsenal is her tail.

Displaying an impressive +19 to hit and stretching up to reach 25 feet, it focuses on assaulting a single target at a time with an impressive hit impact of 28 (4d8 +10) damage points.

This renders this attack instrumental for long-range combat scenarios or retreating enemies.

Frightful Presence

Yet another notable aspect woven into the fabric of Tiamat 5e’s persona is her Frightful Presence.

This feature rightly encapsulates what many would discern as a literal manifestation of the idiom, ‘Its presence alone is enough to instill fear.’

Each creature of Tiamat’s choosing that finds itself within a formidable radius of 240 feet needs to succeed on a DC 27 Wisdom saving throw or find itself succumbing to the paralyzing terror radiating off Tiamat.

This forced vulnerability comes into play until the creature can rally its courage, calling for strategic play and careful management of party resources.

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FAQs About Tiamat 5e

What is unique about each head of Tiamat 5e?

Each of Tiamat 5e’s five heads represents a different type of chromatic dragon. This means each has its breath weapon and immunity, making her versatile and challenging in battle.

Can you explain the Multiattack feature of Tiamat 5e?

In the Multiattack, Tiamat can make three distinct attacks – two with her formidable claws and one with her lethal tail. This allows a variety of combat possibilities.

How does Frightful Presence work for Tiamat 5e?

Frightful Presence is an ability that forces every creature of Tiamat’s choice within a range of 240 feet to succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or become frightened for minutes equal to her charisma modifier.

What reference does the character Tiamat have in real-world mythology?

The Tiamat is inspired by ancient Mesopotamian mythology, where she was portrayed as a sea goddess who gave birth to all gods.

How often do players encounter Tiamat 5e in Dungeons & Dragons gameplay?

Her encounters are quite rare unless players dare to venture into high-level play, namely in the adventure series “Rise of Tiamat.” Her presence brings along high stakes.


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