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Barbie Girl Roblox ID Codes (2024) Aqua Song / Music IDs

Barbie Girl Roblox ID Codes (2022) Aqua Song / Music IDs
  Written By: Pv Singh
Updated On: 07/31/2023
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Have you ever imagined the joy of playing your favorite tunes while exploring the fantastic world of Roblox? Well, you’re in luck because we are here to provide you with the most awaited Barbie Girl Roblox ID codes. With updated codes for 2024, you can now blast Aqua’s iconic anthem as you hang out with friends and create new memories in your favorite virtual spaces!

This blog post will not only deliver an extensive list of codes but also guide you on how to find, use, and make the most out of your gaming experience. So grab your Boombox and let’s dance our way into this fun adventure!

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List of Barbie Girl Roblox ID Codes (2024)

So, let’s jump right into it! Below are some of the top Barbie Girl Roblox ID Codes sourced for all fans looking to enjoy a fantastic dose of ’90s nostalgia.

Barbie Girl Roblox ID Codes List (2022)
Song (Version)Roblox ID Code
Aqua – Barbie Girl Roblox ID Code340003761
Barbie Girl (II)208652784
Trump Sings Barbie Girl685323634
Not your barbie girl2023502456
Barbie Girl (III)788394974
Donald Trump singing barbie girl1292453759
NovaLife – Barbie Girl (Trap)238474996
Jersey Girl (Parody of Barbie Girl) – WPLJ 95.5 [F745197066
Barbie Girl – Short Remix677934073
Russian Army Barbie Girl Song (Funny)806207997
Donald Trump And Barack Obama Singing Barbie Girl1676627338
Barbie Girl – Aqua (T Remix)751926185

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How to Use Barbie Girl Roblox Music ID Codes? A Quick Guide

Using music IDs on Roblox is incredibly simple once you grasp the basic process. First things first, you’ll need an in-game item called a Boombox which can be purchased from the catalog using Robux. Equip this item and follow the steps below:

How To Use Barbie Girl Roblox Song ID Code?
  1. Enter a game that allows playing custom music
  2. Open your Boombox menu
  3. Type or paste the desired music ID code into the entry field
  4. Hit the “Play” button, and enjoy your chosen tune!

When searching for specific songs or artist ID codes, a quick Google search usually leads to fan sites, discussion forums, and even YouTube videos where players share their favorite codes.

My Personal Experience with Using Barbie Girl in Roblox

If you’re wondering why I’m so passionate about playing Barbie Girl on Roblox – well, it all started as a hilarious joke in one of my friend’s hangout sessions. Since then, we’ve been using this song to celebrate victories, lighten the mood during intense games, or simply have fun. Sharing this track with my pals has made our experiences together even more enjoyable and memorable. So now it’s your chance to make great memories using these Barbie Girl Roblox ID codes too!

Barbie Girl Roblox ID is a perfect way to get started.

Aqua - Barbie Girl (Official Music Video)

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Other Popular Aqua Songs to Use in Your Roblox World

Aqua is more than just “Barbie Girl.” This Danish-Norwegian band is known for their Eurodance style and had numerous hits throughout their prolific career. If you find yourself wanting more Aqua bops in your Roblox world: be sure to look for their music ID codes online.


Finding accurate music ID codes enhances your gaming experience within the Roblox platform tremendously. We hope this blog post encourages you to explore your favorite tunes while engaging with friends and building memories that last a lifetime. Happy gaming!


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