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Girl Cafe Gun Tier List (June 2024) Best Characters & Weapons

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List (2023) Best Characters & Weapons
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/23/2023
Est. Reading: 5 minutes

Girl Cafe Gun is an action RPG with a unique spin on the genre. Players will join forces with an array of charming girls to take down powerful Archdemons and save the world from destruction. With so many characters and weapons available in the game, it can be hard to decide which ones are the best for your team.

That’s why we’ve created a Girl Cafe Gun tier list that ranks every character and weapon in the game. Our list will help you choose the most powerful characters and weapons so you can build an unstoppable team. With our tier list for Girl Cafe Gun, you’ll never have to worry about having the wrong character or weapon on your side again.

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Girl Cafe Gun Tier List (June 2024)

When it comes to running a successful Girl Cafe, having the best characters and weapons is essential. We will provide separate Girl Cafe Gun tier list for each, so you can make the most informed decision when it comes to building your team.

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List (June 2024)

Our character and weapon Girl Cafe Gun tier list is further divided into 6 tiers, from S+ to D. Characters and weapons in the S+ tier are the most powerful ones available, while those in the D tier are the weakest. Now, let’s take a look at each tier in detail.

Girls Cafe Gun Characters Tier List (2024)

In Girls Cafe Gun, number of characters available to choose from. In order to win battles, it’s important to pick the most powerful and beneficial characters for your team. Go through our tier list to choose the best possible characters for your team.

Girls Cafe Gun Characters Tier List (2024)

Girls Cafe Gun Characters S+ Tier List 2024

The characters in the S+ tier are some of the most powerful ones available and can easily clear content. These characters provide great offensive capabilities and should always be considered when building a team.

Girls Cafe Gun Characters S+ Tier List 2024
  • Moon (Azure Wings)
  • Lida (Party Dress)
  • Juno (Innocent Days)
  • Nie Shirou (Hobby)
  • Wuxia (Fast Food)
  • Irene (Party Dress)

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Girls Cafe Gun Characters S Tier List (2024)

The S tier consists of highly capable characters that should form the backbone of your team. With their formidable stats and abilities, they can easily progress through tough battles.

Girls Cafe Gun Characters S Tier List (2024)
  • Su Xiaozhen (Christmas)
  • Lida (Casual)
  • Rococo (Heart Catcher)
  • Yuki (Misty)
  • Wuyou (Casual)
  • Grainne (Tactical Equipment)
  • Moon (Swimsuit)
  • Moon (Birthday)
  • Yuki (Pary Dress)
  • Wuxia (Halloween)
  • Nie Shirou (Swimsuit)
  • Rococo (Tactical Equipment)
  • Eksistere (Girls Star)
  • Cornelia (Moon-Viewing)
  • Yuki (Halloween)
  • Kaanal (Crystal Suit)
  • Cornelia (Party Dress)
  • Grainne (Gingko)
  • Yui (City Lights)
  • Moon (Fast Food)
  • Su Xiaozhen (Birthday)
  • Wuyou (Holiday)
  • Irene (Swimsuit)
  • Wuxia (New Year)
  • Lida (Maid)
  • Wuxia (Floral Time)
  • Eksistere (Chess)

Girls Cafe Gun Characters A Tier List (2024)

All the great characters that fall under the A tier are excellent at their roles and can be great assets to your team. Having these characters on your side will undoubtedly give you an advantage in battles.

Girls Cafe Gun Characters A Tier List (2024)
  • Iren (Maple)
  • Wuxia (Azure Wings)
  • Grainne (Swimsuit)
  • Wuxia (Tactical Equipment)
  • Juno (Fast Food)
  • Cornelia (Casual)
  • Eksistere (Tactical Equipment)
  • Eksistere (Maid)
  • Lida (Officer)
  • Grainne (Fairy Tale)
  • Wuxia (Maid)
  • Juno (Swimsuit)
  • Juno (Maid)
  • Moon (Party Dress)
  • Eksistere (Fairy Tale)
  • Moon (Maid)
  • Su Xiaozhen (Cleaner)
  • Yuki (Swimsuit)
  • Aniya (Snowball)
  • Grainne (Chess)
  • Grainne (Maid)
  • Rococo (Swimsuit)
  • Moon (Cheongsam)
  • Irene (Defiler)
  • Irene (Officer)
  • Moon (Casual)
  • Rococo (Yukata)
  • Yuki (Tactical Equipment)
  • Eksistere (Valentine)
  • Yuki (Cleaner)
  • Juno (Catnap)
  • Wuyou (Cheongsam)
  • Irene (Tactical Equipment)
  • Su Xiaozhen (Maid)
  • Moon (Gown)
  • Wuyou (Party Dress)
  • Yuki (Maid)
  • Juno (Party Dress)
  • Wuyou (Tactical Equipment)

Girls Cafe Gun Characters B Tier List (2024)

Characters belonging to the B tier are a bit below average and may require some work to really perform well in the right hands. However, they can be good additions to your team if used correctly.

Girls Cafe Gun Characters B Tier List (2024)
  • Wuyou (Maid)
  • Aniya (Mobile Suit)
  • Rococo (Officer)
  • Eksistere (Casual)
  • Eksistere (Christmas)
  • Yui (Mobile Crystal)
  • Lida (One Day Police)
  • Rococo (Tale Fairy)
  • Su Xiaozhen (Girls Star)
  • Rococo (Birthday)
  • Wuxia (Casual)
  • Aniya (Girls Star)
  • Cornelia (Swimsuit)
  • Wings Azure Wuyou
  • Grainne (Defiler)
  • Wuyou (Swimsuit)
  • Wuyou (Fast Food)
  • Wuyou (Chess)
  • Wuyou (Chess)
  • Lida (Pastime)
  • Eksistere (Swimsuit)
  • Lida (Swimsuit)
  • Cornelia (One Day Police)
  • Eksistere (Birthday)
  • Cornelia (Chess)
  • Irene (Picnic)

Girls Cafe Gun Characters C Tier List (2024)

While characters in this tier are fairly weak, they still have their own niche and can be used to your advantage. So consider adding them to your team if they fit in well with the rest of your characters.

Girls Cafe Gun Characters C Tier List (2024)
  • Kaanal (Casual)
  • Cornelia (Winter Outfit)
  • Su Xiaozhen (Winter Outfit)
  • Wuxia (Birthday)
  • Lida (Cleaner)
  • Grainne (Casual)
  • Cornelia (Official Dress)
  • Moon (Dusk Racer)
  • Yuki (Casual)
  • Eksistere (Yukata)
  • Moon (Cleaner)
  • Rococo (Casual)
  • Wuxia (Defiler)
  • Yuki (One Day Police)
  • Nie Shirou (Defiler)
  • Nie Shirou (One Day Police)
  • Wuyou (Yukata)
  • Su Xiaozhen (Halloween)
  • Cornelia (Defiler)
  • Irene (Yukata)

Girls Cafe Gun Characters D Tier List (2024)

Finally, we have the D tier characters, which are some of the weakest ones available. We recommend avoiding these characters and leaving them out of your team.

Girls Cafe Gun Characters D Tier List (2024)
  • Lida (Halloween)
  • Grainne (Birthday)
  • Juno (Tale Fairy)
  • Grainne (Party Dress)
  • Eksistere (Winter Outfit)
  • Yui (Casual)
  • Aniya (Winter Outfit)

Girls Cafe Gun Weapons Tier List (2024)

Apart from characters, players also have access to a wide variety of weapons in Girls Cafe Gun. Here’s a quick overview of the weapons that are available and their respective tier rankings.

Girls Cafe Gun Weapons Tier List (2024)
SDirectional Cannon, Final Remix, Frontline Warrior, Hallowed Spirit, Laser Pistol, Water Blaster, Water of Destiny, Call of Victory, Corrupt Spider Queen
ARuthless Healer, Star Beacon, The Hive, Vacuum Cleaner, Winter Diffuser, Wrait of Jealousy, Xmas Candy Cane, Blazing Sword, Cruelty Maker, Fall of Demigod, Fiery Thorns, Gravity Compass, Guiding Star, Hell’s Fang, NY Hanetsuki, Precision Rifle
BPale Dragonbreath, Poseidon’s Spear, Ruthless Rifle, Swan Dance, Tesla Aurora, War Bugle, Wolf of Nomads, Abyssal Hammer, Beam Rifle, Deadly Blaster, Double Justice, EM Cannon, Galaxy Star, Luciferin, Novikov Launcher
CRed Lotus, Six-String Guitar, Artemis, Red Ember

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which characters are the best in the Girl Cafe Gun tier list?

The best characters in the Girl Cafe Gun tier list are Nie Shirou (Hobby), Moon (Azure Wings), and Lida (Party Dress). If you want to build an unstoppable team, these characters are the ones you should choose.

2. Which weapons should one use in Girl Cafe Gun?

Call of Victory, Corrupt Spider Queen, and Water of Destiny are some of the best weapons for Girl Cafe Gun. Having these weapons on your side will give you an edge in battles.

3. Are there any weapons I should avoid?

Yes, we recommend avoiding Red Ember, Red Lotus, and Six-String Guitar as they are not very effective in battle in the Girl Cafe Gun tier list.

4. Which characters should I avoid?

Yui (Casual), Grainne (Birthday), and Lida (Halloween) are characters that you should avoid as they lack the power needed to be successful in battle.

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Final Words

Girl Cafe Gun is a great game with many powerful characters and weapons to choose from. By familiarizing yourself with our Girl Cafe Gun tier list, you can easily find the best characters and weapons for your team. Good luck!


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