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Hero Wars Tier List (June 2024) Best Heroes Ranked

Hero Wars Tier List ([cy]) Best Heroes Ranked
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/31/2023
Est. Reading: 18 minutes

Welcome to our Hero Wars tier list for 2024, where we break down the game’s best heroes and rank them for your convenience. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to optimize your lineup or a newcomer trying to make the best decisions with your limited resources, you’ll find this list essential for your journey in the world of Hero Wars. Our tier list is updated regularly to reflect the latest balance changes and new hero additions, ensuring you’re always in the loop on who’s at the top of the meta.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve considered each hero’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall impact on a team to establish a clear ranking from S-Tier (the uncontested champions with game-changing abilities) down to the F-Tier (the lackluster heroes who can barely keep up). Whether you aim to crush your enemies in Grand Arena or breeze through the Campaign mode, our tier list will give you a clear idea of which heroes to invest your time and resources into. Read on to find out which heroes reign supreme in Hero Wars in 2024.

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What To Look For While Choosing The Right Heroes in Hero Wars?

Choosing the right heroes in Hero Wars is crucial for success, whether you’re battling in the Campaign mode, the Arena, or the Guild War. To make the best decisions for your lineup, consider the following aspects:

What to look for while choosing the right Heroes in Hero Wars
  • Role: Hero Wars characters are divided into four primary roles: Tank, Healer/Support, Control, and Damage Dealer (DPS). Start by forming a balanced team that comprises heroes from each role, ensuring that your lineup can adequately absorb damage, heal and buff allies, disable enemies and deal consistent damage throughout battles.
  • Synergy: Some heroes are designed to work well together as a result of their skill sets. For instance, Lars and Krista are famously known as the ‘Twins’ due to their powerful synergy. Make sure to identify the heroes that complement each other’s abilities and create combinations that will strengthen your team’s performance.
  • Versatility: Some heroes’ abilities are useful in multiple game modes and events. These versatile heroes can save you resources, as they can tackle various challenges without the need for constant team adjustments. Prioritize heroes that prove beneficial in multiple areas over those with very specific niche uses.
  • Rarity: Certain heroes are rarer than others, with different methods of acquiring them, such as Special Events or Chest drops. Some high-tier rare heroes are worth investing in, but also keep in mind their availability and the resources required to build and upgrade them. Don’t overlook readily available and easily upgradable heroes that can be effective in your lineup.
  • Scaling Potential: It’s critical to consider each hero’s scaling potential, as it indicates how well they will perform as you progress in the game. Some heroes may seem strong early on but lose their effectiveness at higher levels, while others continue to grow stronger as they reach higher rarity and skill levels.
  • Meta & Tier List: Stay up-to-date with the current meta and use tier lists like ours as a general guideline to understand which heroes currently dominate the game. When choosing heroes to invest in, following tier lists and trends can help you make informed decisions.

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Hero Wars Tier List (June 2024)

Welcome to the Hero Wars tier list, your ultimate guide to the most formidable heroes in this epic battle of champions. Discover the top-tier heroes who reign supreme and the hidden gems that can turn the tides of war. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just beginning your journey, this comprehensive list will help you assemble the most powerful team and conquer the battlefield.

Hero Wars S Tier List 2024: Unrivaled Powerhouses

These supreme heroes have game-changing abilities and exceptional stats that make them invaluable to any team composition. Their presence can often shift the tide of battle in your favor.

Hero Wars S Tier Unrivaled Powerhouses
  • Astaroth
  • Krista
  • Lars
  • Aurora
  • Celeste
  • Jorgen
  • Amira
  • Iris
  • K’arkh
  • Martha
  • Yasmine

Hero Wars A Tier List 2024: Formidable Frontrunners

Consistently strong, these heroes possess solid abilities and stats that make them a great choice for most teams. While not as dominant as the S-Tier, these heroes excel in key situations and can hold their own against tough opponents.

Hero Wars A Tier Formidable Frontrunners 1
  • Satori
  • Andvari
  • Cleaver
  • Dorian
  • Heidi
  • Helios
  • Isaac
  • Jhu
  • Keira
  • Lian
  • Maya
  • Nebula
  • Orion
  • Sebastian
  • Xe’Sha

Hero Wars B Tier List 2024: Reliable Workhorses

These heroes are decent in most scenarios and can make a difference when used strategically. Although they may not have the incredible prowess of the top tiers, they will still contribute positively to your team’s success.

Hero Wars B Tier Reliable Workhorses
  • Alvanor
  • Cornelius
  • Corvus
  • Elmir
  • Faceless
  • Fox
  • Galahad
  • Jet
  • Peppy
  • Qing Mao
  • Rufus
  • Tristan
  • Ziri

Hero Wars C Tier List 2024: Situational Sidekicks

Best suited to niche roles, these heroes are most effective in specific circumstances. While they may not consistently shine, they have their moments and can still be a valuable asset.

Hero Wars C Tier Situational Sidekicks
  • Arachne
  • Astrid and Lucas
  • Dante
  • Daredevil
  • Ginger
  • Ishmael
  • Kai
  • Luther
  • Markus
  • Morrigan
  • Phobos
  • Thea

Hero Wars D Tier List 2024: Mediocre Misfits

Unfortunately, not every hero is created equal. These heroes fall short in many aspects and should generally be avoided in favor of higher-ranking counterparts. Better to focus resources elsewhere.

Hero Wars D Tier Mediocre Misfits
  • Artemis
  • Chabba
  • Dark Star
  • Judge
  • Lilith
  • Mojo

Hero Wars Control: Master the battlefield 

Control heroes specialize in manipulating the fight’s flow, dictating enemy movements, and shutting down key opponents. Their skills include area control, crowd control, and disabling abilities, which are critical aspects in winning battles.

Hero Wars Control Master the battlefield
  • Krista (S-Tier)
  • Jorgen (S-Tier)
  • Satori (A-Tier)

Hero Wars Assassins List 2024: Eliminate key targets 

Assassins are exceptional at quickly taking down high-priority enemies. Their high damage output and mobility make them a great asset for eliminating healers, damage dealers, or other valuable units before they have a chance to impact the battle.

Hero Wars Assassins Eliminate key targets
  • Yasmine (S-Tier)
  • Keira (A-Tier)
  • Dante (C-Tier)

Hero Wars Damage Dealers List 2024: Bring the pain

Damage dealers are the backbone of your offensive lineup. They excel at dealing consistent, high damage to enemy teams, chipping away at their health, and securing decisive victories.

Hero Wars Damage Dealers Bring the pain
  • Lars (S-Tier)
  • K’arkh (S-Tier)
  • Orion (A-Tier)

Hero Wars Healers List 2024: The heartbeat of the team

Healers play a crucial role in keeping your squad alive and kicking. Their powerful healing abilities and support skills ensure your heroes endure throughout the battle and emerge victorious.

Hero Wars Healers The heartbeat of the team
  • Martha (S-Tier)
  • Celeste (S-Tier)
  • Dorian (A-Tier)

Hero Wars Support List 2024: The unsung heroes

Support heroes may not immediately grab the limelight, but their presence is crucial to your team’s overall success. They provide various beneficial effects such as buffs, debuffs, or energy boosts that can ultimately turn the tide of battle.

Hero Wars Support The unsung heroes
  • Aurora (S-Tier)
  • Nebula (A-Tier)
  • Jet (B-Tier)

Hero Wars Tanks List 2024: Sturdy frontline protectors

Tanks are the frontline warriors of your team, soaking up incoming damage, and ensuring the survival of your more vulnerable backline heroes. Their durability and ability to protect others make them indispensable in any lineup.

Hero Wars Tanks Sturdy frontline protectors
  • Astaroth (S-Tier)
  • Cleaver (A-Tier)
  • Galahad (B-Tier)

Hero Wars Heroes Explained

In this section we delve deeper into the strengths and weaknesses of the most renowned champions. Unravel the pros and cons of each hero, understanding their unique abilities and how they can synergize with other team members. With this invaluable knowledge at your disposal, you can make strategic decisions and lead your team to victory in the Hero Wars arena.

1. Astaroth (Tank)

Astaroth Tank

Pros: Excellent survivability and durability, strong protection for low-HP teammates, and high control resistance

Cons: Limited offensive capabilities and AoE damage

Who should choose: Players who need a resilient frontline to protect squishier teammates should prioritize Astaroth.

Who should avoid: Players with a solid tank and looking for more damage output should skip Astaroth.

2. Celeste (Support/Healer)

Celeste Support Healer

Pros: Outstanding healing capabilities, versatile with both healing and damage-dealing stances, and ability to control the healing of enemy heroes

Cons: Susceptible to crowd control and less effective in long battles

Who should choose: Players seeking a powerful healer with added offensive utility

Who should avoid: Players who already have a potent healer in their lineup

3. KEIRA (Damage Dealer)

KeiraA Tier Damage Dealer

Pros: High single-target damage potential, excellent at shredding enemy backlines, and strong synergies with heroes who manipulate enemy positions

Cons: Vulnerable to crowd control and relies heavily on team composition for maximum impact

Who should choose: Players looking for a powerful damage dealer to eliminate key enemies quickly

Who should avoid: Players who lack suitable support heroes to amplify K’arkh’s potential

4. Martha (Support/Healer)

Martha Support Healer

Pros: Versatile healer with AoE and single-target healing, excellent endurance, and boosts ally speed to improve DPS

Cons: Limited in terms of direct damage and susceptible to crowd control

Who should choose: Players in need of a solid healer with bonus speed buffs for their team

Who should avoid: Players who seek a damage-dealing or control-focused support hero

5. Yasmine (Damage Dealer/Assassin)

Yasmine Damage Dealer Assassin

Pros: Strong single-target damage capabilities to quickly eliminate enemy heroes, self-sustain through healing, and has evasive abilities for increased survivability

Cons: Lacks in AoE utility and can struggle against teams with solid shielding and high hp heroes

Who should choose: Players looking to prioritize eliminating the enemy’s critical heroes swiftly, thereby disrupting their strategies

Who should avoid: Players who need a hero with greater AoE damage or crowd control

6. Satori (A-Tier Damage Dealer/Control)

Satori A Tier Damage Dealer Control

Pros: Unique damage-dealing mechanism based on enemy stats, strong anti-mage utility, and solid crowd control abilities

Cons: Needs time to ramp up damage, susceptible to crowd control, and struggles against non-mage heroes

Who should choose: Players who need an answer for strong magic users on the opposing team

Who should avoid: Players who require a more versatile damage dealer capable of handling different enemy compositions

7. Andvari (A-Tier Support/Tank)

AndvariA Tier Support Tank

Pros: Effective crowd control against physical damage dealers, protects the backline, and can increase the team’s survivability with a shield

Cons: Limited effectiveness against magical damage dealers and lacks direct damage abilities

Who should choose: Players who need to protect squishy teammates from enemy physical damage dealers

Who should avoid: Players looking for a tank with strong offensive potential or those facing magic-heavy compositions

8. Cleaver (A-Tier Tank/Control)

CleaverA Tier Tank Control

Pros: Durable frontline tank, deals solid damage for a tank, and has strong crowd control abilities, including target displacement

Cons: Non-traditional tanking abilities which rely more on enemy disruption, less suitable for protecting the backline

Who should choose: Players who prefer disruptor-style tanks to impact enemy strategies and displace fragile opponents

Who should avoid: Players requiring a more dedicated protector-centered tank

9. Dorian (A-Tier Support/Healer)

DorianA Tier Support Healer

Pros: Strong healing abilities, especially for teams with high damage output and has an aura that boosts allied Vampirism (heroes heal for a portion of their damage dealt)

Cons: Lower impact in teams with low DPS (damage per second) and has limited crowd control skills

Who should choose: Players with high DPS teams looking to enhance their heroes’ self-sustain during battle

Who should avoid: Players with low DPS teams or those who require direct healing support

10. Heidi (A-Tier Damage Dealer)

HeidiA Tier Damage Dealer

Pros: High single-target damage potential, evasive abilities and agile attacks, resistance to magic-based crowd control effects

Cons: Limited survivability when focused, lacks AoE damage capabilities

Who should choose: Players seeking a strong yet elusive single-target damage dealer to challenge enemy backlines

Who should avoid: Players who require a hero with better AoE capabilities and team utility

11. Helios (A-Tier Damage Dealer/Control)

HeliosA Tier Damage Dealer Control

Pros: Strong magic damage output, excels against teams with critical hit-based heroes, and has various crowd control abilities

Cons: Struggles against high magic resistance and control resistance heroes, not as effective in non-critical hit based enemy compositions

Who should choose: Players in need of a mage capable of controlling and dealing damage to enemy teams reliant on critical hits

Who should avoid: Players facing opponents with strong magic and control resistance

12. Isaac (A-Tier Support/Control)

IsaacA Tier Support Control

Pros: Serves as a strong disruptor with AoE crowd control capabilities, especially against magic users, and can boost team defenses against magic damage

Cons: Limited damage output and less effective against non-magic focused teams

Who should choose: Players that require a support hero to disrupt enemy magic users and bolster their team’s resistance against magical attacks

Who should avoid: Players in need of direct damage dealers or those facing primarily physical damage enemies

13. Jhu (A-Tier Damage Dealer)

JhuA Tier Damage Dealer

Pros: Effective long-range physical damage dealer, can rapidly burst down targets through critical hits, and has a self-sustain mechanic

Cons: Focused mainly on single-target damage, susceptible to crowd control, and can struggle in longer-duration fights

Who should choose: Players searching for a powerful sniper-like hero to execute enemy backlines

Who should avoid: Players who require consistent performance throughout longer battles or require stronger AoE damage

14. Keira (A-Tier Damage Dealer)

KeiraA Tier Damage Dealer 1

Pros: Strong in dealing Physical Damage, pierces enemy lines with cleaving attacks, and gains bonus power with each enemy defeated

Cons: Struggles against strong frontlines, limited self-sustain, and lacks crowd control

Who should choose: Players seeking a high physical damage dealer with the ability to bypass enemy tanks by cleaving through the backline

Who should avoid: Players who need crowd-control capabilities or self-sustaining heroes

15. Lian (A-Tier Control/Damage Dealer)

LianA Tier Control Damage Dealer

Pros: Strong AoE crowd control abilities, good single-target magic damage, and can remove buffs from enemies

Cons: Limited self-sustenance and less effective against Magic-resistant heroes

Who should choose: Players who want a hero with strong control effects and debuff which can help in neutralizing many foes at once in a battle

Who should avoid: Players looking for a hero with more self-sustain or those who need a raw damage dealer

16. Maya (A-Tier Support/Healer)

MayaA Tier Support Healer

Pros: Versatile healer with both AoE and single-target healing, deals magical damage over time, and can slow down enemy actions

Cons: Limited damage output and crowd control abilities

Who should choose: Players who want a healer capable of applying a consistent healing factor while also providing debuffs to enemies

Who should avoid: Players in need of a more offensive-support hero or those who require strong crowd control abilities

17. Nebula (A-Tier Support/Healer)

NebulaA Tier Support Healer

Pros: Versatile healer with both AoE and single-target healing, deals magical damage over time, and can slow down enemy actions

Cons: Limited damage output and crowd control abilities

Who should choose: Players who want a healer capable of applying a consistent healing factor while also providing debuffs to enemies

Who should avoid: Players need a more offensive-support hero or those who require strong crowd-control abilities.

18. Orion (A-Tier Damage Dealer)

OrionA Tier Damage Dealer

Pros: Strong area of effect magic damage, deals additional damage to targets affected by debuffs, and synergizes well with other magic dealers

Cons: Susceptible to crowd control and relies heavily on the proper team setup for maximum impact

Who should choose: Players looking for a good AoE magic damage dealer that contributes to strengthening an overall magic team

Who should avoid: Players in need of a hero that focuses primarily on physical damage or can work independently of team compositions

19. Sebastian (A-Tier Support)

SebastianA Tier Support

Pros: Grants allies critical hit immunity and enhanced critical hit damage output, can cleanse debuffs from allies, deals magic damage

Cons: Limited healing capabilities and defensive support abilities

Who should choose: Players with high critical hit chance heroes that require protection and additional damage in battles

Who should avoid: Players who primarily need support focused on healing or shielding

20. Xe’Sha (A-Tier Control/Damage Dealer)

XeShaA Tier Control Damage Dealer

Pros: Potent AoE crowd control abilities, good magic damage output, and strong synergies with other crowd controllers and support heroes

Cons: Requires thoughtful team composition to bring out her full potential, lacks in self-sustain

Who should choose: Players wanting to create a control-focused team with strong area lockdown capabilities

Who should avoid: Players who need a standalone damage dealer or a hero with self-sustain

21. Alvanor (B-Tier Support)

Alvanor B Tier Support

Pros: Decent crowd control abilities, removes debuffs from allies, and boosts team’s elemental resistances

Cons: Limited offensive capabilities and lack of dedicated healing

Who should choose: Players seeking additional support to protect their team from crowd control and enhance the team’s resistance

Who should avoid: Players who require more direct healing or higher damage output support heroes

22. Cornelius (B-Tier Control/Mage)

Cornelius B Tier Control Mage

Pros: Deals massive single-target magic damage, especially against the highest intelligence enemy, and reduces enemies’ magic defense

Cons: Limited AoE damage, no crowd control, and vulnerable to focused attacks

Who should choose: Players who want a strong mage killer on their team

Who should avoid: Players who need heroes with multiple forms of crowd control or AoE damage

23. Elmir (B-Tier Damage Dealer)

Elmir B Tier Damage Dealer

Pros: Decent burst damage from his clones, good mobility, and brings confusion to enemy AI targeting with his clone mechanic

Cons: Clones lack durability, limited control abilities, and weaker against enemies with strong AoE capabilities

Who should choose: Players looking for a unique damage dealer with evasive mechanics

Who should avoid: Players who need a damage dealer with stronger crowd control or versatility

24. Galahad (B-Tier Tank)

Galahad B Tier Tank

Pros: Good blend of damage and durability, solid self-sustain, and offensive tank style

Cons: Lacks strong team protection abilities and is susceptible to crowd control

Who should choose: Players looking for an aggressively-styled tank that can create havoc through damage output

Who should avoid: Players who need a more protective and CC-focused tank

25. Astrid and Lucas (C-Tier Damage Dealer/Tank)

Astrid and Lucas C Tier Damage Dealer Tank

Pros: Switches between tank and damage dealer roles depending on the situation, strong single-target damage, and can disorient enemies

Cons: Weaker as a tank compared to S and A-Tier tanks, Lone Wolf ability lacks reliability

Who should choose: Players that appreciate an adaptive playstyle with both offensive and defensive options

Who should avoid: Players looking for a pure damage dealer or a dedicated tank

26. Daredevil (C-Tier Damage Dealer)

Daredevil C Tier Damage Dealer

Pros: Strong and rapid single-target damage, enhanced damage potential with low health, and brings bonus utility through AoE stun

Cons: Fragile and susceptible to crowd control effects, can struggle against teams with strong shielding

Who should choose: Players searching for a glass cannon-style hero prepared to risk survivability for higher damage potential

Who should avoid: Players who require a reliable and consistent damage dealer throughout a battle.

27. Chabba (F-Tier Tank)

Chabba F Tier Tank

Pros: Decent self-sustain, has potential to disrupt enemy backlines

Cons: Lacks effective crowd control and protective abilities for the team, and poor damage output

Who should choose: Players seeking a pure meat shield in the front line that can potentially hinder enemy backline heroes

Who should avoid: Players who require a versatile tank that focuses on team protection or contributes more effectively to battle

28. Lilith (F-Tier Support)

Lilith F Tier Support

Pros: Can drain enemies’ energy and lower their magic attack, unique ultimate skill that revives an ally with full health

Cons: Fragile, long cooldown on her ultimate skill, and limited team-wide impact

Who should choose: Players who want to experiment with unique team compositions and appreciate the concept of reviving a fallen ally

Who should avoid: Players who require a more consistent and impactful support for overall team performance during battles.

29. Mojo (F-Tier Control)

MojoF Tier Control

Pros: Decent crowd control through stuns, can slightly reduce enemy’s defenses, and has AoE damage

Cons: Low durability, inconsistent crowd control, and lacks impact compared to higher-tier control heroes

Who should choose: Players looking for a control hero with some utility who can fit in niche situations or those who enjoy Mojo’s character design

Who should avoid: Players searching for robust and reliable crowd control heroes with high impact on team battles.

30. Artemis (F-Tier Damage Dealer)

ArtemisF Tier Damage Dealer

Pros: Offers decent single-target damage output and has strong anti-healing capabilities

Cons: Lacks AoE and crowd control capabilities, weaker in comparison to other damage dealers, and has low survivability

Who should choose: Players interested in experimenting with anti-healing strategies or for specific counter picks in certain battles

Who should avoid: Players looking for versatile, high-impact damage dealers or AoE specialists.

How To Get Better at Hero Wars?

Improving your skills and performance in Hero Wars is an ongoing process that involves various aspects of game knowledge, strategy, and optimization. If you want to excel in this popular RPG, take the following steps to level up your gameplay:

How to get better at Hero Wars
  • Know your heroes: Familiarize yourself with each hero’s skills, stats, and roles. Understand how they contribute to a team composition and where they fit best in various game modes. Use tier lists like ours to prioritize investing resources into top-tier heroes.
  • Team synergy: Team composition is vital in Hero Wars. Focus on building well-rounded teams with strong synergy between heroes, ensuring you have a nice balance of damage dealers, supports, tanks, and control heroes. Study popular team compositions and try to adjust your lineup based on the enemy team or the challenges faced in different game modes.
  • Resource management: Wisely allocate resources like gold, artifact coins, and hero soul stones. Prioritize upgrading your top heroes, optimizing their skills, artifacts, and glyph levels. Also, focus on building the best titan teams and spending emeralds efficiently to accelerate your progress.
  • Game modes: Actively participate in all available game modes, including the Campaign, Arena, Grand Arena, Tower, Airship/Titan Valley, and Outland. Each way offers different rewards and challenges; mastering them will provide valuable resources to strengthen your heroes and titans.
  • Battle strategy: Pay attention to combat mechanics and positioning. Properly position your heroes in the front, middle, or backline according to their roles and ensure they receive support to perform optimally. Be prepared to adjust your team composition and positioning based on the enemies you face.
  • Join an active guild: Collaborating with other players within a guild can provide valuable insights, strategy tips, and resources. Actively participate in guild events, like Guild Wars, to earn more rewards and learn from others’ experiences.
  • Keep an eye on updates: Stay updated with the latest game changes, new hero releases, and balance updates. Regular updates can impact the meta, making certain heroes more or less powerful, so adjusting your strategy is essential.
  • Socialize and learn: Engage with the community through forums, social media, or platforms like Discord. Share your experiences and learn from others by discussing strategies, asking questions, and participating in discussions.

How To Unlock Heroes in Hero Wars?

Unlocking heroes in Hero Wars is an exciting and essential part of the gameplay. There are several methods to acquire new heroes and expand your lineup. Here’s a rundown of the most common ways to unlock heroes in Hero Wars:

How to unlock Heroes in Hero Wars
  • Soul Stones: To unlock a hero, you need to collect a certain number of their Soul Stones. These Soul Stones can be acquired in various ways, including completing missions, participating in events, and earning rewards. Once you’ve gathered enough Soul Stones, head to the Heroes menu and unlock the desired hero.
  • Campaign Mode: As you progress through the Campaign mode, you will earn Soul Stones for different heroes. Keep an eye out for the stages that drop Soul Stones for the heroes you want, and replay those stages to farm the necessary amount of Soul Stones.
  • Heroic Chests: You can unlock new heroes by opening Heroic Chests in the game. These chests contain Soul Stones for various heroes and can be bought with Emeralds, the in-game currency. Be aware that the contents of these chests are randomized, so there’s no guaranteed chance to get the specific hero you want.
  • Outland Chests: After reaching team level 25, Outland becomes available. By participating in battles against Outland Bosses, you can earn Outland Chests, which contain Soul Stones for specific heroes. Opening these chests may help complete your hero collection.
  • Special Events and Offers: Hero Wars frequently hosts special events, promotions, and limited-time offers that provide opportunities to acquire specific heroes or their Soul Stones. Watch for these events and complete the associated tasks to reap the rewards.
  • Guild Wars and Shops: Participating in Guild Wars and achieving higher ranks will reward you with Guild Trophies, which can be exchanged for Soul Stones of various heroes in the Guild War Shop. In other in-game stores, Soul Stones for specific heroes can be found for particular heroes like the Arena Shop, Grand Arena Shop, and Tower Shop.
  • Hero Soul Stone Packages: Occasionally, you may find Hero Soul Stone Packages available for purchase in the Hero Wars store. These packages often include a set number of Soul Stones required to unlock a specific hero, plus additional resources or items.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a tier list in Hero Wars?

A tier list is a ranking system used to categorize heroes based on their overall performance and usefulness in various game modes.

2. Why should I follow the Hero Wars tier list?

Following a tier list can help you invest your resources wisely and build strong teams to dominate in different modes of the game, such as Grand Arena or Campaign.

3. What factors are considered when ranking heroes in the tier list?

Heroes are ranked based on their overall performance, which includes their stats, skills, synergies with other heroes, and effectiveness in various game modes.

4. Are tier lists the same for all players?

Tier lists can vary slightly based on personal preference and playing style, but most players generally agree on the top-tier heroes.

5. How often is this Hero Wars tier list updated?

Our tier list is updated regularly to reflect the latest balance updates, new heroes, and overall meta changes.

6. How do I obtain the top-tier heroes in the list?

Top-tier heroes can be obtained through various methods, including completing missions, participating in special events, and purchasing from in-game shops using in-game currency or real money.

7. Can I still use lower-tier heroes effectively?

Lower-tier heroes can still be used effectively in certain situations or team compositions, but they generally require more investment and careful strategy to perform well.

8. Are there any specific team compositions that work best with the heroes in the tier list?

There are many different team compositions that work well, so it is essential to experiment and find combinations that suit your playstyle. Top-tier heroes generally have excellent synergies, which can help build strong teams.

9. Do team synergies matter when choosing heroes?

Yes, team synergies are crucial when selecting heroes, as certain heroes complement each other and enhance their skills, while others may clash and hinder their overall performance.

10. Can I advance far in the game without purchasing premium heroes or spending money?

While having premium heroes or spending money can make your progression faster and smoother, advancing far in the game through strategic resource management, careful hero selection, and dedication is possible.

11. What is the difference between S-Tier and F-Tier heroes?

S-Tier heroes are the strongest and most versatile, performing exceptionally well in almost all aspects of the game. F-Tier heroes are generally weaker with limited effectiveness and may require significant investment to become viable.

12. Does the tier list apply to all game modes in Hero Wars?

Our tier list is designed with a general approach, considering heroes’ performances across multiple game modes. However, certain heroes may perform better in specific modes and should be considered when building teams.

13. How do I level up and improve the skills of my heroes?

You can level up your heroes by earning experience points through battles, missions, and consuming XP potions. You can improve their skills by using skill points and resources earned through various game modes and events.

14. What is the role of artifacts in improving my heroes’ performance?

Artifacts can significantly boost your hero’s stats and performance when equipped and upgraded. They can be acquired through various events, quests, and in-game shop purchases.

15. Are there any special events or promotions to obtain top-tier heroes or resources?

Hero Wars often hosts special events, limited promotions, or offers that provide opportunities to earn top-tier heroes or valuable resources for upgrading your heroes.

16. Can I get any heroes for free by just playing Hero Wars?

The game provides several opportunities to obtain heroes through daily login rewards, quest completion, and various in-game achievements.

17. How do I unlock new skills for my heroes?

New skills are unlocked as your hero levels up. After reaching specific levels, you can spend resources and skill points to unlock and upgrade the skills further.

18. Can I play Hero Wars without an Internet connection?

No, Hero Wars requires an Internet connection, as it is an online game that saves your progress on servers in real time.

19. How do I transfer my Hero Wars account between devices or platforms?

Hero Wars supports cross-platform play; you can link your account to multiple devices or platforms. You must connect your game with a social media account or email to save and transfer your progress.

20. Do I have to follow the tier list strictly when picking heroes?

No, having fun with the game and experimenting with different heroes and team compositions is essential. The tier list provides a general guideline for hero strength and potential, but your personal preferences and enjoyment should always come first.


Our Hero Wars tier list for 2024 is a valuable resource for players at every game stage. With an ever-evolving meta and frequent updates, staying informed about the strongest heroes and team compositions is crucial to maximize your success on the battlefield.

Remember, while tier lists provide general guidance, individual playstyles, and personal preferences still significantly shape your gameplay experience.

We encourage you to experiment with different heroes and discover how each hero’s unique abilities can cater to your strategic approach.

It’s important to note that all heroes in the game have their niche uses, so even lower-ranked heroes might be valuable in specific situations or when paired with the right teammates.

Armed with this tier list, you can decide which heroes to focus on and invest your resources, whether acquiring soul stones, leveling up, or upgrading skills. Keep challenging yourself, refine your strategies, and be happy battling in Hero Wars.


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