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What Can You Play with a Friend or Girlfriend Together?

Two friends are playing game
  Written By: Priyanshu Sagar
Updated On: 03/24/2024
Est. Reading: 4 minutes

Games bring people closer together because they often involve shared tasks that can evoke the same emotions when people do something together and have unique experiences.

Thanks to the development of the gaming industry, you don’t even need to leave your home to have a fun and active time, and you can play games in various genres that will bring you a lot of emotions.

You can play MMO RPGs with the constant progress of your efforts, session projects that start a new story each time, cooperative games, and just fun activities.

Final Fantasy 14: You Can Play With a Friend

Final Fantasy 14: Game that you can play with a friend

This is a good project from Square Enix, which you can play with both a friend and your girlfriend, and it will be much more enjoyable to play together.

The MMO RPG itself is beautiful, and has many colorful locations and high customization.

You will select two characters and begin your quest and gameplay journey.

You can hunt together, share resources, or go to the Golden Saucer amusement park to play games and mini-events, mahjong and take part in a fashion show.

All coins earned inside can be exchanged for gil and used to strengthen your character, purchase resources, or complete equipment.

If your goal is simply cooperative gameplay and enjoying your time, then you can search for the Skycoach service and get a large number of services to simplify your game.

You can buy gil to give each other and yourself gifts, including simply buying beautiful costumes, or fully invest in strengthening your characters without having to spend a lot of time on farming and grinding.

Gila is supplied securely using quality mined gold coins and without the risk of in-game sanctions.

You can get help in leveling up in FF14 so you can immediately go to the top locations available at level 90 and farm raids, or just hang out while waiting for the new update to come out.

It will be interesting for you to jointly extract resources and independently produce equipment and weapons for your characters.

You can even just walk and fly over locations, simply enjoying the gameplay, without setting any goals for yourself.

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GTA 5: Game that you can play with a friend

If you have never played GTA 5 throughout its existence, then it’s time to do it online, where there are a lot of activities and exciting gameplay moments for two players.

Of course, the main content in the form of heists is more designed for four players, but there are a lot of alternatives, and for heists it will be much easier to find two random players than the whole team.

First of all, you can simply drive around Los Santos and its outskirts, Mount Chilliad and the countryside.

During your trips, you will gain experience and simply talk to each other, change transport and enjoy an almost exact copy of Los Angeles. You can go out into the open ocean and swim there.

You can combine your money and buy different apartments that give access to different content and an office that will allow you to run your business and buy nightclubs and warehouses.

Together you can quickly find cargo and transport it for sale and do the same with cars.

You will transport the extracted cargo and elite transport and increase your financial capabilities to buy housing or customize your characters.

In the future, you will be able to buy a nightclub, or use a bunker – in both places, you can import raw materials and give time for production, so that you can then sell these goods and earn dollars.

As for heists, there are several tasks that can be completed together without the involvement of other players.

The first is Lester’s mission to rob a provincial bank, in which you need to reconnoiter the area, hack the alarm through a mini-game, steal an armored escape vehicle, and storm the bank itself, dividing your forces between holding hostages and drilling the bank’s safe deposit boxes.

Then you just need to hide from the police and the task will be completed.

The second alternative would be a bunker mission, in which you need to steal a special flying vehicle and use it to carry out a robbery.

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CS 2

CS 2: Game that you can play with a friend

A well-known shooter from Valve that needs no introduction and has switched to a new format.

It has the usual matchmaking, which is designed for players of 5 people in one team.

If you play together, then there will be an ideal mode for you – partners.

This is a format in which two teams play 2v2 on stripped-down maps and a reduced number of rounds.

This is a matchmaking format, but for only four players on both teams. You will still buy all the weapons and equipment, grenades, but the battle will only take place on one site.

Some players will be able to practice their skills in shooting and protecting sites, as well as knocking enemies out of points, in this way, and for players who play together, this is a great way to just play together and even get their rating for it and just have fun together.

For couples, it costs nothing in terms of winning or losing, because any rank can always be returned happily – the main thing is spending time together and if you both like shooters, then this is a great way to spend time together.

Gradually, your gaming skill will increase, and your ranks will begin to increase more actively, because in games quantity always gradually turns into quality.

You might also like other modes like arms race, where you have to kill enemies with different weapons and end the round with a kill using a knife.

If you wish, you can create a map with such a match yourself and play just the two of you, having fun chasing each other with a knife and other weapons.

Gradually, the game workshop will be filled with new maps, like AIM 1×1, or even cooperative playthroughs, like those that come out during combat operations and grinding.

These are tasks where you need to clear a location from enemies and move gradually, completing the mission.

Usually, this is a classic clear, where you run through the entire map, kill enemies, and return to the starting point.