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Pocket Mortys Tier List (June 2024) Best Mortys

Pocket Mortys Tier List (2022) Best Mortys
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/23/2023
Est. Reading: 6 minutes

If you’re a fan of the hit TV show Rick and Morty, then you’re probably obsessed with the Pocket Mortys game as well. In this game, you battle other Mortys to become the best Morty trainer in the world. But which Mortys are the best? And which ones should you avoid at all costs?

This is where the Pocket Mortys tier list comes in. It will rank all the Mortys across different categories so that you know which ones are the best and the worst. It will use criteria such as power, usefulness, and overall design to rank the Mortys.

Using the Pocket Mortys tier list, you will be able to make the best team of Mortys and have a better chance of winning battles. You will also know which Mortys to avoid so that you don’t waste your time training them.

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Pocket Mortys Tier List (June 2024)

The tier list for Pocket Mortys is put together on the basis of all the Mortys available in the game and how good or bad they are. The Mortys are divided into different categories on the basis of their rarity, stats, and abilities.

Pocket Mortys Tier List (2022)

The best Mortys in the game are usually those that are rarer to find and have better stats. The Mortys are divided into three categories – Rock, Paper, and Scissors. – with the exception of Morty (the one the player starts off with), Morticia, Cronenberg Morty, and Space Suit Morty.

The Rock Mortys have some advantages over the Scissor Mortys, the Scissor Mortys on the Paper Mortys, and the Paper Mortys on the Rock Mortys.

In this tier list, we are ranking all the available Mortys from all categories into seven tiers – S, A, B, C, D, E, and F. The game has a large number of choices, so the tiers are more accordingly.

This tier list will be helpful in several ways:

  • You will save time by not picking a Morty that is not good.
  • You will have an idea of which Mortys are the best in the game.
  • You will know which Mortys you should be trying to evolve into.
  • You will know what moves each Morty learns and when.
  • You will be able to make better in-game decisions.
  • You will be able to beat the game faster.
  • You will be able to get the best ending in the game.

Now that we know how the tier list can help us, let’s dive straight into it!

Pocket Mortys S Tier List (2022)

The Mortys in S tier are powerful, and versatile and make missions easier for Rick. These are difficult to obtain but are the best possible addition to your team. Once you have these, you will be on your way to Morty domination.

Pocket Mortys S 1
Paper MortyScissors MortyRock MortyNormal Morty
Amoeba MortyAce Pilot MortyBartender MortyCronenberg
Ants in my Eyes MortyBall Drop MortyCampaign Manager Morty
Mascot MortyBeth’s Pet MortyChristmas Present Morty
Big Tongue MortyChristmas Future MortyDragon Morty
Christmas Past MortyFroopy Land MortyDragon Rider Morty
Forbidden MortyGangster Cob MortyDrone Morty
Funny MortyGuard MortyFriendly Morty
Good Boy MortyHobo Santa MortyHammerhead Morty
Grinder MortyHunter MortyHeadless Morty
Left Handed MortyKrampus MortyHockey Morteh
Slick MortyLasagna MortyLoo Roll Morty
Specs MortyMortaion MortyMortox Morty
Washington MortyNew Year’s MortyMorty Jr.
Wild Mascot MortyPoorly Cloned MortyPancake Morty
Resurrected MortySnowman Morty
Rick’s Pet MortySoccer Ball Morty
SEAL MortySt Patrick Morty
The Pale MortyThe One True Morty
Wasteland MortyTrover Morty
Yankee Doodle Morty

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Pocket Mortys A Tier List (2024)

Tier A Mortys are more common and have good stats. They are still powerful and have some unique abilities that make them stand out. They will definitely bring you good results and are also less of a hassle to get your hands on.

Pocket Mortys A Tier List (2022)
Paper MortyScissors MortyRock MortyNormal Morty
Box MortyButterfly MortyBiker MortyMorticia
Car MortyCop MortyWizard Morty
Cowboy MortyCowboy Dancer MortyReverse Mermaid Morty
Cup MortyCyclops MortyMini Morty
Flaming MortyGrand Sage MortyMutant Flu Morty
Frozen MortyIce Cream MortyPunk Morty
Giant Arm MortyNargles MortyRenegade Morty
Hawaiian MortyPsychokinetic MortyTurbulent Juice Morty
Headism MortyRobot Chicken MortyExoskeleton Morty
Jerry Fan MortyRobot MortyMiami Morty
Mega MortyScaly MortyAndroid Morty
Octo MortyScary MortyConcerto Morty
Pilgrim MortySexy Devil MortyPumpkin Morty
Purge Suit MortySnake MortyPost Atlantis Morty
Rainbow Shirt MortySpliced MortyArm Chair Morty
Roller Derby MortySurgeon MortyVR Morty
Santa MortyTurkey MortyChick Morty
Shogun MortyWendy MortyDethklok Morty
Sunday Best MortyBadass Suit Morty
Triple Denim MortyMortyBot

Pocker Mortys B Tier List (2024)

Mortys in the B tier are not as strong as the higher tiers. They may fall short when battling them but are still popular and have shown good performance. They are easily available and give a hard time to any enemy you face in the Pocket Mortys meta.

Pocker Mortys B Tier List (2022)
Paper MortyScissors MortyRock Morty
Aqua MortyAfro MortyAsleep Morty
Archmage MortyBig MortyBlack Hole Morty
Breakfast MortyCap’n MortyBlocky Morty
Glorzo Disguise MortyCocoon MortyCarcinogenic Morty
Goo MortyCrazy Cat MortyColossal Head Morty
Judge MortyEnforcer Loco MortyDethklok Fan Morty
Kissing Cats MortyEvil Rabbit MortyDetox Morty
Lieutenant MortyExo-Prime MortyFawn Morty
Maple Syrup MortehGirl MortyLil’ Bits Morty
Monster MortyGunk MortyMindblower Morty
Mountain Sweater MortyHockey Stick MortehNo Mercy Morty
Mytholog MortyHost MortyPlumbonia Morty
Nerd MortyMulti MortyRainbow Suit Morty
Plumbus Prawn MortyOld One MortySnuffles Morty
Pocket Mortys MortyPickled MortySpork Morty
Prancer MortyPlumbus Master MortySuper Unicorn Morty
Purple Shirt MortySkeleton MortyTanggu Drummer Morty
Season 3 MortyVentriloquiver MortyTrunk Morty
Sherlock MortyVindicator MortyViolent Morty
Space Trooper MortyWasp MortyWar Paint Morty
Test X72 MortyWild Man Morty
The Dark MortyWrestler Morty

Pocker Mortys C Tier List (2024)

Tier C Mortys may not be your first choice but they are still powerful and can hold their own. In the hands of a skilled player, even these can be formidable opponents.

Pocker Mortys C Tier List (2022)
Paper MortyScissors MortyRock MortyNormal Morty
Ancient MortyHobo MortyAtlantis MortySpace-Suit Morty
Elf MortyFork MortyBoulder Morty
Fan Dancer MortyUnicorn MortyEaster Egg Morty
Flower MortyBoulder MortyFederation Prisoner Morty
Froopy Moop MortyMutagen MortyFestival Morty
Green Shirt MortyFederation Prisoner MortyFork Morty
Master MortyFestival MortyHobo Morty
MortydrangeaAtlantis MortyMutagen Morty
Off The Grid MortyWooden Chair MortyS.O.S. Morty
Phantom MortyEaster Egg MortyShrimp Morty
Purge MortyShrimp MortyUnicorn Morty
Rick MortyVermigurber MortyVermigurber Morty
Roller Disco MortyS.O.S. MortyWooden Chair Morty
Samurai Morty
Super Morty Fan Morty
Super Rick Fan Morty
Tentacle Morty

Pocket Mortys D Tier List (2024)

D-tier Mortys are not exactly the most desirable pick. They may be a good choice to start with but it is better to replace them as soon as possible.

Pocket Mortys D Tier List (2022)
Paper MortyScissors MortyRock Morty
Banana MortyBeard MortyBig Head Morty
Beth MortyChops MortyBuff Morty
Brake Fluid MortyCount MortyDangerous Morty
Charred MortyCult of Morty MortyFelon Morty
Chimney Sweep MortyDiamond Eyes MortyFlu Morty
Cold MortyDouble Snoozle MortyGiant Head Morty
Double Denim MortyExo-Omega MortyGreaser Morty
Ensign MortyIngested MortyHardboiled Morty
Froopy Bloop MortyMushroom Pizza MortyKarate Morty
Geriatric MortyNo Skin MortyLove Heart Morty
Ghostly MortyParasitic MortyMermaid Morty
High Intern MortyPastry Chef MortyMotion Capture Morty
Hippie MortyPickle MortyMystic Morty
Hot MortyPlumbus Worker MortyPetrified Morty
Jelly MortyRaptor MortyPre Atlantis Morty
Jerry’s Game MortyStreet Loco MortyPride Morty
Lawyer MortySwashbuckle MortyShell Shocked Morty
Maple Leaf MortehTelekinetic MortySleepy Morty
Mighty MortyTickets Please MortySun Morty
One Eye MortyTwo Cat MortySurvivalist Morty
Orange Shirt Morty
Test X46 Morty
Volcan Morty
Three Eye Morty

Pocket Mortys E Tier List (2024)

Mortys in the E tier have bad stats. They can be used when no other option is available but they will not perform very well against powerful opponents. Even if they are used in the right way, they will not be very effective. These Mortys are not worth your time and you should avoid using them if possible.

Pocket Mortys E Tier List (2022)
Paper MortyScissors MortyRock MortyNormal Morty
Ad Space MortyCabin Boy MortyArmomaly MortyMorty
Birdosaur MortyDog Bite MortyBoot Camp Morty
Blob MortyGood Time MortyDetective Morty
Christmas Sweater MortyInfected MortyFlannel Morteh
Crewman MortyKitchen Boy MortyLoner Morty
Denim Shorts MortyNew Blood MortyMagic Morty
Goomby MortyPizza MortyMoon Morty
Hopeless Romantic MortyPlumbus Slave MortyParade Morty
Jerry MortyPossessed MortyPrisoner Morty
Morty of the ValleyRabbit MortySelf-Defense Morty
Old MortySingle Snoozle MortyStoned Morty
Orange MortySlime MortyStool Morty
Peace MortyTelepathic MortySurvivor Morty
Red Shirt MortySwimmer Morty
Ronin MortyUnicorn Chaser Morty
Spooky MortyUnkempt Morty
Struggling Artist Morty
Wonder Morty

Pocker Mortys F Tier List (2024)

F-tier Mortys are the worst. They are completely unusable and will only drag you down. If you land up with one of them, it’s best to just restart.

Pocker Mortys F Tier List (2022)
Paper MortyScissors MortyRock Morty
Blue Shirt MortyCucumber MortyEgg Morty
Business MortyDouble MortyGaseous Morty
Froopy Shloop MortyExo-Alpha MortyRookie Morty
No Eye MortyMullet MortyScruffy Morty
Poorhouse MortyMustache MortySkin Suit Morty
Seedling MortyReptile MortySpoon Morty
Squid Face MortySausage MortyTired Morty
Strawberry MortyShadow Morty
Summer MortyStray Cat Morty
Test X1 MortyV Neck Morty
Veiny Morty

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best Morty?

The answer to this question largely depends on what you want to do with your Morty. If you’re looking for a Morty that can deal a lot of damage, then you’ll want to focus on Mortys that have high attack stats.

2. Is the Pocket Mortys game exactly like the animated series?

While the game is based on the series, there are some key differences. For example, the game features a variety of different environments, which may be inspired by the series but do not actually appear in it.

3. Who made Pocket Mortys?

The game was developed by Big Pixel Studios and Tag Games. Adult Swim Games published the game.

4. What platforms are Pocket Mortys available on?

The game is available on both Android and iOS devices.

5. How much does Pocket Mortys cost?

Pocket Mortys is a free-to-play game, but it does include in-app purchases.

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Final Words

That’s it for our Pocket Mortys tier list! We hope you found this guide helpful and that it gives you a better idea of which Mortys are worth your time. Be sure to check back soon for more Pocket Mortys content! Thanks for reading!

Please leave any questions or comments below and we’ll be sure to get back to you.


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