Best Gaming laptops Under $2000 in 2020 Top

Top 12 Best Gaming Laptops Under $2000 (2021)

January 30, 2021
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Gaming technology has come a long way in the last few years. While PCs and gaming consoles are more powerful than ever, the new generation of gaming laptops has entirely changed the gaming world. With modern high-performance processors like the 10th-gen Intel i7, i9 and advanced graphic cards, gaming laptops these days can offer you a stellar gaming performance with high definition graphics and immersive gaming experience. As the title says, in this article, we’ll be going through some of the best gaming laptops under $2000, available on the market in 2021.

Now keep in mind that while gaming laptops can go much higher in terms of price, $2000 is a substantial amount and can get you a high-performance gaming laptop no matter what anyone tells you.

That being said, there are lots of factors other than the budget that you need to consider when you buy a gaming laptop. So before we get to our list of the best gaming laptops under 2000 dollars, let’s take a look at these.

Things To Look For When Buying A Gaming Laptop


It goes without saying that a powerful processor is the most crucial part of a gaming laptop or any high-performance laptop for that matter. If you’re looking to go for some hardcore gaming performance, then you are going to need a laptop with at least a quad-core processor.

Now, keeping in mind that your budget is $2000, an i7 quad-core processor of the 9th or the latest 10th gen will be the best choice for you.


Another major part component of a high-performance gaming laptop that you need to think about is the RAM. If you’re looking to get some intense gaming sessions on your laptop and go food overclocking, a high capacity RAM is a must to go with the processor.

A 16GB RAM should be able to handle the most high-resolution games easily and give you a smooth gaming experience on your laptop. However, if you want to go for higher than that, it’s even better.

Graphics Card:

The last but not the least important part of a gaming laptop that you need to consider is the GPU or the Graphics Card. You’re going to need a powerful dedicated graphics card that has at least 6GB of VRAM, but the more the better.

Top 12 Best Gaming Laptops Under $2000

Now that we have gone through the three main essentials of a gaming laptop that you need to look for to get the best performance, it’s time to take a look at the list of best gaming laptops under $2000 in 2021 that we have compiled. So without further ado, let’s get straight to it.

#Laptop NameProcessorGraphicsPrice
1.Razer Blade 15 (2020)i7-10750HRTX 2060CHECK PRICE
2.HP OMEN X 2S (2019)i7-9750HRTX 2070CHECK PRICE
3.Alienware M15i7-10750HRTX 2060CHECK PRICE
4.Asus ROG Scar 15i7-10875HRTX 2070CHECK PRICE
5.MSI GP75 Leopardi7-10750HRTX 2070CHECK PRICE
6.Acer Predator Triton 300i7-10750HRTX 2070CHECK PRICE
7.HP Omen 17i7-10750HRTX 2070CHECK PRICE
8.ASUS Zephyrus G15Ryzen 7RTX 2060CHECK PRICE
9.MSI GE75 Raider (2021)i7-10750HRTX 2070CHECK PRICE
11.Dell G7 7000i7-9750HRTX 2060CHECK PRICE
12.MSI GS65 Stealth 007i7-9750HRTX 1660TiCHECK PRICE

1. Razer Blade 15 (2020)

Best thin and light gaming laptop (2021) under $2000

Razer Blade 15 Review (2020)

Screen: 15.6-inch, FHD 1920 x 1080 display, up to 100% sRGB, 144Hz refresh rate, thin bezel | CPU: 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10750H 8-Core | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 | RAM: 16GB | Storage: 512GB PCIe SSD | Ports: 1 x Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C), 3 x USB Type-A, 1 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x USB Type-C, 1 x Gigabit Ethernet, 3.5mm Combo Audio, Kensington Lock | Speaker:  2.1 stereo speakers | Weight: 4.69 pounds (2.13kg)

  • Top-notch performance and graphics
  • Amazing build quality (aluminum)
  • Brilliant screen
  • Thin display bezels
  • Good battery life with quick charge
  • Lots of ports
  • Single-zone RGB keyboard
  • Fans do get load while gaming

Razer Blade 15 Review (2021):

The Razer 15 is yet another 15.6-inch laptop that is an absolute performance-driven gaming machine. It comes with Intel’s latest octa-core CPU powered by intel core i7-10750H and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 GPU.

The Blade 15 also has a 512GB SSD storage. There’s a 670g heavy 230W battery unit that provides sufficient juice, even overkill at times. The keyboard is an anti-ghosting full keyboard, equipped with Razer Chroma backlight that is said to have more than 16million colors. The backlight is fully customizable and can be manually configured by the Razer Synapse software the way you want it.

The display is a 15.6 inch Full HD edge-to-edge display with a 144Hz refresh rate that males gaming butter smooth. The Razer Blade 15 is definitely amongst the top 3 laptops in this list if it comes to power.

The Octa-core processor can run at up to 5.0GHz depending on the load and the overclocking of the laptop.

Bottom Line:

If you want a slim and powerful gaming laptop, look no further than the Razer Blade 15 series. It is one of the best slim gaming laptops exist. Its powerful specs can run all the high-end games and applications available on the market today.

2. HP OMEN X 2S (2019)

Best dual screen gaming laptop under $2000

HP OMEN X 2S (2019) Review (2020)

Screen (Primary): 15.6-inch , FHD 1920 x 1080 pixel, IPS, Anti-glare, 144 Hz G-Sync | Screen (Secondary): 5.98-inch, FHD 1920x1080 pixel | CPU: Intel Core i7-9750H | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q (8 GB GDDR6) | RAM: 16 GB DDR4 SDRAM | Storage: 512 GB PCIe(R) NVMe(TM) SSD | Ports: 3 USB 3.1 Type-A, 1 RJ-45, 1 HDMI, 1 USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C(TM), Headphone/Microphone Combo | Speaker: 2W x 2 | Weight: 5.25 pounds (2.38kg)

  • Unique second screen
  • Strong performance and graphics
  • Sleed design with impeccable build quality
  • Fans are quiet
  • Decent speakers and webcam
  • Below-average battery life
  • No flash-card reader

HP OMEN X 2S Review (2021):

HP Omen X 2S is what you may call a laptop of the future. Just one look at this laptop and you know it’s built for sheer top-notch performance.Its revolutionary dual-screen design offers a super immersive and real gaming experience. For the price of a laptop, get a dual-monitor setup and play games while using apps like Twitch, Discord, and OMEN Command Center at the same time.

The OMEN X 2s also has real-time ray-tracing technology which makes your gaming experience even more speedy and efficient. The graphics unit on this laptop is an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 with Max-Q design and 8 GB GDDR6 dedicated VRAM. The laptop’s primary display is a 15.6-inch diagonal FHD IPS anti-glare micro-edge WLED-backlit display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a refresh rate of 144Hz.

The secondary display is a 5.98-inch diagonal FHD IPS BrightView (1920 x 1080) micro-edge display enabled with multitouch and an edge-to-edge glass.
Moreover, this laptop also has OMEN command center software with which you can tune your laptop and configure the CPU overclocking settings. The processor on this laptop is an Intel Core i7-9750H 9th Generation hexa-core, 2.6GHz up to 4.5GHz. The processor enables super fluid gaming performance with its outlet vents and a 3-phase motor with fluid dynamic bearing that deliver great thermal efficiency.

The laptop has a 16 GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM and a 512 GB PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive that provides enormous storage for all your apps and data. The most surprising part is that despite being such a seemingly power-consuming laptop, the OMEN has a battery life of approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes.

Bottom Line:

The Omen is one of HP’s top premium laptops as well as one of the most versatile laptops on this list. From spec to performance to battery life, this laptop has all the features that you might look for in a premium gaming laptop in the $2000 budget.

3. Alienware M15

Best looking gaming laptop (2021) under 2000 dollars

Alienware M15 Review (2020)

Screen: 15.6-inch, IPS, FHD 1920 x 1080 Display, 144Hz, 300-nit brightness | CPU: Intel Core i7-10750H | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6 | RAM: 16GB DDR4 SDRAM | Storage: 512GB PCIe M.2 SSD | Ports: 3 x USB 3.1 Type-A with Powershare Technology, 1 x Thunderbolt 3, 1 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x Mini DisplayPort, Alienware Graphics Amplifier port, Ethernet, 1 x Audio Out 1/8" Port (Mic) | Speaker:  2 x stereo speakers | Weight: 4.65 pounds (2.16 kg)

  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Solid performance and graphics
  • Stunning display
  • Comfortable keyboard and hotkeys
  • Tobii Eye Tracking
  • Display not as bright as competition

Alienware M15 Review (2021):

The Alienware M15 is one of the hottest 15-inch gaming laptops available on the market currently. The M15 has a strong and sturdy built that comes with fully engineered software and hardware. Under the chassis, the Alienware M15 is powered by an Intel Core i7 9th generation processor and an NVIDIA RTX 2060 graphics card with 6GB of VRAM.

As you can guess, with these specs, the laptop is a gaming powerhouse and can handle the biggest of PC video games like Fortnite without any glitches or chops. The 15.6 inch Full HD 144Hz IPS screen on the Alienware M15 is really stunning that makes it stand out amongst its rivals with a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

The IPS panel has an immersive color gradient and the depth and blacks on the screen are strikingly perfect. It also has a 16GB DDR4 RAM that gives you a smooth gaming and multitasking experience.

Bottom Line:

Alienware M15 is a gem of a gaming laptop if you are willing to spend this much money, but it is definitely worth the price tag. This laptop is pure gaming juice and gives the best performance.

4. ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15

Best 240Hz display gaming laptop under $2000

Asus ROG Strix Scar III Review 2020

Screen: 15.6-inch 16:9, FHD 1920 x 1080 pixel, IPS, 240 Hz, 3ms 100% RGB | CPU: Intel Core i7-10875H | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6 (ROG Boost) | RAM: 16GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM | Storage: 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD | Ports: 1 X USB3.2 Gen2 Type-C support DisplayPort, 3 x USB3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, 1 x HDMI, 1 x Audio combo jack: Mic-in and Head phone, 1x LAN RJ-45 jack | Speaker: 4.2W x 2 | Weight: 5.67 pounds (2.57kg)

  • Top-notch performance and graphics
  • Amazing build quality
  • 240Hz Refresh Rate Dispaly
  • Remarkably cool while gaming
  • Customizable Per-Key RGB lighting
  • Well worth the price
  • Below-average battery life
  • Fans do get load while gaming

Asus ROG Strix Scar 15 Review (2021):

Here’s another great gaming laptop from ASUS’s famous Republic of Gamers brand - the ROG Strix Scar III. This laptop is powered by a superior NVIDIA graphics card, the GeForce RTX 2070 with a GDDR6 VRAM of 8GB and ROG Boost.

The Asus ROG Strix Scar III comes with the Intel Core i7-9750H, as well as a latest 10th Gen (more expensive). The display is a 15.6” IPS-Type Full HD screen with a resolution of 1920x1080 and a refresh rate of 240Hz. There are a variety of storage variants and Graphics Cards variants available on this laptop: RTX 2060 with 1TB SSD & 240Hz display, RTX 2060 with 512GB SSD and 144Hz display, RTX 2070 with 1TB SSD and 240Hz display.

The ROG Strix Scar III has a 16GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM which gives you a seamless gaming experience without any latency. When it comes to temperature control, the laptop has superior thermal efficiency thanks to ROG’s Intelligent Cooling system with Thermal Grizzly Liquid Metal Thermal Compound.

The keyboards come with customisable RGB backlight, and the ROG Logo and Light Bar have RGB backlight as well.

5. MSI GP75 Leopard 10SFK-219

Best 17-inch gaming laptop (2021) under $2000

MSI GP75 Leopard 10SFK-219 Review (2020)

Screen: 17.3-inch, FHD 1920 x 1080 pixel, IPS, 144 Hz, 3ms 100% sRGB | CPU: Intel Core i7-10750H | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB GDDR6 | RAM: 32GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM | Storage: 1TB NVMe SSD + 2TB HDD | Ports: 1 X USB3.2 Gen2 Type-C support DisplayPort, 3 x USB3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, 1 x HDMI, 1 x Mini DisplayPort, 1 x Mic-in, 1 x Headphone-out (SPDIF) | Speaker: 3W x 2 | Weight: 5.73 pounds (2.6kg)

  • Top-notch performance and graphics
  • Beautiful display (great colours)
  • 240Hz refresh rate dispaly
  • Latest 10th Gen Intel Processor
  • Per-key RGB lighting
  • 3-Year CUK Limited Warranty
  • Average battery life
  • No thunderbolt
  • Fans do get load while gaming

MSI GP75 Leopard 10SFK-219 Review (2021):

One of the best 17” gaming laptops available on the market currently under the $2000 price tag is the MSI GP75 Leopard 10SFK-219. This laptop has a massive 17 3" FHD screen with a 1920x1080 resolution, a 240Hz 3ms refresh rate, and an IPS-Level display on it, which makes your gaming experience a piece of beauty.

To add to the amazing display, there’s a powerful RGB NVIDIA GeForce RTX2070 8G GDDR6 Graphics Card Unit at play, which ensures that even the best and heaviest graphic games run on your laptop in high quality with ease. The processor is an Intel Core i7-10750H, which is coupled with a 512GB NVMe SSD and a RAM of 16GB (8GB*2 DDR4 RA2666MHz 2 Sockets) with a maximum memory of 64GB.

The laptop also has per-Key RGB lights with silver-lining Anti-Ghost keys and a 720p HD Webcam for high definition video recording/caling.

6. Acer Predator Triton 300

Best 15-inch gaming laptop (2021) under $2000

Acer Predator Triton 500 Review (2020)

Screen: 15.6-inch, FHD 1920 x 1080 pixel, IPS, 144Hz Refresh Rate, 3ms Response Time, 300nit Brightness & 72% NTSC | CPU: Intel Core i7-10750H | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 (8GB GDDR6) | RAM: 64GB DDR4 2666MHz | Storage: 2TB PCIe NVMe SSD | Ports: 3 x USB-A ports, 1 x miniDisplayPort, 1 x HDMI, ethernet, analog mic and headset jack, 1 x Thunderbolt 3 | Speaker: 2 x stereo speakers (bottom-front lip) | Weight: 5.51 pounds (2.5kg)

  • Beastly design with lots of power
  • Comfortable keyboard and hotkeys
  • Slim and portable
  • Remarkably fast transfer speeds
  • Loud fans
  • Display not as bright as competition
  • Not so good speakers

Acer Predator Triton 300 Review (2021):

The Acer Predator Triton 300 is certainly one gaming laptop on the market whose performance every gaming/tech enthusiast can vouch for. Before we go into the specifics of the laptop and its top-notch performance, let’s take a moment to appreciate the marvel of design that this laptop is: the black metal finish and blue highlighting on it give it such a futuristic aesthetic. The laptop comes with a full-sized keyboard packed with a four zoned RGB backlit which catches the eye.

Now let’s get to the performance driving stats: The Predator Triton 300 has an i7-10750H 6-Core 9th Generation Intel Processor under the hood that comes with optional turbo boost technology for 4.5 GHz. Talking about Graphics cards, the laptop has an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 GPU with 8GB dedicated GDDR6 Video graphics and 64 GB DDR4 RAM. There’s also a 2TB NVme SSD that gives you ample storage for all your games and software while also allowing booting or loading of programs by the SSD.

The display is a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution full LED-backlit IPS that comes paired with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology which gives you a refresh rate of 144Hz and response time of 3ms. The only con we could think of is its dim display and load fans while gaming.

Bottom Line:

All in all, The Acer Predator Triton 300 is a beast when it comes to performance and certainly looks like one in terms of design. Definitely worth every penny.

7. HP Omen 17

The best value for money laptop (2021) under 2000 dollars

HP Omen 17 Review (2020)

Screen: 17.3-Inch diagonal FHD IPS Anti-Glare micro-edge WLED-backlit Display (1920 x 1080) with 144Hz refresh rate |  CPU: Intel i7-10750H | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 (8 GB GDDR6) | RAM: Up to 32GB | Storage: 512 GB SSD | Ports: 1x USB Type-C 3.1 (3.1 Gen 2), Power Delivery (PD), DisplayPort, 3x USB Type-A 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1), HDMI 2.0b, LAN, headphone/mic, Kensington Lock | Speaker: Dual side positioned speakers | Weight: 3.29 kg (7.26 pounds)

  • Solid performance while gaming
  • Bright and beautiful display
  • Decent keyboard
  • Pretty good price considering the specs
  • Below-average speakers
  • Not so good battery life
  • No per-key lighting

HP Omen 17 Review (2021):

The HP Omen may not be the latest laptop on the list, but it’s certainly one of the best gaming laptops available even now. This 17-inch gaming laptop boasts of a 16GB RAM, coupled with a 4.5Ghz Core-i7 processor and HP’s trademark CoolSense technology, that gives you the smoothest gaming experience ever.

There’s also a 256GB SSD and 1TB HDD on it to give you ample media storage and booting space. In terms of design, the Omen has a very minimalistic, sleek robotic look that definitely catches the eyes. While the graphics card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB is the best suited for a gaming laptop of this caliber, the RAM does a pretty good job and makes up for it.

One important design factor to keep in mind is that the RGB options on this laptop are very limited, which might make it a little difficult to operate during night gaming sessions. The battery life is reported to be slightly over three hours. And if you want a smaller screen, you can also get the 15-inch screen model.

Bottom Line:

The HP Omen is a powerful laptop built to easily handle heavy gaming loads and overclocking with ease while delivering the best performance. The ultra-fast SSD and HDD provide sufficient storage, while the battery life could’ve been relatively better.

8. ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15

Best AMD Ryzen gaming laptop (2021) under $2000

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 Review (2020)

Screen: 15.6” 240Hz 3ms IPS-Type Full HD (1920x1080) | CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 4800HS – 9 4900HS | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 | RAM: 40 GB DDR4 3200 MHz | Storage: 2TB M.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0 Ports: 3x USB-A 3.2, 1x USB-C gen 2 with DP, HDMI 2.0b, LAN, headphone/mic, Kensington Lock | Speaker: Dual stereo bottom speakers (Smart-Amp) | Weight: 2.02 kg (4.462 lb)

  • Pretty slim and light design
  • Fluid 240Hz display
  • Beautiful colors and brightness
  • Good battery life
  • Not so good heat management
  • Loud fans while gaming
  • Below-average speakers

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 Review (2021):

Yet another ASUS ROG gaming beast that has made its way to our list is the Zephyrus G15. WIth the latest super-powerful AMD Octa-Core Ryzen 7 4800HS processor (2.9 GHz base frequency, up to 4.2 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology), the Zephyrus is a pure adrenaline inducing gaming machine.There’s a powerful upgraded 16GB DDR4 SDRAM coupled with a 1TB PCIe Solid State Drive, which gives you flexible multitasking capacity along with more than sufficient storage for all you games, softwares, and data.

The display is a 15.6 inch Full HD screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution and 240Hz refresh rate and IPS Anti-Glare Wide View 75% NTSC Widescreen.The Zephyrus’s graphics unit is powered by an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Graphics Card with 6GB GDDR6 VRAM and ROG Boost (Boost Clock: 1298MHz, 65W.) The laptop has a very beautiful white Backlit Chiclet Keyboard that makes it a delight to type or game on it.

9. MSI GE75 Raider (2021)

Best Per-Key RGB lighting gaming laptop under $2000

MSI GE75 Raider 2020 Review

Screen: 17.3 inch Full HD (1920 x 1080), IPS-Level, 144Hz 3ms, 100% sRGB 72% NTSC, Thin Bezel Display | CPU: Intel Hexa-Core i7-10750H | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6 | RAM: 32GB DDR4 SDRAM | Storage: 512GB SSD, and 1TB HDD | Ports: 1 x USB 3.2 Type-C, 2 x USB 3.2, 1 x USB 3.2, 1 x HDMI-Out, 1 x Media Card Reader, 1 x Mini-Display Port mDP v1.2, 1 x Ethernet Lan (10/100/1000 mbps), 1 x Mic-In/Headphone-Out | Speaker: 2x 3W Giant Speakers + 2x 3W Subwoofer | Weight: 2.61 kg (5.75 pounds)

  • Bright and beautiful dispaly
  • Very good keyboard
  • Per-Key RGB lighting
  • Remarkably cool while gaming
  • Dedicated buttons for fan boost
  • Average battery life
  • No thunderbolt

MSI GE75 Raider Review (2021):

MSI is one of the few gaming laptop brands that you can rely on the most in terms of top-notch performance. The new MSI GE75 Raider is yet another gaming beast from the brand that stands true to the MSI standard. The GE75 comes VR-ready and delivers a stellar gaming experience. The processor is intel i7 core design (9th gen), and it also has the NVIDIA 2060 RTX GeForce graphics card has ample VROM to handle even the most high-resolution games with ease.

Surprisingly enough, the laptop weighs less than 6 pounds, which is rare to see in a 17-inch gaming laptop. It has a neat and sleek design and a non-reflective 1080p display that does very well at night. The GE75 comes with the Windows 10 Home OS. The only possible downside to this laptop can perhaps be the absence of an Thunder bolt.

Bottom Line:

The MSI GE75 Raider is absolutely one of the best gaming laptops under $2000 budget range, and definitely the one you should consider if you’re looking for a 17-inch lightweight laptop that’s very agile and delivers a great performance.

10. ASUS ROG Strix Hero III

Best gaming laptop with 144Hz refresh rate display

Asus ROG Strix Hero III Review (2020)

Screen: 15.6-inch, smooth 144Hz 3ms, IPS-Type Display with ultra-slim Bezel |  CPU: Intel Core i7-9750H | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6 | RAM:  16GB DDR4 2666MHz | Storage: 512GB PCIe SSD | Ports: 3x USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A, USB 3.1 (Gen 2) Type-C support DisplayPort, 1 x HDMI 2.0, headset jack (audio in/out), Ethernet | Speaker: 4W*2 speakers | Weight: 2.57 kg (5.67 pounds)

  • Solid performance and graphics
  • Good and smooth display
  • Remarkably cool while gaming
  • Good speakers
  • Average battery life
  • No webcam

ASUS ROG Strix Hero III Review (2021):

The ROG Strix Hero III from ASUS is a combination of almost everything that you could look for in a gaming laptop. This gaming powerhouse from ASUS runs on an NVIDIA RTX 2070 graphics card that works alongside a powerful Core-i7 six-core CPU. With all that horsepower, you can easily play the biggest of PC games on the SCAR III without having to worry about any choppy frames or lagging. The ASUS ROG Strix Hero III has a large IPS panel and it comes with RGB lighting which gives it a very attractive aesthetic appeal.

That being said, there are a couple of downsides to this laptop as well: it lacks a thunderbolt port which can deprive you of some connection options. Also, the laptop’s battery backup isn’t that great either, much like most gaming laptops in this price range. At it’s best, you can expect it to last slightly over 3 hours.

Bottom Line:

This laptop is quite a performance-focused beast, if money isn’t major constraint for you, you can definitely go with this laptop and be assured that it’ll give you great gaming experience.

11. Dell G7 7000

Best Dell gaming laptop (2021) under $2000

Dell G7 7000 Review (2020)

Screen: 15.6 inch FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS 144Hz Display |  CPU: 9th Generation Intel Core i7-9750H | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6 | RAM: 16GB DDR4 2666MHz | Storage: 256GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD + 1TB HDD | Ports: 3 x USB-A 3.1, HDMI 2.0, Thunderbolt 3, SD card reader, RJ45 Ethernet, 3.5mm audio | Speaker:  Dual front-firing Waves MaxxAudio Pro | Weight: 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg)

  • Strong performance and graphics
  • Bright and colorful display
  • Improved design
  • Below-average battery life

Dell G7 7000 Review (2021):

While Dell doesn’t make a lot of gaming laptops, the Dell G7 7000 is one laptop from the brand that gives unmatched performance in gaming compared to its rivals. What’s even more interesting is that Dell has somehow managed to bring along all these features for a surprisingly decent price tag. The first thing that catches the eye is certainly the laptop’s design: that sleek Gray chassis with blue accents gives it the look and feel of a premium gaming laptop. The display is an immersive full HD 15.6-inch IPS Panel that gives you an impressive color range and clarity from a wide-angle. Also, it has a full-size backlit keyboard with a numeric keypad that’ll give you tactile experience while gaming or typing.

The Processor in it is the Intel Core i7-9750H 9th generation with 12MB cache and a turbo boost of up to 4.5GHz. The RAM is a DD4 with 16GB space that gives you the ability to multitask and run several applications in the background even when you are gaming. The Graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 with 6 GB of VRAM which gives smooth high-quality images for videos and games. The G7 also has dual storage compartments for 256GB of SSD and 1TB of HDD drive. The SSD boosts the boot-up time and the HDD provides sufficient storage for all of your files and data.

Bottom Line:

The Dell G7 7000 is the best value for money laptop in this price segment. The performance is great for gaming but it is also versatile and can handle video editing, designing, and other heavy graphics-related tasks.

12. MSI GS65 Stealth 007

Gaming laptop with best battery life (2021) under $2000

MSI GS65 Stealth 007 Review 2020

Screen: 15.6-inch, 144Hz 7ms, 4.9mm 4-sided Razor Thin Bezel Display, FHD, Anti-Glare Wide View Angle, 72%NTSC |  CPU: Intel i7-9750H (6 cores) | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 1660Ti 6GB | RAM: 16GB DDR4 2666MHz | Storage: 512GB NVMe SSD | Ports: 3 x USB Type-A (USB 3.1 / USB 3.2 Gen 2), 1 x Thunderbolt 3 (Supports DisplayPort), 1 x HDMI 1 x Mini DisplayPort 1.4, 1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm Headphone / Microphone Input/Output | Speaker:  2.1 stereo speakers | Weight: 4.2 pounds (1.91 kg)

  • Slim and beautiful laptop
  • Solid performance and graphics
  • Good and loud speakers
  • Good battery life
  • Gets hot while gaming

MSI GS65 Stealth 007 Review (2021):

Another great laptop from MSI that has found its way on our list of top gaming laptops in 2021 is the MSI GS65 Stealth-007. Much like its above-mentioned sibling, the GS65 is very stylish and strongly built to last. It also has interior reinforcement that enhances its screen and gives the main chassis more strength and firmness.

The processor on this laptop is an Intel Core i7-8750H processor, and the graphics unit is an NVIDIA GeForce RTX2060 GPU. The laptop has 512 GB of SSD and 16GB of RAM. The display on the MSI GS65 is a 15.6 inch IPS AHVA panel that has a refresh rate of 144Hz and an FHD resolution. However, the GS65’s brightness maxes out relatively lower, and it’s a bit tricky to use outdoors.

The MSI GS65 has a strong air cooling system powered by 3 fans, with up to 47 fins each and 6 copper heat pipes which come in a simple array. One of the fans maintains the temperature of the CPU while the other two fans have a thin heat pipe interconnected between them, and maintain the temperature on the laptop’s GPU. The GS65 also has wireless AC and Bluetooth connectivity and a 1550i combo which includes 2 * 2 ac and also Gigabit LAN through a killer gaming network E2500.

Bottom Line:

The MSI GS65 delivers great wireless performance and also handless the games and graphics with much ease. It is slightly heavier than its rivals but the strong build quality is definitely worth it.


This brings us to the end of this blog. The list of laptops mentioned above consists of the best gaming laptops available under $2000 on the market in 2021. Each of these products is handpicked by us to compile this list, however, you can go ahead and check the reviews on Amazon who’d all vouch for the performance that these laptops deliver at gaming. For more updates on gaming, laptops, and another amazing new tech, stay tuned!

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