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Is Beat Saber Finally Cross-Platform in 2024? [Updated]

Is Beat Saber Cross-Platform in [cy]? [PC, PS4, Xbox, PS5]
  Written By: Pv Singh
Updated On: 07/31/2023
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In the realm of virtual reality gaming, few titles have captured the hearts and minds of players quite like Beat Saber. Since its release in 2018, this rhythm-based, lightsaber-wielding game has exploded in popularity, earning rave reviews and a dedicated player base. With the game available on multiple platforms, one question has remained at the forefront of discussions for gamers and developers alike: is Beat Saber cross-platform in 2024?

As the world of gaming becomes increasingly interconnected, cross-platform compatibility has become a hot topic in the industry. Gamers are eager to enjoy their favorite titles with friends across different consoles and devices, creating a more inclusive and social gaming experience.

In this post, we will delve into the current state of cross-platform compatibility for Beat Saber, exploring the possibilities for PC, mobile, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch users. Get ready to ignite your lightsabers and slash through the barriers of platform boundaries!

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Is Beat Saber Cross-Platform in 2024?

As we venture into 2024, Beat Saber has made some strides in cross-platform compatibility but is not yet fully cross-platform. The good news is that the game has successfully implemented crossplay between SteamVR and all Oculus systems, allowing PC-based virtual reality users to enjoy the game together, regardless of their chosen VR platform.

Is Beat Saber Cross-Platform in 2023?

The journey towards cross-platform compatibility has been a challenging one for the developers at Beat Games. Creating a seamless gaming experience across different platforms requires overcoming technical hurdles and working closely with the respective console manufacturers. While the game has achieved partial cross-platform success, it is important to understand the current limitations and possibilities for gamers on various platforms.

To help clarify the current state of cross-platform compatibility for Beat Saber, we will now examine the game’s availability on PC and mobile, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox X/S, and Nintendo Switch. By exploring these combinations, we hope to provide a comprehensive overview of the cross-platform landscape for this beloved virtual reality title. Stay tuned for more detailed information on each platform pairing and learn what the future may hold for cross-platform gaming in Beat Saber.

Is Beat Saber Cross-Platform Between PC and Mobile?

As of 2024, Beat Saber is not cross-platform between PC and mobile devices. The game is primarily designed for virtual reality systems, such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR. While there are mobile VR headsets like the Oculus Quest and Meta Quest 2, these devices are considered standalone and not part of the traditional mobile gaming ecosystem.

Therefore, cross-platform play between PC and typical mobile devices like smartphones or tablets is not possible at this time. However, it’s worth noting that crossplay is available between SteamVR and Oculus systems, allowing players using different VR headsets on PC to enjoy the game together.

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Is Beat Saber Cross-Platform Between PC and PS4/PS5?

As of 2024, Beat Saber is not cross-platform between PC and PS4/PS5. This means that players using PlayStation consoles cannot directly engage in multiplayer matches or share custom maps with their PC counterparts.

Although the game’s core experience remains consistent across platforms, the lack of cross-platform compatibility between PC and PlayStation is a limitation that prevents players from seamlessly connecting with friends on different systems. This is primarily due to the separate ecosystems maintained by Sony’s PlayStation Network and PC platforms like SteamVR and Oculus.

Is Beat Saber Cross-Platform Between PC and Xbox?

As of 2024, Beat Saber is not cross-platform between PC and Xbox. While it’s disappointing for players who hope to enjoy the game with friends on different platforms, the reason behind this lies in the technical differences between the platforms and the fact that Beat Saber is not available on Xbox consoles.

The game’s primary focus on VR technology makes it challenging to ensure seamless compatibility across devices with varying VR capabilities. However, it’s essential to keep an eye on future developments and updates, as cross-platform gaming continues to gain traction in the industry, and developers might explore new ways to bridge the gap between platforms.

Is Beat Saber Cross-Platform Between PS4/PS5 and Xbox?

Is Beat Saber Cross-Platform Between PS5 and Xbox One?

As of 2024, Beat Saber does not support cross-platform play between PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 and Xbox consoles. While the game is available on both of these platforms, the lack of crossplay means that players on PlayStation and Xbox cannot join the same multiplayer sessions or compete against each other in online leaderboards.

While cross-platform compatibility has become more common in recent years, Beat Saber has yet to bridge the gap between these two gaming giants, leaving fans hoping for more seamless integration in the future.

Is Beat Saber Cross-Platform Between PC and Nintendo Switch?

As of 2024, Beat Saber is not cross-platform between PC and Nintendo Switch. Despite the game’s widespread popularity and the growing demand for cross-platform compatibility, there has been no official announcement or release of Beat Saber on the Nintendo Switch platform.

Consequently, cross-platform play between PC and Nintendo Switch users remains unavailable. Fans of the game can only hope that developers will consider expanding its reach to the Switch in the future, opening up the possibility for cross-platform play between these devices.

Is Beat Saber Cross-Platform Between PS4 and PS5?

As we dive into the realm of cross-platform compatibility for Beat Saber, it’s important to address the PlayStation community. Although Beat Saber is available on both PS4 and PS5, there is no cross-platform multiplayer functionality between the two consoles.

However, if you have purchased the game on PS4, you can enjoy the benefit of backward compatibility on your PS5, which allows you to play the game on the newer console without needing to repurchase it. While this is not true cross-platform play, it does offer a level of continuity for PlayStation users upgrading to the latest console.

Is Beat Saber Cross-Platform Between Xbox One and Xbox X/S?

As of 2024, Beat Saber remains exclusive to certain platforms, and unfortunately, it has not yet been released on any Xbox consoles. This means that the question of cross-platform play between Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S is moot, as Beat Saber is currently unavailable for these systems.

However, the gaming landscape is ever-evolving, and it’s always possible that Beat Saber could make its way to Xbox consoles in the future. Keep an eye on official announcements and news from the developers for any updates regarding the expansion of Beat Saber to new platforms.

Will Beat Saber Be Cross-Platform?

As of 2024, Beat Saber is not fully cross-platform compatible. However, there have been some significant strides made in this area. Currently, crossplay is available between SteamVR and all Oculus systems. This allows players on PC (Windows) and Oculus platforms (Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro) to enjoy the game together seamlessly.

Unfortunately, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users still cannot partake in crossplay with other platforms. This limitation is primarily due to the closed ecosystem of the PlayStation Network and the restrictions imposed by Sony. While there have been discussions and rumors about potential cross-platform compatibility in the future, no concrete plans or announcements have been made by the game’s developers or Sony.

The Beat Saber community remains hopeful that full cross-platform compatibility will become a reality in the future. As the gaming industry continues to evolve and crossplay becomes more prevalent, Beat Saber and other popular titles may fully embrace cross-platform gaming. Until then, players can enjoy the limited crossplay options available and keep their fingers crossed for further advancements in this area.

Why is Beat Saber Not Cross-Platform?

Beat Saber not being fully cross-platform can be attributed to a variety of factors, some of which are technical, and others related to business decisions. Here, we will explore a few reasons why this popular game has not yet achieved complete cross-platform functionality.

  • Platform-Specific Limitations: Each gaming platform comes with its own unique hardware and software configurations. While the core gameplay of Beat Saber remains consistent across devices, certain features, optimizations, and controls might be exclusive to a specific platform. Synchronizing these elements across all platforms can be challenging, time-consuming, and resource-intensive for developers.
  • Licensing and Publishing Agreements: Beat Saber is published by different companies on different platforms, such as Beat Games for PC and Oculus platforms, and Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation VR. These agreements can sometimes impose restrictions on sharing content, updates, or cross-platform play.
  • Update Synchronization: Ensuring that all platforms receive simultaneous updates is crucial for maintaining a seamless cross-platform experience. However, different platforms have their own certification and release processes, making it difficult for developers to synchronize updates across all devices.
  • Competitive Landscape: Platform holders like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo often compete for the attention of gamers, and exclusive features or content can be a selling point for their respective consoles. As a result, cross-platform play might not always be a priority for these companies.

Is Beat Saber Cross-Generation in 2024?

Yes, Beat Saber is cross-generation compatible, meaning that players using older generation consoles can play with or against those using newer generation consoles. As the game enjoys a wide range of availability across various platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, and Meta Quest Pro, players have the opportunity to experience the captivating rhythm gameplay regardless of their console preference.

The developers behind Beat Saber have made a conscious effort to ensure that the game remains accessible to players across different generations of gaming consoles. This commitment to cross-generation compatibility enables a more inclusive gaming environment, as friends and fellow players can connect and compete no matter which console they own. So, whether you’re wielding your lightsaber on a PS4 or showcasing your skills on the latest Meta Quest Pro, rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy the beat-slashing action alongside other Beat Saber enthusiasts.

Is Beat Saber Cross-Progression in 2024?

Beat Saber, as of now, does not support cross-progression. This means that your game progress, unlocked songs, and custom content are tied to the platform on which you purchased and play the game. If you were to switch from one platform to another, you would not be able to carry over your progress and would have to start from scratch.

While cross-progression is a much-desired feature, especially among players who own multiple gaming platforms, there has not been any official announcement from Beat Games or Meta (formerly Facebook) regarding plans to implement this feature in the future. As the gaming industry continues to evolve and cross-platform play becomes more prevalent, it’s possible that cross-progression could be considered for Beat Saber in the future. However, for now, players should expect their progress to be limited to the platform they are playing on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I play Beat Saber with friends on different platforms?

Currently, you can only play with friends using the same platform or between SteamVR and Oculus systems. Unfortunately, players on PlayStation and other platforms cannot engage in crossplay with players on different devices.

2. Will Beat Saber become fully cross-platform in the future?

While there is no official statement from the developers, Beat Games, about making Beat Saber fully cross-platform, the introduction of crossplay between SteamVR and Oculus systems indicates that progress is being made. More cross-platform options may be introduced in the future.

3. Does Beat Saber support cross-save functionality?

As of now, there is no cross-save functionality for Beat Saber. This means that your progress, customizations, and leaderboard scores are tied to the platform you are playing on and cannot be transferred to another platform.

4. Are there any plans to bring Beat Saber to Xbox or Nintendo Switch?

There have been no announcements from Beat Games regarding plans to bring Beat Saber to Xbox or Nintendo Switch. The focus of the developers has primarily been on virtual reality platforms, such as PlayStation VR, PC VR, and Oculus systems.

5. What platforms is Beat Saber available on?

Beat Saber is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows (SteamVR), Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, and Meta Quest Pro.

6. How does crossplay work between SteamVR and Oculus systems?

To engage in crossplay between SteamVR and Oculus systems, players need to be friends on the Oculus platform. Once friends are connected through the platform, they can join each other’s games and engage in multiplayer sessions.


While Beat Saber may not be fully cross-platform compatible in 2024, it has made significant strides in bridging the gap between different gaming systems. The introduction of crossplay between SteamVR and all Oculus devices showcases the developers’ commitment to creating a more connected gaming experience. As the gaming industry continues to evolve and prioritize cross-platform play, it is not far-fetched to imagine that Beat Saber could one day become a truly cross-platform experience for gamers on all consoles and devices.

For now, players can revel in the immersive world of Beat Saber on their respective platforms, and those using SteamVR and Oculus systems can enjoy the thrill of slicing through beats with friends. Regardless of platform limitations, Beat Saber remains an engaging and enjoyable game that has captured the hearts of music and gaming enthusiasts worldwide. So, grab your virtual lightsabers, immerse yourself in the rhythm, and keep an eye on the future of cross-platform play in the ever-evolving world of gaming.


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