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Diablo 3 Season 28 Tier List (June 2024) Character Classes & Builds

Diablo 3 Season 28 Tier List ([nmf] [cy]) Character Classes & Builds
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/23/2023
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Diablo 3 is a challenging hack-and-slash action RPG that requires players to save the world of Sanctuary. Choosing which character class build to play is not an easy decision, and there are seven available classes to choose from. To help you make this difficult choice, we have put together a Diablo 3 tier list.

Our Diablo 3 tier list ranks all build according to their overall power and usefulness. Every build is assigned a tier according to their abilities, skill set, and combat capabilities. Higher tiers represent more powerful builds that are better suited for end-game content and difficult bosses.

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Diablo 3 Tier List (June 2024)

Diablo 3 is an evolving game, and as each new season comes, our Diablo 3 tier list is updated with the latest information. This version of the tier list is based on Season 28 content. Builds are divided into four tiers: S, A, B, and C.

Diablo 3 Tier List (June 2024)

Knowing which build is better than the other can be very beneficial for any player wishing to reach the endgame faster. So, go through our Diablo 3 tier list and find out which build to play and take your Diablo 3 experience to the next level.

Diablo 3 S Tier List (2024)

This tier contains the best builds with supreme combat capabilities. They are well-rounded and can take on any type of content. Having an S-tier build will make your journey to the endgame much easier.

Diablo 3 S Tier List (2024)
MonkLoD Wol
NecromancerTrag’Oul Death Nova
NecromancerLoD Death Nova
NecromancerRathma AotD
BarbarianLoD HotA
BarbarianRaekor Boulder Toss
WizardLoD Meteor
WizardTal Rasha Meteor
Demon HunterMarauder Sentry

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Diablo 3 A Tier List (2024)

In A tier, good builds are present that can take on most content in the game. They might not be as powerful as S-tier builds, but they still provide a solid foundation for success.

Diablo 3 A Tier List (2024)
WizardLoD Frozen Orb
MonkUliana EP
MonkRaiment Generator
Witch DoctorMundunugu Spirit Barrage
Witch DoctorZunimassa Poison Dart
Witch DoctorLoN Poison Dart
Witch DoctorArachyr Spiders
CrusaderLoN Bombardment
CrusaderAoV Heaven’s Fury
CrusaderAoV Fist of the Heavens
CrusaderAkkhan Condemn
NecromancerLoD Corpse Explosion
NecromancerInarius Death Nova
BarbarianWaste Whirlwind Rend
BarbarianIK HotA

Diablo 3 B Tier List (2024)

All the decent builds that are good enough for experienced players belong to the B tier. The content they can take on is limited, but they still provide an enjoyable experience in the game.

Diablo 3 B Tier List (2024)
Witch DoctorHelltooth Zombie Bears
Witch DoctorJade Harvester
Witch DoctorHelltooth Gargs
Witch DoctorLoD Spirit Barrage
WizardFirebird Magic Missile
WizardVry Reverse Action FO
WizardDMO Frozen Orb
WizardVry Chantodo
WizardLoD Hydra
WizardDMO Twister
WizardFirebird Flame Blades
Demon HunterGoD Hungering Arrow
Demon HunterNatalya Rapid Fire
Demon HunterUE Multishot
MonkSWK Tempest Rush
MonkInna Mystic Ally
MonkPoJ Tempest Rush
NecromancerLoD Poison Scythe
CrusaderInvoker Thorns
CrusaderAkkan Bombardment
CrusaderSotL Blessed Hammer
BarbarianMotE Leapquake
BarbarianSavage Frenzy
BarbarianMotE Seismic Slam

Diablo 3 C Tier List (2024)

C-tier builds are not up to par and should not be used by any player. They have low combat capabilities and will only bring frustration.

Diablo 3 C Tier List (2024)
CrusaderLoD Blessed Shield
CrusaderRoland Sweep
Witch DoctorArachyr Firebats
WizardTal Rasha Frozen Orb
BarbarianIK Charge
NecromancerInarius Poison Scythe
NecromancerInarius Corpse Explosion
NecromancerMasquerade Bone Spear
Demon HunterLoD Rapid Fire
Demon HunterN6M4 Cluster Arrow

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the best Necromancer class builds?

The best Necromancer builds are Trag’Oul Death Nova, LoD Death Nova, and Rathma AotD. We recommend you use them for the best experience.

2. Which barbarian builds are the best in the Diablo 3 tier list?

The best barbarian builds are LoD HotA and Raekor Boulder Toss. These builds offer great mobility combined with high damage output.

3. What builds should I avoid?

It is best to avoid SWK LTK, Inarius Poison Scythe, and LoD Rapid Fire builds as they are not suitable for end-game content.

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Final Words

Now that you know all the tiers of builds in the Diablo 3 tier list, you can make an informed decision on which build to play and start your adventure in Sanctuary! Good luck, heroes!


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