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Fallout Shelter Tier List (June 2024) Best Characters

Fallout Shelter Tier List ([nmf] [cy]) Best Characters
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/27/2023
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Fallout Shelter is a popular free-to-play mobile game where you build and manage your vault. In the game, players are tasked with building and managing their Vaults, which are underground shelters designed to protect people from the nuclear wasteland outside.

The Fallout Shelter tier list will rank characters in the game based on their usefulness in the three main modes of gameplay: PvP, PvE, and Boss. It will help the players decide which characters are worth investing in, and which ones they should leave behind.

So if you are interested in competitive play in Fallout Shelter, we’ve got you covered. Let us not waste any more time and get right into the tier list for Fallout Shelter.

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Fallout Shelter Tier List (June 2024)

A tier list is a list that ranks items, characters, equipment, or anything else in order of strength or usefulness. This list will rank the characters in three modes: PvP Mode, PvE Mode, and Boss Mode.

Fallout Shelter Tier List (2022)

The Fallout Shelter tier list will help you in several ways:

  • It will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each character.
  • It will give you an idea of what characters to use in certain modes.
  • It will show you how to counter certain characters.
  • It will teach you what characters work well together.
  • It will let you know which characters to avoid using.
  • Finally, it will help you build the best team possible.

There are five tiers in each mode – S, A, B, C, and D – with S being the strongest and D being the weakest.

  • S Tier: The most powerful characters in the game are these. They excel at all forms of gameplay and can be utilized in any scenario.
  • A Tier: These characters are very strong and versatile. They can stand up to most situations and are an excellent team member.
  • B Tier: These characters are decent but have their faults. They may not be the greatest in any one area, but they are still worth considering.
  • C Tier: These characters are weak and most situational. They may only be useful in certain situations or against certain opponents.
  • D Tier: These characters should be avoided if possible. They are very weak and will likely not help you win any games.

So without further ado, here is the Fallout Shelter tier list.

Fallout Shelter PvP Mode Tier List (2024)

The PvP mode is a player-versus-player combat mode where players fight against each other in an arena. In this mode, players can use any of the abilities and items that they have unlocked in the game. The goal of the PvP mode is to be the last player standing or to score more points than the other team in a certain amount of time.

Fallout Shelter PvP Mode Tier List (2022)
Tier Character
SDanse, Father, Sarah, Dr Zimmer, Piper, Mother Isolde
AKellogg, Antagonizer, Curie, Cait, Nick
BMadison, Maxson, Z2-47, Kells, XPN-20A
CIngram, Alien, Zeke, Tom
DJack, Miss Bobbie, Cross, Deacon

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Fallout Shelter PvE Mode Tier List (2024)

PvE Mode is a game mode where players team up with each other to defeat computer-controlled enemies. This mode is great for players who want to cooperate with others and play at their own pace. The PvE mode is suitable for all players, regardless of their skill level.

Fallout Shelter PvE Mode Tier List (2022)
SDanse, Cait, Sarah, Kellogg, Mother Isolde
AFather, Nick, Dr Zimmer, Piper, Madison, Antagonizer, Maxson
BAlien, Z2-47, Curie
CMiss Bobbie, Kells, Deacon, Zeke, XPN-20A
DTom, Cross, Jack, Ingram

Fallout Shelter Boss Mode Tier List (2024)

The Boss mode is a special game mode in Fallout Shelter that presents a much more difficult challenge than the regular game. In this mode, Raiders will be tougher and more numerous, and you’ll have to be prepared for a long, tough battle to survive.

Fallout Shelter Boss Mode Tier List (2022)

The mode is designed for experienced players, and as such, we’ve created a special tier list to help you choose the best possible team for the job.

SPiper, Sarah, Maxson, Madison, Antagonizer
AFather, Dr Zimmer, Danse, Nick, Cait, Mother Isolde, Alien
BZeke, Tom, Curie, Ingram, kellogg
CZ2-47, Miss Bobbie, Deacon, XPN-20A
DKells, Cross, Jack

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is this list for?

This list is for players of the mobile game “Fallout Shelter” to find out which creatures are the most powerful and thus worth spending time and resources to level up.

2. What do the tiers signify?

The tiers are meant to show which creatures are the most powerful in general. However, this does not mean that a creature in a lower tier is completely useless – it might just be better suited for a different playstyle or purpose.

3. What are the criteria for each tier?

The characters are ranked according to their base stats, abilities, and usefulness in combat.

4. When will this Fallout Shelter tier list be updated?

This Fallout Shelter tier list is updated regularly, typically after each major update to the game.

5. I have a suggestion for this list. How can I contact you?

You can contact us through our website. We would love to hear your suggestions!

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Final Words

Thank you for reading this Fallout Shelter tier list. We hope that it will help you in your quest to become the ultimate Overseer! Keep checking back in to see our updates and good luck!


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