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3300+ Good Unicorn Names (2024) Cute, Funny, Male, Female

Good Unicorn Names (2022): Cute, Funny, Male, Female
  Written By: Pv Singh
Updated On: 07/31/2023
Est. Reading: 8 minutes

Unicorn fever has gripped the world. From trending unicorn-themed parties to mesmerizing computer games full of magical sparkles, these mythical creatures are everywhere, adding a touch of magic and mystery.

Yet, the biggest challenge for unicorn aficionados worldwide surely underlies in addressing these luminous beings aptly. Elegant and enchanting names indeed come secondary to no other aspect, hence why we’ve curated this list of good unicorn names for you.

Steeped in mythology and legend, each unicorn’s name carries a certain magnetism attracting boundless creativity and imagination. Fabled for their purity, strength, and mystical healing abilities, giving your unicorns fitting names can infuse an extra dash of fantasy into your dealings with these charmingly captivating entities.

Join us as we gallop through an ever-enchanted forest brimming with good unicorn names that are every bit as magical as they sound.

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Tips For Choosing a Good Unicorn Name

Choosing the perfect name for a unicorn, whether it’s for a story you’re writing, a game you’re playing, or a new plush toy you’ve received, can sometimes be trickier than imagined.

Tips For Choosing a Good Unicorn Name

After all, your unicorn deserves a name as unique and rare as its existence. Fret not – here are five handy tips to assist you in unlocking that ideal nomenclature for your mythical companion.

  • Consider Their Magic Power: Most unicorns possess some kind of magical ability or aura influencing their surroundings and those who come in connection with them. Hence, using this magical prowess as inspiration can lead to beautiful names echoing their power.
  • Use Descriptive Words: Unicorns often stir images of grace, rarity, and ethereal beauty. Using descriptive words reflecting these characteristics in their names can add depth and paint a vivid picture within minds.
  • Incorporate Mythological Elements: Since unicorns, themselves stem from mythology, infusing elements from different mythologies into their names can enhance this legendary nature.
  • Experiment With Different Languages: Often, language variations may bring forth wonderfully elegant unicorn names that resonate with the charm of these beings while sounding exotic and imbued with magic.
  • Personalize It To Suit Your Unicorn’s Personality: Each unicorn carries its unique persona which should be reflected in its name for an authentic touch; establishing a deeper bond whilst giving others insights into its distinctive character traits.

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Unicorn Names Generator

Good Unicorn Names (2024)

The charm of unicorns goes beyond their symbolism for purity and enchantment. The names we give them also provide an opportunity to further delve into the imaginative realm they originate from.

Good Unicorn Names (2022)

Glittering, celestial, mystical – these are just a few intuitive cues to help conjure up a majestic name fit for your unicorn. Here is a dreamy list of good unicorn names.

  • Starbeam
  • Elixia
  • Crystal Aurora
  • Moonshadow
  • Glitterdust
  • Spiritears
  • Euphemia The Lightbringer
  • Robsart The Gleaming
  • Enigma The Irresistible
  • Frostbelle
  • Sunmystic
  • Skydancer
  • Rainbowglimmer
  • Prismheart
  • Lunaflame
  • Elftoe The Gentle One
  • Aquafrost
  • Firemarble
  • Opal Essence
  • Aero-light
  • Breeze Whisperer
  • Glacia Sonicwave
  • Nimbus Fluffdust
  • Orilla Dreamseer
  • Sapphire Mistyveil
  • Feya Peacekeeper
  • Jewel Shimmerquill
  • Etherea Starmoon
  • Twirl Pheonixsphere
  • Cloud Drizzlewings
  • Moonbeam Stardust
  • Glitter Charmtail
  • Lumina Rosepearl
  • Iris Electradream
  • Violet Dazzlemane
  • Halo Twilightsparkle
  • Gloss Fablesilk
  • Jade Peacemeadow

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Cute Unicorn Names (2024)

Cute unicorn names sparkle with a sweet charm that beautifully mirrors the endearing, gentle nature frequently attributed to these mythical creatures.

Cute Unicorn Names (2022)

Such names can add the perfect blend of whimsy and magic to your dreamy fairy tale about unicorn adventures, or even colorfully embody your favorite unicorn-themed belongings. Here begins our compilation of unique and fresh-to-the-ear cute unicorn names for you!

  • Sprinkles
  • Fluffy Shimmer
  • Tinkerbell
  • Rainbow Spritz
  • Glitter Jingle
  • Pixie Dust Blossom
  • Honey Dewdrops
  • Marshmallow Mist
  • Giggly Pudding
  • Bubbleberry Fizz
  • Dainty Daisy
  • Cupcake Swizzle
  • Twinkle Starbeam
  • Marshmallow Twirl
  • Starlight Cuddles
  • Fudge Glimmer
  • Sparkly Snowdrop
  • Lollipop Glitterbeam
  • Snuggly Stardust
  • Peachy Sugarplum
  • Wiggly Peppermint
  • Bubbly Gumdrop
  • Crystal Taffy
  • Cotton Candytail
  • Honeydew Sparkle
  • Popsy Flutterbloom
  • Caramel Dreamsicle
  • Shimmer Wisp
  • Jellybean Speckle
  • Mystic Frosting Swirlie
  • Dreamy Lemonade
  • Sweetie Sugarhoof
  • Bella Buttercup
  • Jolly Gelatino
  • Harmony Starshine
  • Halcyon Sugarhues
  • Munchkin Gumball
  • Milka Marshmallow
  • Kisses N’ Twirls
  • Fruity Pebbles
  • Fluffle Swizzle
  • Silky Ribbon
  • Honeymoon Mintyfresh
  • Wonderbead Snowfluff
  • Twilight Moonberry
  • Periwinkle Stardance
  • Vanilla Soufflé Rain
  • Mystic Freckles
  • Skittle Puff Berryblossom

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Unicorn With Wings Names (2024)

In the realm of mythical creatures, a winged unicorn holds a majestically special place. Their ethereal beauty is enchanting as they soar through the heavens with grace and radiance.

Unicorn With Wings Names (2022)

In light of their celestial allure, we’ve compiled a list of vibrant names exclusively for unicorns with wings.

  • Celestia
  • Seraphim
  • Starflame
  • Prism Sky
  • Aerora
  • Luna Wind
  • Mystiwind
  • Solaris Breeze
  • Aurora Glide
  • Quill Feather
  • Windsong
  • Pegasus Dust
  • Starchaser
  • Sunbeam Zephyr
  • Halo Rush
  • Gust Gallop
  • Etherial Whisper
  • Dawn Flutter
  • Universe Swoop
  • Cirrus Gleam
  • Iridescent Gust
  • Sunrise Flit
  • Angelic Glide
  • Wind Iris
  • Rainbow Swirl
  • Cloud Dreamer
  • Stardust Wings
  • Lunar Lift
  • Comet Soar
  • Horizon Galloper
  • Aether Drifter
  • Nebula Glider
  • Gossamer Float
  • Eclipse Flyght
  • Galaxy Feather
  • Vesper Wingbeat
  • Skydance Glimmer
  • Zenith Aurora
  • Horizon Puff
  • Radiance Swooper

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Female Unicorn Names (2024)

Every unicorn needs a name personifying its ethereal charm and magical aura. More so when your unicorn is a lady! Radiating pure elegance coupled with an air of intriguing mystery.

Female Unicorn Names (2022)

Female unicorns deserve unique names that pay homage to their fascinating beauty. Here’s to all the awe-inspiring female unicorns, we unveil a sparkling array of names to suit these enchanting creatures.

  • Dreamfeather
  • Emberglow
  • Sapphire Whirl
  • Stardust Glory
  • Sparklingleaf
  • CelestialBloom
  • Iridescencegrace
  • Opalmist
  • Angelica Drizzle
  • Mistymeadow
  • Glossypetal
  • Luminous Lily
  • Charming Clove
  • Radiant Rose
  • Aurorabreeze
  • Silversnowflake
  • Starlightshimmer
  • Joyful Jasmine
  • Moonraysparkle
  • Glitterdew
  • Rainbowglisten
  • Twinkledawn
  • Harmony Breeze
  • Ethereal Meadow
  • Magicbelle
  • Lunaria
  • Velvetlace
  • Sparklesplendour
  • Pearlhalo
  • Crystalrose

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Funny Unicorn Names (2024)

Unicorns, being creatures of immense magic and charm, often act as imaginative outlets to sprinkle a pinch of humor into our lives.

Funny Unicorn Names (2022)

Justifiably so, breathing life into your unicorn with a whimsically funny name adds an extra dash of giggles to the magical realm they inhabit. Here’s our list of forty quirkily humorous unicorn names sure to brighten your day and tickle your funny bone.

  • Fluffy Marshmallow
  • Happy Hippo
  • Vanilla Bean Dreamer
  • Crazy Concoction
  • Jumping Jello
  • Silly Gummy Bear
  • Sour Gummy Worms
  • Jumping Jellybean
  • Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Man
  • Hot Fudge Sundae
  • Sparkle Eyes
  • Puffy Cotton Candy
  • Laughing Hyena
  • Dancing Jelly Bean
  • Magic Bubble Gum
  • Jolly Ginger Naps
  • Tickle Me Elmo
  • Giggling Gazelle
  • Silly Sloth
  • Vibrant Violets
  • Laughing Llamacorn
  • Smiling Sunflower
  • Twinkling Tinkerbell
  • Bouncing Bubble Gum
  • Laughing Lobster
  • Raspberry Cotton Candy
  • Tequila Sunrise

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Famous Unicorn Names (2024)

Unicorns have been more than just a mythical symbol. They’ve ascended through our childhood fairy tales and nestled into popular culture.

Famous Unicorn Names (2022)

To honor these legendary creatures, we’ve compiled a list of the most famous unicorn names, derived from literature, folklore, and modern fiction.

  • Alicorn
  • Celestia
  • Shadowfax
  • Silvershine
  • Stardust
  • Moonbeam
  • Pegasus (Yes, even winged unicorns counts!)
  • Lunalight
  • Glittermane
  • Ethereal
  • Everfree
  • Pulsewing
  • Radiance
  • Bliss
  • Solstice
  • Unico
  • Labyrinth
  • Crystalyn
  • Gleamcrown
  • Frostmane
  • Silverwind
  • Moonshimmer
  • Evergleam
  • Glitterglade
  • Constellia
  • Harmony
  • Eclipsia
  • Glistenglade
  • Fernquil
  • Umagaga
  • Starlight Beacon
  • Rainbow Rush
  • Shimmerfrost
  • Twilight Bliss
  • Fablemist
  • Celestine Vision
  • Whisperwind Twilight
  • Shining Glory
  • Elusian Glow

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Evil Unicorn Names (2024)

Unicorns are a symbol of purity, beauty, and magic. However, every light conceals darkness within its shadow and so do these mythical beasts.

Evil Unicorn Names (2022)

As we dive into the magical world of unicorns, let’s explore the mystical side with these uniquely curated evil unicorn names.

  • Midnight Fury
  • Venom Sparkle
  • Sable Shade
  • Gloom Hooves
  • Eclipse Charm
  • Phantom Zephyr
  • Twilight Bliss
  • Throat Ripper
  • Ashen Heart
  • Shadow Healer
  • Nether Flame
  • Whispering Doom
  • Bane Flash
  • Bitter Starlight
  • Specter Gleam
  • Dark Nova
  • Hex Mystique
  • Desolate Wind
  • Strangle Magic
  • Blight Splendor
  • Black Thorn
  • Dusk Shimmer
  • Moonlit Scourge
  • Storm Wraith
  • Night Terror
  • Vile Quill
  • Obsidian Whisper
  • Sanguine Miracle
  • Corrosion Grace

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Dark Unicorn Names (2024)

Unicorn mythology isn’t just all about glitter, rainbows, and purity. There’s a mesmerizingly mysterious side to these ethereal creatures that paints them in darker hues, swaying away from the traditional image.

Dark Unicorn Names (2022)

Named Dark Unicorns, these mythical beings from the shadowy realms bear the enchantment and power that resonate with their surreal existence.

  • ShadowGlow
  • MysticDusk
  • EbonyMist
  • MidnightPulse
  • PhantomSilhouette
  • ObsidianShimmer
  • NocturneBreeze
  • OnyxDrizzle
  • MoonlitEclipse
  • MidnightStar
  • StarlessSkies
  • SableNightfall
  • TwilightWhisper
  • BlackDiamonds
  • EbonyIridescence
  • StormyGleam
  • NightshadeDreams
  • CosmicInk
  • DarkMoonStreak
  • VioletFrost
  • BlackenedFire
  • FallenComet
  • CharcoalGlitter
  • SlateFlash
  • GalaxyTemptress
  • TwilightThunder
  • AstralEclipse
  • UnseenGleam
  • InvisibleSparkle
  • CrimsonShadow

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Neon Unicorn Names (2024)

In the enigmatic realm of unicorns, neon varieties are incredibly magical and electrifying, offering a vibrant twist to the traditional ethereal creature.

Neon Unicorn Names (2022)

With an energy that could outshine any disco ball, naming such effulgent beings requires more than just inventiveness; it calls for sparkling creativity.

  • Cherry Bomb
  • Belle of the Ball
  • Dazzling Diva
  • Twinkle Toes
  • Electric Blue
  • Majestic Monarch
  • Sugar Plum Fairy
  • Sunshine Daydreamer
  • Timeless Treasure
  • Enchanted Empress
  • Lemonade
  • Bright Delightful Blossom
  • Fairytale Princess
  • Sapphire Bluebell
  • Ruby Red
  • Sparkling Stardust
  • Serene Sage
  • Goldie Locks
  • Emerald Dream
  • Rainbow Brite
  • Ancient Wisdom
  • Shimmering Snowflake
  • Tangerine Dream
  • Golden Grace
  • Brilliant Beauty Blossom
  • Radiant Rose
  • Luminescent Lily
  • Princess Aurora

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Mystical Unicorns Names (2024)

Embark on a magical journey as we delve into an exclusive set of mystical unicorn names. Each name holds a unique charm, extracting elements from different folklore and mythology, promising to highlight the mysticism associated with your resplendent unicorns. Here are splendid suggestions for mystical unicorn names that could be perfect for your fantasy pet or character.

Mystical Unicorns Names (2022)
  • Eldorado
  • Elysium
  • Valyria
  • Celestia
  • Orion
  • Nebulae
  • Amethyst
  • Celeste
  • Crystalline
  • Moonbeam
  • Elfin
  • Seraphim
  • Ethereal
  • Spellbound
  • Vespera
  • Zephyr
  • Hadaluna (Hada-“Fairy” Luna-“Moon”)
  • Iridionnera (Iridion-“Rainbow”, Nera-“Black”)
  • Rhodolite (A Pinkish gem)
  • Avalon
  • Opaline
  • Astraia (Greek goddess of the stars)
  • Eclipseia
  • Radiant Star
  • Twilight dreamer
  • Glimmermyst
  • Angelaine (“Angel”+Rain)
  • Frostsprinkle
  • Luzerne (Latin, “Light”)
  • Moonshadowe
  • Fairygalaxia
  • Golden Aura
  • Blizzard Silhouette
  • Topazdust
  • Zenith Blossom
  • Pixielight
  • Sapphire Soul
  • Lunar Echo
  • Stardust Whisper
  • Borealis Dream
  • Quintessence Sunwave
  • Jewel Spectrum
  • Lilac Symphony
  • Affinity Nebula

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More Unicorn Names Ideas (2024)

Stepping into the fantasy realm, there remains no end to unicorn name possibilities. To assist in navigating the myriad choices, allow us to provide a gentle whisper into your imagination, ready to inspire you with even more good unicorn names.

More Unicorn Name Ideas
  • Starbeam
  • Sunsparkler
  • Moondancer
  • Meadowbreeze
  • Pearldrop
  • Quillmane
  • Diamondmist
  • Jellybean Twinkle
  • Minty Snowflake
  • Lollypop Dreamcatcher
  • Marshmallow Rainbow
  • Lemonshine Glittermane
  • Marzipan Starlight
  • Toffee Pirouette
  • Freckle Stardancer
  • Whiskers Sunbeam
  • Harlequin Moonflash
  • Eclipse Dewhorn
  • Crystal Shimmerblink
  • Pomegranate Spritzwhipper
  • Pumpkin Twilightflicker
  • Nightberry Fluffypounce
  • Stormy Cometwing
  • Aurora Flashheart
  • Amethyst Skyflyer
  • Breezy Lightwisp
  • Rose Quartz Glimmerhop
  • Lavender Lunar-eclipse
  • Emerald Splendour
  • Onyx Moonbeamer
  • Ruby Sunrise
  • Opal Dreamdancer

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Naming their own mythical, magical creature is a wonderful way for anyone (no matter their age) to let their imagination come alive.

As we delve into whimsy and fantasy, a fitting unicorn name provides a distinct personality, assisting to spice up narratives, enchant games or merely make us smile by providing that little extra bit of ‘stardust’ to our lives.

This list of good unicorn names aims to ignite your creativity and echo the magic inherent within us all. Whether your unicorn is a playful soul with Rainbow Sprinkles or a sophisticated mystic like Amethyst Skyflyer, there’s something extraordinarily special happening when we grant such a creature its unique moniker. So go ahead, pick out the best unicorn name, and lend an enchanting voice to your mystical steed today!


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