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4800+ Snapchat Private Story Names Ideas (2024) Funny, Cool

Snapchat Private Story Names Ideas (2022): Funny, Cool
  Written By: Pv Singh
Updated On: 07/31/2023
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Navigating the lively and vibrant social media platform that is Snapchat can be a delightful journey. One of the most enticing features it offers is the ability to create private stories. A shared place for pictures and videos that only selected friends can view. However, one challenge that often befuddles many users is choosing the right Snapchat private story names.

Like a book cover, your Snapchat private story name provides a glimpse into what your narrative entails, making it an important aspect of your overall aesthetic appeal. Settling on an engaging and witty name not only attracts more viewers but also sets a tone for the content they are about to witness.

Hence, coming up with compelling and creative Snapchat private story names can significantly enhance your digital storytelling game.

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What is a Private Story on Snapchat?

A Private Story on Snapchat is a unique feature that allows users to share their snaps, videos, and stories selectively with a chosen audience.

What is a Private Story on Snapchat? (2024)

Unlike the usual Snapchat stories that are visible to all your friends, private stories offer you exclusive control over who can view them.

How to Create a Private Story?

Here’s how you can create your own private story:

  • Open your Snapchat app.
  • Click on the square icon located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select “+ Private Story” or “+ Custom Story” depending on your preference.
  • Choose and add friends who you want to share your story with.
  • Click on “Create Story”.

Voila! Your private story is now ready to be populated with snaps.

Creating unique and intriguing Snapchat private story names can make these spaces even more personal and engaging for your viewers.

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What to Name Your Snapchat Private Story?

Choosing a name for your Snapchat private story necessitates creativity. The name sets the tone and context of the content to be shared. Here are some factors to consider:

What to Name Your Snapchat Private Story? (2024)
  • Audience: Envision who your viewers are, and determine what kind of names would be appealing to them. If it’s a group of colleagues or classmates, then professional or academic-themed names can be appropriate. On the other hand, close friends might appreciate humorous or quirky identifiers.
  • Intent: Reflect on the type of content you’ll share in your private Snap story. Use this as inspiration for the name selection.
  • Privacy levels: If you want to keep your Snapchat story exclusive, choose an inconspicuous title that doesn’t reveal too much about its content.

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Snapchat Private Story Name Generator

Snapchat Private Story Name Ideas (2024)

Coming up with a creative and engaging private story name on Snapchat can sometimes be a challenge, but it’s essential as it sets the tone for your content. So, here are seven top-notch ideas to help fuel your creativity.

Snapchat Private Story Name Ideas (2024)
  • No Filters Needed: This name gives a bold statement about being genuine in your posts.
  • The Daily Chronics: A perfect title for documenting your everyday life or adventures, mentioning “daily” signals frequent updates that can keep friends hooked.
  • Witty Snaps: An engaging name for comedic or sarcasm-filled content.
  • Caffei-naps: A catchy title if you’re a café hopper and coffee lover, showcasing all the charming and quaint cafes you visit.
  • Food for Thought: As an excellent choice for food lovers, this title can highlight your gastronomic explorations.
  • The Night Owlets: Ideal if you’re prone to hosting late-night talks or exploring the nightlife.
  • Globe Trotters: For those who travel frequently and want to share their exciting journeys.

By giving some thought to what your content involves, you’ll soon get into the groove of crafting clever private story names that entice your friends to take a look.

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Funny Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

Let’s face it: sometimes, the best way to hook someone into viewing your story is by making them laugh with an amusing title. A sense of humor can add a distinctive charm to your private stories and keep people coming back for more fun-filled content.

Funny Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some hilarious and groovy Snapchat private story names for you to use or draw inspiration from.

  • Oh, Snap!
  • Just for Shutter!
  • Snappy Hour
  • Did It For The Snaps
  • The Funnel Vision
  • The Swag Bag
  • Spoiler Alerts
  • Ignorance Is Blitz
  • Fighting Gravity
  • Kaleidoscope Cacophony
  • Temporal Tantrums
  • Grand-Moments Auto
  • Ghost Mode Coast
  • Laughter Chamber
  • Borderline Disorderly Conduct
  • Funny Bunny-ness
  • Screams Are Temporary
  • Messy Nesty
  • Trash – just like me
  • Don’t tell my mom
  • It izz what it izz
  • How to get away with murder
  • The chamber of secrets
  • What’s Up, Privates?
  • Why are you here?
  • [Name]’s boring life
  • The ‘should have deleted’ ones
  • Kissing in public – yea or nay?
  • F*ck it; I’ll try again tomorrow
  • Hungry for trouble
  • I Spy on You All the Time
  • The new daddy
  • Worst story ever
  • Balls of steel
  • Biggest clown in town
  • Don’t mess with the best
  • Lights on, nobody home
  • People I tolerate
  • Lazy pazy
  • I’m Not Laughing
  • Troublemaker
  • The best of the worst
  • No need to be a hero today 😉
  • The makings of a story
  • My stubborn days
  • Coz I’m worth it
  • How not to parent
  • I don’t want to be alone tonight
  • Mr lazy
  • Need4Weed
  • I’m a terrible dad (or mom)
  • The worst of the best
  • The most interesting man
  • I’m an adult now
  • The best story ever
  • Just like that
  • Eye of the Idiot
  • I’m a terrible adult
  • I am from mars
  • Unserious Business
  • Smile While You Can
  • Birds Eye Goofballs

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Good Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

Coming up with a catchy name for your private story can be quite the undertaking. After all, you want a title that’s not only intriguing but also easy to remember and reflective of the content shared. Here’s a compilation of fifty effective Snapchat private story names that are sure to pique and retain the interest of your selected audience.

Good Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)
  • Into the Unseen
  • Kaleidoscope Vision
  • Day in my Life
  • The Secret Chamber
  • Unforgettable Moments
  • Hidden Wonders
  • The Snap Diaries
  • Reality Check
  • Chasing Sunsets
  • Murmurs In The Dark
  • Sneak Peeks
  • Unscripted Odysseys
  • Ripple Effects
  • Unhinged Horizons
  • Whispering Pines
  • Nightrider Tales
  • The magic of me!
  • Life is a journey
  • Love is all you need 🙂
  • I’m not perfect but I have fun
  • Leave it all behind for a while
  • My life is always an adventure
  • Happy, healthy, and loved
  • This is my world of color 🙂
  • “I’m free” at last!
  • No filters here. It’s all me 😉
  • The story of a life time
  • Every day brings smthng new
  • I’m just living life
  • This is my happy place!
  • Seasons in the Sun
  • Unearthly Echoes
  • Time-Lapse Tales
  • Ticking Heartbeats
  • The Great Perhaps
  • The Dancing Demons

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Cool Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

Your Snapchat private story should reflect your personality and stand out among an ocean of stories. A cool, edgy name can make all the difference in attracting a wider audience. Below, we’ve curated a list of slick and snappy names for your private stories that radiate “cool” from every angle.

Cool Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)
  • Snapaholic
  • Unseen Scenes
  • Snaps Orchestra
  • Sundrenched Snaps
  • Candid Chronicles
  • Hobnobbing Snaps
  • The Snap Spectacle
  • Digital Voyage
  • Snap Magic Tricks
  • Night Crawler Diaries
  • Silent Whispers
  • Phantom Frames
  • I’m just hanging out, being cool
  • I’m from the ghetto
  • I’m a beautiful disaster
  • No makeup, no problem
  • My life is so glamorous
  • Who doesn’t want to be famous?
  • I’m just being me
  • I’m sorry not sorry
  • I don’t need a man
  • Good hair don’t care!
  • I’m a boss bitch, y’all hatin
  • I’m so basic
  • What’s up? I just woke up!
  • Selfie queen
  • My life is dope & that’s the truth
  • I’m not a hipster
  • I think I see Jesus
  • Can’t stop, won’t stop
  • My hair is on fire & I don’t care
  • You can’t have my swag
  • You’re only as old as you feel!
  • I’m the shizzle
  • Swagger on over here
  • I woke up like this
  • Don’t hate me coz Im beautiful
  • I’m a cool kid
  • I’m so hot right now!
  • My life is lit
  • Snapchatter of the Year
  • I need to get my swag back!
  • Cool story, bro

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Offensive Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

For friends who share an edgy sense of humor, giving your Snapchat private story an offensive name can add a spark of camaraderie to your circle.

Offensive Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

However, remember the line between humor and insensitivity; offensive can be funny, but crossing boundaries could hurt feelings. Here’s a list of cheeky, unapologetic, and slightly offensive private story names that you might find amusing.

  • Meme Dumpster
  • Wildly Inappropriate
  • Unholy Thoughts
  • Savage Chronicles
  • You’re kinda rude, huh?
  • I’m sorry, I don’t care
  • You’re a terrible person
  • I’m sorry, I can’t hear you
  • Yo, what’s up dog?
  • Don’t make me get up & leave
  • I’m the boss, I make the rules
  • How dare you ask that!
  • Hey there cutie Patootie
  • A little respect, please
  • Snapchat: way 2 stay untouched
  • I’m not a plaything
  • No, I’m not ok with that
  • I can’t even believe you said that
  • Not today, maybe tomorrow
  • You can’t break my heart
  • You’re not too bright are ya?
  • I’ll take care of you later
  • What is your damage?
  • Take it or leave it!
  • You can’t handle me right now
  • I need a few minutes to myself
  • This is my personal space
  • I don’t need you in my life anymore
  • I’m going to go get drunk now
  • I’m not a toy

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Snapchat Private Story Names for Girls (2024)

In the sparkling world of Snapchat, the ladies always want to keep it fun, engaging, and trendy. The private story name is a vibrant extension of their personality and charisma which can add a dash of allure to their stories. Here is a list of tantalizing Snapchat private story names tailored especially for the girls.

Snapchat Private Story Names for Girls (2024)
  • This Girl is a Cat Lady
  • Pizza Pizza! Let’s Eat!
  • Just A Girl Saying Hi
  • I’m Growing Up
  • You’ll Be My Next Boyfriend
  • Sweet Potato Toast: A Love Story
  • “Good” Girls (Male Version)
  • So Emotional
  • We Can Be Heroes Together
  • I’m a Girl Who Stays Up Late
  • The Girl with Crazy Haircut
  • Just a Girl in Love with Her Man
  • Sorry, I Forgot to Wear a Bra
  • “Bad” Girls
  • Don’t Cry: Smile Instead
  • Best Present: Peeing My Pants!
  • Oops! I Forgot My Pants. Again.
  • Snapchat Queen
  • I’m Cool, Seriously
  • I Hate My Job. Why Do I Love It?
  • I’m Just a Grown Woman
  • I’m Too Cool for School
  • If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em
  • I’m Not Trying To Be Mean But…
  • The Girl Who Wears All Black
  • I’ll b Back, I’m Jss Pooping
  • Superwoman
  • The Girl Who Lost His Smile
  • The Girl Who Hates Herself
  • It’s Too Late To Apologize Now
  • The Sweet, Smart & Sexy
  • I’m Going to Be Famous

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Snapchat Private Story Names for Boys (2024)

When it comes to suave story names, boys could use a helping hand. A catchy and undefeated name not only warrants unwavering attention but also creates an air of mystery and anticipation.

Snapchat Private Story Names for Boys (2024)

Listed below are some irresistible private story names tailor-made for the guys to create a compelling presence on Snapchat.

  • Laidback Dude
  • Snap Buster
  • Snack Time, Boys and Girls!
  • Dating Material: If U Want Some
  • Fashionista Extraordinaire
  • I’m Too Young To Die
  • I’m a Bully
  • The Constant Complainer
  • Mr. Cool, Calm and Collected
  • I Scream, You Scream, Ice Cream
  • The Silent Type
  • The Prom King: Charming & Classy
  • Ladies Man Extraordinaire
  • The Joke Machine
  • Hey, Girl. I’ll Buy You Some Tacos
  • The Boy With The Fuzzy Face
  • Party On, Dude. Party Harder.
  • Loose Lips Sink Ships
  • The Boy Who Wears All Black
  • I Just Really Like Girls
  • The Coolest Guy Ever
  • Can I Have Your Number?
  • Mood: Up For Anything
  • I Know I’m Hot
  • Snapchat King
  • The One With the Crazy Friends
  • Why Am I So Dumb?
  • Superman, But Too Shy
  • Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine
  • I’m So Sorry, Really I Am
  • The Boy Who Likes to Laugh
  • Ghost Story. Do Not Read Alone!
  • 100% Single and Available
  • Young, Dumb and Bored AF
  • Haters Gonna Hate
  • I’m Just A Boy Trying to B Cute
  • The Boy Who Hates Mondays
  • I’m Too Good To Be True
  • Crazy And I Know It
  • I’m A Nerd
  • DND; Doing Important
  • Here Comes Trouble
  • What’s Up, Ladies?
  • The Shy One
  • This Is How I Roll
  • My Next Girlfriend
  • The One With the Pretty Face
  • I’m So Lazy

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Creative Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

Going out of the box to name your Snapchat private story can feel like a lofty task, but remember creativity knows no bounds. The right phrase can grab your viewers’ attention and give them an intriguing glance into what’s next. To inspire you in this endeavor, we’ve compiled some fresh and creative private story names for your Snapchat.

Creative Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)
  • My attitude is so bad, it’s gd
  • This is going down in history
  • My style’s like, so hot it hurts
  • I make the ice cream melt
  • The more the merrier
  • Perfect dose of sugar & spice
  • I’m so full of energy!
  • I know when to keep it cool
  • I’m a unicorn with wings
  • You know that’s my fav pose?
  • Dare me to be your favorite?
  • Bold & beautiful like it shd b
  • I’m a total rockstar?
  • I’m so on trend, it’s scary
  • I’m way too happy
  • My life is such an open book
  • Look at this vogue goer
  • My life’s like an epic story
  • I put my heart on the line 4 U
  • I’m a low-key baller
  • I’m so fly, my shoes r jealous
  • I’m a real live wire
  • Lyf is a neverending adventure
  • I know I look good, just sayin’
  • The coolest girl you know
  • I’m like the perfect cup of tea
  • I’m the queen of awesome
  • I’m a social butterfly
  • My smile’s contagious
  • This is my jam for the night
  • I’ve got it all under control
  • My style game is on point!
  • My life is like a work of art

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Baddie Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

For those who exude confidence, power, and a bit of sass, your Snapchat private story deserves a unique moniker that spells out ‘baddie’ in bold letters.

Baddie Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

Here’s a list of suggested baddie private story names that capture assertiveness and an unapologetic, fiery spirit. You can utilize these names as they are or rework them to better fit your individual style.

  • Fearless Feats
  • Strike A Chord
  • Notorious Chronicles
  • Unapologetic Vibes
  • I’m wild and I know it
  • Let’s do something bad together
  • You’re like a drug to me
  • I’m lost without you
  • Do you need to be saved?
  • Come over & watch Netflix 🙂
  • Kiss me & make it better
  • I wish I was your blanket
  • I’m straight up not good for U
  • You’re the air I breathe
  • You’re my favorite bad guy
  • Baby, you’ll be mine tonight?
  • U make my heart beat faster
  • U make me go all night long!
  • Wanna walk on the wild side
  • I’m feeling kind of naughty!
  • You’re my fvt place to visit
  • I see your lips
  • I’ll be your love guru
  • Hi, I’m a crush on you

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Depressing Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

Sometimes, our lives don’t feel like the colorful adventure we want to portray on social media. For those darker days, an appropriately named private story can provide a safe space to share your feelings.

Depressing Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

If you’re in search of such Snapchat private story names that mirror your melancholy mode, tune into this list.

  • When will my life get better?
  • Why am I like this?
  • Why do I have to be like this?
  • This is unbearable!
  • It hurts too much
  • I’m struggling for my sanity
  • What’s the point of anything at all?
  • Empty inside
  • I feel so alone
  • This is my life now (with a sad face emoji)
  • There’s no point in continuing
  • I’m so depressed
  • My life sucks
  • I can’t do anything right
  • I don’t know what to do
  • I feel worthless
  • Please give up on me now
  • Unbelievable pain & sadness
  • Why am I still here?
  • I’m so sad
  • Why me?
  • Nothing in my life makes me happy
  • This is what depression looks like
  • Life is pointless
  • Who will miss me when I die?
  • When will I be happy?

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Best Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

Many Snapchat users struggle to find the right name for their private stories, often settling for something mundane or uninspiring. However, your story’s name is the gateway to your audience’s interest, making it vital to choose a catchy one. Here are crisp and engaging Snapchat private story names that you can consider.

Best Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)
  • Snap Diaries
  • Serendipity
  • Laffy Taffy
  • Filtered Frames
  • Kingdom of Dreams
  • Let Me Enter-tale-you
  • Runaway Thoughts
  • Snapped Shots
  • Through My Lens
  • Unspoken Melodies
  • The Story Behind That Photo
  • The Challenges of Parenthood
  • Monday Blues
  • Cute Animals Around d World
  • This Morning on My Mind…
  • Best Thing I Bought This Week
  • What I’m Feeling Today
  • The Story of Us
  • What I’m Grateful For
  • I’m Just the Camera
  • The Most Important Lesson
  • The Reality of My Life
  • From a Dog’s Point of View
  • I’m Not Crazy
  • Holiday Traditions
  • My Crazy Life
  • My Firsts & Lasts on Snapchat
  • What I Love About My Life
  • A Day in the Life

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Cute Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

Adding a sprinkle of adorableness to your private Snapchat stories can make them pop amidst a sea of everyday posts. Ensuring that your story name is just as cute as the content within is an excellent approach to engaging viewers.

Cute Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

So, without further ado, let us dabble into these whimsical and super cute Snapchat private story names that are guaranteed to make your friends go “aww”.

  • I’m lost without you
  • The story of me and you
  • I don’t want to grow up!
  • The most imp. lesson. Ever.
  • I’m not crazy, I promise!
  • It’s just the beginning
  • I could go on all day
  • Who am I even anymore?
  • What should I do with this?
  • Until next time
  • Why are we here?
  • I don’t mean to brag
  • First day on the job
  • Goodbye for now
  • I can’t blv this is my life
  • Life is good, don’t you think?
  • I need a vacation. Please?
  • I’m finally following my dreams
  • I just woke up
  • My first time

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Smoking Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

Snapchat stories themed around intriguing and exploratory smoking sessions can become a fun shared space among friends. Whether you’re vaping or enjoying hookah sessions, associating your experiences with an attention-grabbing story name is imperative.

Smoking Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

Below is a compilation of some catchy smoking private story names for Snapchat that will leave loads of thumbs hovering over your stories in anticipation.

  • My happy place
  • Clear Lungs, Clear Mind
  • Out of This World Experience
  • I just can’t get enough
  • My favorite flavor of the day
  • I’m a cloud chaser.
  • Pick Me Up!
  • What’s That In My Lungs?
  • Dropping Clouds
  • Crazy Nights
  • I’m high as a kite.
  • Dirty Layers and Deep Lungs
  • Lung Filler.
  • Up In Smoke. Literally!
  • Writhing & Coughing Up a Storm
  • Potential For Heaven
  • On Cloud Nine. Literally!
  • Smoke, Smoke Everywhere!
  • Foggy Fantasies
  • I’m Flying High
  • Breathing In the Good Stuff

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College Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

College life undoubtedly makes up some of the most enduring moments in one’s life. It’s love, friendship, study nights, parties, and much more captured in one singular platform: Snapchat.

College Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

To encapsulate all your memories and share them with your chosen peers, you need a private story name that resonates with your college experience. Here are some jovial and relatable Snapchat private story names for all the collegians out there.

  • Study Bugs & Coffee Mugs
  • Disoriented Scholars
  • I’m majoring in
  • The final day of the semester
  • Campus party
  • I’m studying for exams
  • I’m so ready for today
  • I’m graduating soon!
  • I had a great day today!
  • It’s a weekday
  • I just got out of class
  • My roommate is the best
  • I just got into college
  • It’s Friday!
  • Loving my dorm life!
  • I saw this amazing thing!
  • Dorm life is the best
  • College is hard
  • I just got a job
  • My professors are incredible
  • I just got to class!

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School Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

Snapchat stories revolving around the daily adventures at school are incredibly popular, and why wouldn’t they be? They’re a perfect confluent of humor, drama, and nostalgia.

School Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

To make your school stories stand out, here are some inventive Snapchat private story names specifically suited for your scholastic pursuits.

  • Class(less) Chronicles
  • Hallway Diaries
  • My teacher is mean
  • Can’t wait 4 d weekend!
  • I’m so sleepy
  • What I did today!
  • I was late to school
  • I’m so excited
  • I can’t wait to go home
  • I’m so tired!
  • My crush just walked by
  • Lunch time!
  • Got my lunch
  • Bored at school
  • My teacher is the best!
  • I just got a new toy
  • Why does school suck?
  • I had a great day
  • It’s time for recess
  • School life is great
  • School is hard

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Disney Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

For the Disney enthusiasts among us, incorporating some pixie dust into our digital communication can be a magical touch. Why not sprinkle some of that magic into your Snapchat private story names?

Disney Private Story Names for Snapchat (2024)

Here, we have compiled a list of thirty enchanting Disney-themed names for your Snapchat private stories.

  • Cinderella gets her prince
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • I wish I were _____
  • Frozen Fever
  • It’s snowing in Neverland
  • It’s a small world
  • Frozen forever!
  • The lion sleeps tonight
  • I’m so excited!
  • The Aristocats
  • Nemo forever!
  • A frog named Santa
  • I wish I were a mermaid
  • Hakuna Matata
  • I’ve got the magic touch
  • I’ve got a friend in me
  • I can fly!
  • Pleased to meet you, too.

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FAQs About Snapchat Private Story Names

What are Snapchat private story names?

Snapchat private story names are unique titles that users can create for their collection of Snapchat stories that are shared privately with a select group of friends.

Why should I care about my Snapchat private story name?

Just like a book title, your Snapchat private story name gives an essence of your content to the viewers, enticing them into viewing your story and setting up their expectations.

Can I change the name of my Private Story?

Yes, you can modify your Private Story’s name on Snapchat any time after creating it.

Can others rename my Private Story on their end on Snapchat?

No, only you, as the creator of the Private Story, have control over its title.

Does my Private Story’s name get deleted when I delete the story on Snapchat?

Yes, deleting your private story also removes its name and all accompanying content from Snapchat.

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In the vibrant world of Snapchat, private stories bring a unique twist, enabling users to share their fun, emotional, or even random moments in a controlled environment.

Relevant and creative Snapchat private story names can add to one’s storytelling game on this platform. With the right name, you don’t just pique interest but also set a mood for what’s about to be unraveled.

Choosing the ideal name for your Snapchat private story might seem daunting initially but it’s worth every bit of brain-racking! After all, your chosen name shapes the way viewers perceive and connect with your content.

So whether you opt for a humorous, mysterious, cute, or thematic approach while naming your story, remember – A captivating title is the stepping stone to a more engaging interaction with your selected audience on Snapchat!


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