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Xanathar’s Guide To Everything Book [Essential DnD Expansion]

  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/24/2023
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Are you ready to delve into the thrilling world of D&D and not sure where to start? Welcome aboard! Let’s get you up to speed with the definitive reference book for every Dungeon Master – Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.

This book is your go-to companion that promises to bring immersive detail and added complexity into your D&D campaigns.

Imagine having all the resources, insights, spells, and expanding options right at your fingertips. It’s like having a magic spell book that unlocks exciting dimensions for players at every level.

So, sit back as we navigate the vast and intricate expanse of this manual together.

What is Xanathar’s guide to everything in D&D?

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, a unique name in itself, is an authoritative sourcebook published in 2017 that enriches the gameplay of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. Notably, it was brought to life by the skilled creators known as the Wizards RPG Team.

What is Xanathar's guide to everything in D&D?

A fundamental asset for Dungeon Masters and players alike, this guide acts as a supplement to two pivotal books – the 5th edition Dungeon Master’s Guide and the Player’s Handbook.

To provide additional tools and optional rules that make managing game components seamless for Dungeon Masters.

You may ask, what sets this guide apart? Why should it grace your game night? The answer is simple – it packs a wealth of content that caters to both novice and expert D&D enthusiasts.

With 31 new subclasses introduced for every class, it significantly leverages character development options to custom-fit your imagination.

For those hunting variety in magic use during gameplay, the guide outlines 95 distinct spells, with a prominent focus on Druids. These magic tricks up your sleeve are guaranteed to raise the excitement bar of your encounters.

Dungeon masters are not left out, either. A host of innovative tools await discovery, enhancing creativity and control over campaigns. From designing dynamic traps, strategic toolkits, adamantine weapons, and spellcasting areas, you name it.

The guide doesn’t stop there but delves into revising advice for more balanced encounters during play, ensuring you always have fair play adventuring amidst suspense-filled quests.

One special highlight of Xanathar’s Guide worthy of mention is expanded downtime activities providing unique scenarios into your character’s life beyond adventuring – broadening role-play horizons!

Thus, Xanathar’s Guide, an essential companion on every D&D enthusiast’s bookshelf, brings more depth and flavor to your adventures like never before seen within Dungeons & Dragons’ fantasy world.

Who is Xanathar?

In the intricate world of Dungeons & Dragons, Xanathar holds quite the reputation. But who exactly is he, you may ask? Well, Xanathar happens to be the name given to the beholder boss who rules the criminal underworld in Waterdeep.

Who is Xanathar?

This isn’t someone’s given name; rather, it’s a title passed down through centuries within the notorious gang – The Xanathar Guild.

The current holder of this ominous title is a full-blown megalomaniac. His only trusted companion is Sylgar, his pet goldfish, because, in typical beholder fashion, he balances a voracious appetite for knowledge with immense paranoia.

Xanathar’s unique obsession revolves around collecting and cataloging vast amounts of information about the world. This beholder seeks to learn literally “everything” in all of the multiverse in an effort to quell his deep-seated anxieties temporarily.

Interestingly, though their motivations vary wildly, every beholder shares an inherent trait of being a paranoid collector. So, when you’re navigating your D&D campaign, keep a wary eye out for these eccentric creatures and their madly insightful leader, Xanathar.

For more detailed information on the lore and legend surrounding Xanathar, I recommend visiting some dedicated D&D forums or picking up official D&D resources such as Waterdeep: Dragon Heist.

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Xanathar’s Guide to Everything: Chapter by Chapter

As you navigate through the pages of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, you’ll quickly realize this is more than just an ordinary guide – it’s a treasure chest that includes a blueprint for vibrant characters, awe-inspiring surroundings, and riveting narratives.

Xanathar's Guide to Everything: Chapter by Chapter

The book is broken into several key chapters, each rich with information critical to creating memorable D&D campaigns.

Character Options

This chapter of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything truly defines your character with specificities like never before. It features new subclasses for all 12 core classes, meaning no matter who you wish to become in the world of D&D, there’s something for you here.

For example, a rouge has not one but four new archetypes at its disposal! Not to be outdone, the wizard gets a unique archetype of their own as well.

Diving further in character options, you’ll explore a wealth of additional rules for various classes. To make your gameplay more intriguing and diverse, there are optional rules and backstory tables that add richness to your character’s life story.

New Subclasses – XGtE

Reinventing your D&D experience, Xanathar’s Guide delights us with a myriad of new possibilities! It presents a slew of new subclasses for all 12 core classes.

Picture it as cooking up an exciting recipe; each dash and sprinkle transforming the whole dish – that’s what these subclasses do for the game, letting you personalize and revamp your character in countless ways.

Allow me to break down these flavorful additions for you:

  • Barbarian: The Barbarian can choose to be an Ancestral Guardian, Storm Herald, or Zealot – each branching path pulling from different elements and affinities.
  • Bard: For Bards, there are two fresh alternatives – the College of Glamour or the College of Whispers – both offering enticing narratives sculpted by illusionary allure or psychological manipulation.
  • Cleric: Clerics gain access to the Forge and Grave domains while taking on the mantle of divine emissaries.
  • Druid: Enter into a new mystical pact with either Circle of Dreams or Circle of the Shepard, exploring deeper tiers of Druidic magic.
  • Fighter: Fighters are offered three new specializations: Arcane Archer, Cavalier, or Samurai – providing a blend of skillful combat intricacies and time-honed martial traditions.
  • Monk, Paladin, and Ranger have their distinct enhancing paths with the Monk’s Way of the Kensei and Way of Drunken Master; Paladin’s Oath of Conquest & Redemption; Ranger’s Gloom Stalker, Horizon Walker & Monster Slayer options.
  • Rogue introduces in-depth stealth mechanics via Scout subclass while also wardrobe swapping towards theatricality as Inquisitive or Mastermind Archetypes.
  • Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard classes have been lavished with unparalleled magical prowess – favoring players who relish arcane intricacies and celestial contracts or elemental praxis.

Revamp your journey, reinvent your character, and let Xanathar’s Guide to Everything make every step invigoratingly new and fascinatingly complex.

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Dungeon Master’s Tools

Arguably one of the most diverse and expansive sections in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, the Dungeon Master’s Tools chapter is your backstage pass into the D&D world.

It gifts you with a variety of expansive and innovative tools capable of transforming your campaigns into epic adventures. The tools have been thoughtfully designed to make your role as a Dungeon Master personnel easier and more dynamic.

You’ll find tricked-out resources like new rules for falling, magic item awarding guidelines, unhampered options for additional sidekicks, and clever ways to organize complicated spellcasting NPCs.

This chapter takes the challenge rating system up by a notch by introducing ‘encounter building’ explanations that allow you to strike a creative balance between player characters and monsters.

This not only creates challenging yet fair encounters but brings with it an edge of surprise that will keep your players on their toes.


They are moving onto ‘Downtime’. Way more than just a breather between adventures for heroes, downtime, as per Xanathar, is an opportunity. The book presents downtime as a chance for heroes to rest, recharge, and ready themselves for whatever comes next.

The revised downtime system in this guide provides detailed information on an array of activities, such as buying a magic item or carousing leading locations.

Have you ever contemplated what our heroes might venture into when they aren’t saving towns from menacing dragons? Maybe they’re dabbling with pit fighting or taking some time out for religious service? This section lays it all out in astonishing detail.

Downtime activities can be as immersive and engaging as ongoing quests, offering unique chances for character development while adding layers of realism to your campaign world.


Next up: ‘Traps’. Now, here’s where things get spicy! Traps serve as pivotal components in adding suspense to adventure modules – from guarding forbidden treasure troves to stalling intruders in nefarious lairs.

In the pages of Xanathar’s Guide, traps take on a newly intimidating role. With its detailed treatise on setting up devious trap structures, Dungeon Masters can now steer their narrative across diverse ends – be it a simple pitfall or a mind-boggling magical conundrum.

With the addition of complex traps, encounters reach epic, nail-biting levels. Dungeon Masters have clear instructions and diagrams illustrating how these complex traps work, the initiative order, and the different elements that make up each trap.

All these ensure your next gameplay will be a roller-coaster ride of constant thrills and edge-of-the-seat suspense.

Random Encounters

‘Random Encounters’. This section infuses an unpredictable zest into your campaigns by offering extensive tables, rules, and guidelines for generating exciting and varying run-ins with all sorts of creatures.

Whether your characters are strolling through a bustling city or navigating through treacherous wildlands, this guide provides ample resources to populate every journey with unforeseen encounters that will make your heart skip a beat.

The concept presented in Xanathar’s Guide embraces the adrenaline pump of unexpected meetings rather than random combat encounters.

The provided tables assist in interjecting thrilling randomness into characters’ paths in over 50 different terrains, thus testing their mettle while adding an element of tangible unpredictability to your campaigns.

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything lives up to its name by providing crucial resources that allow you to raise the stakes in every situation – be it downtime or traps.

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The ‘Spells’ chapter in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything is indeed a spellcaster’s dream come true. This portion serves as the replenished arsenal for wizards, sorcerers, and all those who dare to weave magic into existence.

Catering to all spellcasting classes, the guide introduces nearly a hundred never-seen-before spells that enhance your gameplay and enable more strategic choices.

Druid class enthusiasts, in particular, are in for a treat as their spell list undergoes a large expansion. From shapeshifting spells to new healing and damage abilities, the arcane artillery is simply extraordinary.

Besides this, Dungeon Masters can also find precious guidance on what it takes to run Shared Campaigns.

Unique advice for GM-ing one-session adventures and maintaining a dynamic character cast throughout each session, along with practical systems for trading treasure for powerful magical items, are included, too.

And if you are always scratching your head over naming your character, the extensive random character name tables will make this process 100% simpler and funnier.

This plethora of fresh resources certainly adds that much-needed variety and depth to every adventurer’s magical repertoire.

FAQs About Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

What is the purpose of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything?

The primary purpose of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything is to serve as an essential reference book, providing expansion rules and alternatives for both Dungeon Masters and players in Dungeons & Dragons. It really lives up to aspire to be a go-to resource for enriching your D&D gameplay.

Who is supposed to benefit most from Xanathar’s Guide?

Both Dungeon Masters and players can immensely benefit from this guide. It provides new subclasses, spells, magic items, downtime activities, and many tools that add depth and versatility to your campaign.

Why is Xanathar significant in the D&D universe?

Xanathar is a notable figure because he is a criminal beholder kingpin who rules over the greatest city in the Forgotten Realms setting – Waterdeep. His indispensable insight into every aspect of adventuring makes this guide an enriching read.

Can I use Xanathar’s Guide as an entry-level player?

While suited for all skill levels, especially experienced players seeking more customizations. However, it’s recommended beginners get acquainted with the Player’s Handbook before diving into Xanathar’s Guide for an enhanced understanding.

Is ‘Xanathar’s Guide To Everything’ worth purchasing?

Yes, Offering varied character options, game-enhancing spells, and detailed tools for adventure crafting, Xanathar’s Guide stands as an enriching addition to any seasoned Dungeon Master or player’s arsenal.


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