How to Become a Monk in BitLife? (2021) + Requirements

How to Become a Monk in BitLife? (November 2021) + Requirements

October 25, 2021
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Are you tired of your life as a modern-day human? Then maybe it's time to become a monk! In this blog post, we will teach you how to become a monk in BitLife.

BitLife is an exciting new game that has been sweeping the world with its innovative technology and gameplay mechanics. If you want an escape from reality, then Bitlife might be for you. It's a very fun and addicting game that allows you to live many lives in one.

In BitLife, you will be able to make many choices that can impact your virtual life. These decisions are all up to you, the player! The game is free, with in-game purchases available for those who want an easier time moving through their BitLives.

There are many career paths you can choose from in BitLife, but one of the most interesting is becoming a monk. This path has many benefits and difficulties along the way to enlightenment!

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BitLife - A Quick Introduction

BitLife is a simulation game where you can live out your life in the digital age. You are able to do everything from getting married, having kids, and even becoming a monk if that's what interests you. The game has over 100 different events that you can experience, and the only limit is time.

BitLife - A Quick Introduction

Many people have already claimed that BitLife is the best game they've ever played. It's got everything you need, including a customizable avatar and your choice of an infinite amount of virtual lives to live.

The game is incredibly addicting and is pretty much never-ending. One of the best features of BitLife is that there are no objectives. There's nothing more to it than living your life, making choices, and seeing what happens next. You can get married or even become a monk if you want. It's all up to you.

In this article, we'll be going over a few tips and tricks that you can use to become a monk in BitLife. If you're interested in becoming a monk, then there are a few things you should know before starting your journey. So, let's get started!

Requirements for Becoming a Monk in BitLife

BitLife is a simulation game, and the best part about it is that you get to live out your life in many different ways. You can become everything from a monk to an astronaut if that's really what interests you.

Requirements for Becoming a Monk in BitLife

The requirements for becoming a monk are fairly simple;

  • You must be male.
  • You have to get through high school, which you can then find the monk career in the job menu.
  • You need to remain a virgin (your character, not you).

If, for some reason, these aren't available to you when starting out your new life, just close BitLife completely and reopen it again after a few minutes. This will give you a brand new set of jobs to choose from.

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How to Become a Monk in BitLife?

BitLife offers many different careers for you to choose from, including becoming a monk. You can actually carry out your life in many different ways, but most people tend to go the religious route when playing this game.

How to Become a Monk in BitLife?

Now that you know the requirements let's go over some tricks and tips for becoming a monk.

  • The first step is to start out as a male.
  • Graduate from high school but remain celibate. You can date and break up, just do not sleep around or get married.
  • Age into your adult years and look for the job at the bottom of the list under 'jobs'. It's a fairly rare career, so you may need to age up more than once before seeing it.
  • Once you see the career, accept it and start working towards your goal of becoming a monk!
  • Do not drink, smoke or do drugs.
  • Do yoga to build up your happiness and health stats. If you're looking for achievement, it's important that you keep both of these as high as possible!
  • Keep doing yoga to build up your happiness and health stats.
  • If you get sick, go see the doctor, but make sure not to overuse it! Overusing the doctor can decrease both of these attributes as well, which is why this step is important for getting that achievement in BitLife.
  • After 75 years have passed, you will finally be able to become a monk. Congratulations!
  • Once you are done becoming a monk, it will be time for your next task, which is living out the rest of your life in peace and solitude.

Now that you know how to become a monk in BitLife go give it your best shot!

Benefits of Becoming a Monk in BitLife

Becoming a monk in BitLife can be beneficial because you will get to lead a life of peace and serenity. You also won't have the stress that many other careers might pose, which is good for your health!

Benefits of Becoming a Monk in BitLife

If you're looking for achievement, then this should definitely be near the top of your list to go after.

You will also be able to freely explore the game without having to worry about your health. Becoming a monk basically makes you immortal, which is great if you're looking for some longevity within BitLife's world!

Becoming a monk can make it easier on yourself when trying out different career paths as well since most of them require you to be married.

There are many benefits of becoming a monk in BitLife, so if you're one who's looking for some peace and quiet, this might just be the career path for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does BitLife allows its players to become a monk?

Yes, you can become a monk in BitLife. BitLife is a unique life simulator that offers you the chance to live out your wildest dreams. The game offers many different career paths that cater to all kinds of different personalities and lifestyles, including becoming a monk in BitLife!

2. Can I become a monk if I am a female?

No, you have to be a male in order to become a monk. In BitLife, your gender plays an important role when it comes to certain career paths and becoming a monk is one of them!

3. How long do I have to wait until BitLife allows me to become a monk?

In order to become a monk, you will have to wait until your adult years, which is when the career appears under the 'jobs' page. You can then start working towards that goal, and after 75 years in BitLife time, you should be able to finally become a monk!

4. How can I tell if becoming a monk is right for me?

If you are looking to lead a life of peace and serenity, then becoming a monk might be the best option. Becoming a monk will unlock many different achievements, which makes it easier on yourself when trying out new career paths!

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Becoming a monk in BitLife is not an easy task, but it's definitely achievable. In order to become a monk, you will have to last 75 years at the job and remain celibate!. It's important to understand that this career path will require you to lead a very secluded life, so be prepared for it!

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post about how to become a monk in BitLife. We also hope that it answers your questions and makes the decision of becoming a monk easier for you!

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