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Attack on Titan Roblox ID Codes (2024) Song / Music ID Code

Attack on Titan Roblox ID Codes (2022): Song / Music ID Code
  Written By: Pv Singh
Updated On: 07/31/2023
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As a huge fan of the Attack on Titan series, I’m thrilled to share with you how to incorporate one of the best aspects of this incredible anime into your Roblox gaming experience – the music! Are you ready for an adventure alongside Eren Yeager and his friends? Let’s explore the world of Attack on Titan Roblox ID codes and learn how to add epic soundtracks from this popular series to level up your gameplay.

In this blog post, I will detail not only a list of updated Attack on Titan music codes for 2024 but also tips and tricks for making the most out of your new in-game soundtrack. Get ready to dive into a musical world filled with pulse-pounding action and soaring emotions – all inspired by our favorite epic anime.

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List of Attack on Titan Roblox ID Codes (2024)

The heart and soul of any great anime is its soundtrack, and Attack on Titan has one that is simply unforgettable. To help you make your Roblox gaming experience even more engaging, here are some updated codes for popular songs from the series:

All Attack on Titan Roblox ID Codes (2022)
Song (Version)Roblox ID Code
Attack on Titan(SNK) OST Dubstep -SaHi237361114
Attack on Titan155107435
Attack on Titan OP (Violin) [Loopable]295552951
Attack on Titan – Female Titan268529999
Attack on Titan OST138089731
Attack on Titans Theme (FULL)728472181
Attack on Titan (Armored Titan Theme)2863574956
Attack on Titan Op 14973416812
Attack on Titan Season 2 Opening – Sasageyo931196582
Attack on Titan Season 2 – Shinzo wo Sasageyo!720813067
Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin Opening566507830
Attack on Titan Season 2770227213
Attack on Titan137529753
Attack on Titan Red Swan2120392468
Shinzou wo Sasageyo – Attack On Titan OP 3894593082
Attack on Titan Opening Season 46124763050
Attack On Titan – Attack ON Titan (WMiD)3360704361
Red Swan – Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack On Titan)6276846693
Attack On Titan Opening 66158800684
APETITAN – Attack on Titan Season 21094469521
My War Opening Full – Attack on Titan Season 46476356793
Attack on Titan Final Season6081013489
Attack on Titan – Ashes on The Fire6368928680
Attack on Titan – Titan: Transformation [FULL]6746211578
Attack on Titan Opening English [by: brandon]854854859
Attack On Titan {Hip Hop remix}159321643
Attack on Titan – APETITAN [FULL]854869981
Attack On Titan – TWO Lives4649147533
Attack on Titan Opening English [by brandon] (II)871322986
Attack On Titan Season 4 Opening6053688994
Attack on Titan – Before the Fall297687162
Attack on Titan My War Full Version6425181772
Attack on Titan Season 4 – Final Season – Opening6056671831
Attack on Titan Season 4 OP6175240242
Attack on Titan – SEASON 4 Trailer Theme5675874606
Attack On Titan Op I (Full German)5807393809
Attack On Titan Op I (Full german)5929656910
Attack on Titan S3 Part 2 Highlight (Loud)5946542693
Attack on Titan Opening Theme Feuerroter Pfeil und5957653884
Attack on Titan Season 4 Ending – MultipleStuds6053719256
Attack On Titan Final Season (Opening & Ending)6055483101
Attack on Titan – Requiem – Ending – Season #6085070916
Attack On Titan OP 6 (Little Loud)6100162298
Renai Circulation Attack on Titan6106502780
Attack on Titan – YouSeeBigGirl _ T -T (RUMBLING)6107435287
Attack on Titan Final Season # Official OP6123203473
Attack on Titan Season 2 – Opening6128674021
Colossal Titan theme (Attack On Titan)6130353352
Attack on Titan OST – Counterattack Mankind Part 26137924186
Colossal Titan Theme (Attack On Titan)6148640671

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How to Use the Attack on Titan Roblox ID Codes?

These codes can be used easily within your game by following these simple steps:

How to Use Attack on Titan Roblox Song ID?
  1. Launch your chosen Roblox game and click on the “Gear” icon.
  2. Navigate to “Music” or “Audio” settings.
  3. Copy and paste an appropriate music ID code from the table above into the designated field.
  4. Hit “Enter” or “Submit” to apply the code, and enjoy your custom Attack on Titan soundtrack!

Exploring the Best Songs from the Attack on Titan Series

Though the series is most recognizable for its thrilling opening themes and explosive battle anthems, there are also plenty of emotional tracks to discover. From heart-wrenching character themes to resounding victory scores, there are a plethora of compelling tunes that truly capture the essence of Attack on Titan:

Iconic Opening Themes

The opening themes in this series are famous for their energy and intensity. Songs such as Guren no Yumiya, Jiyuu no Tsubasa, and Shinzou wo Sasageyo! serve as perfect anthems to pump up your gaming experience.

Powerful Soundtracks for Emotional Scenes

Composer Hiroyuki Sawano has crafted beautiful music representing the deeply emotional moments in the series. Tracks, like Call Your Name and Vogel im Käfig, capture the characters’ pain and triumphs.

Battle Anthems and Victory Scores

Some tracks serve as electrifying background music for crucial battles, including legendary soundscapes like Armored Titan Theme or victory tunes such as Eren’s Coordinate. These songs will heighten your Roblox gameplay experience to epic levels of excitement.

Attack on Titan full theme song

Tips to Maximize Your Audio Experience in Roblox Games

Finding an ideal balance of sound when playing games can be challenging, but here are some suggestions to help you fully enjoy your new Attack on Titan-inspired soundtrack:

  • Adjust volume levels: Find a comfortable balance between game effects and custom soundtrack volume levels for a well-rounded gaming ambiance.
  • Explore sound settings: Customization options might include toggles for separate channels (music, dialogue, special effects), allowing personalized fine-tuning of audio levels.
  • Utilize speaker accessories: Enhance your gaming experience with external headphones or speakers designed specifically for PC, console, or mobile gaming.

Attack on Titan Themed Roblox Games to Explore

For a more immersive experience, combine Attack on Titan music codes with related fan-made games that feature characters and storylines from the series:

  • Attack on Titan: The Fallen – Escape from Titans in an epic survival challenge.
  • Attack on Titan: Downfall – Experience thrilling PvP action as you take on the role of a soldier or Titan.

By combining your custom Attack on Titan soundtrack with these exciting Roblox games, you’ll feel like you’re actually living within the anime universe!

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Music Codes

Sometimes your chosen music codes might not work correctly. Here are some causes of invalid or non-working codes and possible fixes:

  • Code expiry: Some codes have a limited time validity and may not work after expiration. Check back frequently for updated ID codes.
  • Typographical errors: Ensure you have entered the correct code without any mistakes.

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Why Customize Your Gaming Experience with an Anime-Inspired Soundtrack?

In our fast-paced, ever-changing world, nostalgia plays a crucial role in maintaining a sense of identity. By incorporating Attack on Titan music into your Roblox gaming experience, you’ll create a personalized, engaging virtual world that combines cherished memories of watching the series alongside exhilarating gameplay.

In conclusion, adding an anime-inspired soundtrack to your Roblox universe is as fun as it is easy. With custom Attack on Titan music codes at your fingertips, prepare yourself for an immersive adventure through thrilling battles and emotional moments from one of anime’s greatest sagas.


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