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Idle Angels Tier List (April 2024) Best Characters Ranked

Idle Angels Tier List (2022) Best Characters Ranked
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/27/2023
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Welcome to our updated Idle Angels tier list for 2024– here we dive deep into the celestial world of Idle Angels, one of the most popular role-playing mobile games available! As any veteran player knows, creating a balanced team with the right combination of characters is crucial to achieving victory. That’s why we have ranked the best characters in the game for your convenience, to help you make informed decisions as you embark on thrilling adventures and face challenging battles.

In this comprehensive tier list, we have meticulously analyzed each character’s abilities, strengths, and overall performance in the game. From powerful and mythic angels like Cupid and Chaos to unique lesser-known heroes like Ungnyeo and Minotaur, our list will provide you with an in-depth insight to help you optimize your team composition.

With top-tier characters leading the charge, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the dynamic world of Idle Angels! So, let’s dive into our detailed list and find the perfect champions to complete your celestial squad!

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What To Look For While Choosing The Right Characters in Idle Angels?

When it comes to choosing the right characters for your Idle Angels team, there are several important factors to consider:

What to look for while choosing the right characters in Idle Angels?
  • Role and synergy: Each character in Idle Angels has a unique role, such as DPS (Damage Per Second), tank, support or healing. It’s crucial to have a balanced team that consists of characters with complementary roles to ensure every aspect of battle is covered. Look for characters that synergize well with one another, boosting each other’s abilities or covering each other’s weaknesses.
  • Stats: Pay close attention to a character’s stats, including attack, defense, health, and speed. High-end characters with strong stats will offer better survivability and damage output compared to those with lower stats.
  • Skills and abilities: The skills and abilities of each character determine their specific actions and powers during battle. Analyze these carefully to decide which characters will work best together, and how their combined abilities can lead to strategic advantages in battle.
  • Rarity and potential growth: Characters in Idle Angels come in different rarities, which impact their overall power ceiling and potential for growth. Generally, higher-rarity characters tend to have better overall performance, but don’t overlook lower-rarity characters who may have unique abilities that fit your team’s requirements.
  • Faction advantage: Idle Angels features various factions, and characters within the same faction may receive bonuses to their stats or synergistic effects that make them more effective in battles. Choosing characters from the same faction may provide additional advantages.
  • Player’s preferences and playstyle: Last but not least, consider your personal preferences and playstyle when choosing characters. Some players may prefer aggressive, high-DPS teams, while others might lean towards a more defensive, crowd-control based strategy. Build a team that suits your playstyle to get the most enjoyment out of the game.

By evaluating these factors, you can make informed decisions on which characters best suit your team and playstyle. Using our 2024 Idle Angels tier list as a reference will further enhance your decision-making and allow you to assemble an all-star celestial team.

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Idle Angels Tier List (April 2024)

In April 2024 , the Idle Angels see a reshuffle with new characters rising in ranks. The list, frequently updated to reflect the shifting dynamics of the game, provides a snapshot of the most powerful and advantageous angels to deploy.

Idle Angels S Tier List 2024: Heavenly Heavyweights

When it comes to power and versatility, our Tier-S characters take the crown. These are the idle angels you absolutely want on your team due to their exceptional abilities and unique skills that will hold their ground in any battle. 

Idle Angels S Tier List 2024: Heavenly Heavyweights
  • Xmas Angel
  • Valkyrie
  • Hades
  • Odin
  • Amaterasu
  • Michael
  • Gaia
  • Erebus
  • Nuwa
  • Cupid
  • Chaos
  • Ra
  • Heimdall
  • Icarus
  • Hera

Idle Angels A Tier List 2024: Divine Strikers

Our Tier-A angels are strong powerhouses, capable of making a significant impact in the game. Although they may not be as game-changing as Tier-S characters, they are certainly better than average and will add immense value to your team. 

Idle Angels A Tier List 2024: Divine Strikers
  • Princess Bari
  • Fuxi
  • Siren
  • Zhu Rong
  • Izu Dancer
  • Jeanne d’Arc
  • Hephaestus

Idle Angels B Tier List 2024: Celestial Commanders

Equipped with impressive potential, our Tier-B angels can prove themselves by adapting to various situations and complementing your team’s strategies. They may not be ultimate game changers, but they can still stand up to challenges with their notable capabilities. 

Idle Angels B Tier List 2024: Celestial Commanders
  • Phantasos
  • Nike
  • Poseidon
  • Lucifer
  • Nuit
  • Idun
  • Izanami

Idle Angels C Tier List 2024: Ethereal Enforcers

Ethereal Enforcers comprise our Tier-C angels, who can get the job done but might require more strategic planning and pairing with higher-tier characters to unleash their full potential. These angels bring solid support and functions that can move the needle in the right direction.

Idle Angels C Tier List 2024: Ethereal Enforcers
  • Xiwangmu
  • Anubis
  • Elis
  • Nyx
  • Belldandy
  • Geb

Idle Angels D Tier List 2024: Mystical Underdogs

While they may not be game-breaking forces, Tier-D angels have their own niche in the Idle Angels world. These mystical underdogs still possess valuable abilities that can be best utilized in unique situations or specific team compositions.

Idle Angels D Tier List 2024: Mystical Underdogs
  • Apep
  • Sif
  • Minotaur
  • Gabriel
  • Muse
  • Raphael
  • Tsukuyomi
  • Lilith
  • Shennong
  • Nephthys
  • Ungnyeo

Idle Angels Characters Explained

The characters in Idle Angels, each with their unique skills and abilities, contribute differently to gameplay strategies. This section of Idle Angels characters explained offers a comprehensive overview of these characters, helping players understand their roles and maximize their potential in the game.

1. Cupid (Tier-S)

Cupid (Tier-S)

Pros: Excellent support, healing capabilities, boosting others’ abilities

Cons: Limited offensive capabilities

Ideal for: Players focused more on a balanced support team

To be avoided: By players seeking pure offensive power

2. Chaos (Tier-S)

Chaos (Tier-S)

Pros: Superb damage dealer, strong debuffs, powerful crowd control

Cons: Relatively weak defenses

Recommended for: Players looking for a strong offense and control

Not suitable: For those prioritizing a defensive or healing strategy

3. Icarus (Tier-S)

Icarus (Tier-S)

Pros: High damage output, excellent AoE skills, strong crowd control

Cons: Lower defenses and survivability

Great fit: For players needing a versatile and powerful attacker

Avoid if: Focusing on high survivability and defense-oriented characters

4. Hera (Tier-S)

Hera (Tier-S)

Pros: Strong support skills, exceptional healing, powerful buffs

Cons: Limited offense capabilities

Ideal for: Players who prioritize support and sustainability in their team

Not well-suited: For players seeking high-damage output

5. Ra (Tier-S)

Ra (Tier-S)

Pros: High damage output, ability to reduce enemies’ defense, strong AoE attacks

Cons: Weaker defenses and health, susceptible to crowd control

Perfect for: Players seeking aggressive attacks and frontline damage

Not suitable: For those focusing on more defensive team composition

6. Heimdall (Tier-S)

Heimdall (Tier-S)

Pros: Tanky character, great support abilities, can absorb damage

Cons: Limited offensive skills

Ideal for: Players who need a strong tank and support on their team

Avoid if: Primary focus is on offense and damage dealing

7. Gaia (Tier-A)

Gaia (Tier-A)

Pros: Balanced stats, survivability, adaptability to various situations

Cons: Mediocre DPS output

Great for: Players who need a strong all-rounder on their team

Less suitable: For those looking for specialized and high-DPS characters

8. Hades (Tier-A)

Hades (Tier-A)

Pros: Powerful AoE attacks, decent survivability, strong debuffs

Cons: Can be crowd controlled easily

Recommended for: Players in need of a strong DPS character with crowd-control abilities

Avoid if: Focusing on a team with high resistance to crowd control effects

9. Erebus (Tier-A)

Erebus (Tier-A)

Pros: Decent damage, good crowd control abilities, survivability

Cons: Outperformed by higher-tier damage dealers

Ideal for: Players looking for moderately balanced attackers with some survivability

Less ideal: For those seeking top-class DPS characters

10. Valkyrie (Tier-A)

Valkyrie (Tier-A)

Pros: Great single-target damage, solid tankiness, exceptional survivability

Cons: Mediocre AoE attacks

Well-suited for: Players needing a durable damage dealer

Avoid if: Prioritizing AoE damage and crowd control capabilities

11. Michael (Tier-A)

Michael (Tier-A)

Pros: Strong support and healing abilities, solid crowd-control skills

Cons: Limited offensive capabilities

Great for: Players in need of additional support and healing on their team

Avoid if: Focusing on high damage output and strong attackers

12. Main Angel (Tier-A)

Main Angel (Tier-A)

Pros: Balanced stats, adaptable to various roles and team compositions

Cons: Jack-of-all-trades but master of none

Best for: Players seeking balance but not necessarily excelling in any area

Not fitting for: Players aiming for specialized high-performance characters

13. Nuwa (Tier-A)

Nuwa (Tier-A)

Pros: Strong healing and support abilities, exceptional crowd control

Cons: Limited offensive capabilities

Perfect choice for: Players focusing on healing and support

Avoid if: An offensive and damage-dealing playstyle is preferred

14. Odin (Tier-B)

Odin (Tier-B)

Pros: Solid crowd control and debuffs, provides decent support

Cons: Mediocre damage output and survivability

Ideal for: Players looking for additional crowd control and debuffs in their team

Less suitable: For those who prioritize heavy damage dealers and top survivability

15. Fuxi (Tier-B)

Fuxi (Tier-B)

Pros: Strong single-target attacks, decent survivability, versatile

Cons: Weak AoE output, limited support

Great choice for: Players who prioritize single-target damage

Not suitable for: Those seeking support or AoE-focused characters

16. Zhu Rong (Tier-B)

Zhu Rong (Tier-B)

Pros: Good AoE damage, decent debuffs, solid survivability

Cons: Mediocre single-target damage and support capabilities

Recommended for: Players in need of a relatively dependable AoE attacker

Avoid if: Looking for strong single-target damage and support characters

17. Izu Dancer (Tier-B)

Izu Dancer (Tier-B)

Pros: Strong crowd control, decent damage output, good versatility

Cons: Relatively weaker in support and healing abilities

Ideal for: Players who want a crowd-control specialist with decent damage

Not the best choice for: Those seeking strong healing and support heroes

18. Lucifer (Tier-B)

Lucifer (Tier-B)

Pros: High burst single-target damage, good survivability, strong debuffs

Cons: Poor AoE damage capabilities

Recommended for: Players looking for powerful single-target attackers

Not suitable for: Those prioritizing AoE damage and support roles

19. Hephaestus (Tier-B)

Hephaestus (Tier-B)

Pros: Good support and tank capabilities, decent crowd control abilities

Cons: Mediocre damage-dealing output

Perfect for: Players who need an additional tank or support option for their team

Avoid if: Focused more on dealing heavy damage and having high DPS attackers

20. Jeanne d’Arc (Tier-B)

Jeanne d'Arc (Tier-B)

Pros: Good survivability, strong tank, and support kits

Cons: Limited damage output, weak against magic-based enemies

Ideal for: Players looking for a tanky character with decent support capabilities

Not the best choice: For those seeking high offensive power and magic-damage counters

21. Siren (Tier-B)

Siren (Tier-B)

Pros: Reliable healing and decent crowd-control abilities

Cons: Tends to struggle in terms of damage output

Recommended for: Players in need of additional healing options for their team

Avoid if: Looking for characters with high damage potential

22. Nike (Tier-B)

Nike (Tier-B)

Pros: Good AoE damage, decent support capabilities, versatile

Cons: Mediocre in terms of single-target damage and survivability

Great for: Players who require a versatile character that can provide AoE damage and support

Less ideal for: Those focusing on high single-target damage and strong survival features

23. Nuit (Tier-C)

Nuit (Tier-C)

Pros: Solid single-target damage, good survivability

Cons: Lackluster AoE damage and support abilities

Perfect for: Players who want balanced single-target attackers

Not suitable for: Players requiring strong AoE output and team support heroes

24. Nemesis (Tier-C)

Nemesis (Tier-C)

Pros: Decent utility and debuffs, good survivability

Cons: Mediocre damage output and slow skill progression

Ideal for: Players who prioritize utility and survivability

Avoid if: Seeking high damage dealers and fast skill activation characters

25. Izanami (Tier-C)

Izanami (Tier-C)

Pros: Strong AoE damage and debuffs

Cons: Relatively weak single-target capabilities and survivability

Recommended for: Players looking for AoE-focused attackers

Less suitable for: Players prioritizing strong single-target damage and higher survivability

26. Pandora (Tier-C)

Pandora (Tier-C)

Pros: Effective crowd control, good support capabilities

Cons: Limited damage output, susceptible to enemy debuffs

Well-suited for: Players in need of a crowd control specialist with support qualities

Not the best choice for: Those seeking high damage output and debuff resistance

27. Medusa (Tier-C)

Medusa (Tier-C)

Pros: Unique crowd control abilities, decent support

Cons: Weak damage output, long ability cooldowns

Perfect choice for: Players seeking unorthodox crowd control options

Avoid if: Focused on high damage potential and rapid skill activation

28. Shennong (Tier-C)

Shennong (Tier-C)

Pros: Solid healing and support capabilities, good survivability

Cons: Mediocre damage output, limited versatility

Recommended for: Players who require additional healing and support options

Not ideal for: Those looking for strong damage-dealing characters and versatility

29. Idun (Tier-C)

Idun (Tier-C)

Pros: Reliable healing, decent survivability

Cons: Lacks significant damage output, poor crowd control abilities

Great for: Players in need of a dedicated healer with moderate survivability

Avoid if: Seeking high-damage output and crowd-control-oriented characters

30. Phantasos (Tier-C)

Phantasos (Tier-C)

Pros: Good crowd control, ability to apply debuffs, respectable support capabilities

Cons: Low damage potential, less effective healing

Ideal for: Players who seek a mix of support and crowd control skills in their team composition

Less suitable for: Those who require high damage-dealing characters and stronger healers

How To Get Netter at Idle Angels?

Improving your performance in Idle Angels requires a combination of smart strategies, consistent gameplay, and a thorough understanding of the game’s mechanics. Here are a few tips to help you get better at Idle Angels:

How to get better at Idle Angels?
  • Familiarize yourself with the tier list: Understanding the tier list is crucial to building a strong and balanced team. Always aim to acquire and invest in higher-tier characters, as they offer better performance and make your team more formidable.
  • Log in daily and complete daily tasks: Logging in every day and completing daily tasks rewards you with valuable resources that help in upgrading your angels, leveling up, and acquiring new characters.
  • Optimize your team composition: Your team should have a balanced mix of characters to ensure you have a strong attack power, defense capabilities, support, and healing. Experiment with different combinations and pay attention to characters that work well together based on their abilities.
  • Enhance your angels: Upgrade and promote angels using resources obtained through battles, quests, and events. Enhancing your angels enhances your team’s overall strength.
  • Improve your gears and artifacts: Equipping your angels with higher-level gear and artifacts will increase their stats and make your team more powerful.
  • Participate in events: Regularly take part in events to gain unique rewards, such as rare angels, gear, and resources. These limited-time events can help you progress further in the game.
  • Join a Guild: Collaborate with fellow players by joining a guild. Working together can earn you additional rewards and allow you to participate in special guild events and team raids.
  • Continuously learn: Keep researching and learning about the game, such as through online forums, Reddit, and gameplay videos. Interacting with other players and learning from their experiences can provide valuable information and tips for improving your gameplay.
  • Plan your resources: Make sure to manage your resources efficiently. Save your resources for higher-tier characters or significant upgrades rather than investing them in lower-tier characters.
  • Be patient and consistent: Idle Angels is a game that requires consistent play overtime for meaningful progress. Be patient and play regularly to see improvements in your team and gameplay.

By following these tips and dedicating time to the game, you’ll find yourself climbing the ranks and becoming a stronger player in the mystical world of Idle Angels.

How To Unlock Characters in Idle Angels?

Unlocking characters in Idle Angels involves a few different methods that players can utilize to collect a variety of heroes and add them to their team. Here are the primary ways to unlock characters in the game:

How to unlock characters in Idle Angels?
  • Summoning: The most common way to unlock characters in Idle Angels is by using summon scrolls at the Summoning Altar. There are three types of summon scrolls – Basic, Advanced, and Supreme. Each type has a different probability of yielding characters of varying rarities, with Supreme scrolls having the highest chances of acquiring the top-tier characters.
  • Game Events: Participating in various in-game events can also earn you new characters. These events are time-limited and often reward you with exclusive characters or resources needed for unlocking heroes. Keep an eye on the event calendar and take part in events to get your hands on those elusive characters.
  • Campaign & Instances: Progressing through the main storyline in the Campaign mode allows you to unlock specific characters by completing certain levels or stages. Some limited-time instances also grant players the opportunity to unlock characters upon successful completion.
  • Exchange: The game features several exchange options, such as Shard Exchange, where you can collect character shards and exchange them for your desired heroes. Additionally, there’s the Token Shop and the Friend Points Shop, which offer a selection of characters that can be bought using in-game currency.
  • Achievement Rewards: Completing various in-game achievements and milestones can reward players with character shards or whole characters. Check the “Mission” menu to see the available achievements and their corresponding rewards.

Remember, once a character is unlocked, you’ll want to focus on leveling them up, upgrading their skills, and enhancing their equipment to take full advantage of their abilities. Choose characters based on our tier list and build a powerful team to dominate the celestial realms of Idle Angels!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Idle Angels Tier List?

The Idle Angels Tier List is a ranking of the best characters in the game according to their abilities, strengths, and overall performance.

2. How is the tier list organized?

Our tier list is organized into five categories: Tier-S, Tier-A, Tier-B, Tier-C, and Tier-D, with Tier-S being the most powerful characters and Tier-D being the least powerful.

3. How often is the Idle Angels Tier List updated?

Our tier list is updated annually, reflecting changes in the game’s meta, new character releases, and player feedback.

4. Are all characters in Idle Angels included in the tier list?

Yes, our tier list includes all playable characters in the game, from popular heroes to lesser-known ones.

5. What should I take into account while creating my team?

It is recommended to have a balanced team composition with powerful characters from different tiers. Make sure to select characters that complement each other’s abilities and roles.

6. How does character rarity affect the tier list?

Rarer characters are generally stronger, but not always. It is important to look at a character’s abilities and performance in battles rather than rarity alone.

7. How do different character roles affect the tier list?

Different character roles, such as tank, support, and damage dealer, are all vital for optimal team composition and are considered while ranking characters in the tier list.

8. Can a lower-tier character outperform a higher-tier character?

Yes, with proper skill placement, equipment, and team synergy, a lower-tier character can perform better than expected.

9. What are the most powerful characters in Idle Angels?

The most powerful characters in Idle Angels are found in the Tier-S category, which includes Cupid, Chaos, Icarus, Hera, Ra, and Heimdall.

10. What should I prioritize when trying to acquire new characters?

Acquiring higher-tier characters from Tier-S and Tier-A should be your priority, as they typically have a significant impact on your team’s overall performance.

11. How can I improve a character’s performance in-game?

Equipping characters with the appropriate equipment and artifacts and leveling up their skills can greatly improve a character’s performance.

12. Will there be new characters added to Idle Angels in the future?

Yes, new characters are periodically added to the game, and our tier list will be updated accordingly.

13. What does it mean if a character is not on the tier list?

If a character is not on the list, it is likely because it is either a new release or has been deemed too weak to be considered viable for competitive gameplay.

14. Is it essential to have Tier-S characters to succeed in the game?

While having Tier-S characters can provide a significant advantage, it is not necessary to succeed in the game. Players can achieve success with proper strategy, team composition, and character advancement.

15. How do event-exclusive characters affect the tier list?

Event-exclusive characters may have unique abilities that can make them powerful within specific battle scenarios, but they are not always included in our general tier list.

16. Are there character synergies that can change the characters’ ranking?

Yes, character synergies can impact a character’s performance in battles, but these are not explicitly considered in our tier list, as it focuses on individual character abilities.

17. Can characters be buffed or nerfed in future game updates?

Yes, game developers can make balance changes that may affect a character’s strengths, weaknesses, or abilities, which could influence their position in the tier list.

18. How should this tier list be used?

This tier list should serve as a general guideline for players when deciding which characters to invest in and should not be considered a strict rule.

19. Is it necessary to have at least one character from each tier on my team?

No, it is not necessary to have a character from each tier on your team. But having a balanced team composition with characters from different tiers can be advantageous.

20. Should I only focus on obtaining the best characters?

While it is good to strive for higher-tier characters, it is essential to remember that the game should be enjoyed at your own pace. Focus on building a strong team with characters you enjoy playing and developing a strategy that suits your gameplay style.


our Idle Angels tier list for 2024 offers a comprehensive snapshot of the best characters in the game, ranked to provide you with the necessary information to assemble an unbeatable team. As the game continues to evolve, obtaining and investing in the most powerful angels will ensure that your team remains competitive in the ever-changing realm of Idle Angels. However, it’s crucial to remember that your team composition should be tailored according to your gameplay style and preferences.

Ultimately, success in this captivating RPG will come down to not only selecting the best characters but also strategizing and managing them effectively. So, armed with our tier list, venture forth into the celestial battlegrounds and make your mark, leading your divine squad to glorious victory!


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