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Backgrounds In The Wild Beyond The Witchlight [DnD 5E]

Backgrounds In The Wild Beyond The Witchlight
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 10/23/2023
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In the vast canvas of fantasy gaming, you may sometimes feel the need for something more thrilling, something that sends chills down your spine yet leaves you yearning for more.

Welcome, then, to the realm of “backgrounds in the wild beyond the witchlight,” a mystical space teeming with enigma and adventure.

As you journey through this enthralling landscape, you’ll encounter experiences that challenge your wits and bravery. In this post, we are going to unveil some intricate details about ‘Beyond the witchlight,’ offering glimpses into its unpredictable wildness.

Grasp your courage tightly and prepare yourself for an unparalleled journey into a world blended with curiosity, danger, and jaw-dropping revelations.

Think of it like stirring up uncharted waters or unsealing an unread book – with each step forward, another riveting secret unfolds.

How many Backgrounds are added in Wild Beyond the Witchlight?

Dive into the Wild Beyond the Witchlight and uncover its fresh offering – two brand-spanking-new backgrounds ideal for ramping up the intensity of your game.

How many Backgrounds are added in Wild Beyond the Witchlight?

Meet ‘Feylost,’ a character snatched from reality and tossed headlong into the tumultuous lands of the Feywild. Then there’s ‘Witchlight Hand,’ a carnival worker with a day job but also submerged in magic, mystery, and allure, resonating perfectly with Witchlight’s carnival spirit.

These undeniably captivating backgrounds are tailored to provide new depths to your experience, adding another vibrant layer to this endlessly fascinating game. Innovation never stops in this enthralling realm, now does it?



You might think that to be lost is to be forgotten, but not in the way of the Feylost. Those with the title Feylost have vanished from the mortal realm, only to reappear from the depths of the Feywild.

Your own experience was no different. As a child, you were swept away from your home, your family, and the reality you knew, and you emerged into a vibrant and enchanting realm known as the Feywild.

The Feywild, in all its ethereal beauty, held secrets and wonders that no mortal could ever fully grasp. Its landscapes were both enchanting and treacherous, and its inhabitants, though beautiful, often had motives as mysterious as the mists that permeated their world.

You grew up among the fair folk, learning their ways and imbibing their knowledge. Yet, the mortal world, though forgotten, still held a faint ember of memory in your heart.

Now, back in the world you once knew, you are caught in a whirlwind of emotions. There’s a deep-seated curiosity, a desire to reconnect with the Feywild, your home for so many years.

Yet alongside that yearning is a trepidation, a dread of what could happen if you returned. The Feywild is, after all, not a place for the weak-hearted.

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Deception: Your time in the Feywild taught you the art of bending the truth, of weaving tales so intricate that even the most discerning would be hard-pressed to separate fact from fiction. This skill became a survival mechanism in a realm where reality itself could be as malleable as clay.

Survival: The Feywild, though breathtaking, was also a land of danger and unpredictability. From navigating through the ever-shifting landscapes to foraging for sustenance in a realm where time itself seemed inconsequential, your skills in survival became paramount to your very existence.


Musical Instrument (Lute): Music is a universal language, but in the Feywild, it holds even more significance. Over time, you became adept at playing the lute, a stringed instrument that resonated with the very essence of the Feywild. Its melodies can both enchant and soothe, and its sound serves as a constant reminder of the time spent in that mystical realm.


Sylvan: You chose to learn Sylvan, the native tongue of the fey creatures and inhabitants of the Feywild. It’s a language as old as time itself, filled with nuances and subtleties that reflect the very nature of the realm. With Sylvan, you can communicate with the myriad entities of the Feywild and understand the age-old tales that have shaped their existence.


Within your possession are three trinkets from the Feywild, each holding memories and significance: a crystal that glows with the light of the moon, a feather from a bird that sings only in the twilight, and a vial of iridescent liquid that shimmers in different colors.

Alongside these, you wear a set of traveler’s clothes, well-worn but durable, and a pouch containing 8 gold pieces, a modest amount for any journey.

Feywild Connection

Your connection to the Feywild is not merely physical but deeply spiritual. The very essence of the Feywild flows through you, allowing you to sense shifts in the fabric of the realm and draw upon its energy in times of need.

This connection is both a gift and a burden, as the allure of the Feywild constantly tugs at your heartstrings.

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Feywild Visitor

While you lived in the Feywild, you were not the only mortal to traverse its landscapes. Over time, you encountered various visitors, each with their tales of wonder and woe. Their stories served as a reminder of the world you left behind and the thin veil separating the two realms.

D8Faerie Dragon
1Awakened creature (a Beast or an ordinary plant that has had the Awaken spell cast on it)
4Faerie dragon

Fey Mark

As a token of your time in the Feywild, you bear a Fey Mark. It’s a subtle, shimmering tattoo, visible only under certain lights. This mark serves as a badge of honor and a constant reminder of your ties to the Feywild. It also holds mystical properties, allowing you to harness some of the Feywild’s innate magic.

D8Fey Mark Description
1Your eyes exhibit mesmerizing iridescent hues.
2You emit a delightful fragrance reminiscent of nectar or honey.
3Long whiskers, similar to those of a cat, adorn your face.
4Soft tufts of fur cover your ears, giving them a plush appearance.
5Your skin glistens and shimmers under the moon’s gentle light.
6In your presence, flowers either flourish or wither, depending on your choice.
7Your hair consists of entwined vines or delicate brambles and regrows to its original length within one hour of being trimmed.
8You possess a tail resembling that of a dog or another animal.

Witchlight Hand

Witchlight Hand

The Witchlight Hand is a title of prestige and allure in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. They are performers, tricksters, and carnival maestros, wielding their charm and talents to captivate audiences.

Recognized for their unique skills and tools, they speak in the tongue of magic and carry themselves with an air of fey mysticism.

As we delve deeper into the nuances of the Witchlight Hand, you’ll discover the intricacies of their expertise, the items they wield, and the mysterious companions and fixtures that accompany them in their carnival journey.


Performance: The Witchlight Hand’s main attribute is its capacity to perform. This isn’t just a mere talent; it’s an art form. Whether they are juggling flaming torches, performing acrobatic feats, or telling enchanting tales of distant lands, their ability to captivate an audience is unparalleled.

Their performance can evoke a range of emotions, from laughter to tears, ensuring that the crowd is always left wanting more.

Sleight of Hand: Coupled with their performance skills, the Witchlight Hand possesses an uncanny ability for sleight-of-hand tricks.

Be it coin tricks, card magic, or simple illusions, their fingers move with a swift elegance that can deceive even the most watchful eyes.

This skill often comes in handy, not just in performances but also in tricky situations where diversion or deception is required.


Disguise Kit: The carnival world thrives on mystery and illusion. With a disguise kit at their disposal, the Witchlight Hand can transform into any character or persona. This aids in their performance but also proves beneficial when they need to slip into or out of situations unnoticed.

Musical Instrument: Music is the soul of any carnival, and every Witchlight Hand is adept at playing at least one musical instrument. This could be anything from a lively fiddle, a haunting flute, or even the mystical harp.

The music they produce not only complements their performance but also sets the tone for the entire carnival, drawing audiences into a world of fantasy and wonder.


A Witchlight Hand is a traveler, an explorer of both the material and magical realms. As such, they are well-versed in a language of their choice.

This could be the lyrical Sylvan, spoken by fey creatures, the intricate Elvish, or even the guttural tones of Giant. Their linguistic skills allow them to communicate and negotiate with a variety of creatures, adding to their versatile nature.

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Deck of Cards: Beyond mere playing, a deck of cards in the hands of a Witchlight Hand becomes a tool of wonder. They use it for magic tricks, games, or even divination. The deck is often ornately decorated, resonating with the mystic aura of the Feywild.

Carnival Uniform or Costume: To stand out and command attention, the Witchlight Hand dons a carnival uniform or costume. This is not just attire but a declaration of their identity. Embroidered with fey symbols and often shimmering with enchantments, it complements their performance, adding an extra layer of allure.

Trinket from the Feywild Trinkets table: A token from the magical realm of the Feywild, this trinket serves both as a reminder of their mystical origins and as a source of power. Each trinket possesses its unique properties, often imbued with subtle fey magic.

Pouch with 8 GP: Money is essential for any traveler, and the Witchlight Hand is no exception. With a pouch containing 8 gold pieces, they are always ready for any transaction, be it buying supplies or paying off a local informant.

Carnival Companion

No Witchlight Hand is complete without its carnival companion. These are not mere pets but partners in performance. They could be a fey creatures like a sprite, talking ravens, or even miniature mimics.

These companions share a deep bond with the Witchlight Hand, assisting in performances, acting as scouts, or even warning them of impending danger.

D8Carnival Companion
1Elderly and irritable Witchlight hand
2Youthful and easily influenced Witchlight hand
3Entertainer (e.g., acrobat, clown, or musician)
4Retired entertainer
5Experienced animal trainer
6Aged blink dog
7Joyful sprite
8Innocuous, magical wisp of light (no stat block needed) with a 30-foot flying speed, hover capability, and a bright light radius of 5 feet, casting dim light for an additional 5 feet

Carnival Fixture

A key feature of the Witchlight Carnival is its ever-changing array of fixtures. For the Witchlight Hand, their fixture is a testament to their art.

It could be a grand tent filled with illusions, a magical carousel, or a stage that floats in mid-air. The fixture not only showcases their talents but also acts as a beacon, drawing audiences from far and wide.

FAQs about Backgrounds In The Wild Beyond The Witchlight

What is the purpose of character backgrounds in “Beyond the Witchlight”?

Character backgrounds in “Beyond the Witchlight” enrich gameplay by offering players distinct backstories and traits, enhancing the uniqueness and depth of each hero’s journey.

Can you explain who a ‘Feylost’ character is in this game?

A ‘Feylost’ is a character whisked away from their reality and thrown into the mystical landscapes of Feywild—commands a unique skill set born from surviving this foreign realm.

Is there any special feature about the ‘Witchlight Hand’ background?

The ‘Witchlight Hand’ background associates your character with Witchlight Carnival, lending them unique insights, contacts, and experiences borne from their life within this magical atmosphere.

How do these backgrounds impact the gameplay experience?

These backgrounds influence how your characters interact with the game’s world by providing unique personal histories, skills, and relationships, which really animate your gaming journey into an immersive narrative extravaganza.

Are there limitations to using these new backgrounds?

No, there are no specific limitations to using these new backgrounds; they’re designed to add variety and additional intrigue for all players ready to embark on their Witchlight adventures.


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