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1200+ Cool PSN Names 2020 (Not Taken)

September 21, 2020
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Had you recently bought PlayStation and going to create an account there? but stuck while giving your PS4 profile names and that is why surfing over google for cool PSN names 2020, then you came to the right website as nowhere, I will guide you with a list of the best PS4 names which includes many categories such as funny, good, creative, clever, badass, girls, boys, 3 letter, short, and 4 letter PSN names as well.

PlayStation is a video game console launched in 1994 by Sony Interactive Entertainment which is owned by Minami-Aoyama, Japan, Tokyo, and Minato. After, its launch, in a decade, there are 100 million units sold worldwide. The craze of PlayStation is increasing day by day and developers also know that and that's why they are launching the upgraded version ps5 very soon and at present, there are a total of 5 PlayStation launched world-widely.

After buying PlayStation, you can easily create an account there. But when the time comes to choose the ps5 profile name, you always scratch your head for getting a perfect name for that, as choosing the best and the perfect PSN name is very important. Now, you don't need to scratch your head anymore as nowhere, I will provide you cool PSN names list in this article.

Before going to the list, you should also know about how to change PS4 names.

How to Change PSN Names?

You have two methods to change PSN names and both of them are listed below:

From PS:

  • Go to the settings tab.
  • After that go to online ID by passing through Account management> Account Information> Profile> Online ID.
  • Now, type the name according to your choice and there is a suggestion box also, if you find good ps4 names there, you can also choose from there.
  • After that, you have to follow the on-screen prompts.

From Web Browser:

  • Open your default browser and go to the Sony PlayStation Official website.
  • Now, login here by providing the necessary details.
  • After that, click on the Edit option present near to your Online ID.
  • Now, type your desired name.
  • After that, follow the screen prompts.

Now, if you are going to change your PS4 name, then the given list is best for you. Now, copy the PSN name which you want to use as your PSN profile name.

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Funny PSN Names 2020

Are you a PS4 player? and want to make your friends laugh? then you have a good idea and to do so you can use some funny PSN names, as they will surely help you make them laugh. A piece of good news for you, I have a good amount of collection for the funny PS4 names and you can easily copy then and paste into your account.

Now, choose the funniest PSN names from the list given below and make your friends laugh:

Funny PSN names
  • Minddit
  • Thxnder
  • vorZe
  • Onepump
  • rxvert
  • genes
  • sloppy_wet
  • matthew_high_damage
  • imma_rage_quit
  • xbox_sign_out
  • magic_fetus
  • ion
  • Cloundzy
  • Drxm
  • viron
  • volly
  • flesh
  • vendore
  • butt_smasher
  • mama_karma
  • google_was_my_idea
  • i_was_a_mistake
  • sold_mom_for_rp
  • dusty_bawls
  • zero_deaths
  • better_than_you
  • do_not_leave_me
  • date_me
  • uncommon_name
  • name_not_important
  • image_not_uploaded
  • i_boop_ur_nose
  • Audacity
  • Zlock
  • Disco Ninja
  • Ghost Rider
  • Prxmise
  • SCARey SNIPer
  • Cartoon Savage
  • hanging_with_my_gnomies
  • big_mamas_house
  • hugs_for_drugs
  • bill_nye_the_russian_spy
  • hoosier_daddy
  • intelligent_zombie
  • hugo_balls
  • stinky_pinky
  • fast_and_the_curious
  • bad_karma
  • tea_baggins
  • average_student
  • protect_ya_neck
  • Reaperbot
  • in_jail_out_soon
  • desperate_enuf
  • herpes_free_since_03
  • kiss-my-axe
  • king_0f_dairy_queen
  • dildo_swaggins
  • shaquille_oatmeal
  • ask_yo_girl_about_me

Cool PSN Names

Are you a cool person? and are you going to create a new PSN account? and want to show your coolness by your profile name and didn't get any cool PSN names that match your coolness level, then you came to the right destination as nowhere, I will guide you with cool names for PSN and all the names given will match your coolness level. Now, what are you waiting for? go and choose the cool ps4 names and paste it to your profile so that your friends also know about your cool side.

Cool PSN names
  • Boomkin
  • KungFu Barbie
  • Pain Slayer
  • Tarty Toes
  • Dirty Denise
  • Big Axe Dwarf
  • Hadouken
  • Orkward
  • SnackySnacks
  • Mini Mouse
  • Wicked Impulse
  • Chill Dude
  • Brain Hacker
  • Sweet Poison
  • Owl Pacino
  • Tongue Berry
  • Complex Slayers
  • Agent Hercules
  • Junkyard Dog
  • Friendly Dolphin
  • Mortality Returns
  • Bonzai
  • Broomspun
  • Salty Cookie
  • Bombastic
  • The Bon Jon
  • Dold Digger
  • Thunder Bunt
  • Tonight Gamer
  • Knuckle Duster
  • Lowercase Guy
  • Local Back Stabber
  • Jack The Ripper

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Best PSN Names

While naming your PSN profile name, keep in mind to use the best names for PSN, as this will be shown to your friends and also to your opponents and to make them know about your character, you should use the best PSN names. Now, to do this, you can choose any of the best names for PS4 from the list given below, which includes the best PS4 names as well. All the names given in the list will help you make a good image in front of the opponents and game friends.

Best PSN names
  • xxxHOLIC64585
  • notdanryckert
  • abbyCRUSHELL
  • DesignByVinny
  • nietzschewasright
  • austin_blocker
  • danielleMMA
  • DaJoyousGamr
  • CaligulaOfVapes
  • Vaping_Beerus
  • sONgOKU_vape
  • VapeDimension
  • DaVapeDimension
  • animeLORD311
  • bigO_fan
  • MOLTARtoonami
  • kenshinfanXXX
  • y401h4nds
  • iCeD_tEa_BaNdIt
  • nintendoguy3032
  • SummerGlauGuy2x2
  • Seren1tyXXX
  • BNmyBUNK
  • TrunkJunkBBW
  • moe_lvr_666
  • PSN_SUX3344
  • NoDrugsHere598
  • spoonman322
  • DigDugFunnie
  • RockosModernSpliff
  • KratosASMRofficial
  • tiffanyluv4u
  • horseblindfold
  • pregnantWITHU
  • High Five
  • Victory Loves Me
  • Snapshot
  • Speedy Dacoit
  • MatrixxxAnderson
  • CliffordDaBigRD
  • DelThaFunkeeHomosapien2
  • VapeLordUltimus
  • Icebreaker
  • Young Bull
  • Blinking Eyes
  • Cute Potato
  • Alpha Returns
  • Drunk to Win
  • Black Belt
  • Bearded Angel
  • Brilliant Gamer
  • Pill Cosby
  • Pill Clinton

Good PSN Names

Are you a PS4 addict? then you should also love to post your gameplay over social media? if yes, then to get more audience towards your gameplay video on social media, you should use good PSN names for your profile. To get those names, you don't need to go anywhere else, as I have a good amount of collection for that, and today, I will guide you that and it also includes good PS4 names.

Now, choose any of the good names for PSN profile from the list given below to attract more audiences towards your gameplay videos.

Good PSN names
  • rowsdowerfan88
  • beer0nthesun
  • willydawaffle
  • istantorgo666
  • serve_da_master
  • brakshowAS
  • tad_ghost4l
  • SlimeQueenDNKA
  • blazbluG0D
  • GGXXsol
  • CSGOttv
  • catpawbeans
  • beansquisher
  • the2ndcrow
  • BillCorbettOfficial
  • jonahSOL
  • butts4life88
  • bigbuttbootyboi1
  • BOBoutkast99
  • dRaCuLaWeDdInG
  • st00pkid
  • MerthwormJim
  • whereISmyMIND
  • fightclubrule2
  • brulesruelsofficial
  • pinkyboy333
  • DrPelletP0pper
  • addicted2coins
  • cryptohypno
  • SatoshiTokeamoto
  • mrmimedad32
  • donuth0lez
  • p1zzabutt
  • mozartsghost
  • thenetstarringsandrabullock
  • c0ns0lec0mmands
  • linkyboy333
  • slinkyboy333
  • blinkyboy333
  • inkyboy333

Clever PSN Names

Are you a clever person? and also want to show your cleverness while gaming? then to attract the audience towards your cleverness, you should be as clever as chimpanzees. Now, if you are going to post your PSN gameplay videos on social media, then you should have a clever PSN name. T,o be clever as chimpanzees you can try some clever PSN names from the list given below that also includes clever PS4 names.

Clever PSN names
  • MilitaryMaterial
  • Merciless Madlad
  • Hurdon Blacktyde
  • Darrok Melcolm
  • Romarn Smallwood
  • Dran Bulwer
  • Davith Grey
  • Simon Granes
  • Jarad Porter
  • GalickBlaster
  • Kamehameha
  • Indigenous Crow
  • GunPundit
  • Engineum
  • Vegeta
  • Day Vision
  • The Discreet
  • Assassin 007
  • Kirito
  • SwordPiston
  • Hungry Hungry Hippos
  • Army of Aces
  • The Sharp Shooters
  • Knight Killers
  • Erector Set
  • Pochinki_Chalenge
  • 47 Danny
  • Dynooo
  • IronFan
  • Dark Gladiator
  • Indian Assassin
  • Raging Rangers
  • Operation Annihilate
  • Agents of EVIL

Badass PSN Names

Nowhere, you will get a list which includes all the most popular and latest badass PSN names, that you can use to enhance your gaming experience on PlayStation. Now, to look bold, choose any of the badass names for PSN profile from the list given below that also includes badass PS4 names.

Badass PSN names
  • FebDeck
  • Equalizers
  • Cooɭ Lʌʋŋɗʌ
  • Sтүгїѕн яөииү
  • Iиԁїди Kиїҩнт
  • Bʀʋtʌɭ Kɩɭɭɘʀ
  • Murderous Weebs
  • Seal Team 6
  • Fire Out
  • Triskon Valley
  • Hipster club
  • Bolt Swap
  • ʆɩʀɘʆɭƴ
  • tʌŋʛɘŋt
  • Dragon slayers
  • Recon corps
  • Homunculus
  • Phantom troupe
  • The Annihilators
  • Z Warriors
  • Mƴstɘʀɩoʋs
  • Spɩɗɘʀɱʌŋ
  • Hєдят Hдскєя
  • Toʋcʜscʀɘɘŋ

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OG PSN Names

If you want OG PSN names for your PS4 profile, you are on the right website as I have a good amount of collection for that and you will love to use them.

Now, you can choose any of the OG names for PSN from the following list and all the names will help you to attract more audience if you post your gameplay videos on social media. The given list also includes Og PS4 names.

  • Nutty Domination
  • Complex Slayers
  • Faulty Devils
  • Fanatical Tyranny
  • Odd Hooligans
  • Organic Punks
  • Quarrelsome Strategy
  • Hungry Admirals
  • Ball Blaster
  • Legends Reload
  • Brute Fact
  • Bloss flop
  • Tango Boss
  • Fuzzy Pack
  • Straight Gangsters
  • Mortified Coercion
  • Lyrical Armed Services
  • Outrageous Dominance
  • Homely Sharpshooters
  • Plain Privilege
  • Brash Thugs
  • Optimal Aces
  • Inimical Thugs
  • Fear Butchers
  • Left Divide
  • Psychedelic Servicemen
  • Militaristic Fighting Machine
  • Keen Team Six
  • Demonic AI
  • Abnormal Vigor
  • Optimally Ace
  • Inimical Thug
  • Feared Butcher
  • Multiply Divide
  • Psychedelic Servicemen
  • Militaristic Machine
  • Gambit
  • Outrageous Creator
  • Homely Introvert
  • Plain Privacy
  • Brash Thug
  • Annoyed

Unique PSN Names Not Taken

Copying other's names is not considered to be the best thing as you always try to be unique and this rule is also applicable to PSN names as you should always use the untaken PSN names for your PS4 profile. For this, you can try some unused PSN names not taken, and nowhere, I will guide you that list, as I have a good amount of collection for that. So, choose the best and the good name from the list given below which includes all the unique PSN names, which you haven't seen before. The given list also includes PS4 names not taken 2020.

  • Hack-Her
  • Pro-Grow Blow
  • Ironman/some other hero
  • Death gun
  • Terminator x
  • Thunderbeast
  • Dynos
  • Troll
  • Dark Warrior
  • Zealous Squad
  • Homely Sharpshooters
  • Odd Hooligans
  • Ruddy Exterminators
  • Known Warfare
  • Purring Coercion
  • Annoyed Power
  • Wretched Veterans
  • Deadshot
  • Agent47
  • Chicken lovers
  • Pubgstriker
  • Destuctivevirus
  • Evildead
  • Jaabaaz 
  • Gangster Anna
  • Fanatical Tyranny
  • Grieving Butchers
  • Long-term Occupation
  • Plain Privilege
  • Calm Outlaws
  • Medical Rebels
  • Faulty Devils
  • Glistening Prestige
  • Hungry Admirals
  • Championof7seas
  • Insaneshooter
  • Disagreeable Liquidators
  • Stupendous Knights
  • Regular Discipline
  • Abnormal Vigor
  • Guttural Gangsters
  • Bandookbaaz
  • Cheel Ki Nazar
  • Dhrona 
  • Headmaster
  • Gambit
  • King Ping
  • Singh Bling
  • King Bling
  • Dizzy Irresistible
  • Nutty Domination
  • Observant Force
  • Selfish Soldiers

PSN Names for Girls

Are you a girl? and using PlayStation for gaming? then you also love to post or share your gameplay videos with your friends and the first thing that your friends see is your PSN name and if you don't choose the perfect PSN name for your profile, then you can get success in getting more audience. To use some girl PSN names you should not go anywhere else, as I have a good amount of collection for that and you can easily copy from here. The given list also includes PS4 names for girls.

To make your name girlish, choose the PSN names for girls from the list given below:

  • Queen Bee
  • Microwave Chardonnay
  • Gamer Bean
  • Mafia Princess
  • Woodland Beauty
  • Darkside Hooker
  • Saturn Extreme
  • Battle Mistress
  • Gun Digger
  • Her Majesty
  • Leading Light
  • Queen Bee
  • Battle Mistress
  • Young Lady
  • Winner Woman
  • Chicky Fighter
  • Gentle Woman
  • Cute Crashers
  • BeachesGotUMaa Ki Ladli
  • Freeze Queen
  • Eye Candy Kitten
  • Romance Princess
  • Titanium Ladybug
  • Emerald Goddess
  • Marshmallow Treat
  • Junglee Sherni
  • Papa ki sniper
  • Margolem
  • Bloody Mary
  • legendary Princess
  • Slaying Girling 
  • Pink Leader
  • Cinderella
  • Padmavati
  • YourBFStares
  • Shy Gun
  • Candy Queens
  • Rosies
  • Killing Kissers

PSN Names for Boys

As we all know, boys have a craze in gaming and they usually play games whenever they are free and also share their game videos with friends. The mistake they did is they usually use their own name as PSN profile name instead of using Boys PSN names 2020. But if you want to gain more audience towards your game videos and want to show your game to your opponents about your behavior, you can choose any of the names from the list given below which includes all the most popular PSN names for boys. The given list also includes PS4 names for boys.

PSN names for boys ps4
  • XaGLeZ
  • ImmoralBrat
  • Raging eXp3rt
  • ZealousOhyeah
  • LaggingExp3rt
  • SharpHooter
  • RespectMeBitch
  • KillingSprees
  • XxGoldenWariorxX
  • D4Destroyer
  • TheDivinëBeast
  • Smooth Lad
  • ItWaZ SMOOTH Yeah?
  • JumPShoTzz
  • CheesyPoofs
  • P3N3TRaT3S
  • HeroicHunkx
  • MajesticAv3nger
  • Ghost Glider
  • TURBO Trash
  • Reaperbowt
  • KrimeBoiz
  • ëvilExp10siv3
  • Assassins Boys
  • Skirtz Chaser
  • Walking Undead
  • Raging Bulls
  • Killer Klowns
  • Legendary Looter
  • evilNOfear

Creative PSN Names

Are you creative? and always want to do something different? then, why not while choosing a PSN profile name? you can show your creativeness in PSN by using creative names for PSN profile. As, this way your friends will also know how creative you are and now, you are going to get the list which includes the creative PS4 names and you can choose any from them for showing your creativeness.

  • Dig Dug Funnie
  • Rockos Modern
  • Horse Blindfold
  • Iced Tea Bandit
  • Bird Soldier
  • Pinky Boy
  • Blood Sail
  • Buried Alive by Love
  • Matrixxx Anderson
  • Vaping Beerus
  • Vape Dimension
  • No Drugs Here
  • Spoon Man
  • Monkey Lover
  • Hall and Goats
  • War Dot Com
  • Knob Goblin
  • All Them Boats
  • Chili Con Carne
  • Bad Chicken
  • Beats On Deck
  • Armed Student
  • Fire Tiger
  • Crime Scene
  • Delivery Boy
  • Hulk Roguen
  • Party Ghoul
  • Leggo My Aggro
  • Jonny Awesome
  • Addicted 2 Coins
  • Crypto Hypno
  • Veteran of Death
  • Mercedes man
  • Harry Dotter
  • Don’t Revive Me Bro
  • Blister the Main Man
  • Black Stabbath
  • Graduate of Devry
  • Gaymer
  • Manchu Man
  • Netflix and Kill
  • Flung Pu Panda
  • Pokie Punk 
  • Salty Scissors
  • Unbreakabull
  • Harriet Thugman
  • Cool Stoner
  • He 8 My Chicken
  • Knew Too Much
  • Punchy Punch
  • My Name Doesnt Fit

4 Letter PSN Names

Nowhere, you will get 4 letter PSN names list which includes all the most popular and best names for your PSN profile. The given list also includes 4 letter PS4 names.

  • Medical Rebels
  • Faulty Devils
  • Outrageous Dominance
  • Homely Sharpshooters
  • Plain Privilege
  • Brash Thugs
  • Nutty Domination
  • Glistening Prestige
  • Hungry Admirals
  • Complex Slayers
  • Faulty Devils
  • Purring Coercion
  • Annoyed Power
  • Wretched Veterans
  • Calm Outlaws

3 Letter PSN Names

Choose any of the 3 letter PSN names from the list given below and paste into your PSN profile to use them. The given list includes all the most popular and most used 3 letter PS4 names.

3 letter PSN names
  • Lyrical Armed Services
  • Outrageous Dominance
  • Homely Sharpshooters
  • Plain Privilege
  • Brash Thugs
  • Annoyed Power
  • Demonic Criminals
  • Faadu 
  • JaiML
  • Tomato
  • Dihaati on fire
  • Bihari Boy
  • Katega
  • Saras Player
  • Straight Gangsters
  • Mortified Coercion
  • Dead show
  • GunSly Bruce Lee
  • Bad soldier
  • Psycho killer
  • Gun Guru GG
  • Sanskari
  • Headhunter
  • Maa da Ladla
  • Agent_Sergent
  • Agent its urgent
  • Thunderbeast
  • Sniper
  • Silver Sleek
  • Chamundaya Namah
  • HarHarKillings
  • Dev Soldiers
  • Surma Bhopali
  • Kiss No Bliss
  • Carry No bliss


PS4 is the most popular gaming console and used world-widely and the users also love to play games there over any other consoles. If the PSN name is perfect, the gaming experience also enhances.

Now, I hope you liked the cool PSN names and also successfully found the best PS4 name for your PSN profile from the list given above.

Happy Gaming!

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