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How To Get Capes In Minecraft? 2024 [Accessorize Your Avatar]

How To Get Capes In Minecraft?
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 11/22/2023
Est. Reading: 5 minutes

As an avid Minecraft player, I’ve spent years exploring every nook and cranny of this virtual realm.

One aspect that made my journey more exciting was the use of in-game accessories like capes, a small but significant way of setting my character apart from the rest.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing some hands-on experiences about how to get capes in Minecraft.

Given the diverse range of games I play, from single-player narrative experiences to competitive multiplayer ones, each game offers its own unique systems and mechanics that are intended to enhance gameplay.

But what makes Minecraft stand out is the level of customization it allows – from building vast kingdoms to changing our character’s appearance with accessories like capes.

So whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player like me, there are always useful tricks to pick up, and hopefully, this post can help in your progress towards acquiring those coveted capes.

What is Capes In Minecraft?

Capes in Minecraft are rare vanity items and are worn in addition to the player’s skin. They do not provide any gameplay advantages, meaning they don’t increase health or protection.

What is Capes In Minecraft?

Minecraft Capes can be obtained by attending Minecon events, through promotional events, or by donating to a charity associated with Minecraft. The design of the cape does not affect gameplay and is purely for aesthetic purposes.

Are Minecraft capes free?

Yes, all methods of obtaining a cape in Minecraft are essentially free. However, these capes are not available directly within the game.

They are offered as a bonus or reward for attending Minecon events, participating in promotional events, or donating to a charity associated with Minecraft.

There’s no in-game system where capes can be purchased or earned through gameplay, and they offer no gameplay benefits; it’s only a way to customize your character’s appearance in the game.

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How To Get Capes In Minecraft?

Getting a unique and cool-looking cape in Minecraft can be the perfect addition to your in-game avatar. Not only does it give your character a distinct appearance.

How To Get Capes In Minecraft?

But it also signifies that you have achieved certain milestones within the game. So, how can you get these coveted capes for your Minecraft character? Here are some key methods.


Between the years of 2011 and 2016, attending MINECON events became somewhat of a tradition for dedicated Minecraft players.

Beyond the experience of being part of such events, attendees were rewarded with distinctive or commemorative capes from game developers.

As tokens of participation and proof of being part of the global fan community, these free capes became coveted items among players.

Although this method is no longer accessible as no specific cape awards were announced post-2016 MINECON, those who possess them carry a badge of honor with Minecraft history.

Migrator Cape

In an effort to consolidate user accounts and streamline access to its games, Mojang planned a migration process from Mojang accounts to Microsoft accounts.

Players who took part in this migration received ‘Migrator Capes’ at no cost as an appreciation reward from the company. This migration activity was launched with significant notice for players to make the transition smoothly and get rewarded with a refreshing new cape design.

Bear in mind that this was a limited-time opportunity, and if you haven’t already jumped on board during this event, it might be trickier to snag this particular cape.

Vanilla Cape

Mojang offered another exclusive cape named ‘Vanilla Cape’ under certain conditions during June 2022. In order to get this specialty cape for free during that timeframe, you needed to own both Java and Bedrock editions on one single account.

Why was it labeled as ‘Vanilla’? It’s not necessarily about any vanilla features or gameplay but more linked to how this pure Java codebase version of the game has been maintained, thus symbolizing the original essence of Minecraft.

Although this cape was free for those who met the offered criteria in June 2022, later acquisitions might dictate different terms to claim this cape.

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How to Change Your Cape in Minecraft?

How to Change Your Cape in Minecraft?

To change your cape in Minecraft, follow the steps below:

  • Open Minecraft – Start by launching the game on your PC.
  • Select Options – From the main menu, navigate to the ‘Options’ button, which is typically located below the ‘SinglePlayer’ and ‘Multiplayer’ options.
  • Skin Customization – Within the Options menu, look for ‘Skin Customization’ and select it. This will open a new menu wherein you can see your current skin along with other customization options.
  • OptiFine Cape – Scroll to find an option called ‘OptiFine Cape’ and select it.
  • Open Cape Editor – After selecting OptiFine Cape, a new screen will open named ‘Cape Editor.’ Here, you can choose different designs for your cape as well as change the color or pattern of the cape according to your preferences.
  • Save Changes– After you have made your desired changes, don’t forget to save them.
  • Check Appearance– Now, you can go back to your game and see how your character appears with its new cape on.

Optifine is a mod that enhances graphics and performance in Minecraft games. You would need to have Optifine installed and working for this method to change capes.

These capes bring a sense of uniqueness and pride to your avatar as they’re symbols reflecting memorable events or special activities you took part in within the Minecraft realm.

As a result, they are somewhat collector’s items within the game world. Ensure to stay updated with Minecraft’s news, as sometimes new capes are introduced in various ways.

While these capes don’t provide any extra abilities or advantages in gameplay, they’re truly about expressing individual style and achievements. Wear your cape with pride on your virtual Minecraft adventures.

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FAQs About Getting Capes in Minecraft

Do I have to pay for Minecraft capes?

No, capes in Minecraft are typically free and are acquired through various methods like attending events or account migrations.

Can all Minecraft players get capes?

Yes, any player can obtain a cape. However, the method of acquiring one might differ based on certain conditions or events.

Do Minecraft capes provide any gameplay advantage?

No, capes are cosmetic items that add to your character’s look but don’t provide any game-enhancing abilities.

Can I customize my cape in Minecraft?

Yes, with OptiFine installed and a donation to OptiFine, you can customize your own cape.

Where can I see my cape in Minecraft?

Capes in Minecraft are visible to all players within the game on the back of your avatar.


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