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How To Make A Golden Apple In Minecraft? [Step By Step Recipe]

How To Make A Golden Apple In Minecraft
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/04/2023
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Imagine the satisfaction of surviving treacherous terrains, battling menacing mobs, and ultimately creating an object of immense power and value in Minecraft: a golden apple.

Learning how to make a golden apple in Minecraft is more than a skill you can boast to your friends about. It’s your ticket to rejuvenation and survival in the fantastic yet unforgiving world of Minecraft.

Players often uncover unexpected cave-ins, stealthy creatures lurking behind shadows, or find themselves low on life when they least expect it. That’s when this precious little piece of culinary art comes into play.

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in similar situations or want to upgrade your Minecraft game, you’ve hit the right spot. This guide will lead you through each nook and cranny of crafting one of the most beneficial items in the blocky universe.

Along with handy tips to ramp up your gameplay, we promise not to drown you in specialist terms or complicated vocabulary. Everyone deserves the joy of learning this supercool recipe. So, gear up as we dive into the world where blocks become tools for survival.

What are the Sources of golden apples?

In the expansive world of Minecraft, golden apples are not only a valuable food item but also an important component in various crafting and enchantment scenarios.

What are the Sources of golden apples

These rare items, known for their restorative and special effects, can be found in several types of loot chests scattered across different structures within the game.

Each type of structure where these chests are located offers a unique adventure and challenges, making the quest for golden apples both exciting and rewarding.

Bastion Remnants loot chests

Bastion Remnants, remnants of ancient fortifications found in the Nether, offer one of the most challenging environments in Minecraft.

These structures are inhabited by Piglins and Brutes, making them dangerous but rewarding to explore. Golden apples can be found in the loot chests here, often hidden amidst the dimly lit corridors and massive halls.

The chests in Bastion Remnants are not only known for golden apples but also for other valuable items like ancient debris, netherite scraps, and Piglin artifacts. The rarity of golden apples in these chests adds to the allure, making them a prized find for any adventurer.

Navigating the complex layout of Bastion Remnants and dealing with its hostile inhabitants is a test of skill and courage, but the reward of finding a golden apple makes the risk worthwhile.

Dungeon loot chests

Dungeons, the small, cramped rooms found underground in Minecraft, are home to spawners that produce endless waves of hostile mobs. Exploring these dungeons can be perilous, but the loot chests they contain often hold valuable items, including golden apples.

These apples are a rare find in dungeon chests, making them a highly sought-after item. The thrill of battling through hordes of enemies to reach these chests adds to the excitement of discovering a golden apple.

Apart from golden apples, dungeon chests may also contain saddles, music discs, and various types of seeds, making them a treasure trove for players seeking diverse resources.

The challenge of dungeons lies in their unpredictable nature and the constant threat posed by the spawners. Still, the potential rewards, especially golden apples, make them a favorite destination for many players.

Stronghold library loot chests

Strongholds, the underground fortresses in Minecraft, hold the key to accessing the End dimension. Within these strongholds, players can find libraries filled with bookshelves and, more importantly, loot chests.

These chests, often tucked away in the corners of the library, can contain golden apples. The rarity of strongholds, coupled with the challenge of navigating their maze-like corridors, makes finding a golden apple here an achievement in itself.

Stronghold libraries are also notable for their supply of books and paper, along with the possibility of enchanted books. The presence of golden apples in these chests adds an extra layer of excitement for players exploring these ancient structures, seeking to unlock the mysteries of the End.

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Mineshaft loot chests

Mineshafts, the sprawling underground networks of tunnels and railways, offer a unique exploration experience in Minecraft. Scattered throughout these mineshafts, players can find loot chests, which occasionally contain golden apples.

These apples are a rare and valuable find, providing a significant health boost to players navigating the dangerous corridors filled with cave spiders and other hazards.

Mineshafts are a source of not only golden apples but also other valuable items like diamonds, iron ingots, and rails.

The thrill of discovering a golden apple in a mineshaft chest lies in the unpredictability of these structures, where every turn can lead to new discoveries or unexpected dangers.

Woodland Mansion loot chests

Woodland Mansions, the rare and mysterious structures found in the dark forests of the Overworld, are known for their intricate rooms and hidden treasures. Within these mansions, players can find loot chests containing various items, including the elusive golden apple.

These apples are a prized find, especially given the difficulty of locating and exploring these vast structures. Woodland Mansions are inhabited by evokers and vindicators, making the journey to find a golden apple both challenging and dangerous.

The rarity of golden apples in these chests adds to the mystique of the Woodland Mansion, making it a sought-after destination for players seeking adventure and rare items.

Ruined Portal chests

Ruined Portals, remnants of ancient portals scattered throughout the Minecraft world, can be found in both the Overworld and the Nether. These structures often contain a loot chest nearby, which has a chance of holding a golden apple.

The allure of finding a golden apple in a Ruined Portal chest is enhanced by the mystery and lore surrounding these ancient structures. Players may also find other valuable items like obsidian, flint steel, and enchanted gear in these chests.

The search for a golden apple in Ruined Portal chests adds an element of excitement to the exploration of these mysterious remnants, bridging the Overworld and the Nether.

Desert temple loot chests

Desert Temples, the pyramid-like structures found in the desert biomes of Minecraft, are notorious for their hidden treasures and traps. Beneath the temple floor lies a secret chamber containing four loot chests, often booby-trapped with TNT.

Adventurous players who successfully navigate and disarm the trap may find golden apples among the treasures in these chests. The thrill of discovering a golden apple in a Desert Temple is heightened by the risk of the traps, making it a rewarding experience for those who dare to explore these ancient structures.

In addition to golden apples, these chests can also contain enchanted books, bones, rotten flesh, and rare gems like emeralds and diamonds.

The allure of Desert Temples lies not only in the valuable loot but also in the challenge and excitement of uncovering hidden chambers and outsmarting deadly traps, with the potential reward of finding a coveted golden apple.

End City loot chests

End Cities, located in the distant realms of the End dimension, represent one of the ultimate challenges in Minecraft. These towering structures are filled with dangerous Shulkers and intricate parkour challenges.

The loot chests found in End Cities can contain golden apples, a valuable find for players braving the dangers of the End. These apples are rare and sought after, especially given the difficulty of reaching and exploring End Cities.

Apart from golden apples, these chests can also hold valuable items like Elytras, enchanted gear, and Shulker shells. The challenge of navigating End Cities and the rarity of golden apples in their chests make finding one a significant achievement and a memorable moment in a player’s Minecraft journey.

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Igloo basement loot chests

In the snowy biomes of Minecraft, players might stumble upon igloos, some of which have a hidden basement. These basements can contain a loot chest that occasionally holds a golden apple.

The discovery of a golden apple in an igloo basement is a delightful surprise for players exploring the icy landscapes. The simplicity of igloos, contrasted with the potential for rare loot like golden apples, makes these structures an interesting and worthwhile destination.

In addition to golden apples, players may also find items like coal, wheat, and sometimes even a potion of weakness in these basements, adding to the variety of resources available in this unlikely location.

Pillager outpost loot chests

Pillager Outposts, found in various biomes across the Overworld, are structures occupied by hostile Pillagers. These outposts contain loot chests, which can sometimes include golden apples among their contents.

Finding a golden apple in a Pillager Outpost chest is a challenging task, given the constant threat from Pillagers and their leaders. These chests can also contain crossbows, arrows, and other items useful for combat.

The thrill of battling through a Pillager Outpost and finding a golden apple in the chest adds a layer of excitement and reward for players, making these locations a popular choice for those seeking both action and valuable loot.

How To Make A Golden Apple In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, crafting a Golden Apple is not only a testament to a player’s resource-gathering skills but also an essential aspect of gameplay, especially for those venturing into combat or exploring dangerous territories.


Golden apples offer significant health and absorption benefits, making them a valuable item in any player’s inventory.

The process of making a golden apple is straightforward but requires gathering specific resources, primarily gold, and an apple, making it a rewarding task for players. The crafting process involves a few simple steps that can be executed at a crafting table.

Open your crafting table

To begin crafting a Golden Apple in Minecraft, the first step is to open your crafting table. This table is a fundamental tool for crafting more complex items that cannot be crafted in the regular inventory crafting grid.

  • Right-click on your crafting table to open the crafting interface.
  • The crafting table has a 3×3 crafting grid, which allows you to craft a wide range of items, including the Golden Apple.
  • Ensure you have the required materials (an apple and eight gold nuggets) in your inventory before you start crafting.

Place an apple in the center slot

Once the crafting table interface is open, the next step is to place an apple, the core ingredient of the Golden Apple.

  • Place the apple in the center slot of the 3×3 crafting grid.
  • The apple can be found naturally in the game world, typically by breaking oak or dark oak leaves.
  • Ensure the apple is placed exactly in the middle slot for the recipe to work.

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Surround the apple with eight gold ingots

With the apple placed in the center, the next crucial step involves using gold ingots.

  • Surround the apple with eight gold nuggets in the crafting grid. Place one nugget in each of the surrounding slots, encircling the apple completely.
  • Gold nuggets can be obtained by smelting gold ore in a furnace or finding them in various loot chests across the game world.
  • The placement of the gold nuggets around the apple is essential for crafting the Golden Apple.

Retrieve the golden apple from the crafting table’s result box

After correctly placing the apple and gold nuggets, a Golden Apple will appear in the result box of the crafting table.

  • Click on the Golden Apple to move it into your inventory.
  • The crafting table’s result box is on the right side, showing the item that your arrangement of materials will produce.
  • Once you have the Golden Apple in your inventory, you can use it for its health and absorption benefits, which are especially useful in combat situations or for curing zombie villagers.
  • Remember to close the crafting interface by pressing ‘ESC’ or clicking the ‘X’ button.

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FAQs About Making A Golden Apple In Minecraft

Can I make a golden apple using gold nuggets anymore?

No, the game updated that recipe in the 1.9 version. Now, you need to use gold ingots instead of nuggets to craft a golden apple.

Is it more useful to eat golden apples or use them on zombie villagers?

It depends on your situation. If you’re in a fight and need health quickly, eating a golden apple can be life-saving. But if you want to change a zombie villager back to normal, you’ll need a golden apple.

Do different types of apples produce different results when crafting a golden apple?

No, after crafting, both an ordinary farm-grown apple and an oak apple produce the same type of Golden Apple.

How rare is finding a naturally occurring Golden Apple?

Golden Apples are very rare and one of the hardest items to get in Minecraft since they only spawn in specific, hard-to-find loot chests.

Can I make an Enchanted Golden Apple as well?

Yes, you can make an Enchanted Golden Apple (or Notch Apple), but only through trading with Villagers or finding it in dungeon chests because, as of 1.9 versions, crafting it was removed.


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