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Fix AliExpress Error Code: SC_1 in 2024 [Quick and Easy]

Fix AliExpress Error Code: SC_1 in [cy] [Quick and Easy]
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 10/18/2023
Est. Reading: 9 minutes

As an avid online shopper, I try to stay on top of my orders and make sure everything goes smoothly. However, there are times when unexpected issues crop up and leave me scratching my head. Recently, I encountered the dreaded AliExpress error code: SC_1, leaving me unable to complete my purchases.

Even though online shopping can be a breeze most of the time, occasionally stumbling upon errors like this can definitely put a damper on the entire experience. After encountering this frustrating issue, I decided to find a solution and share it with my fellow shoppers who might be facing the same obstacle. So let’s dive into how you can fix AliExpress error code: SC_1!

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What does AliExpress Error Code: SC_1 mean?

What does AliExpress Error Code: SC_1 mean?

The AliExpress error code: SC_1 isn’t encountered too often, but when it does appear, it can leave shoppers like us rather confused. What does this error code mean, and why are we unable to complete our transactions? Simply put, SC_1 stands for “Session Corruption Error 1.” This error occurs when there’s an issue with your account session on the AliExpress website or app.

In more detail, an account session usually refers to the period of time during which a user is logged in and actively navigating the platform. Your session keeps track of your activities such as browsing products, adding items to your cart, and conducting searches. When a session gets corrupted or disrupted somehow, it results in an error code like SC_1. This may prevent you from completing your purchases and even staying logged into your account.

How to Fix AliExpress Error Code: SC_1 in 2024?

AliExpress Error Code: SC_1 can be a hindrance to your online shopping experience. In this section, we’ll delve into potential solutions to help you overcome this error and continue enjoying the vast selection of products on AliExpress.

1. Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies

Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies - Fix AliExpress Error Code: SC_1

Clearing your browser cache and cookies can help resolve the error, as it effectively resets your browsing session. Cache and cookies store information about your previous activity on a website, which may sometimes lead to a corrupted session. By clearing this data, you are essentially starting with a clean slate.

  • For Google Chrome:
    1. Click the three-dot menu icon in the top-right corner.
    2. Select ‘Settings‘ from the drop-down menu.
    3. Scroll down to the ‘Privacy and security‘ section, then click ‘Clear browsing data‘.
    4. Choose ‘All time‘ in the ‘Time range’ drop-down, make sure both ‘Cookies and other site data’ and ‘Cached images and files’ are checked, then click ‘Clear data‘.
  • For Mozilla Firefox:
    1. Click the three-line menu icon in the top-right corner.
    2. Choose ‘Options‘ from the menu.
    3. In the left sidebar, select ‘Privacy & Security‘.
    4. Scroll down to find ‘Cookies and Site Data‘, then click on ‘Clear Data…‘.
    5. Check both ‘Cookies and Site Data’ and ‘Cached Web Content’, then click on ‘Clear‘.

2. Update Your Web Browser to the Latest Version

Update Your Web Browser to the Latest Version - Fix AliExpress Error Code: SC_1

Ensuring that you have the latest version of your web browser can help fix issues like AliExpress error code: SC_1 as well as improve your overall browsing experience. Browser updates commonly include bug fixes, security improvements, and compatibility enhancements.

Here’s how to update some popular web browsers:

Google Chrome

  1. Click on the Menu button (three vertical dots) in the top right corner of the browser.
  2. Go to Help > About Google Chrome.
  3. The browser will automatically check for updates and install them if available.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click on the Menu button (burger icon) in the top right corner of the browser.
  2. Select Help > About Firefox from the dropdown menu.
  3. Firefox will automatically check for updates, and if any are available, it will download and install them.

Microsoft Edge

  1. Click on the Menu button (three-dot icon) in the top right corner of the browser.
  2. Go to Help and Feedback> About Microsoft Edge.
  3. The browser will automatically update if a new version is available.

3. Disable Browser Extensions or Add-ons

Disable Browser Extensions or Add-ons - Fix AliExpress Error Code: SC_1

In some cases, browser extensions or add-ons may interfere with the normal functioning of a website such as AliExpress. To fix the error code: SC_1, consider disabling any browser extensions or add-ons that could be causing this issue. Here’s how to do it on some popular web browsers:

Google Chrome:

  1. Click on the ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) located in the top-right corner of the browser.
  2. Hover over More Tools and click on Extensions from the drop-down menu.
  3. Here, you will see a list of all installed extensions.
  4. Disable any potentially problematic extensions by toggling off the switch next to each one.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Click on the menu button (three horizontal lines) in the top-right corner of Firefox.
  2. Select Add-ons and Themes from the menu.
  3. Choose Extensions from the left sidebar.
  4. Find potentially problematic extensions and click on Disable next to each one.

Make sure only to disable one extension at a time before testing if this solves the SC_1 error so that you can identify which specific extension might be causing this issue on AliExpress.

4. Try Using a Different Web Browser

Try Using a Different Web Browser - Fix AliExpress Error Code: SC_1

One possible solution for fixing the error code: SC_1 in AliExpress is to switch to a different web browser. It’s entirely possible that the issue could be tied to your current browser or its settings. Trying out a new browser might help you bypass the problem altogether.

Here are the steps to follow when trying this approach:

  1. Choose another web browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari are some of the popular options available on various devices and operating systems.
  2. Download and install the desired web browser if it isn’t already installed on your device. You can find the official download links for these browsers by visiting their respective websites or searching for them in your device’s App Store.
  3. Open the newly installed web browser and visit AliExpress by navigating to www.aliexpress.com.
  4. Log into your account using your regular username and password.
  5. Continue with your shopping process as usual – browse products, add items to your cart, and check out when ready.

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5. Check for Updates on the AliExpress App

Check for Updates on the AliExpress App - Fix AliExpress Error Code: SC_1

Sometimes, the issue with the error could be caused due to using an outdated version of the app. The developers at AliExpress regularly release updates to fix bugs and improve the overall user experience. If you haven’t updated your app in a while, it might lead to session corruption issues like SC_1.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to check for updates and update your AliExpress app:

For Android devices:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your device.
  2. Tap on the Menu icon (three horizontal lines) located at the top left corner.
  3. Select My apps & games.
  4. Look for AliExpress in the list of apps awaiting updates.
  5. If an update is available, tap on Update.

For iOS devices:

  1. Open the App Store on your device.
  2. Tap on your profile image located at the top right corner.
  3. Scroll down to find the AliExpress app in your list of apps that need updates.
  4. If an update is available, tap on Update.

6. Log Out and Log Back into Your Account

Log Out and Log Back into Your Account - Fix AliExpress Error Code: SC_1

Sometimes, the simplest solution might just be the most effective. If you’re faced with the AliExpress error code: SC_1, simply logging out and then logging back into your account can help reset your session and clear any corruption that might be causing the error. I’ll walk you through the process to ensure you can easily apply this potential fix.

A. Log Out of Your Account

  1. In a web browser:
    • Locate your profile icon in the upper right corner of the AliExpress website.
    • Click on it to open a dropdown menu, then select Logout or Sign out (depending on your language settings).
  2. On the app:
    • Tap on Account or Profile (icon in lower right corner).
    • Scroll down to locate and tap Settings.
    • In settings, find and tap on Logout or Sign out.

B. Close Your Browser or App

After logging out, close your browser or exit completely from the AliExpress app.

C. Reopen Browser/App and Log Back In

  1. Now reopen your preferred browser or the AliExpress app.
  2. Locate either “Sign In” for web users or “Profile” for app users.
  3. Enter your login credentials to log back in.

7. Change Your Account Password

Change Your Account Password - Fix AliExpress Error Code: SC_1

Another possible solution to fix the AliExpress Error Code: SC_1 is to change your account password. This may seem unrelated, but in certain cases, resetting the password can help solve session-related issues and improve overall security. Here are the necessary steps to follow in order to change your AliExpress account password:

A. Log in to your AliExpress account

Navigate to the AliExpress website and log into your account by clicking on the Sign In button located at the top-right corner of the webpage.

B. Access your Account Settings

Once logged in, hover over the Account icon at the top-right corner and click on My Account from the dropdown menu.

C. Locate Password settings

In your account settings page, look for the Password & Security section. Here, you should find an option labeled Change Password.

D. Enter your current and new passwords

Click on Change Password, then input your current password in the designated field. Following this, create and enter a new secure password twice – once in the “New Password” field and once more in the “Confirm New Password” field.

Tip: Ensure that your new password is a unique combination of letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and special characters, strengthening its security.

E. Save changes

Once you’ve entered both old and new passwords, click on Save Changes. Upon successfully changing your password, you should be logged out automatically.

8. Try Accessing the Website or App from a Different Device

Try Accessing the Website or App from a Different Device - Fix AliExpress Error Code: SC_1

Sometimes, the culprit behind that pesky error code might be your device itself, rather than your account or internet connection. In cases where popular troubleshooting methods don’t seem to work, it’s worth trying to access the AliExpress website or app from another device altogether. Here’s how you can go about doing this:

A. Log out of your account

First, ensure that you’re logged out of your AliExpress account on the device you used previously when encountering the error code.

B. Check if other devices are compatible

Verify that the new device you’d like to use supports either the AliExpress app or has an updated web browser compatible with their platform.

C. Access AliExpress on a new device

On your new device, open either the AliExpress app or go to their website (https://www.aliexpress.com) using an updated and compatible web browser.

D. Log into your account

Now, log in to your account by providing your AliExpress credentials. Remember to enter them correctly and make sure you have a stable internet connection.

E. Test for Error Code: SC_1

After logging in successfully, try performing the same actions that originally led you to encounter the error code SC_1. Browse products, add items to your cart, and even attempt to make a purchase if possible.

9. Make Sure You Have a Stable Internet Connection

Make Sure You Have a Stable Internet Connection - Fix AliExpress Error Code: SC_1

A stable internet connection is essential to ensure a smooth and successful online shopping experience on AliExpress. The error code: SC_1 may be triggered by connectivity issues interfering with the website or app’s functionality. Let’s explore the steps you can take to verify your internet connection and guarantee a seamless browsing and checkout process:

  1. Test your internet speed: Run a quick speed test using reputable websites like Speedtest.net or Fast.com. This will help you determine if your connection is enough to support online activities, including shopping on AliExpress.
  2. Restart your modem/router: Sometimes, simply turning off your modem/router for about 30 seconds and then turning it back on can help resolve connectivity issues. A quick reset can improve your connection stability.
  3. Move closer to your Wi-Fi router: If you are connected via Wi-Fi, try moving closer to the router for better signal strength. Obstructions like walls or electronic devices may be affecting the signal quality.
  4. Use Ethernet cable: For a more reliable connection, consider connecting directly to the router via an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi.
  5. Disable VPNs or proxies: If you’re using a VPN or proxy, they might be causing instability or even blocked by AliExpress. Disable them temporarily to see if it resolves the error code.
  6. Check for ISP issues: Sometimes, the problem might lie with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Reach out to their customer support to inquire about any possible outages or network problems.

10. Contact AliExpress Customer Support

Contact AliExpress Customer Support - Fix AliExpress Error Code: SC_1

Reaching out to AliExpress customer support is always a viable option when you’ve exhausted all other solutions in trying to fix error code: SC_1. The platform’s customer service team may be able to help identify the root of the problem, provide steps to resolve it, or even escalate the issue to their technical department if required.

To contact AliExpress customer support, simply follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Visit the AliExpress Help Center.
  2. Scroll down to find the ‘Contact Us‘ button usually located at the bottom-right corner of the page, and click on it.
  3. On the next page, select ‘My Account‘.
  4. Next, choose ‘Account Abnormal‘. This should take you to a chat window where you can discuss your issue with Eva – AliExpress Virtual Assistant.
  5. If Eva cannot resolve your problem, simply type “operator” or “human” in the chat window. This will transfer you to a real person who can provide further assistance.

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Despite the initial frustration that comes with encountering AliExpress error code: SC_1, it’s important to remember that it can be resolved with a little bit of perseverance. Understanding what this error code means and why it occurs is crucial for finding a solution, allowing us to get back to what truly matters: browsing and making purchases on AliExpress without any disruptions.

As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, users may face several technical obstacles along the way. Acknowledging these hiccups as part of the process aids in cultivating a proactive mindset in searching for solutions. So when you next come across a puzzling error like SC_1 or any other issues while shopping online, don’t panic but approach it as an opportunity to learn something new and keep enjoying your shopping experience.


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