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15 Best Warlock Cantrips 5E [Powerful And Versatile Magic]

15 Best Warlock Cantrips 5E
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/02/2024
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Magic can be, well, tricky. In the world of Dungeons & Dragons, no two spells are truly alike, and it can sometimes feel like you need your magical powers to keep them all straight.

When it comes to the best warlock cantrips, there’s much more to consider than meets the eye. These zero-level spells known by Warlocks in D&D 5E are not only essential for gameplay progression but also fundamental in shaping your character’s magical abilities.

From charming opponents to tossing enemies aside with a wave of your hand, cantrips offer an indispensable power-up.

They help define your gameplay experience and storytelling, lending a pinch of spice and drama to every confrontation on and off the battlefield.

Understanding the best warlock cantrips will aid you in crafting an intriguing narrative around your character and enhance the overall enjoyment of the game.

What is the best starting cantrip for a warlock?

In the world of Dungeons & Dragons, one cantrip stands above the rest for warlocks, and that is Eldritch Blast. This evocation cantrip is a powerful tool at any level.

What is the best starting cantrip for a warlock?

It allows you to create a beam of crackling energy that threads toward a creature within your range. This energy makes a ranged spell attack against the target, hitting hard and fast.

At higher levels, Eldritch Blast escalates in power. The spell generates more beams, leading to more damage and overall destruction.

It’s like having a magical machine gun at your fingertips! Truly, it’s quite exceptional in the balance of both direct damage and scalability, making it an ideal first choice for many players.

As well as combat effectiveness, it has an aesthetic appeal – who wouldn’t enjoy hurling blasts of pure eldritch energy at their foes? Plus, it offers good performance consistency; it’s highly reliable under different circumstances in battles or conflicts.

Its ability to maintain effectiveness throughout your D&D journey makes Eldritch Blast indispensable from early to later play. No other cantrip promises close to its value – making sure that as you grow in strength and level up, so does this fantastic spell.

When you’re considering which direction to take your warlock powers, Eldritch Blast is an excellent foundation – giving you consistent power ready in your back pocket whenever necessary.

Make sure Eldritch Blast sits at the top of your warlock cantrip list as you plan your character’s journey through 5E. Keep on weaving that magic.

15 Best Warlock Cantrips 5E

Understanding the importance of warlock cantrips in D&D 5e isn’t just about gameplay mechanics. It’s also about learning how to use your character’s natural abilities to your advantage in creative ways.

15 Best Warlock Cantrips 5E

So, let’s dive into these four specific warlock cantrips that stand out on the battlefield for their uniquely compelling attributes.

Eldritch Blast

Commonly known as the bread-and-butter of warlock spells, Eldritch Blast paints a picture of raw, unfiltered power perfectly fitting for a Warlock. This cantrip lets you unleash a beam of crackling energy hurtling toward a creature within range.

Eldritch Blast

Each successful hit deals force damage, with more beams becoming available as you level up. This consistent and scalable source of damage is why many Warlocks choose Eldritch Blast as their primary weapon.

But it isn’t just about the punch it packs; in combination with certain Eldritch Invocations, this cantrip becomes even more versatile, allowing you to push and pull enemies or add a charisma bonus to its damage.

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Mage Hand

Mage Hand offers sheer versatility that any Warlock would find handy (pun intended!) in various situations. This cantrip conjures up a spectral, floating hand that can operate up to 30 feet from your person.

From picking up items and unlocking doors to disarming traps, Mage Hand proves invaluable outside of combat scenarios, too.

In dangerous dungeons or while negotiating potential traps and perils, having an extended, risk-free grip comes without saying- the possibilities are endless.

Poison Spray

Crafty warlocks looking for a solid close-quarters combat spell should turn their gaze toward the Poison Spray cantrip. Conjuring a puff of noxious gas at your adversaries might seem rudimentary at first glance, but delve deeper, and its potential gets unveiled.

Its damage scales impressively well with levels – dealing more harm than most other damage-dealing cantrips. Keep in mind that its effectiveness ebbs away against poison-resistant creatures or those with strong constitution saves.


The Swiss Army knife of D&D Cantrips, Prestidigitation allows you to perform a range of small magical effects within range. By definition, it’s minor magic at your fingertips for those times when no other spell seems appropriate.


Need to light or snuff out torches from a distance? Prestidigitation. Want to clean an object or create harmless sensory effects? Prestidigitation. This cantrip is all about spicing up your gameplay with minor magical conveniences that let your creativity soar.

Chill Touch

Don’t let the word ‘Touch’ mislead you. Chill Touch has a range that stretches to 120 feet, making it a splendid ranged cantrip. Oddly enough, it doesn’t deal cold damage as one might expect but is necrotic, defiling your enemies’ life force.

Not only does it inflict damage, but it also hampers an undead creature’s ability to heal and imposes a disadvantage on their attack rolls against you till your next turn.

This added control, on top of the steady return in terms of damage, puts Chill Touch on the list of best Warlock cantrips out there.

Minor Illusion

Among illusions in D&D 5E, Minor Illusion stands strong for its variety and flexibility. Smell that burnt pie? Did that wall pop up from nowhere? He’s probably a warlock and his trusty Minor Illusion at work.

This cantrip enables you to weave a sound or an image into existence within range, potentially foiling enemy plans, distracting adversaries, or setting up ambushes in unique ways. The limit here is truly your imagination.

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When it comes to creating dramatic effects and awe-inspiring scenes with just a whisper, Thaumaturgy has no match.


From altering your eye color to causing light tremors in the ground or blasting open doors and shutters abruptly, there’s enough drama to entertain courts or scare off thieves.

Sure, Thaumaturgy might not have direct implications on combat, but think about its ability to influence roleplaying scenarios! A well-timed booming voice during negotiations might tip things in your favor indeed.

True Strike

The last entry for today is True Strike, which is bearing its fair share of debate among seasoned players for its use case. With True Strike, your next attack round gains an advantage over an enemy creature within 30 feet.

This may not seem exciting given its cost – an entire action plus a concentration till your next turn. It has its moments. If there’s an enemy that absolutely must be hit and you can tolerate the delay, or when regular attacks don’t compromise much in a given situation, True Strike could prove to be a handy tool in your cantrip arsenal.

Sacred Flame

Shattering the traditional Warlock mold by having a Cleric cantrip, Sacred Flame calls down divine fire upon your enemy. This fire descends upon your foes as radiant energy, bypassing common elemental resistances and immunities.

A key feature is its ability to ignore cover benefits along with the damage itself, scaling upward as you gain more levels. Sacred Flame can be particularly potent when fighting the undead.

A notable weakness for these scary monsters is radiant damage, making Sacred Flame a compelling choice to have in your Warlock’s repertoire.


There are always those times when you venture through dark, sightless dungeons where you wish you had a light. The Light cantrip solves this problem most elegantly.


With a touch, an object illuminates brightly enough to cut through darkness or even heavily-obscured terrains.

With an emphasis on utility rather than offensive capabilities, Light proves crucial in many non-combat scenarios- it’s magic that keeps you away from unwanted surprises lurking in the dark.


While Guidance might not pack an offensive punch, this supportive cantrip brings value to any situation requiring ability checks – offering potential boosts for endeavors like Stealth and Perception checks or during tricky negotiations.

Cast Guidance, touch one willing creature, and they get ‘guidance power’ granting them extra dice roll bonuses during their next ability check. You’re proving how valuable it could be to have divine guidance on your side.

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As cool as it sounds, Frostbite does more than chill your enemies to their bones; it also cripples their attack precision. Combining damage with debuffing is Frostbite’s core essence.

It causes ‘chilling frost’ on one creature within range that you can see, therefore causing cold damage and giving a disadvantage on its next weapon attack roll before the end of its next turn.

The ability to hinder enemy attack rolls can significantly enhance your team’s survival, making it invaluable during harrowing combats.

FAQs About The Best Warlock Cantrips 5E

What makes Eldritch Blast a top warlock cantrip choice in D&D 5e?

Eldritch Blast packs quite the punch as it scales up with your level, allowing for multiple beams as you advance. When paired with certain Eldritch Invocations, it offers added versatility in battles.

How can I use the Mage Hand cantrip effectively?

Mage Hand is about creativity and resourcefulness. Use it to pick up items, disarm traps, and perform other useful actions at a safe range. It’s an indispensable tool in any Warlock’s collection.

Does Sacred Flame have any specific advantages over other offensive cantrips?

Yes, Sacred Flame deals radiant damage that bypasses common resistances and immunities. Plus, it’s helpful against undead creatures that are typically vulnerable to radiant damage.

Are there any significant uses for the Light cantrip outside of combat?

Yes, Light is a utility spell that provides bright illumination. It’s handy when exploring dark dungeons or heavily-obscured terrains- keeping you safe from potentially nasty surprises.

How does Frostbite impact enemy attacks in combat situations?

Frostbite not only deals damage but also causes enemies to have a disadvantage on their next weapon attack roll before their next turn ends, providing great offensive and defensive value.


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