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Minecraft Copper – Uses, Mining & Crafting Guide [Latest Update]

Minecraft Copper Guide
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 11/27/2023
Est. Reading: 7 minutes

If you’re knee-deep in the vast and immersive world of Minecraft, you’ve likely encountered an array of materials to build, craft, and survive with.

Among them is Minecraft copper, a relatively new addition that brings a unique flair to your creations. Understanding how this versatile resource works is key to enhancing your gameplay.

From the practical applications to those eye-catching builds you’re planning, getting the lowdown on Minecraft copper uses can totally level up your game.

Copper in Minecraft is more than just another ore to mine; it introduces elements of realism and aesthetics that can change the way you approach your next project.

You might be wondering how best to find and utilize this resource effectively, or maybe you’re curious about the secrets behind that gorgeous patina effect.

Either way, there’s a lot to learn about copper Minecraft-style, so let’s uncover what makes this material so special and how it can contribute to your virtual world’s charm and functionality.

What is copper used for in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, copper is primarily used in the construction of blocks and items for decorative purposes due to its unique property of weathering over time.

It is also essential in crafting tools like lightning rods and spyglasses. A lightning rod attracts lightning strikes during thunderstorms to prevent fires, while a spyglass lets players zoom in on specific locations or items from a distance.

How To Get Minecraft Copper?

How To Get Copper In Minecraft?

There are two primary ways to obtain copper in Minecraft:

  • Mining: Copper ore can be found in the overworld, at pretty much any elevation between sea level and bedrock. When you mine the copper ore with a pickaxe, it drops raw copper, which can then be smelted in a furnace to turn into usable copper ingots.
  • Killing Drowned: Drowned are hostile mobs that spawn underwater. Killing them may occasionally drop copper ingots as loot.

The raw form of copper has a turquoise and orange pattern, and when exposed to air for long enough, it gradually turns green due to oxidation.

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Where To Find Copper In Mines?

Copper can be discovered almost anywhere between levels Y=0 and Y=96 within the game’s block coordinate system. It’s most abundantly found around level Y=47 or 48.

Copper appears in clusters similar to coal and iron, embedded into the general stone blocks or occasionally poking out from cliff faces or cave walls. To mine copper effectively, players will need to use at least a stone pickaxe or higher.

What are the Copper Block Variations?

When you get your hands on copper ingots in the Minecraft world, you’re not just limited to stashing them away for later.

What are the Copper Block Variations?

With nine copper ingots, you unlock the door to a whole range of block variations that can elevate your builds with a rustic touch and some serious style points. Think of copper blocks as Minecraft’s version of Legos, only way cooler.

Each type of copper block serves a unique purpose, so let’s delve into what each brings to the table.

  • Block of Copper: This is your basic building block, quite literally made from nine copper ingots arranged in a square on your crafting table. It’s where all your copper creations begin.
  • Cut Copper: Sleeker and more refined, cut copper gives a smoother look when you want that polished finish.
  • Cut Copper Stairs: These add dimension and allow for some awesome architectural designs with that distinct copper flair.
  • Cut Copper Slabs: Thinner than full blocks, slabs are versatile for layering levels or adding subtle elevation changes in flooring or roofing.
  • Waxed Block of Copper: Add wax to protect your creations from oxidation – because who says change is always good?
  • Waxed Cut Copper: Maintain that shiny new look by keeping those sleek cut slabs and stairs looking freshly minted.
  • Waxed Cut Copper Stairs: Protect those intricate stair designs from weathering away with this preventative measure.
  • Waxed Cut Copper Slabs: Keep your stylish slab layerings crisp and free from the green patina that comes with time otherwise.

If you’re concerned about maintaining the bright orange sheen of fresh copper or aiming to avoid the green aging effect known as patina, waxed versions are a definite go-to.

It’s like putting up an umbrella against Minecraft’s weather effects! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, waxing isn’t permanent. Using an axe can scrape off that protective wax layer whenever you fancy a change.

Keep honing those mining skills because these building variations elevate what’s possible in Minecraft. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and dive into crafting these varied blocks, breathing life into even grander visions for your virtual world.

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Weathered Copper Blocks

One of the cool features of copper blocks in Minecraft is that they age just like real copper. These blocks change color, adding a dynamic element to your builds.

When you first place them, they boast a vibrant orange hue, but don’t get too attached. This look won’t last forever.

As days go by in your Minecraft world, copper blocks mature and undergo a process similar to oxidation. This means their color shifts from the original orange to a subtle faded version and eventually turns into a striking turquoise patina.

To manage this aging process strategically, remember to space copper blocks at least four squares apart; this distance helps ensure uniform weathering.

It’ll reset the copper back to its shiny, new state. If you prefer meticulous control over aesthetics or need to revert to just one stage of aging, use an axe on the block.

This simple action allows you to maintain that perfect shade of weathered charm for your structures.

  • Block of Copper: Freshly placed with that new-block glow.
  • Exposed Copper: A hint of more personality with a touch of wear.
  • Weathered Copper: A healthy dose of character; think vintage vibes.
  • Oxidized Copper: Fully matured with maximum turquoise beauty.

To keep your copper in any desired stage permanently, apply wax right onto it. Combining a block with a honeycomb is all it takes to lock in that specific moment in time, a preservation method that’s as easy as it is useful.

Whether you seek old-world charm or modern brilliance for your build showcases, encompassing the full range of aged beauty copper brings is definitely within reach.

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How To Wax Copper Blocks?

How To Wax Copper Blocks?

To wax a copper block in Minecraft, you need to combine a copper block with a bit of honeycomb. Here’s how you do it:

  • Have both the Copper Block and Honeycomb in your inventory.
  • Open your crafting table to start creating the Waxed Copper Block.
  • In the crafting menu, place the Copper Block in one square and the Honeycomb directly adjacent to it.
  • Once arranged correctly, you’ll see the result appear as a Waxed Copper Block.
  • Move this new item into your inventory to finalize your creation of a Waxed Copper Block.

Waxing copper blocks prevents them from oxidizing and changing color over time in the game.

How To Craft A Copper Block?

To craft a copper block in Minecraft, you need to fill your crafting grid with nine copper ingots. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  • Open your crafting table, which provides you with a 3×3 crafting grid.
  • Place 9 copper ingots in the 3×3 crafting grid. To do this, fill all the squares of the crafting grid with copper ingots.
  • Once you have placed the copper ingots in the right pattern on your grid, a block of copper will appear in the result box of your crafting table.
  • Drag this newly created copper block into your inventory to complete the crafting process.

You can obtain copper ingots by mining and smelting copper ore or occasionally as drops from Drained mobs.

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How To Craft A Spyglass?

Crafting a spyglass in Minecraft requires two copper ingots placed vertically in the crafting grid with one amethyst shard on top. Follow these steps for detailed instructions on how to craft a spyglass:

  • Open your crafting table, which will reveal a 3×3 crafting grid.
  • In the middle column of this grid, position the two copper ingots vertically. Place one copper ingot in the center block and another one directly below it.
  • Then, place an amethyst shard directly above the copper ingot that’s in the center block.
  • Once you’ve placed these items in the right positions, as mentioned, a spyglass will appear in your crafting table’s result box.
  • Move the newly crafted spyglass into your inventory to complete this crafting process.

Remember to use your spyglass wisely to zoom in and observe distant objects or landscapes within the game.

How To Craft A Lightning Rod?

In Minecraft, crafting a lightning rod involves arranging three copper ingots vertically on top of each other in the crafting grid.

  • Open your crafting table to access a 3×3 crafting grid.
  • In the middle row of this grid, place the three copper ingots one above the other.
  • Once you have placed the copper ingots in a vertical line, the lightning rod will appear in the result box of your crafting table.
  • To finalize this item’s creation, move the new lightning rod from the results box into your inventory.

The crafted Lightning Rod is used to attract and nullify lightning strikes during thunderstorms to prevent them from causing fire accidents in surrounding blocks.

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FAQs About Minecraft Copper

Can I stop my copper from oxidizing in Minecraft?

Yes, by combining a copper block with a honeycomb in a crafting table to create a waxed version that does not oxidize.

What tools do I need to mine copper ore?

A stone pickaxe or higher is required to mine copper ore successfully.

How do I get the wax off of a waxed copper block?

Use an axe to scrape off the wax and allow the block to start aging again.

Can I use copper for anything other than building and decoration?

Yes, copper can be crafted into useful items like spyglasses for zooming in on distant objects or lightning rods to divert lightning strikes.

Does copper have any special interactions with other elements in Minecraft?

If hit by lightning, a non-waxed copper block will revert back to its initial unweathered state.


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