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CounterSide Tier List (May 2024) Best Operators Ranked

CounterSide Tier List (2022) Best Operators Ranked
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/27/2023
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CounterSide is a popular game where you take on the role of a CEO, assigning counters to fight against unknown monsters and protect the world. The game has many features that make it enjoyable, such as the ability to create your own team of counters, upgrade your abilities, and battle against others online.

The CounterSide tier list in this blog will help you determine the best counters to use in your team. You can also use this list to see how your counters stack up against others. It will be updated periodically, so check back often!

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, this tier list for CounterSide will help you out. It will rank all of the characters in the game from best to worst so that you can make an informed decision on who to use in your team.

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CounterSide Tier List (May 2024)

A tier list is a list that ranks the characters in a game based on their strength and power. The CounterSide tier list is based on criteria such as character strength, skills, and abilities. It will help you to choose the best character for your playstyle.

CounterSide Tier List (2022)

Tier lists have many other benefits too:

  • They help players decide which characters to use in a match.
  • They can show players how strong the competition is.
  • They can make it easier for new players to learn the game.
  • They can help players understand why a character is strong or weak.
  • They can help players learn about matchups.
  • They can help players learn new combos and strategies.
  • They can help players improve their game.
  • They can be used to compare different characters.

There are five tiers in the Counter Side tier list: S, A, B, C, and D:

S Tier: These are the best characters in the game and are extremely powerful.

A Tier: These characters are very strong and should be used if you want to win.

B Tier: These characters are not as strong as the A tier characters, but they are still viable.

C Tier: These characters are weak and should only be used if you have no other choice.

D Tier: These characters are very weak and should not be used in most situations.

The characters in the Counter Side tier list are divided according to their roles: Ranger, Sniper, Striker, Supporter, Defender, Seige, and Tower roles.

CounterSide Ranger Role Tier List (2024)

The Ranger role is a long-range support class. They specialize in dealing damage from afar and providing cover fire for their teammates. They use weapons such as bows and arrows, firearms, and explosives to deal damage.

CounterSide Ranger Role Tier List (2022)
TierRanger Role
S TierKim Sobin, Joo Shiyoon, Kyle Wong
A TierGaeun, Seo Yoon, Elizabeth Pendragon
B TierShin Jia, Cathy Wade, Sparrowx2, Nayuka Minato
C TierScoutx3, Archenex2, John Mason, Han Sorim, Eddie Fisher, Assault Trooperx3, UBGL Riflemanx2, Yoo Mina, Riflemanx3
D TierRecoiless Gunnerx2, Yang Hasnol, Yuna Springfield, Peacekeeperx3, ZSU Shilka, Black Tail, Thaddeus Morgan, Cho Hojin

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CounterSide Sniper Role Tier List (2024)

The Sniper role is also a long-range damage dealer. They specialize in dealing with high amounts of damage from afar. They use weapons such as sniper rifles and crossbows to deal damage.

CounterSide Sniper Role Tier List (2022)
TierSniper Role
S TierXiao Lin
A TierHayamai Sanae, Sylvia Lena Copper
B TierSweeperx2, Kim Chowon, Adamant Sniper
C TierStinger Gunnerx2, Maya Hunt, Miya, Sniper
D TierReaper, Buzzard, HM MRLS

CounterSide Striker Role Tier List (2024)

The Striker role is one of the most important in the game. As a striker, your job is to take down enemies with your powerful weapons and make sure that your teammates are safe.

CounterSide Striker Role Tier List (2022)

In order to be successful in this role, you need to have good aim, reflexes, and situational awareness. The best characters for striker role will have all these abilities.

TierStriker Role
S TierCindy Looper, Lin Xien
A TierTerminatorx2, Bomi, Roy Burnett, Titan
B TierMA1 HMMWV, Park Hyunsoo, Esterosa de Chavalier, Nanahara Chifuyu, Jake Walker, Orca
C TierHilde, Chariot, Zena Bird, Liv Allen, Oh Saerom, Woodpecker, Jane Doe
D TierAmy Strickland, Nina Anderson, Jessica Green, Ingrid Johanna, Eujin, Surpressorx2

CounterSide Supporter Role Tier List (2024)

The supporter role is another important role in the game. As a supporter, your job is to provide cover fire for your teammates and help them take down enemies. In order to be successful in this role, you need to have good aim and reflexes. Characters with these abilities can be very effective in the supporter role.

CounterSide Supporter Role Tier List (2022)
TierSupporter Role
S TierYang Harim
A TierClaudia Nelson, Evelyn Keller
B TierArius Esquede, Ironside, Nanahara Chinatsu
C TierShim Somi, Lee Minseo, Lee Jin
D TierLaura Beatrix

CounterSide Defender Role Tier List (2024)

Characters suitable for the defender role on CounterSide are those who can provide cover for the attacking side, and hold down an area or choke-point on the map. They need to be able to withstand a lot of punishment, and ideally have some long-range capabilities to take out enemies from a distance before they get too close.

CounterSide Defender Role Tier List (2022)
TierDefender Role
S TierRyan Ferrier, Irie Alford
A TierHound
B TierBenedict Constantine, Fione Lowell
C Tier Kim Chulsoo, Strongholdx2, Shiledmanx2, Hirose Aki
D TierTommy the Die-Hard, Ogami Masaki, Lee Dafoe, Choi Gangsan, Charlie Rockwood

CounterSide Seige Role Tier List (2024)

The seige role requires capabilities such as being able to anchor a site, being versatile with different operator kits, and having good map knowledge. This role is important because it can make or break a round.

CounterSide Seige Role Tier List (2022)

The seige operator needs to be able to hold down an area by themselves and also needs to be able to work well with their team. There are a few different ways to play the seige role and it really depends on what your team is lacking.

TierSiege Role
S TierChoi Ina
A TierLumi
B TierGabriel Jun The Vicious Breaker
C TierRhino, Tactical Transporter Deuce-and-a-half, Mortar Team
D TierPZH Mobile Gun

CounterSide Tower Role Tier List (2024)

The tower role is a very important role in CounterSide. This is the guy who is going to climb the tower and get those early pick-offs. They need to have good aim, good game sense, and be able to hold their own against multiple enemies. The tower operator also needs to be able to communicate well with their team.

CounterSide Tower Role Tier List (2022)
TierTower Role
S TierChoi Ina
A TierLumi
B TierGabriel Jun The Vicious Breaker
C TierMortar Team, Rhino, Tactical Transporter Deuce-and-a-half
D TierPZH Mobile Gun

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is CounterSide available on Android?

Yes, CounterSide is available on Android. The game can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

2. What is the purpose of a tier list?

The purpose of a tier list is to provide an overview for players so that they can see which champions are strong and worth picking in any given situation.

3. How often is the CounterSide tier list updated?

The CounterSide tier list is updated on a regular basis, typically when there are major changes to the game or metagame.

4. What criteria are used to determine the rankings?

The rankings are based on a variety of factors, including win rate, popularity, and overall strength.

5. Who makes the Counter Side tier list?

The Counter Side tier list is made by a team of experts who have extensive knowledge and experience with the game.

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Final Words

That wraps up our CounterSide tier list. We hope you found it helpful. Be sure to check back often as the rankings may change over time. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below! Thanks for reading!


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