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15 Best Ways To Get XP In Minecraft [Speed Up Your Leveling]

Best Ways To Get XP In Minecraft
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/01/2023
Est. Reading: 7 minutes

Are you ready to level up your Minecraft gaming experience? If the answer is a resounding yes, then you have come to the right place.

We’ll show you the best ways to get XP in Minecraft. We promise we aren’t talking about your run-of-the-mill methods here but strategies that can skyrocket your XP gains to new heights.

This game isn’t just about mining or crafting; it also involves strategy and smart playing, which includes knowing how to amass XP efficiently. If you’ve been playing Minecraft for a while now, you understand just how crucial XP (experience points) is.

They’re used for enchanting and repairing items, which are vital aspects of gameplay. Learning how to accumulate these magic little stars effectively is an art within itself. Buckle up as we start this journey together to master the XP collection in Minecraft.

Setting Up Your Own XP Farm: The Easiest Method

Are you wondering where to start accumulating a heap load of XP in Minecraft? Creating a dedicated kill room for mobs should be your go-to strategy, and here’s why.


You’ve probably stumbled across several spawners nestled deep in the heart of various cave systems during your mining sessions. Well, these spawners can be absolute goldmines when it comes to gaining experience.

To create an efficient XP farm, you’ll need to construct a ‘mob grinder.’ This is essentially a trap around the spawner that damages or kills the monsters, allowing you to swoop in safely and reap the rewards – your precious XP.

Converting natural mob spawners is convenient as they continuously produce mobs without any effort on your part. The best part? These mob spawners span different types: skeleton, zombie, or spider, each offering unique drops along with ample XP.

Does Looting Give More XP?

Contrary to common misconceptions, the Looting enchantment in Minecraft does not provide more experience points (XP).


Looting chiefly increases the maximum loot drop for killing mobs, but no extra XP is given. Although a terrific feature for improving your collection of mob-dropped items.

It doesn’t pack the punch needed to accelerate your XP-gathering pace. Always remember strategy is paramount when leveling up in Minecraft.

15 Best Ways To Get XP In Minecraft

When it comes to gaming, knowing the tricks of the trade can make all the difference. That’s especially true in a game like Minecraft, where gaining experience points or XP is a crucial part of leveling up your gameplay.


We’ll break down three top strategies for securing XP: breeding animals, using grindstones, and villager trading.

Breeding Animals

In Minecraft, breeding animals isn’t just about maintaining a sustainable food source; it can also be an easy way to pile up those XP points. Every time you breed two animals, you’ll receive some experience.


Whether it’s cows, pigs, or chickens, choose your favorite animal pair and start generating XP. You’ll need wheat for cows and sheep, while seeds will work for chickens.

Pigs prefer carrots, beetroot, or potatoes. It’s easy to forget about this method because the return isn’t massive; every bit adds up when you’re grinding for survival in this sandbox world.

Using Grindstones

Grindstones aren’t just useful tools in Minecraft; they’re also a gateway to XP. Primarily used for repairing items and tools or removing enchantments from items, Grindstones can help you quickly gain levels when effectively used in the game.

If you’ve been mining or fighting mobs and come across enchanted items you don’t want, don’t discard them! Instead, pop them into a grindstone.

Removing nonessential enchantments from these items will earn you sweet XP points without having to go through battles or long mining sessions.

Every discarded item enchanted is an opportunity missed; make sure to capitalize on these chances.

Villager Trading

Trading with villagers doesn’t seem like an obvious way to earn experience points, but think again. Every time you engage in trading with a villager in Minecraft, some beautiful green orbs (aka XPs) pop out from their bodies.


Creating reliable sources of goods for trading can help you continue gaining experience through this method. A particular favorite is farming because it allows a continuous supply of items to trade with many significant villagers.

Best yet, the more you trade with a villager, the more your reputation increases, opening up additional trades that are even more profitable.

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Killing The Ender Dragon

If you’re up for a challenge, killing The Ender Dragon is a rewarding way to gather a ton of XP quickly. As the boss of the game, taking down this mythical beast reaps an impressive 12,000 XP points.

It’s not an easy fight and requires good preparation, strategy, and gear. However, should you succeed in defeating this creature of Minecraft lore, you will be rewarded handsomely with enough XP to go up numerous levels.

Smelting Exploits

Here’s a tip: Smelting anything in Minecraft gives you a being of XP for each item pulled out of a furnace. Whether it’s food or ore, each smelted item adds to your experience tally.


This can be exploited further by using cactus or bamboo, two materials that grow quickly to create green dye and sticks, respectively, which can then be smelted into more XP.

You can automate part of this process by setting up furnaces where the items drop directly into them, followed by a hopper system that funnels smelted items into a chest ready for collection (and that sweet little experience boost).

Set these machines running while you’re pottering about creating your dream Minecraft world.


They are mining itself the essence of Minecraft’s gameplay. Every coal ore block mined gives XP instantly. Ores such as Redstone, lapis lazuli, diamond, and emerald also give valuable XP when mined, but they are much rarer to find compared to coal.

Mining in itself doesn’t just amass those crucial experience points. Still, it also provides resources necessary for other activities, such as building structures or crafting tools, which helps holistically progress your game journey.

Making a Mob Grinder

Creating a mob grinder, also known as a mob farm, is another efficient way to accumulate XP in Minecraft. You’ve got two options here: either an active grinder or a passive one.


With an active grinder, you trap and then kill the mobs manually. On the other hand, a passive grinder leverages environmental harm to kill the mobs.

Building a mob grinder may seem like a daunting task with its intricate design and setup, but it pays dividends by offering an almost endless supply of XP orbs once operational.

Just remember that location is key for the type of mob you’re looking to farm. Zombies and skeletons spawn in darker areas, while blazes favor nether fortresses.

Smashing Bottles O’ Enchanting

Ever thought you’d hear of smashing bottles for XP? Well, in Minecraft, that’s not only possible but highly beneficial! Bottles O’ Enchanting are items that, when thrown (or smashed), release experience orbs that grant between three to eleven experience points.

You can acquire these magical bottles by trading with cleric villagers or looting end cities’ chests, although the latter can be quite risky and adventurous.

Bottle-smashing might not be your primary source of XP farming due to their rarity, but let these spellbinding bottles surprise you every now and then.

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Fishing might seem like just another leisurely activity added for realism in Minecraft’s long list of crafting and adventure tasks; however, fishing not only offers valuable items, including enchanted books and bows but also grants experience points.


Who knew sitting by the river with your handy old fishing rod could turn out to be so rewarding?

Don’t forget: the “Luck of The Sea” enchantment will drastically increase these treasures’ odds, making fishing one savory method for leveling up in this pixelated universe.

Trade with Piglins

Piglins are a unique type of mob in Minecraft, found primarily in the Netherlands. They have a love for gold and will often trade it for a variety of items.

Each time you make a transaction with a Piglin, you gain experience points, almost like loyalty points at your local coffee shop. Have you got some spare gold? Grab it and hit the Nether; those Piglins are waiting.

Kill The Wither

If you’re in the mood for some action and up for challenging gameplay, why not slay the Wither? Killing this Minecraft boss rewards you with an impressive amount of experience points.


Although summoning and fighting the Wither presents a formidable challenge (you’ll need to gather rare materials from Nether Skeletons to do so), downing this tough foe brings about significant XP earnings.

Don’t underestimate it, though – you should prepare yourself both in terms of gear and strategic gameplay before taking on this encounter.


Did you know that smelting isn’t only about refining ores or cooking food in Minecraft? It’s also an XP earner. Regardless of what item you’re smelting (ore, food, or anything else), every output collected from the furnace transfers precious experience into your character.

To maximize your gains from this method, give thought to setting up automatic smelters using hoppers so that even while you’re away exploring, your home base is gathering XP.

Killing Mobs

The original (and perhaps most basic) method to earn XP was by taking down hostile mobs such as zombies, skeletons, or endermen, among others. It’s simple – find them, fight them, and collect their drops along with those glorious green orbs signifying XP.


Keep in mind that nighttime brings about a higher mob spawn rate on the surface; use this time wisely. Remember, different mobs provide varying amounts of XP, so know your enemies and game strategy.

Mob Farms

These are structures designed to spawn mobs and automatically kill them without player interaction. In the world of Minecraft, they’re the ultimate in passive XP earning.

Set one up correctly, and you could be raking in the experience from Creeper casualties while you sleep (both in-game and in real life).

These farms require a bit of setting up initially, but once established, they offer a constant supply of experience for the diligent Minecrafter.

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FAQs About Best Ways To Get XP In Minecraft

Is it necessary to kill mobs to gain XP in Minecraft?

No, there are various ways to gain XP in the game, such as breeding animals, trading with villagers, or smelting. Kill mobs if you’re up for the action.

Do I gain XP by just trading with villagers and Piglins?

Yes, Set up a good supply of items and engage them in productive trades so the XP points keep flowing in.

Can I get XP points by removing unwanted enchantments?

Absolutely. Use a grindstone to remove enchantments from your items – not only will this repair the item, but it will also earn you experience points.

What are some of the more challenging ways to earn big XP points?

Challenging methods for big gains include fighting bosses like the Ender Dragon or Wither. These battles require ample preparation but reward substantial amounts of XP.

Is smelting an efficient way of earning XP in Minecraft?

Indeed, both smelting ores and cooking food earn lumps of experience. Set up automatic smelters for 24/7 XP accrual.


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