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Elden Ring Boss Tier List (May 2024) Difficult Bosses

Elden Ring Boss Tier List ([nmf] [cy]) Difficult Bosses
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/23/2023
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FromSoftware has developed the action role-playing game called Elden Ring, which was published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. With its immersive gameplay and intriguing story, Elden Ring is a big hit among fans of the RPG genre. The game’s combat system is similar to that of FromSoftware’s previous games, with a focus on tactical swordplay, magical spells, and dodging.

As the game is becoming very popular, one topic of interest that has emerged is the boss tier list. With a vast world to explore and challenging foes to defeat, players, are eager to know which bosses will pose the greatest challenge. In this article, we will take a look at the Elden Ring boss tier list.

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Elden Ring Boss Tier List (May 2024)

A tier list can be a crucial resource for any player looking to excel in a game. It is useful in assessing the power and potential of various characters, weapons, and game features, allowing for better decision-making in different situations. The tier list can assist contenders in identifying the most effective strategies and tactics for each stage of the game to improve their progression speed and efficiency.

Elden Ring Boss Tier List (May 2024)

Elden Ring Boss tier list is a useful tool for competitors to assess the difficulty and durability of different bosses, allowing them to prepare accordingly and maximize their chances of success. The three tiers S, A, and B, and categories Demigod Boss, Great Enemy, and Field Boss offer a clear breakdown of the bosses’ strengths and weaknesses, enabling contestants to strategize accordingly.

  • S Tier: The S tier consists of the most powerful bosses in the game. These bosses are incredibly difficult to defeat and require a high level of skill and preparation to overcome. They possess a wide range of abilities that are incredibly versatile, and their attacks are extremely damaging.
  • A Tier: Bosses in the A tier are formidable opponents, while they are slightly less powerful than the ones in the S tier. This tier holds a scale of abilities and attacks that make them difficult to predict, and their attacks are still capable of dealing significant damage.
  • B Tier: The tier bosses are the least powerful in the game, but are still formidable opponents in their own right. Although little challenging to beat due to their various attacks and abilities, they are generally less durable and versatile than bosses in higher tiers.

Elden Ring Demigod Boss Tier List (2024)

Demigod bosses are the most challenging and require the player to have mastered the game’s mechanics. These bosses are the main antagonists of the game’s story and have unique abilities and moves that make them formidable opponents. Beating a demigod boss requires patience, skill, and strategy.

Elden Ring Demigod Boss Tier List (2024)
TierElden Ring Demigod Boss
SMargott The Omen King
SStarscourge Radahn
SGodrick the Grafted
SGodfrey First Elden Lord
SCemetery Shade
AAncestor Spirit
ARennala Queen of the Full Moon
BDragonkin Soldier

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Elden Ring Great Enemy Boss Tier List (2024)

Great enemy bosses are also challenging, but not quite as difficult as demigod bosses. The bosses in the game are usually not mandatory and do not have a significant impact on the game’s plot. These bosses are often memorable and have distinct fighting styles that require the player to adapt their strategy accordingly. Defeating a great enemy boss often rewards the player with valuable items or upgrades.

Elden Ring Great Enemy Boss Tier List (2024)
TierElden Ring Great Enemy Boss
SFlying Dragon Agheel
AMargit, The Fell Omen
ADecaying Ekzykes
BDragonkin Soldier of Nokstella
BBorealis the Freezing Fog
BRed Wolf of Radagon
BLeonine Misbegotten
BValiant Gargoyle

Elden Ring Field Boss Tier List (2024)

Field bosses are the common type of boss in the game and are encountered throughout the world. These heads are weaker than demigods and great enemy bosses but still require the player to use their skills and tactics to defeat them. Field bosses are often found guarding important items or locations and can provide a challenging obstacle for the player to overcome.

Elden Ring Field Boss Tier List (2024)
TierElden Ring Field Boss
SCrucible knight
SUlcerated Tree Spirit
SDraconic Tree Sentinel
SRoyal Knight Loretta
AMad Pumpkin Head
ANight’s Cavalry
ADemi-Human Chief
AGrafted Scion
ASpirit-Caller Snail
ABloodhound Knight Darriwil
BErdtree Burial Watchdog
BStonedigger Troll
BSoldier of Godrick
BTibia Mariner
BTree Sentinel
BBlack Knife Assassin
BGrave Warden Duelist
BBeastman of Farium Azula
BDemi-Human Queen Gilika
BRuin Golem

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the hardest boss in the Elden Ring tier list?

In Elden Ring, the hardest boss is Spirit-Caller Snail, who can be encountered up to a million times. Spirit-Caller Snail is an incredibly powerful and durable A-tier boss with a wide range of abilities that made her very difficult to overcome. Players should come prepared with the right gear and skills if they hope to defeat her.

2. Who is the most powerful demigod in Elden Ring?

Radahn is the most powerful demigod in Elden Ring. He is an ambitious fighter who can put up a tough fight against opponents of any level. Radahn possesses several unique abilities which make him extremely difficult to defeat, and his raid-like combat style can quickly overwhelm even the most experienced players.

3. What are the top-tier bosses in Elden Ring?

The top tier bosses in Elden Ring are the demigods, which include Margott The Omen King, Cemetery Shade, and more. These powerful enemies possess unique abilities that make them difficult to defeat and can often require the player to use special tactics or gear to overcome them. Players who manage to bring down a top-tier boss can expect to be rewarded with valuable loot and items.

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Final Words

This article covers the Elden Ring boss tier list which includes three types of bosses: demigod, great enemy, and field boss. We have provided brief descriptions of each boss class without going into detail about specific bosses or their attributes.

Understanding the differences between these boss classes can help players better prepare for the challenges faced by they as they proceed through the game. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the Soulsborne genre or a newcomer to the series, knowing what to expect from each boss class can be the key to success in Elden Ring.


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