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Tieflings 5E Race [Harness Infernal Heritage In DnD Gameplay]

Tieflings 5E Race Explained
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 11/03/2023
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As a player in the Dungeons & Dragons saga, you know the vital role that character creation plays in setting you up for success.

Choosing the right character, or race as it’s often called, could mean the difference between destruction or triumphant victory in your next campaign.

In the sea of choices available, let’s put our focus on one in particular: the Tieflings 5E race.

Curious about what makes this race so unique? Well, for starters, think red skin and horns on their head, pretty unconventional appearances, even for a fantasy world.

Beyond their outward look, though, lies an intricate tapestry of traits and attributes that truly distinguish them from other races. From their sprawling lore to exceptional abilities, everything adds more depth to your role-playing experience.

So why not get acquainted with these mysteriously intriguing characters? It’ll be a deliberate choice that is both thrilling and thought-provoking.

What is Tieflings 5E Race?

A myriad of unique races inhabits the world of Dungeons and Dragons, and the Tieflings are one of the most enigmatic among them.

What is Tieflings 5E Race?

Born from an ancient bloodline touched by sinister planes of reality, Tieflings are characterized by their distinctive horned appearances and captivating innate abilities.

In the fifth edition (5E) of Dungeons & Dragons, Tieflings have been infused with even more charm. They possess not only their mesmerizing looks but also carry within them a spark of diabolic heritage.

This imbues them with specific traits like resistance to fire or a predisposition to spells like ‘Thaumaturgy.’

Tieflings are humanoid in shape, just like the average human being, but their appearance exudes a captivating other-worldly quality.

They usually have large horns that take various shapes, from ram-like horns to sharp antlers and dragon-like spine crests, further enhancing their mystic aura.

Their skin ranges from hues of red to deeper tones like purple and blue, while their eyes lack pupils and gleam with vibrant colors.

What are the other names of Tieflings?

Just like any individual in our world, Tieflings also carry names. Their names are a reflection of their heritage, carrying deep, infernal undertones that are indicative of their devilish lineage.

Each name provides a unique identity to the character and further sets the tone for their persona.

Tiefling names typically fall under three categories: Male Infernal Names, Female Infernal Names, and Virtue Names, which aren’t gender-specific.

These names often resonate with a mysterious and glorious vibe that underlines the character’s uniqueness in Dungeons & Dragons.

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Male Infernal Names

Among Tieflings, men typically bear names that are deeply rooted in infernal lineage. The influences of darker realms echo through these masculine designations, adding an air of power and mystique to the characters they represent.

Here is a collection of some male infernal names used commonly among Tiefling circles:

  • Akmenos
  • Amnon
  • Barakas
  • Damakos
  • Ekemon
  • Iados
  • Kairon
  • Leucis
  • Melech
  • Mordai
  • Morthos
  • Pelaios
  • Skamos
  • Therai

Each infernal name echoes the dark charm encapsulating its bearer’s identity while embodying an ancient tale linked to its diabolic pedigree.

Some popular interpretations include “Akmenos,” evoking thoughts of igneous strength, or “Kairon,” reflecting a sense of timeless wisdom.

Female Infernal Names

The female Tieflings, like their male counterparts, predominantly carry names that manifest their infernal lineage.

These names mirror the mystery and allure of the female personifications in the Tiefling’s world while subtly conveying their inherent robustness.

Here are some commonplace female infernal names within Tiefling communities:

  • Akta
  • Anakis
  • Bryseis
  • Criella
  • Damaia
  • Ea
  • Kallista
  • Lerissa
  • Makaria
  • Nemeia
  • Orianna
  • Phelaia
  • Rieta

Names such as “Bryseis” might conjure images of relentless fire, while “Kallista” could suggest a pristine beauty. These appellations hold power and evoke facets of the mystic force within each female Tiefling.

Virtue Names

Virtue Names: This is indeed a unique concept within the naming norms of Tieflings.

Liberated from traditional gender constraints, these titles are typically adopted by those wishing to signify a personal belief, morality, or aspiration, thus becoming symbolic identifiers that cut across male and female distinctions.

Take a look at these examples below:

  • Art
  • Carrion
  • Chant
  • Creed
  • Despair
  • Excellence
  • Fear
  • Glory
  • Hope
  • Ideal
  • Music
  • Nowhere
  • Open
  • Poetry
  • Quest
  • Random
  • Reverence
  • Sorrow
  • Temerity
  • Torment
  • Weary

Names like “Hope,” “Despair,” or even “Music”—are clear reflections of virtues or emotions compellingly holding a mirror to your character’s nature in the gameplay.

Empowered with this information about the diverse nomenclature possibilities for your Tiefling character in Dungeons & Dragons, you can now delve deeper into creating a riveting personality for your game.

Be it an alluring female name, a formidable male name, or a poignant virtue name, the choice is yours. Let every facet of your character’s name contribute to an immersive storytelling experience.

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Tiefling Features

When entering the world of D&D as a Tiefling, you possess powerful racial traits thanks to your infernal lineage.

Tiefling Features

One of the most substantial traits is your ability score increase, but that’s not where it ends. Let’s dive in and dissect some key features that set the Tieflings apart.

Ability Score Increase

As a Tiefling, you’ll find that you’ve got some impressive qualities right out of the gate – namely, an inherent bonus to your ability scores.

Your Charisma will inherently be boosted by 2 points – an invaluable asset for a game so heavily revolved around interaction, negotiation, and persuasion.

This can make you a natural leader in many scenarios and will greatly enhance your social capabilities.

This is no random benefit either; it’s rooted deeply in their ancestry. Tieflings inherit this trait from their infernal-blooded ancestors, known to be both engaging and intimidating.

This could translate into being more persuasive during crucial interactions or inherently inciting trust (or fear) from others you meet along your journey.

It’s worth mentioning this feature when deciding on the class and character build because having this advantage could steer you towards roles where charisma is essential.


Talking about aging, Tieflings mature at a pace equivalent to humans but have extended longevity much beyond that of their human counterparts. They reach adulthood in their late teens and can live for up to 100 years or longer.

This extended lifespan results from the admixture of human and infernal bloodlines running through them, a testament to the resilience inherited from their fiendish descent.

Their unique lifespan offers fascinating role-playing opportunities! It’s exciting not just because they see more than one human generation pass but also because it shapes their perspective toward life and events happening around them.


In terms of physical build and size, tieflings stand toe-to-toe with humans. This roughly means you could stand anywhere between just over 5 feet and well over 6 feet tall. Their weight usually sits between 140 to 230 pounds.

The size composes an essential part of your character’s lore as it doesn’t restrict them in any way – be it blending among humans or measuring up to more intimidating characters.

This “human-like” size trait makes them versatile adventurers, capable of fitting into many situations that perhaps a larger or smaller race wouldn’t. From navigating narrow passages in a dungeoneering expedition to going undercover in a bustling city, their human-like size is an underrated advantage.


Imagine having the power to walk at a speed faster than most creatures around you. Sounds exciting, right? Well, Tieflings are gifted with just that: an inherent walking speed of 30 feet.

This might sound like table stakes since many races have the exact movement rate. Still, when you pair this with their array of inherited traits and abilities, it does make them more equipped and agile on the battlefield and during exploration rounds alike.

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One of the most fascinating features Tieflings possess is Darkvision. The infusion of infernal bloodline into their lineage has gifted them the eerie ability to see in darkness as if it were dim light.

Unlike many races who are left blind in the pitch black, as a Tiefling, you can precisely discern objects, individuals, and quite essentially threats lurking up to 60 feet away.

This could mean spotting a trap or enemy while dungeon crawling or finding your way through an unlit alleyway. It’s like having built-in night goggles! The bonus? There’s color visibility, too, though limited and less vibrant than what it would be under bright light.

In many scenarios, this could turn out to be your secret weapon, providing you with an upper hand over adversaries that are less adapted to low-light conditions.

Hellish Resistance

Resilience isn’t just about taking life on the chin; sometimes, it’s about shrugging off fireballs.

Tieflings benefit from Hellish Resistance, the inborn ability to resist fire damage. Think about the countless situations in your adventures where you might come across firelocks, spells hurled by enemies, or hazards encountered during explorations. Being able to resist fire is no small boon.

Throughout your campaign journey, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll stumble upon situations involving fiery threats. Ergo, having Hellish Resistance an attribute so crucial for survival in D&D – aptly augments your durability, adding considerable longevity (term-12] and resilience to your character.


Communication forms the backbone of any role-playing game, and being fluent in multiple languages can be an enduring advantage.

Owing to their mixed lineage and diverse cultures, Tieflings are inherently bilingual, being able to speak Common, the universal language of most D&D settings, as well as Infernal, the language of devils.

You may wonder: just how beneficial could this be? Well, communicating in Infernal might enable you to interact with creatures from other planes of existence or be a sneaky route to pick up information that others around you can’t comprehend.

On the flip side, speaking Common ensures that you can connect with a broad selection of races, fostering better relations and opening doors for alliance during your expeditions.

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Tiefling 5E Subraces

A deep dive into the Tieflings 5E race reveals a subtype that adds an extra layer of complexity to these already fascinating creatures: the subraces.

Tiefling 5E Subraces

Each subrace originates from a different demon lord, presenting you with diverse attributes and abilities. The most prominent amongst these is the Bloodline of Asmodeus and its infernal legacy.

Bloodline of Asmodeus

The Bloodline of Asmodeus is one prime example of how a subrace can distinguish itself from the overarching Tiefling race. This bloodline traces directly back to Asmodeus, the overlord of the Nine Hells himself.

As someone playing a character from this bloodline, there’s one thing you have to know about your ability score:

  • Ability Score Increase: Your character’s Intelligence score increases by 1, adding to their previously mentioned Charisma boost. This INT bonus might not be very helpful compared with the Charisma (CHA) increase.

Mainly because CHA is integral to many tempting Tiefling class choices like Warlock or Bard, increased CHA means improved effectiveness in spellcasting and social interactions – a clear advantage over INT.

Infernal Legacy

Tieflings also inherit an “Infernal Legacy,” further attributing to their demonic lineage. Throughout your journey, you’ll acquire skills derived inherently from this legacy at different levels:

  • 1st Level – Thaumaturgy: You can perform small wonders with this cantrip that lets you influence objects around you.
  • 3rd Level – Hellish Rebuke: At the third level, unleash your hellish ire towards a creature that dares harm you in combat, causing it searing pain.
  • 5th Level – Darkness: By the fifth level, enveloping everything around you in an impenetrable veil of darkness only you can navigate.

Adding these spells to your Tiefling repertoire will undoubtedly improve your overall game, proving handy in myriad situations. Yet, remember: the spells from the Infernal Legacy count as Sorcerer spells for you.

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Which 5E Classes Work With Tieflings?

A significant aspect of fully utilizing the potential of a Tiefling lies in choosing the appropriate class. Their unique racial bonuses make them compatible with specific classes more than others. Let’s dive into it.

  • Wizard: Tieflings are endowed with an inherent boost to their Intelligence that makes them suited to the Wizard class, as spells are their primary mode of attack and defense.
  • Monk: Although not an obvious choice, Tieflings can be effective Monks. Their innate fire resistance compliments the Monk’s focus on physical prowess.
  • Bard: A charisma boost can make all the difference when playing a Bard, and as luck would have it, Tieflings get exactly that!
  • Artificer: The Intelligence increase in Tieflings gives them an edge as Artificers – resourceful creators known for their magical inventions.
  • Ranger: They might not be ideal candidates due to their lack of physical prowess, but a tactical player could leverage their unique abilities in the Ranger class effectively.
  • Paladin: The charismatic aura that Paladins often carry fits well with Tieflings’ inherent traits. A Paladin’s divine power also complements a Tiefling’s diabolic heritage surprisingly well.
  • Rogue: They might not be nimble-footed halflings, but the darkvision and charisma bonus of a Tiefling can still make them adept at being Rogues.
  • Warlock: As expected, charismatic creatures tethered to mysterious realms make perfect Warlocks.
  • Cleric, Druid, Fighter, and Sorcerer all can accommodate a Tiefling character thanks to versatile 5E rules that cater to role-play-heavy gameplay rather than specific stat build-ups alone.

While these are pointers to help optimize your gameplay, the joy of D&D ultimately lies in creating and playing characters that resonate with you.

FAQs About Tieflings 5E race

What makes the Tiefling race unique in Dungeons & Dragons 5E?

Tieflings are unique because of their distinctive, devilish appearance, their innate abilities, and their rich backstory tied to their infernal heritage.

Do Tieflings have a natural proficiency with any weapons or tools?

According to the rules in 5E, the Tiefling race does not have any inherent weapon or tool proficiencies.

Can Tieflings choose any alignment in D&D 5E?

Yes, despite their infernal heritage, Tieflings can choose any alignment. Their lineage doesn’t dictate their moral or ethical standpoint.

Where do Tieflings originate from in the world of Dungeons & Dragons?

In the lore of D&D, Tieflings trace back to human ancestors who made pacts with powerful fiends and devils.

Are there any subclasses specific to the Tiefling race in D&D 5E?

Yes, various types of sub-races or variants are available within the broader category of “Tiefling” based on different diabolic lineages.


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